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Dean Thompson, PT, DPT, DAC


Dean Thompson has been very active and involved in sports for as long as he can remember. During his college years, he began to learn more about fitness, wellness, and the field of physical therapy. As he learned more, Dean became serious about pursuing physical therapy as a profession because he aligned with its sustainable approach to healthcare and using movement as a tool to improve people’s quality of life. He was educated at The College of New Jersey, where he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology in 2013, and then went on to Rutgers University, where he earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2018.

Dean started working for Twin Boro Physical Therapy in March 2019 as a staff physical therapist at the Parlin location. He then became the assistant director at the Red Bank office in August 2021 and the clinical director of the Holmdel clinic in April 2023. Prior to joining Twin Boro, Dean worked at a chiropractic and physical therapy outpatient clinic.

Dean has taken several orthopedic-based continuing education courses throughout his career. Most notably, he completed a Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Level 1 certification, a Direct Access Certification (DAC), and a Nxt Gen Institute orthopedic residency. Dean specializes in outpatient orthopedics and believes that great treatment starts with a thorough examination and evaluation. He then uses the information gathered to determine a patient-specific treatment plan that respects the patient’s current level of irritability and functioning while also representing their personal goals.

With each patient under his care, Dean utilizes Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model. This unique approach looks at the entire continuum of care for the patient or athlete and helps them progress from a relatively low level of function after injury or surgery all the way through to peak performance after completing treatment. According to Dean, this model allows him and the patient to share a visual representation of where the patient currently stands on this scale and the steps needed to help them ultimately reach their goals.


Outside of work, Dean loves spending time with my wife, son, and their dog. He stays active by surfing, skiing, playing paddle tennis, and working out.


Holmdel, NJ

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Holmdel, NJ - Patient Reviews

Tony Thomas
Everyone at Twin Boro Physical Therapy was pivotal in supporting my recovery from ACL surgery. They were always ready to react to how I was feeling each appointment. Matt Agudelo made sure to get me feeling right on days when my knee was hurting and pushed me to make progress on the days I was feeling good. He is truly an expert at his craft. He made the over 90 appointments I had enjoyable and got me back to where I was prior to surgery. I can't recommend Matt and Twin Boro highly enough!
Patty Pasterchick
Excellent place for physical therapy. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they have a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Certainly the place to go if physical therapy is needed.
Anton Ruighaver
Excellent physical therapy staff! I've worked with all 3 therapists (Luke, Kayla, and Rina) and would recommend them to anyone! Their support staff are also fantastic.
Trish Dieckmann
Twin Boro PT is awesome, Luke, Kayla and Rina are all amazing and treat their patients with kindness and respect and the assistants are great… especially Cliff!!!
Donna Bovino
I’ve come in for 2 different issues and both experiences have been wonderful! Everyone is so kind, caring, compassionate and extremely professional!
Jack Wanamaker
First time going to PT has been here. The whole staff is friendly and supportive for patients.There are a range of age groups, from kids to Seniors. The staff is very in tune with the needs of the individual.My PT is Cathy, she has been wonderful. I am young, but have had some persistent issues that restricted my weightlifting progress. She has given me good direction, communicated my progress, and been a great support.Would highly recommend TwinBoro of Wyckoff
Michael Wargo
The staff Twin Boro are all wonderful. They are super nice and professional. I had Andie as my PT and she’s so sweet.I would highly recommend this place for your physical therapy needs. They all make you feel right at home.Oh, on their music playlists rock! 🤘🏼
Dan Amann
I attended Twin Boro for physical therapy due to severe sciatica pain. Nicole and staff went above and beyond getting me on track with exercises and treatment. I feel great now and was given the tools to maintain my current level and prevent future pain. I originally opted for Twin Boro for location convenience, but lucked out and got what I felt was the best place for my problem. Definitely recommend.
Laura Scarano
Love this facility. All the staff is very attentive and professional. All physical therapists are great. A big shout to Ryan who helped me with my Achilles tendinitis. Ryan always took the time to address all my concerns. I can't say enough about the entire staff from when you walk in the door and to the physical therapy floor. Staff is so kind and warm. The care you receive is excellent down to the therapists in training, shout out to Caitlin and Max.
