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Justin Ott, PT, DPT, CCVR


Justin Ott was exposed to the far-reaching potential of physical therapy from an early age. His mother was a physical therapist, and observing her gave Justin the chance to witness first-hand how impactful and fulfilling the profession could be. And after his grandmother was severely injured in a major car accident, Justin saw what physical therapy was capable of, as it allowed his grandmother to recover her ability to walk and return to an active lifestyle. Justin’s experience as an athlete also gave him direct exposure to the expertise and knowledge of physical therapists, and their ability to help athletes improve their performance. These forces helped Justin determine that a career in physical therapy was the right move for him. From there, he attended The University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in General Sciences in 2011, and then a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2017.

Justin spent the first five years of his career working in the Pacific Northwest, serving as a vestibular and orthopedic physical therapist at Olympic Sports and Spine in Tacoma, WA, as well as an inpatient physical therapist at Infinity Rehab Services, also in Tacoma, WA. He then relocated to the East Coast and joined the Twin Boro Physical Therapy staff in August 2021, when he became the Clinic Director of our Clark location.

Justin provides competent and personalized care to patients of all ages and ability levels, and he specializes in treating vestibular, orthopedic, neurological, sports performance, and geriatric patient populations. His underlying philosophy to treatment begins with the understanding that every patient has unique goals and difficulties that have led them to seek out the services of a physical therapist. With this in mind, he aims to evaluate and treat the “whole patient” by addressing these needs and providing individualized treatment models that help engage patients and allow them to pursue optimal outcomes through evidence-based interventions. To this end, Justin incorporates manual skills, taping techniques, instrument-assisted soft tissue massage, and evidence-driven exercises, among others, in the treatment plans he designs. Justin is also a Certified Clinical Instructor through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and holds a Certification in Clinical Vestibular Rehabilitation and an Advanced Concussion and Vestibular certification.

Justin closely follows Twin Boro’s One2Four™ Care Model with every patient that comes under his care. This system helps guide his approach to treatment and ensures that he addresses every need patients have by providing an optimal level of care, which ultimately allows each patient to accomplish their goals and improve their quality of life. Whether these needs are to improve functional mobility and continue living independently and safely or for an athlete to boost their performance in a sport, the One2Four™ continuum allows Justin to deliver the appropriate level of services needed for each patient to find success with their physical therapy treatment plan.


Justin is an avid adventurer that loves to explore new places with his dog, Roxy. He developed a love for hiking and rock climbing during his five years in the Pacific Northwest, and depending on the time of year and weather, you can find him surfing in the ocean, snowboarding in the mountains, kayaking or paddle boarding on a lake, or lacing up for a pickup game of soccer. With his downtime, he loves being an involved uncle, spoiling his two-year-old nephew, and spending time with his family.


