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Ann Fitzpatrick-Valenti, PT


Ann first developed an interest in physical therapy when she witnessed the improvements her grandfather experienced after he received home-based care from her future boss, Carl Gargiulo, PT, DPT.  This interest in the field led her to start working at Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy in Jersey City as a physical therapy aide in 1987, and she then decided to advance her career and obtained a BS in Physical Therapy from Daemen College in 1991.

In 1992, Ann returned to Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy, where she treated patients both in the office and in home-based settings.  She joined the Greenville Hospital staff in 2000 and became director the next year until the hospital closed in 2007.  The same year, she also played an active role in helping Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy expand for the first time when it opened its second location in Bayonne.  Ann went on to become director of the Bayonne clinic in 2016, and has since been responsible for running the daily operations and ensuring a positive experience for all patients.

In her 27 years of experience as a physical therapist, Ann has provided treatment to a wide range of patients that includes all ages and activity levels.  She regularly sees a variety of conditions, but specializes in osteoporosis screenings, geriatrics, sports injuries, orthopedics, and worker’s compensation cases.  As an active member of her community, Ann also facilitates fall-prevention seminars and health fairs, and does work in several continued education fields, including geriatrics and osteoporosis.

Ann remained clinic director as Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy and Twin Boro Physical Therapy began a partnership in 2019.  From her position, Ann will be spearheading efforts to broaden the scope of the rehabilitation services offered at Strulowitz & Gargiulo-Twin Boro Physical Therapy at Bayonne, and is helping to lead it in new directions that will serve the local patient population in a more comprehensive way.  She uses a personalized, one-on-one approach to treatment that carefully guides patients through every step of their progression, starting with impairment and eventually to full functionality.  Her management strategy closely correlates with Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model to determine the “right level of health care” for each individual.  This unique approach looks at the entire continuum of care for each patient, which ranges from a relatively low level of function—such as immediately after surgery—all the way through to peak performance and return to activity.  She also strives to incorporate evidence-based practices into her treatment protocols as often as possible.


I have two children and two grandchildren, and am active in my daughter’s high school, Notre Dame School of Manhattan, where I serve on the core committee. I enjoy spending time with my family in New Jersey, Ohio, and Michigan, especially at the beach.


Bayonne, NJ

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Bayonne, NJ - Patient Reviews

Maureen Pye
I had a good experience at Twinboro. All the Physical Therapist's and Assistant's were really nice and helpful.The facility is a good size space and clean.
Marsha Hall
This is a great place to go if you are needing Occupational Therapy in Jersey City. Liz was my Therapist and she did a great job getting back to where I needed to be after surgery on my Trigger Finger. Lynn was the receptionist that always greeted me with a smile and a nice conversation. Yeeria is also a good therapist. They both are very attentive to your needs and they take really good care of you.
brianna Hagel
The staff here is incredible. Always a positive experience
Zac Graves
Amazing 👏
Spencer Brownlee
Has helped me significantly. I have knee issues and they have showed me many ways to relieve the pain. Thankyou
Susan West
Kayla, Luke, Cliff, Barbara, Lisa…and all the staff….unbelievable! Professional, kind and helpful! They put me back together! I recommend them highly!
Roseann Porras
Margaret Senn was my hand therapist and she is one of a kind! She was very understandable and outstandingly professional. She helped me heal in such a quick matter of time!
Laurie Beth Montedonico
Twinsboro PT in Martinsville is top notch!. It is Physical therapy on another level. Everyone there (including the front desk) is friendly , attentive and truly cares about their patients. Dr Mike is absolutely the Best! He is very knowledgeable and expert in this field. He is very compassionate and is always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have .He took me from a life of daily debilitating pain to now functioning and getting back to the life I loved. I am so grateful for him and the team at Twinsboro, I would highly recommend.
Megan Binn
Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I saw Andy here & he was very attentive, knowledgeable, and kind. Would highly recommend!