Elyse Spatz Caplan
I never write Google reviews though the entire Twin Boro team at the Morristown location earned it and deserve to be publicly recognized – thank you for such professional, expert care, Noreen and Phil! If you are looking for a top-notch clinically competent, compassionate physical therapy facility, look no further than the Twin Boro Morristown location. It is key to find a PT facility that operates well as a caring and integrated team and this is what Noreen, Phil, Andie, Lesley and all the PT assistants did for the many months I was seen there. I came in with an acute shoulder problem that was complicated by past surgery I had and required a very personalized approach to my care. This is exactly what I received. Each visit the therapist evaluated how I was feeling in between appointments so that my exercise program could be tailored and adapted, as needed, at each appointment. The PT assistants were very attentive, too, and always made sure I had the equipment I needed and was following my program. Insurance issues were adeptly managed by Lesley who always advocated on my behalf, if needed. I was always greeted with a smile and the flexibility offered to me with scheduling my appointments helped to make this a pleasant experience. While I will miss the team and their encouragement and support, I feel reassured that if another PT issue arises, I know exactly where to go. Thank you, thank you – Noreen, Phil, Lesley, Andie and all the PTAs!
Michael Mandel
Having the need to use their services on multiple occasion, the staff is professional and kind. The scheduling was convenient and the therapy was effective. Katarina the lead PT is amazing and I highly recommend her.
I’ve been coming to twin Boro of butler for a few months now after surgery on my Achilles. The staff here are wonderful and it’s a nice social atmosphere. Luke, Reena, and Kayla make a great team and I’ve loved my experience here. My recovery could not have been coming along any better. You can expect to come here and laugh while putting the work in. Exceptional service and highly recommended!! And shoutout to Barbara and the aides!
Vicki Trudeau
The entire staff are just wonderful and professional! Highly reconnect coming here for any PT needs! They make it fun to feel better! Can’t thank you all enough thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
Kristi Levine
S&G Twin Boro in Jersey City is a true gem and especially, Dr. Tricia Anastasio, who has worked with my now 19 month old son for the past year. He has made tremendous progress despite his rare genetic condition and disability and so much of that is thanks to Dr. Tricia. We absolutely love her and she is an expert in her field. Best of all, she’s amazing with children (and adults) — her professionalism and friendly demeanor makes you feel instantly like family. My son LOVES her and lights up when he sees her. We would recommend this office to anyone looking for high quality and individualized care. 😊
Jude Valerius
I enjoyed going to Twin Boro for treatment. This was my first experience with physical therapy and thanks to Jaceline and the staff, the treatment was helpful and enjoyable. The facility was very clean and the ease and flexibility to schedule appointments was great. The staff was supportive and seemed to truly care for my well being and recovery. I highly recommend Twin Boro in West Orange.
RemyBoy Khaos
Great please to be, great people and lots of great energy. Thank you for my experience and support getting me back into shape. Ashley and the rest of the staff are amazing!
Andrew Strelec
Great experience - Highly recommend this location worked mostly with Andie who was extremely helpful & knowledgeable during my 6 weeks of sessions also had the pleasure of working with Sebastián as well. True professionals and sincerely concerned about my well being
nick mecca
Great people and facility that promotes excellent recovery. Would recommend to anyone looking for a physical therapy spot.
Staci Zegler
THIS IS THE PLACE FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY be it hip, shoulder, ankle, knee, back…the professionals are HERE! Led by Carl Gargiulo you are in capable hands that are knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding, helpful and provide guidance to transition back to normal routine! The office staff are friendly and helpful with the paper side of therapy and that’s as important as the physical side of therapy. The entire staff are an exceptional team all working together to get you back to your life. I am personally appreciative and most grateful to Carl and his team at STRULOWITZ & GARGIULO - TWIN BORO PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, Jersey City location!! THANK YOU!!
Dayana González Peck
I totally and highly recommend the entire Team at Twin Boro!! The entire staff is not only friendly and nice, but they are professional, caring and always ready to help. The location and parking are very convenient and the music is great as well :) Andi and Noreen helped me immensely on my path to full recovery. They are both amazing, sweet, and caring, and always exercised great patience and understanding whenever I experienced moments of discouragement or impatience. The supporting staff were all so pleasant and happy. In light of their professionalism, knowledge, the overall ambience of the facility, and the ease of scheduling, my three months of therapy went by very quickly and nicely.