Clark, NJ

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Clark, NJ - Patient Reviews

Alexander Fonseca
14:40 05 Feb 23
I had for 4+ months of PT and glad I chose Twin Boro Union. I gained my full knee mobility back and started running again. Shikha, you were the best!!! Also, shout out to Al and Sand(i/y), who stepped when I had to change my schedules. You all played a part of my recovery and thank you all so much!! With that being said, I highly recommend TBPT of Union.
Alexandra Yurkosky
17:13 04 Feb 23
I ended up at Twin Boro because they were the only place I could find that took my insurance but I was so happy I did! The staff is caring, friendly, and knowledgeable. I felt I was in good hands no matter which therapist I had. The assistants were organized, helpful and friendly and helped kept the place super clean. I am better after sticking to their instructions and hope to stay better but if injured again I would definitely go back! Highly recommend!
Nicole Maday
21:34 03 Feb 23
I would recommend them 100% Yash and everyone are amazing!!! Great staff and great care!
Tommy Monroe
20:18 03 Feb 23
Great spot for physical therapy! Everyone here is very kind and supportive throughout the whole recovery process, especially Yash. I came here for a shoulder injury and coming here was the best decision I could have made!
jerry mann
21:33 02 Feb 23
I would recommend Luca and his staff to everyone I know they do such wonderful work they never give up I like the way they push you till you are back to 💯 percent
19:53 02 Feb 23
The were excellent at building a program specific for my injury. I saw a huge improvement. Everyone is very friendly and professional.
Claire Darroch
19:09 02 Feb 23
I would like to thank the entire staff at Twin Boro in Parlin for the excellent care I received. They have always presented themselves in a positive, professional and friendly manner. A special thanks to Jake who is the best. He never gave up on me. I highly recommend this facility to those who want the best care and consideration. Will miss them all.
Alan “W2AEW” Wolke
22:21 01 Feb 23
I first came to this Twin Boro facility about 7 years ago for PT after smashing my ankle. Most recently, I was treated by Physical Therapist Christopher Tillson for an agonizing pinched nerve / bursitis in my upper back, behind the shoulder blade. Chris designed a series of exercises, stretches and machine work that completely cleared the problem in just a few short months. In addition to the top notch PT offered by Chris and the many excellent assistants, I can't say enough about Elizabeth (Elmo), the office manager - thorough, accurate, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. If you need any kind of PT - I'd highly recommend that you call Elmo!
Mabel Carrasco
21:46 01 Feb 23
Andre Gomes
03:15 01 Feb 23
Great location and staff very nice and friendly the therapist very professional with getting you back to full recovery.
Kathleen Springer
00:47 01 Feb 23
I have had the opportunity to experience this facility for various reasons and I will keep choosing them again and again. The team is amazing!
Alice Awuku
21:35 31 Jan 23
Good place to go for your therapy needs. You will definitely return to your prior level of function.👍🏾
Eduardo Monteiro
20:01 31 Jan 23
I highly recommend the Twin Boro Physical Therapy. I was helped to recover from a foot fracture at the Georges Rd, Dayton. They are great professionals and kind people.
Debra Frey
19:32 31 Jan 23
I did PT after knee replacement surgery. My therapist, Devon, along with her assistant, Joe, were excellent. They were patient and encouraging. I would highly recommend them.
Adrienne Minet
17:46 31 Jan 23
I would recommend this place to anyone who needs physical therapy. The entire staff (Therapists, Aides and Admins) are excellent- friendly, professional and accommodating. My therapist, Matt, is very knowledgeable. He evaluated my progress periodically and adjusted my exercises accordingly. I’m very happy with my experience here.
Alice Riggs
15:11 30 Jan 23
Highly recommend Twin Boro PT. Recently completed my therapy. My PT, Eric worked to reduce my pain and gave me exercises so I can continue to do at home. Thank you.
mona mauti
20:49 26 Jan 23
Wow such a happy experience walking in to the Front desk and getting greeted by Nicole and Victoria They are both so pleasant that you don't mind going to PT LOL ...They are also efficient fast and just a pleasure to work with & be greeted by sooo thank you girls for being you xoxoxoxoKaren my Physical therapist is Amazing she is happy positive gentle And gets the job well done And she is so hand knowledgeable And she is so HAND knowledgeable!!!!! LolAnd let's not forget Nicole#2 in the physical therapy department Who I believe is an assistant is so sweet Who I believe is an assistant is so sweet & accommodating ...So let's say I just had a great experience at Twin Boro PT so again THANK YOU GIRLS
Alex Pflaster
17:41 25 Jan 23
I had surgery on my ACL and Meniscus In Sept of 2022 and Carl Gargiulo was recommended to me by a friend. I’m so happy I found Carl and Twin Boros! I came to their Jersey City office 3x a week for months, then tapered to one a week, and was discharged today; I was a little sad to say goodbye because the care and attention to detail was so excellent that I really felt like family. Everyone at this office is professional but warm, from the folks at the desk to the staff and of course all the therapists. I always felt respected and that everyone was 1000% willing to meet me where I was in the moment. I never felt frustrated or unheard, always cared for and encouraged. They also offer a great app with videos that walk you through home exercises, and I found that super helpful also. Such a community vibe, and knowledgeable intuitive caregivers. Thanks Carl & co!
Ryan Cole
17:44 24 Jan 23
