Our Mission

To provide the individuals, families, referring physicians, and network members of our community with the best quality, evidence based, and outcome driven physical therapy for the treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. It is our goal as a physical therapy health care provider to evaluate, address and improve our patient’s physical impairments in order return to pre injury function or better. We aim to provide a professional, educational and caring experience during each and every treatment session.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Continuum of Care One2Four

Is there a link between the person that cannot climb stairs due to hip pain and the same person moving smoothly through another yoga class?    How does one go from being unable to sleep due to nagging shoulder pain to lifting a smiling grandchild high overhead?  What path does a person follow from being unable to walk due to serious knee injury, run again?

One2Four is a link, a method and a path for people to travel in order to do activities that for a moment seem impossible but with the proper guidance and time, obtainable.

One2Four is based upon the fact that all people fall somewhere along a health continuum from total disability to ultimate physical performance/function.  In between these extremes of the health continuum are four levels of physical performance where all people are found.  These levels go from a level One, of being dependent on others, to a level Four, in which are people who are striving for excellence in physical performance.   Each of the people in the initial examples was at one functional level and ultimately able to move to another, higher level of function.

How is this done?

One2Four Patient/Client

In these cases a Twin Boro Physical Therapist determined for each individual what level of the 4 functional levels within One2Four the person was at; one, two, three or four.   Then the goals for each person were established.  After an examination by the Twin Boro Physical Therapist a plan of care was developed to guide the person from the initial low level of function, one or two, to higher functional levels, three or four, that was able to improve the quality of life for each of these people.  What was done for them is done for others each and every day.

Who is a candidate for the Twin Boro One2Four program?

Any person who is not satisfied with his/her present level of function and desires to perform at a higher functional level.   One2Four will help a person at level one (1), who due to pain and/or weakness is dependent on others for the most basic daily tasks, become able to perform all daily tasks without trouble which is characteristic of level three (3).   Simply put, One2Four can help each person who strives to obtain higher physical performance/functional levels.