Vanessa Magbanua
I can’t recommend Strulowitz & Gargiulo enough. I’ve been receiving physical therapy for my hip and foot pain for about 3 months now and I am so happy with the progress I’ve made.Carl is absolutely outstanding. He has gone above and beyond to understand my symptoms, explain my diagnosis thoroughly and create a program that has me feeling so much better. He takes the time to make sure each of his patients feel heard and genuinely cares about their recovery. His knowledge, years of experience, positivity and patience are invaluable!Tricia has also been so helpful during my recovery. Her personable approach makes every patient feel instantly comfortable and build confidence in themselves. Even during the busiest times in the gym, Tricia is always checking in on anyone who may need help or attention. What makes her excellent is her ability to build trust with you and make PT actually fun!I'd also like to mention Chris, who is the best PT aide and has a natural calling for helping people; and the front desk staff, who are always so patient, kind and accommodating.Most importantly, Carl, Tricia and the entire staff treat you like family. You will always be greeted by name and asked how you doing. Everyone is so professional, friendly and welcoming. They will go the extra mile for you because they genuinely care. I look forward to PT every week because it's such a positive place to be in.
Sylvia Jacobs
The whole staff have been quite helpful and planned a great exercise program which really helped me. Much thanks to Jaceline who answered any questions I asked her and really helped me. Much thanks to James who gave advice and also answered many questions. He helped me as well. Much thanks to Nicole who helped me as well. All the helpers like Brandon and the many others helped as well.The front desk is run by very polite people. Overall, it is a friendly and fantastic place.
Mark Navarrete
You will be greeted with a friendly and attentive staff upon arrival. Each station is sanitized after every use and the environment is very clean. The therapist/assistants provide top notch care while having respect for your time. Appointments are readily available and their schedule is flexible. Overall, the team at Twinboro in West Orange have been paramount in my road to recovery. I would highly recommend this office and I thank them for the excellent care.
Chris Baldwin
Awesome place + staff! Was going 3x per week for 5+ months and every day was a great experience. They worked me hard, cared about my progression, and were enjoyable to interact with!Shout out Nicole, thanks so much -- go Buckeyes + Rangers!
Elizabeth McKenna
Easy to schedule and accommodating. Ryan V was excellent. Helped me get back to running better than ever!
Jason Pauxtis
Over the last two months, I worked with Lacey and Ashley for occupational therapy for my wrist. Scheduling was a breeze, and everyone I worked with along the way from the OTs to the assistants were super friendly. The program was great and I quickly returned my wrist to health. Couldn’t be happier with my experience. 10/10.
Goncalo Carvalho
I love the place. Great experience. 100% will recommend!!!!
stef merk
I had never been to PT before and had a great experience here with Ryan and all of the support staff! Really worked with me to target my issue and listened to my concerns. Appreciate all the help from this office and would highly recommend.
Robert Halper
The facility was fantastic! The trainers, assistants, and support staff were exceptional. I have arthritis in my shoulder and the improvement after 8 weeks of treatment was impressive. Special thanks to Jocelyn, James, and Becky but everyone there was extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you Twin Boro!
Ka'idah Ali
The treatment was great its been sometime since my last therapy but I still remember how excellent I was treated. My shoulder recovery is still progressing. The office manger Nature, is the best sweet, professional and always willing to assist with all your scheduling needs.
Pratik Patel
This place is awesome! The staff and Dani in particular took great care of me and put me on perfect regimen to recover from my back injury. 10/10
Ashlee Meyer
Highly recommend Twin Boro for physical therapy. Luke and Kayla are great and really knowledgeable.
Joseph Bernasky
Highly recommend this Twin Boro location. Krystina and Devon are both excellent practitioners and I recovered much faster than I anticipated. The location is clean and well kept.
Ramon Resurreccion
I've had an outstanding experience here. The staff, especially Tricia, has been not only professional but also incredibly friendly, creating a welcoming environment. Tricia's personalized approach played a crucial role in helping my recovery. Grateful for the progress I've made here!
Chulo Martinez
I wanted to say THANK YOU 😊 to every single staff member at Twin Boro Physical therapy. Very comforting and welcoming atmosphere from day 1. Ricardo was my physical therapist. His attention to my progress every single day was impressive. Making sure I get the recovery I needed. I highly recommend this location for your care. Every single staff member needs to be recognized on my review. Thank you.
