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Drew Barton, PT, DPT


Drew Barton graduated from SUNY Albany with his B.A. in Human Biology and minor in Psychology. He earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, graduating from Sage Graduate School.

Drew joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy in 2010 after several clinical rotations as a Student Physical Therapist in New York State and New Jersey where he gained valuable hands-on experience treating patients with a wide variety of diagnoses.

Drew joined Twin Boro, Drew as a staff therapist in multiple clinics throughout our company, offering a helping hand when needed in any of the locations. Due to his patient outcome success and personalized treatment methods, he has advanced from staff therapist to the Clinical Director level. Drew also leads the Twin Boro Physical Therapy Work Care FCE team. He has gained significant experience performing Functional Capacity Evaluations for Twin Boro Physical Therapy.

Drews expertise is extensive.  He is certified in performing Functional Capacity Evaluations and is trained in numerous areas of physical therapy treatments including vestibular/balance rehab, manual therapy techniques, aquatic therapy, and neurological physical therapy.

When treating patients or managing other therapists, Drew uses Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model.  This unique approach looks at the entire continuum of care for the patient, athlete, or industrial athlete – spanning a care spectrum from a relatively low level of function a patient might experience post injury or surgery all the way through to the peak performance they will experience after treatment in our program.


Toms River, NJ

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732.255.7888 (Toms River Physical Therapy)

Patient Reviews

Twin Boro - Bayonne
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Naj C
I had such a wonderful experience here. Felt like a retreat. Jaceline was amazing! She explains everything from start of treatment to the end. Been going for 3 months and this is probably best I’ve felt with no pain. Office staff is very friendly and attentive to all clients. Very professional and inviting place. Thank you all for helping me with my recovery.
Rick L
Excellent place for PT. Kristen improved my tendonitis significantly. Very helpful and caring staff. Wouldn't hesitate to call on them again.
Margaret Senn (OT, CHT) at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Westfield was personally recommended to me by my orthopedic surgeon for occupational therapy. I had a very bad fall and had multiple fractures in my elbow. After my surgery, I was so afraid to start my therapy sessions, but having Margaret as my therapist made it a very positive experience for me. Margaret sat down with me for my initial evaluation and I was immediately comfortable with her. She is very intelligent and knowledgeable and her work ethic is impressive. She goes above and beyond for every single patient she has and she gives each and every one of them her time and attention no matter how overwhelming her schedule is. I watched her several times interacting with her patients and she genuinely cares about their treatment and well being. Some of her patients were a bit challenging and she handled them in a courteous, respectful, considerate manner. After seeing her in action several times, I knew I was in the right place with the right therapist. I honestly feel blessed to have met her, as she was a pleasure to treat with and she really is an absolute treasure. A true master at her craft, she literally made my hand and elbow great again!!!