Colvin Paul
I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Ruchita Patel!The team is knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate. The facility is top-notch, and the staff was welcoming and professional. They provided personalized care, valuable advice, and effective exercises. Thanks to their expertise, my recovery surpassed expectations. Highly recommended!👏👍💪👌✌️🙌
Fran Toro
I am so pleased with my progress after a broken wrist. Cindy was kind, compassionate, gentle and so so supportive during my therapy. I highly recommend Twin Boro and their amazing staff!
Boaz Kelner
The whole staff at Twinboro is incredibly helpful! I came in for a shoulder injury and learned that it was really due to tightness in my mid-back. The knowledge and care taken by the health professionals is world class!!
Bennett Potter
Miss Margaret Senn and crew's knowledge and experience is amazing. I think she wrote the book on hand therapy. I must give special mention to her assistant Samantha as she played a big role in my therapy. My hand is on the mend and I am very grateful to Margaret, Samantha and the rest of the staff from the front desk in. Thanks again
Kristie Gingerelli
I had a great experience at twin boro with Luke & Kayla. PT helped my shoulder/neck pain. Treatment was catered to my needs to help my pain. Staff was very pleasant and empathetic. I’d highly recommend!
mark ferraro
This is my second time at Twin Boro N.B. and it's my go to place for when I need any PT. My first time was in 2013 its my go to place simply because of its friendly and professional staff like Arianna my therapist who without her knowledge and skills I'd still be having some to much shoulder pain. Arianna showed me some exercises to do and with her clear and precise explanations I just took over my physical exercises with her supervision. The staff at TB are very professional and I can see very close with their comedy among their piers and clients. My therapist knew exactly where to massage the area of my shoulder where I had some issues and really hit the spots so precisely I could have fallen asleep with no problems. Bottom line: I highly recommend Twin Boro North Brunswick because the staff is so well equipped and experienced they really make everyone comfortable and will answer any questions you may have to the best of their ability.Personal note: Therapist Arianna is very professional and truly an asset to her profession. Thank you for my painless shoulder.
Joe Brown
Andie is the best, highly recommending going here and asking for Andie! She is extremely knowledgeable and listens to her patients to put a program in place specific to each individual! Keep up the great work Andie!
Elizabeth D.
Union Twin Boro is fantastic. When I fractured my Cuboid bone one month before a scheduled trip to Japan, I was concern I would not be able to enjoy my trip, knowing I had lots of touring planned.Thanks to Jackie, I was able to go on my trip & not miss one single tour. Most days that meant over 20,000 steps. All the staff members are very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you Union Twin Boro.
Alnora Finlayson
I love both Kat and True! They know what they are doing and make therapy fun. I would recommend anyone to come see them for physical therapy.
Linda Rose
I selected Twin Boro based on my husband’s experiences with them. It was.the right decision. It’s conveniently located, and I found all of the employees to be professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I appreciate Christine‘s knowledge and help during my time there.
Ash Madhok
I recently had the privilege of coming under the care of an extraordinary physical therapist, and the impact she has had on my recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. From the moment I began my sessions with Devon Shire at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Dayton, NJ it was evident that her professionalism, personable demeanor, and profound understanding of anatomy set her apart from any therapist I've encountered in the past. Having endured serious injuries to my extremities and neck in a serious accident, I've had the opportunity to receive assistance from many skilled therapists in the past. However, my experience with Devon surpassed them all. Her healing massage technique is not only effective but also delivered with a level of expertise that demonstrates a deep comprehension of the intricacies of the human body. What truly sets her apart is her unique combination of gentleness and toughness. She adheres to the philosophy of 'no pain, no gain' but does so with a sensitivity that ensures the therapy is both beneficial and bearable, and tailored to individual needs.One of the most impressive aspects of her practice is her unwavering attention to her patients. Even when engrossed in assisting another individual down the hall, she remains remarkably attuned to the needs of everyone under her care. On several occasions, she noticed and corrected my posture from a distance, showcasing her commitment to ensuring every aspect of the rehabilitation process is optimized for success.Thanks to her dedication and skill, my range of motion has improved significantly. Her keen eye for detail and the personalized attention she provides have undoubtedly accelerated my healing journey.I wholeheartedly recommend her and the practice of physical therapy in general to anyone seeking a path to recovery. It is a testament to the positive impact of skilled therapy, and when in the hands of a professional like Devon, the experience is not only beneficial but also something to be genuinely grateful for.