Richard Rampolla
Twin Boro Physical Therapy has really helped my Achilles injury heal. Everyone has been extremely helpful and supportive. It starts with Becca at the front desk who, besides being helpful, is friendly and welcoming.I have worked with Jaceline, Nicole and James. These knowledgeable therapists have kept me on track planning my exercises and adjusting as needed so that I get the maximum benefit.Assistants Aleah (sp?) and Kimberly have monitored and assisted me with the necessary equipment.I am grateful to the entire team at Twin Boro. Thank you from the bottom of my foot!
Chin Bling
Great environment .. a place of Comfort everyone's very helpful , great therapist with Blessed Hands ..Highly Recommended
Jefferson Anelus
The staff, particularly Angie and Kieonna at the front desk, is incredibly friendly and welcoming. The two are always accommodating and make every visit a pleasant experience. I can't speak highly enough about Jaceline, my physical therapist. She goes above and beyond to ensure I receive top-notch care. Jaceline is not only incredibly informative but also exceptionally attentive to my injury. Her along with Drew’s dedication are evident in the personalized exercises and insightful advice they provide during each session. I truly appreciate the outstanding service and expertise at this clinic.
Joe C
I recently worked with Ryan and his team for the first time. It was a successful result and great experience working with everyone in the Westfield office. Everyone was very welcoming and knowledgeable. BIG thank you to the entire staff. 👏🏼💪🏼
Shani Balsam
Jess and her whole team are very attentive to your needs. The staff is friendly, accommodating to your work schedule. I would highly recommend. You
Mark Smith
I'm happy that I was referred to twin Boro, staff is very helpful and attentive to your health needs. Highly recommended.
Deryshia Johnson
I love it here. The PT’s are going to help you through your injury and get you closer to your goals. I always feel relaxed and safe here. They have so much equipment too. Front desk ladies are very professional. It’s a great place I highly recommend for all ages.
I had a great experience with twin boro and all the help I received from Eric, Alex and the whole staff! Couldn’t thank them enough!
Kenaz Desir
Had a great expiration here, not only did I get rid of my back and hip flexor pain, I also experienced an amazing atmosphere due to the kind staff that works there.
Peter Criaris
The staff at twin Boro was fantastic
Diego Tabbachino
I put off scheduled shoulder replacement surgery and gave physical therapy a try first. Thanks to Jessica and the entire staff for making me "comfortable". Great people in a friendly atmosphere. In 2 weeks I already see tremendous improvement!!
lesley eastman (reviewer)
Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy can be a painful difficult process that takes commitment from the therapist patient and therapist. Twin Boro North Brunswick provides a therapy plan designed for each of their clients needs across the lifespan. As a patient, kasia ( physical therapist) helped me regain strength (weight bearing ,range of motion and improve balance ,and physically mobility).I am grateful to her and the whole staff including all Physical Therapy Assistants and Front Desk staff. I highly recommend this therapy practice to anyone. They create a calm clean ,positive , motivating environment to rehabilitate in.
amina Peebles
If u ever get unlucky to be hurt and hva to go to twin Boro ask for ERIC TORRES. He is the best out of the best in less than 3month after surgery I was able to do all exercise and pain free. His professionalism and skills are above and beyond expectations. His care and knowledge are top top 👌 👏 😉 thanks for giving me the care treatment needed during this tough time. Twin Boro has all the equipments u need to heal fast. All the best
greg b
The atmosphere at the South Brunswick Twin boro PT office matches that of its director Krystina Cierkowski friendly, relaxed, easygoing, and professional. I had two total knee replacements 3 years apart. The first time I didn’t know what to expect. She said she had to get my knee to straighten and able to bent before the scar tissue built up. I trusted her and let her do what she felt was necessary. I will admit at times it was painful but I was able to go back to work in 7 weeks!For the second knee replacement I did a lot of reading and talked to others about their PT. A lot of people had issues with their therapist being too rough and didn’t agree with the “ no pain no gain “ theory. Krystina never went to far, always told me what she was doing and always watched for my reaction. I can understand why the average person would not want to go through recovery pain. And you have a choice, slow and easy or rough and fast. I was a relatively young construction worker who wanted a fast recovery and encouraged Krystina to go to the max at all times. Luckily for me she was strong enough to handle me. With everyone else, when I was there, she was easy going and thorough and engaged in light conversation while she took care of their injuries. With me, she had me wincing in pain as I was holding on to the table trying not to scream. The end result, a two month total recovery that usually takes much longer!Thank you so much Krystina for knowing what needs to be done and adjusting the treatment for each patient individually.That’s probably why Twin boro PT South Brunswick gets all 5 Starr reviews.