I arrived at Twin Boro with a herniated disc and could barely move, walk, or even stand up straight. Who knew that just 6-7 weeks later I’d return to my old self again. Words can’t describe my wonderful experience with Twin Boro. Olivia and her team (Kevin, Kiersten, among others) were so knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. They made my time in physical therapy that much more manageable. I’m very thankful for them all.If you’re seeking a PT center, definitely check out Twin Boro in Fair Lawn. Absolutely zero complaints over here!
Gloria Buck
15:47 24 Jan 23
Twin Boro is a fantastic place to come to for Physical therapy and exercise. The Staff is very professional and dedicated to making a big positive difference in your physical and mental health. They provide a relaxing and therapeutic atmospherea
00:52 24 Jan 23
Amazing staff. Very skillful. I feel so good after the sessions. Thank you Krisha and Joe. They also accommodated my specific scheduling requests.
Faith Lau
14:27 23 Jan 23
Everything about our experience at Twin Boro Strulowitz & Gargiulo in Jersey City was positive! Andrew and Trish were so great with my child’s treatment. The therapists, staff and fellow patients were very positive and supportive. The office staff was helpful and easy to work with. They offer parking, a rarity in the city, and brand new equipment. Highly recommend for any PT needs.Update: I went back for my own injury. Andrew Schweitzer gave great care. The office is so well run and they accept insurance. I will definitely return for any PT needs.
Kristen Story
13:47 23 Jan 23
I have been coming to Twin Boro for over a year due to multiple knee surgeries. From the beginning, Nicole has been extremely attentive, encouraging, and beyond helpful. She takes pride in her work and has a vast knowledge base, with an ability to answer any question that may arise. Christine has also helped me tremendously and is extremely kind. Nat at the front is the best and is very accommodating with scheduling. All of the aids are super friendly, specifically Priya and Maddie. I would definitely recommend Twin Boro to anyone needing physical therapy!
Maria Villafane
22:58 19 Jan 23
I would highly recommended Twin Boro. They have a wonderful caring staff. You feel like you and your therapist are a true team working towards your individual goal. I will miss Nicole and everyone else. You guys will forever be part of my story! Thank you for getting my right shoulder back to what it once was!! You guys are the best!
Sally Deering
15:07 19 Jan 23
I highly recommend Strulowitz & Gargiulo's Twin Boro location. The space is relaxing and calm. The therapists and their assistants are attentive and show great respect to their patients. After five weeks of therapy with Caroline, my pain has lifted, and I am much more flexible. She taught me exercises to strengthen my back and core and has the sensitive hands of an artisan when it comes to working out those knots. The front desk staff is warm and friendly and works with your schedule. All five-star professionals. If you need physical therapy, this is the No. 1 place to go in Hudson. They are FABULOUS.
Breffni Kennedy
14:59 18 Jan 23
Caroline and Sandy have been the best PT providers for 20+ years and my recent shoulder surgery reveals that has not changed, in fact they are still improving. My injury was mis-diagnosed by Dr.'s, but Caroline caught it immediately and sent me for an MRI. Sure enough, she knew exactly what was wrong, helped me select the correct surgeon and prescribed a PT course pre- and pos-op that has me back in the gym and lifting weights for the 1st time in 3+ years.Whatever the injury, whatever your Dr. said, go see Caroline and Sandy ASAP to get back to life.
Jeff Valenzuela
01:16 18 Jan 23
I was able to bike 50 miles and swim 1.2 miles within 4 months since I tore a calf muscle in my left leg. Twin Boro Physical Therapy was definitely the ideal rehab facility for me and I can’t be more thankful because of them. Larry, my physical therapist was excellent and I would highly recommend him to anyone!
dan chaykin
19:29 17 Jan 23
Caroline Jolly helped me through a difficult period during my treatment for PMR when I came off medication for a time and experienced a lot of pain and discomfort. She knew just what to do to keep me moving without adding to my existing inflammation. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a talented, knowledgeable physical therapist.
Mene Hil
18:36 17 Jan 23
Clean facility , great service friendly staff and I would highly recommend ,Help my problem that I had.
Sahithi Ayyalasomayajula
18:25 17 Jan 23
Amazing staff! Everyone here was very friendly and understanding. Phil was great to work with and is very knowledgeable.
Deb Feldman
16:27 17 Jan 23
I had a serious injury to my shoulder, that required a lot of physical therapy prior to the surgery I ultimately required. Anyone who has gone through a full dislocation and torn labrum can relate to how scary recovery is, given the pre-surgery instability and risk of re-dislocation. Brian at Twin Boro did a wonderful job with the mechanics of getting me strong enough for surgery - but almost more-importantly to me *how* he approached my care. His calm expertise was very reassuring during my long road to surgery. It was a no-brainer for me to return to Twin Boro following my surgery, where not only did I get my strength back, but I got my full range of motion.A great surgeon plus excellent PT was a life-changer for me - no exaggeration. Almost a year post-surgery, and I'm back to my active lifestyle, with no restrictions, including skiing. I'm so grateful - and would be remiss if I did not call out the full staff. Jean and the front office team were compassionate, responsive, and professional - and every therapist there exudes the same calm expertise as I experienced with Brian.Finally - I was there through ups and downs with Covid risk, and always felt the staff took the appropriate care to ensure we could all receive the hands-on, in-person care so critical to physical therapy.I hope never to need PT again, but certainly would return to Twin Boro should the need arise! Thanks so much to the whole staff!
