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10 Treatments to Reduce Low Back Pain Fast

One out of every four Americans has experienced low back pain in the past three months. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits in the United States. Although common, low back pain is often misunderstood and left untreated. Many people are not sure what causes this type of pain or how to find relief. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes and treatments for low back pain. We will also provide some tips on how to reduce your risk of developing this type of pain.

What is Low Back Pain?

Low back pain, which is also referred to as the lumbar pain, is a type of pain that occurs in the low back region after it becomes damaged by a sprain, strain, or more serious condition. This pain can be acute, which means it comes on suddenly and lasts for a short period of time: days to weeks. Chronic low back pain, on the other hand, persists for a longer period: months to years. This type of pain may be dull and constant, or it may come and go. There are many kinds of low back pain, as well as many parts of the low back that can cause individuals to feel pain in this region of the spine.

What are the Symptoms of Low Back Pain?

The symptoms of low back pain vary depending on the cause of the pain. However, some common symptoms include:

  • Dull or achy pain
  • Stiffness in the low back
  • Difficulty moving or bending
  • Muscle spasms or cramps
  • Pain that radiates from the low back to other areas of the body, such as the hips, legs, or buttocks
  • Shooting, burning, or stabbing sensation in the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine
  • Pain that worsens with bending, twisting, lifting, standing, or walking

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, the best way to get the bottom of this pain is to come sees a physical therapist. At Twin Boro, we specialize is orthopedic and neurological conditions related to the low back.  A combination of techniques is available to be used depending on the patients’ needs to ensure our patients are getting back to a pain-free life.

What Are the Main Causes Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons. Common causes include:

  • Strained muscles or sprained ligaments
  • Injury or trauma to the spine
  • Damage to your intervertebral discs in your low back
  • Old age, especially when Osteoporosis or Arthritis has been diagnosed
  • Improper posture
  • A sedentary lifestyle

Most low back pain, which is caused by muscle or ligament pain, can be treated by physical therapists. At Twin Boro Physical Therapy, we specialize in and have a broad knowledge of the best techniques and practices to alleviate your symptoms and get your back into good shape.

There are some conditions, however, that are more severe and could require surgery to repair the problem. One of the most common causes of low back pain is a herniated disc. This can occur when the discs between your vertebrae become damaged and begin to bulge out. This can place pressure on your nerves and cause pain. Other common causes of lower back pain include:

  • Spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal
  • Degenerative disc disease, which is when the discs between your vertebrae begin to deteriorate
  • Facet joint arthritis, which is when the joints in your spine become inflamed

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor or spine specialist to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

10 Treatments for Low Back Pain

At Twin Boro, we create a customized treatment and exercise program for each of our patients to address their specific needs. Your physical therapist will work with you directly address the source of pain, gain mobility, and strengthen your body to ultimately improve function. 10 treatments for lower back conditions include:

  1. Hands-on manual therapy: Uses different types of massage that help to release muscle tension, increase range of motion, and decrease pain.
  2. Myofascial release: Myofascial tissue is the connective tissue that covers your muscles. This type of therapy uses gentle, sustained pressure on the myofascial tissue to release muscle tension.
  3. Trigger point myotherapy: A type of therapy that uses pressure and release on “trigger points” to release muscle tension and reduce pain.
  4. Neuromuscular therapy: This form of massage therapy is effective for treating lower back pain related to soft tissue injury. It involves alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm.
  5. Acupressure therapy: Acupressure is like acupuncture, but instead of using needles, pressure is applied to specific points on the body to release muscle tension.
  6. Ultrasound therapy: Ultrasound is an effective way to treat soft tissue injuries as it sends sound waves deep into the muscles to increase blood flow, reduce chronic inflammation, and heal soft tissue.
  7. Spinal traction: A form of decompression therapy that uses a machine to help stretch the spine and release pressure on the nerves. It can be used to treat herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, sciatica, and other back conditions.
  8. Electrical muscle stimulation: A therapy that uses electrical impulses to stimulate your skeletal muscles to desensitize painful tissue, effectively reducing
  9. Heat and cold therapy: Include the use of hot and cold packs to help reduce pain and swelling.
  10. Prescribed strengthening exercises: Exercise is an important part of physical therapy. Your therapist will create a customized exercise program based on your individual needs to help stretch and strengthen the muscles in your low back.

What Happens if Low Back Pain is Left Untreated?

If low back pain is left untreated, it can cause a lot of damage to the spine and lead to other health problems, including muscle weakness and nerve damage. Living with pain can also negatively affect your quality of life. It is important to see a physical therapist or doctor to ensure the problem is corrected so you can return to a normal functioning life.

Why Choose Twin Boro for Low Back Physical Therapy?

At Twin Boro we prioritize our patients and improving their daily lives. We want to ensure that each patient receives the best possible care and treatment. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in treating all types of low back pain. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. To locate the closest hand therapy clinic near you, visit the Twin Boro Find a Location directory to search by the ZIP code.

Still Unsure if Low Back Physical Therapy is Right for You?

At Twin Boro Physical Therapy, our team of physical therapists are experts in the treatment of low back pain. We offer a variety of treatment options that can help alleviate your symptoms and allow you to live your best life! Contact us today at 1-866-525-1117 for a free screening or consultation with one of our physical therapists. Our clinicians will listen to your concerns, help determine if you are a candidate for physical therapy treatments and guide you through the scheduling process to make it as easy as possible!

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