Arlene Bacher
I would highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy Matt Agudelo is one of the best Physical Therapist you can use. He is a very knowledgeable, skilled, good natured person. I had a knee replacement in June Matt got my range of motion back pretty quick. Matt is easy to talk to, has plenty of patience, which you need when you go to PT. I needed him to challenge me with my exercises and he did that. Matt also sends exercise videos home. This is my 5th time going to Twin Boro I would never go to any other Twin Boro but North Brunswick
Don McDermott
This place is amazing! The staff is so friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. I went in for a pinch nerve in my neck and worked with them for 6 weeks, 2x a week. They treated me like family. I would walk in and everyone was smiling and happy to help. Top notch PT. When I was finished and fully healed, they even text me personally a few weeks later to check in on me and see if I had any issues or problems. I would recommend Heidi and Nicole to anyone looking for a great PT.
Anne Miller
So happy I found twin boro for my daughter! They spend time with her and listen to all her complaints and have really helped her with her injuries. They are always able to give us appointments to fit our schedule and very helpful whenever I call! Highly recommend!
Segundo Pinos
Determinado mi terapia como mucho satisfacción por la atención excelente del Sr terapista Anthony siempre preocupado por el progreso de nosotros los pacientes gracias por todo
Carol Forbes
Dr True is a skilled and professional physical therapist. He doesn’t stick to one routine. Each day it was different and as a result I got better. My ankles is as good as new!
Grace Cheng
Of all the things I did for myself in 2023, I am most thankful for taking the time to do physical therapy with Dr. Borst and team at Twin Boro in Martinsville. I had nagging hip stiffness and lack of mobility for years, that was getting worse. I came in three times a week for 3 months and during that time, Dr. Mike was always there to listen and prescribe the exercises I needed. I always left the center feeling great and my hip has never felt better. His crew is so friendly; they all work incredibly hard at helping patients get the most of their time there. Elizabeth is just lovely to work with, and kept me on top of my appointments.
swati soni
I had a great experience with Danielle. She is kind, gentle and have excellent listening skills. Despite dealing with a meniscus tear and experiencing pain, she provided effective care and support throughout the treatment process. I am feeling much better now and all thanks to her. Highly recommend this place and Danielle as a PT..
Alex Matsuka
Going to the medical facility is not fun at all. Everyone knows this. The Twin Boro Butler office is different. You feel like you at some sort of social club with friends. Highly professional staff does is very knowledgeable and efficient and the friendly atmosphere there facilitate healing. I strongly recommend this facility for physical and psychological rehabilitation. And I bet you will have fun there.
Michael Smeraglia
Margret was my hand therapist, she got me in and out the door and back to 100% ahead of schedule! She was amazing
Paul Weintraub
I broke my shoulder over a year ago and had to endure two surgeries to fix it. I started with another place for the PT but switched to Twin Boro and it turned out to be a great decision. Devon did an amazing job treating me. I highly recommend her if you go to Twin Boro/Dayton. She asked a lot of questions and watched closely to develop the best course of treatment for me. My injury required some intense stretching by Devon and she did not shy away from doing what was needed to get my mobility back to almost 100%. In addition, they were always very flexible to my busy schedule. You can feel the difference at this place as they care deeply about your therapy and make the sessions fun and effective.
Frank Cancelliere
Great staff great equipment amd great hours.
Ramique Montique
The staff are great and friendly this is my second time coming to twin boro and they've help me alot.
Edward Rudin
Excellent caring and knowledgeable staff
Mindy Angstreich
The best! Matt is the first therapist that has been able to help me. The facility is clean and everyone is very friendly! I’ve tried other places before and no one has helped me. Tytyty!
Andy Rosenberg
Couldn’t recommend it here any more. Staff is great, facilities are top notch and it doesn’t feel painful to come here at all.I look forward to feeling better with every visit. Eric and staff have done a great job helping me progress from a very bad injury.