Christo Donnelly
Major thanks to True Danz at Twin Boro Physical Therapy! Effective, challenging work helped me get my arthritic knee moving again and me running again. Great program, great attitude and great attention to my needs. Highly recommended.
Kelvin Diaz
Lady mi terapeuta ocupacional fue mui buena me siento mucho mejor de mi muñeca los ejercicio fueron mui buenos ….
Ryan Reid
Extremely helpful and understanding would come back anyday! Helped alot five 🌟 Laura is the best!
Bill Fekete
I can't express enough thanks to Devon and the staff for getting me through an extensive shoulder surgery rehab. At all times they were courteous and professional with emphasis on mobility and range of motion without over doing it. If i ever have a need for Physical Therapy this is the place i am sure to go and recommend to my friends and coworkers.
Donna Evans
The staff was awesome and really helped to make my time there enjoyable. The OT department is great - especially Stephanie and Mary. I will actually miss going there!
Jennifer Moy
Highly recommend! Matt and the team at Twinboro Bridgewater are top notch. I needed to be there three days per week for many months due to a ruptured ACL and every visit was enjoyable. Matt explained anatomy and the healing process every step of the way, kept me positive, helped me to gain my strength back and I felt very cared for along the way. “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough!
Manolo Aguilar
Les agradezco de corazón a todas las personas q me atendieron en la terapia de twin boro physical therapy me voy contento y recuperado Dios me las cuide siempre
Peter Federico
I was at Twin Boro in Fair Lawn for almost 9 months with a serious shoulder injury that required multiple surgeries! Jessica and Olivia are amazing. Their knowledge, motivation and compassion have gotten me to a point where I am able to work again. Amanda and Kirsten who assisted me from Day 1 with my appointments are also amazing! I highly recommend the professionals at Twin Boro for anyone rehabbing an injury.
I have been in the military for 17 years and I have gotten a lot of physical therapy. I must say this is the most professional group I have ever work with. In particular Devon, both times she came up with great a plan which includes various exercises, massages etc! which got me back to fully operational. Devon is the best…
Debbie M
My experience at the Clark location was nothing short of amazing. I had Jeff as my PT, he was friendly, knowledgeable & not only made it fun but strengthened my ankle which is why I went. The whole staff is so friendly and helpful. They would be my first choice for all my physical therapy needs. I actually looked forward to going to my appointments. If you need physical therapy, please give them a try.
Jesse Rice
I came in with some postural and mobility issues and they’ve been unbelievably helpful in helping me overcome these. Matt and the whole team here have been amazing, and it was a pleasure to come in each week. Not to mention that they’ve been very flexible and accommodating with scheduling around my needs. I absolutely recommend this place.
Katie Amundson
Luke and all the staff take the time to pinpoint exactly what is or is not working with exercises tailored to your needs. The exercises change and progress regularly. Time is spent each visit manually working on the affected area, with ice or heat and stim as needed. Scheduling is flexible, with early morning until 7 pm. Thankful to them to help avoid more serious treatments for my shoulder and will definitely visit again if I ever need to.
yasmine britt
Although my injury is still bery painful, I feel rejuvenated after each visit. Tru is the Truth. He makes physical therapy less scary and he's very personable. Ms. Linda is also pleasant. I dont stress as much before entering the facility.
Phalone 973
Twin Boro staff is the best from the front desk to the back physically therapy are Sue helped me alot she’s the best Therapist ever 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Rupali Shah Lubchansky
I learned so much from Dr. Eric Hill in such a short time frame, that my shoulder/bicep pain improved very quickly. He is extremely knowledgeable and provided me with so many exercises that I have added them into my regular workout routine. I've been able to increase my dumbbell weights and range of motion now, with little to no pain!He is easy-going and has an excellent bedside manner. The PT assistants are also helpful and attentive. I highly recommend recommend Twin Boro and Dr. Hill!
Austin Segarra
Excellent therapy and atmosphere. Jaceline set up a phenomenal training program to get me back up and running. Highly recommend this establishment.
Ronald Liebmann
If you need to go for physical therapy, and you live in Fair Lawn or close by this is the best place to go. From the 2 young ladies at the front desk , to the Physical therapist Olivia and her fellow workers, they are so caring and helpful . It was an excellent experience and I would recommend them to anybody who would ask me where they should go for P/T.
Yvette Peak
Twin Boro PT did fantastic work to get my range of motion back following my ankles fracture. Scheduling was easy and flexible, the facility and equipment was clean and available and the therapist took good care of me. A special thank you to Katarina for getting me in shape!
Peter Smith
Excellent , wonderful staff Very attentive ,knowledgeable and caringHigh recommend and endorse
AJ Jones
Ive had an ankle injury for over a year. After three weeks here I’ve been feeling way better and am finally on a path to recovery. Thanks guys!
Nilda Sanchez
I received physical therapy for about 1 1/2 years. My therapist Danielle she's great. She went out on maternity leave and while she was gone. I had James. He was great and so was Danielle. If I ever needed physical therapy. Twin Boro would be my first pick. If I had to choose which therapist I want. I would pick Danielle.. I give Twin Boro ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sue Florio
I had a rotary cuff injury and needed PT my experience with Twinboro Physical therapy was one of the best experiences I could of had The team was fabulous so professional kind and careing Hopefully I won’t need them again but it’s nice to know if I do there would be no other place I would go to Thanks team
Greg Earving
I give 5 stars to the staff and five stars to Anthony the therapists who is a excellent and patient with helping
Thomas Kim
Had such a great experience here. Came in with plantar fascitis pain and Ariana and Eric were both very helpful in teaching me proper exercises that dramatically decreased my pain. They also provided a plan to alleviate my pain going forward. Highly recommend this clinic!
yordan jimenez
Awesome staff, always a good time while recovering. I could only hope to see them again but not NEED to. 😂
Twinboro Physical Therapy in Vauxhall, NJ, is the place to be. In the beginning, I was very skeptical about receiving the best care. They have met all my expectations and my fears are put to rest. They are as good as major physical therapy companies nationwide and give St Luke Physical Therapy a run for their money. Linda is so warm and kind and makes sure that all the insurance paperwork is done so that you don't worry. Dr. True is the best and cannot stress this enough. He is truly a healer and an expert in the field of sports medicine. He is patient when treating me, jovial, friendly, all-around, and well-grounded great American. I would recommend this place absolutely because it is a great Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Center, and the care and the dotting of patients are fantastic.
Sukhpreet Kahlon
My experience at Twin Boro has been excellent thanks to Matt Wells and his team! Matt's knowledge and skills are truly exceptional. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of physical therapy.
Jillian Davis
Ryan Air Duct Company has recently cleaned both our heating system ducts and the clothes dryer duct, and the experience was absolutely outstanding. Their team's punctuality and the comprehensive set of equipment they had in tow set the stage for a remarkable service. Their attention to detail in cleaning each vent and duct was impressive, leaving the surroundings spotless. We highly recommend their services!
Juquan Walker
The treatment that I received from Twin Boro has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever gone through. The staff is very attentive and they make you feel like you are the only in the clinic. If you do have a injury, Twin Boro will get rid of your misery :)
Jose Rivera
I Had Such a great Time with all this Process,Matt Wells Really Helped Me with all of the Exercises And I Pulled Through Thank you For Everything
Rita M
My experience at Twinboro in Westfield was very favorable. The front office staff and the assistants were all incredibly friendly and helpful. My therapist, Ryan, was knowledgeable, caring, and very focused on what I needed to do to treat my Achilles tendinitis. I had a big trip planned and he developed a program to help me get to where I needed to be to be able to actively walk during my trip and then to get back to my normal activities afterwards. I am very thankful for the help that the entire office provided.