Majette Tynes
Great staffFive star treatments
John Gorman
I had a great experience at Twin Boro PT Westfield. I had a couple of issues and had been there a few times. All the staff at TBW were great and treated me with the utmost respect. They were all very friendly, personable and professional with how they handled everting. Ryan was my physical therapist and provided excellent care for my Achilles and Left Shoulder. Worked on me in the PT facility and also developed program for home. When Ryan was not available, Larry and Nancy filled in for him and also were great. Max, Caitlin and Victoria also helped the physical therapists to ensure all was going well. The office staff, Corina, Violet and Patti did a great job to ensure all went flawlessly with appointments/schedules and insurance administration. Plus, during my time at Twin Boro, I met some really nice people who were there for PT. I can’t say enough good things about Twin Boro Westfield. If you ever need to find a place for great professional physical therapy, I would recommend Twin Boro Westfield. They are the best.
chandrika parekh
I am very satisfied with my Therapist kasa n all other staff performance. I am always come here when I need Therapy from last few years . And I always get relief from my pain. This place is excellent for Treatment.
Went to Twinboro North Brunswick for my knees, Danielle was my main PT and she did an amazing job with my care. I also saw a few of the other PTs when I had to change my schedule and they all did a phenomenal job.
Deepak Kumar Nayak
Krystina and team are an absolute delight. They took care of me and my Mom’s physiotherapy needs very well. They listen to your needs meticulously and provide the best service. They have accomodated my schedule well and very welcoming in that aspect.. Krystina is a charm of a person …
Nayan Bajaj
Devon's been my physical therapist for over two years now and she's been absolutely incredible. She's amazing at her job, kind, and is very easy to talk to. The place itself is clean and organized, and Aidan, one of the aids, has good music taste. Would recommend Twin Boro to anyone looking for physical therapy.
Bill Clifford
Eric is a great guy he bends the hell out of my knee and now i got great mobility Alex is another great guy the whole staff is full of great people. Front desk is great at scheduling
Jhon Fuentes
Great place for PT, staff is always helpful and really listen to patient.... And scheduling appts is great because office staff always goes above to help you and make sure appts are good for you.
Paresh Bhagwatkar
I went here for an ankle issue. I had to stop running and a self defense program I was attending. The amazing team here got me back (very close to where I was before and am confident I will get to 100% soon).Eric, who was my therapist, is amazing. He also plays good music :). A thank you to the other therapists who filled in on occasion (Kasha, Ariana, Dani, Christine, James). And, the aides are amazing as well (Alex, Alexa, Kaira, Neha, Sebastian).And, last but not the least, the ladies at the front desk who keep the calendar and appointments up. Special thanks to Siani (we got to a point where she would sign me in when I waved to her coming in).I highly recommend this place!
Ajay Patel
Staff, the help and the Therapist Mohamed Mahmoud are amazing. Facility is kept clean, very accommodating with appointments and truly cared about each individual. Problem with my shoulder will require surgery, thus had to shorten my visits, however I will be back to complete the therapy. Definitely recommend this location
Melanie Ford
My experience at Twin Boro Physical Therapy was excellent. At each scheduled appointment I was greeted by a professional receptionist who was always pleasant. My physical therapist was Danielle and she was phenomenal! Her expertise coupled with her personality and genuine concern for my well being was amazing. As a result, I was extremely comfortable and received professional treatment during every visit. The staff assistants were also great! I highly recommend Twin Boro.
Sarah Blafer
Noreen is AMAZING! My son started seeing her when he was two months old to address his torticollis (neck/muscle condition). Noreen’s expertise, skill, and experience are seen in all that she does. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she is fabulous with babies/children. With her guidance, my son’s issue has been fully resolved. I can’t recommend her enough!
Terrence Brown
I had a great experience rehabilitating my knee at Twin Boro. The staff is all very friendly and welcoming. The front desk staff is very polite and patient dealing with all the scheduling requests from the patients. I never had an issue when calling about changing a session or canceling one. I primarily worked with Dr. Eric Hill and he was awesome. From when I first came here till my discharge he worked with me intently on strengthing my knee and getting me back to full strength. Definitely will not hesitate on coming back if I ever need rehab for anything.
Yael Villegas
Buen ambiente laboral, excelente atención profesional, equipo de buena calidad, he estado asistiendo a la clínica por fractura de tobillo, eh tenido buena mejoría gracias al personal profesional de la clinica twin boro
Tom Fearon
Great facility, first class staff. Dr True helped me strengthen leg muscles to relieve my bad knee pain. Also advised me on at-home exercises to stay strong. If you're near Millburn NJ and need therapy, you should consider Twin Boro.
Yunkai Bai
The staffs are very nice and patient. They give me professional and effective course of treatment.
Justin Barton
Absolutely the best PT experience I’ve ever had. Annie and her team are welcoming, knowledgeable, and they’ll get you right back on your feet.
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