Sachit Arora
My experience at Twin Boro in North Brunswick and Skillman couldn’t have been any better. Mr Matt Wells helped me recover from a broken radius bone in my arm and made sure i’d be back for my upcoming basketball season with fun and effective workouts. They provide great assistance and it’s a really fun environment to be in. Thanks Matt! Highly recommend him for both the Skillman and North Brunswick location!!!
Rebecca Glass
Professional and friendly staff. Small environment which means 1-1 attention. They are flexible in scheduling which is helpful.
Brent Magno
They've done a wonderful job. More power!
Rishabh Arora
Twin Boro at North Brunswick has very welcoming PT practitioners/therapists. Before visiting here, I had a severe back pain for which my PCP initially gave me a shot. The pain was relieved for a while but it relapsed. The PT practitioners especially Kaisa, and Eric patiently listened to my concerns and helped me recover my pain with curated exercise plan and therapy. Throughout my journey, I shared about my recovering health and any severe pain experienced, and accordingly the practitioners modified the exercises. They monitored my health recovery and provided the best care in the need of the hour.I’d highly recommend Twinboro.
karen bertucci
Great PT- therapists are amazing and caring - would highly recommend!!
Kenneth Edghill
Not Kenneth (Marcia). My experience with Twin Boro of West Orange was good. On day one September 20th, until today. The staff works with you make sure you achieve your goals. A exercise program was also sent. The program was really helpful. I was told by staff that if I needed anything just call. I appreciated that,Very professional experience. Thank you all.
Deepa Krishna
I came here to treat a damaged ankle. This office is spacious and neat with plenty of parking. The staff are all very nice and accommodating, even when I had to cancel my appointment last minute. Jaceline took care of me from day 1 and has been doing an awesome job. The pain reduced significantly within a week. The rest of the staff are also very good. I highly recommend Twin Boro for any physical therapy needs.
Sharon Kress
Margaret and Leo were great. This is the third time I’ve been to TwinBoro for OT and it was the best. My hand felt better after the first visit. The attention and the direction I received was great and Leo always watched and corrected me on each exercise. Their attention / help allowed me to be discharged after 6 weeks. Thank you Margaret and Leo!!
TM Sulsona
Lucas and his team are wonderful and very attentive. My first experience with PT has been great 👍
Karen Ferreira
My Doctor recommended this therapy center for me, and I love coming here the works are great very hands on and attentive with the patients, they work really well with your schedule, staff is very friendly.
If someone asked me where the best place is to go for physical therapy I would say Twin Boro. After my doctor recommended a year ago, there is no other place I would go besides here. From the moment you walk into the door, you feel welcomed and immediately feel as though you have known all the staff for years. It never feels like you’re simply just a patient in a medical setting, it truly feels like you’re just around your friends essentially. The staff are truly amazing human beings and some of my favorite people. When it comes to care, I don’t think you’re going to find any other therapists that are as supportive, patient, and caring as Jaceline, Nicole, and James. In the times they have all had to treat me, they have all given me suggestions and new techniques to utilize in my everyday life to reduce the amount of pain I feel. They always make you feel like you’re a priority and involve you in your care plan. When going over new exercises, you will never wonder why you’re doing it or how it helps your pain because they will always explain why they gave you that exercise, how it will help, and where you should be feeling the work in. If I go in not having a good day, I know by the time I leave, that not so good day will turn into one of the best days of my week. No one enjoys working out multiple times a week, especially in pain, but my time spent in therapy is the best part of my week. I am forever grateful for everyone I have encountered going to Twin Boro.
Kirt Richards
The staff is wonderful friendly and courteous.But Jaceline Dejean PT,Dpthas been exceptional her overall knowledge and its application together with her expert advice in all areas of Physical Therapy and its Sport Application has made my recovery process experience phenomenal and note worthy.So Twin Boro / JacelineGood job
Jeremy Busch
TwinBoro is a top notch physical therapy shop. I’ve been working with Kat for 3 months after surgery on my knee and my recovery has excelled. She’s very thoughtful, spends time communicating with me about how I’m feeling and creates a bespoke program for my recovery. Linda, the matron of the front desk is quite wonderful too. She spent hours working with my insurance to ensure I got care without any hassle.10 out of 10 would recommend.
John Kuch
came in to twin boro to rehab 2 surgically repaired knees. after 2 months of working with all the therapist, i feel fantastic. all the staff is professional, personable, easy to talk with and very educated in there field. i give my full recommendation to anyone looking to get well. THANK YOU twin boro staff for making this guy feel the best i have in a long time!
Ana Caraballo
Great professional staff and a pleasant environment. Treat you with respect and tends with your needs.
Faith Baum
I've been going to Twin Boro for a variety of PT issues over the years, and have always gotten fabulous care. I now drive nearly 30 minutes each way to see Larry in Westfield, because I know he'll give me sound advice and take great care of me. The staff in Westfield is incredible pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend Twin Boro Westfield!
Claudia Mcdede
My son is doing so much better since coming ti Twin Boro. His therapist Arianna explains everything to him. She makes him feel at ease and he enjoys going. Would highly recommend them. Everyone is friendly.
Heather Roseboro
This is my first time having to go to therapy and I must say that I felt very comfortable from day one. Going to PT has helped me out tremendously. I have been making great progress since I started here. A big shot out to Jaceline who continues to push me and introduced me to an ice message. Chris does an excellent job as well. The staff here makes your visit feel very personal. I am glad that I chose this location and I would definitely recommend this place to others. Consistency is key !!!!
Vanya Manoilova
I loved my experience with Twin Boro! Jaceline and the entire team are very attentive, professional, and considerate. After only a couple of visits, I felt a significant improvement in my condition to a point that some of my symptoms completely disappeared. They are also a pleasure to deal with!
Brandon McGue
I had the best experience at Twin Boro here in West Orange. Nicole took me on the journey of being mentally and physically broken from a Patellar Tendon tear, and back to an active machine. Nicole along the other Therapists and Associates are nothing but awesome. The Administrative staff are all rockstars! This clinic represents patience, efficiency and most importantly a welcoming environment. Thank you, thank you!
Steve Conroy
Excellent facility overseen by Alyssa the director. Appointments, insurance and time changes professionally handled by Julie. Kristen and Kathleen are always concerned about your current aches and pains and work to give you the proper techniques to make them better. They both strive to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. The aids (aka future physical therapists ) are always attentive and concerned about your needs. Very excellent facility.
Loren McConnell
All the therapists and assistants are terrific, especially Jaceline and Nicole. The staff at the front is super friendly and helpful, no matter how many times I reschedule my appointment.
Keisha Thorne
Great service and flexibility to fit your schedule. Go see Jaceline, she's the best!
Finn Moss
Staff are really kind and knowledgeable! Super helpful people. Thoroughly enjoyed my time there!
Byron Garcia
Great service, and thank you so much to Margaret for helping to achieve great progress with my hand injury
Ian McLean
The staff at Twin Boro in West Orange is truly fantastic. I’ve had a great experience since starting PT for my ankle working with James primarily, and have seen great progress in real world tests that really have me encouraged. The facility has everything you could possibly need in addition to the care and detail the folks working here provide every day. Can’t recommend them highly enough.
Alex Henriquez
Very professional, kind, and social. Always laughing and having fun while helping my injury’s. It’s been helping a lot and I would 100% recommend here for physical therapy.
Wanda Camacho
Such a professional atmosphere. Margaret is wonderful. If you’re ever in need of a hand therapist definitely see Margaret. She’s the best in NJ. I was Blessed to get her.
Darice Gonzalez
Twin Boro Physical Therapy is the Real Deal! I have been to other physical therapy practices but this practice, in North Brunswick, NJ is head and shoulders above the rest. My therapist, Matt A., has healing hands! I had hip replacement surgery and with his therapy sessions, I am back to doing what I love in just under 3 months, African dancing and Yoga. Thanks a million Matt A!!!!
Deedee Kontos
Union Twin Boro has been fantastic. Thanks to Jackie, Jen, Allpeet, Chika and all the staff members. Everyone is very knowledgeable and has provided me amazing treatment. Not only have I received top notch treatment, they have also been kind and caring along the way! Thank you for helping me feel better. From Tammy Kontos
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