Kyle Maietta
02:43 17 Jan 23
The whole team at the Morristown office is great !!! Phil is the man, fixed my 6 month wrist pain in just a few weeks - he is like a magician. I thought it would never go away but now I’m back to 100% and feeling great! 10/10 highly recommend to everyone!
Wrenching Ed
00:53 17 Jan 23
Very good place staff very friendly all the therapist that work with me are great Tasha,Matt and Matt front desk very friendly and flexible helping you schedule PTs thank you so much guys I really improve alot on injury to Right ankle I will never forget this experience again thanksHi again second occasion taking PT here for totally something different work with Eric great PT worker very knowledgeable a pleasure very recommended place for PT all physical therapists are very knowledgeable and friendly receptionist an A+ too.
Lloyd Pinckney
18:50 16 Jan 23
Great job.
Chris Karydes
18:41 16 Jan 23
I have been receiving PT from Phil at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Morristown for the past 2 months. With Phil's help my leg has become much stronger and I'm now able to have much needed surgery anticipating a swift recovery. Phil is professional, knowledgeable and overall an excellent therapist. The front desk and staff are friendly and always willing to help. I highly recommend this facility!
Lindsay Anderson
14:32 13 Jan 23
Nice staff! Clean clinic. I recovered really quickly there!
Sara Liguori
01:51 13 Jan 23
100% recommend Kevin, he is amazing! He found the solution to my pain and helped me till the very end, I am now pain free and able to continue activities I thought I would not be able to do before.
Emel Ayyildiz Snyder
01:46 13 Jan 23
I picked Twin Boro out of three possible physical therapist companies because of the great reviews on Google, and they truly didn’t disappoint. The entire staff was very friendly, helpful, and flexible with my needs. My PT Phil was just phenomenal. He was not only knowledgeable but also extremely encouraging. You need someone like him, who believes in your body’s abilities, when you can’t see the end of the light and when the road to recovery can get tough. I still have a ways to go before I’m fully recovered but he equipped me with the knowledge to keep going. I am ever so grateful and would highly recommend them to anyone.
edward davi
18:55 12 Jan 23
Cathy and Alyssa have done an outstanding job helping me reduce the back pain that I have been suffering with for several months. I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease primarily due to my age.The exercises that I have been given have greatly improved my condition, reduced the pain and my overall fitness has also improved.I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs physical therapy.
Camilo E. Rodríguez
01:07 12 Jan 23
Great place with amazing crew staff! Doctor Tricia was an angel in my recovery process, she was on top of everything in each session, and she also did a follow-up on my lower back pain few weeks after the therapy ended. I'll definitely come back if needed and, I 100% recommend this place.
Barbara Swoboda
02:33 11 Jan 23
12 weeks of PT and every session was helpful. Kevin Pineda was my main therapist he really took the time to address my issues along with Olivia , Denise, Roy ,Briana and the entire staff. I highly recommend Twin Boro ..Fair Lawn.
Karen Dasher-Johnson
21:20 10 Jan 23
All the Staff is very friendly and professional. It was a pleasure coming here. If you need therapy come here.
Brian Fall
21:16 08 Jan 23
Went to this office for multiple surgeries and each time has been extremely helpful. The therapists here have a huge range of help for all different lifestyles athletic or not! Jess, Kevin, and Olivia are amazing can’t go wrong with any of them. The aids and girls at the front desk are so friendly and help with any questions you may have! Strongly recommend.
bhopan krishnan
18:31 08 Jan 23
I recently had physical therapy for my knee at their local office located in Dayton, and I was extremely satisfied with the care and treatment I received. The entire staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming, which made the experience much more enjoyable. The therapists were knowledgeable and skilled, and they helped me recover quickly by providing targeted exercises and techniques. Overall, I would highly recommend this physical therapy office to anyone in need of rehabilitation services. The team truly cares about their patients and is committed to helping them achieve their goals.
Marybeth Levandoski
18:19 08 Jan 23
I had a wonderful experience and excellent results at Twin Boro in Butler. Luke was my main therapist and he and his team did a wonderful job. Rena and Brook were also instrumental in my success. They all work so well as a team that you have the opportunity to interact and converse with everyone. You feel at ease from day one. Barbara is also excellent at keeping it all running smoothly setting up appointments and bill paying and adding to the overall great morale. Luke manages everyone with kindness, mutual respect and adds fun to everyone’s day. I was treated for hip pain and learned many helpful exercises that were and still are easy to do at home. Clearly I will highly recommend Twin Boro of Butler to anyone needing PT!
Gail Mayers
20:37 07 Jan 23
My therapist was caring and very knowledgeable . Cody did an amazing job helping to reduce my pain. I have nothing but positive things to say. The entire staff was great.
Margaret Schiazza
13:57 07 Jan 23
I went here for a lasting neck injury and have since been in minimal to no pain with a number of techniques I can use at home to manage the injury. The office was accommodating with scheduling, transparent and proactive about determining insurance coverage, and professional and always on time with services.
Lisa Kurdyla
14:46 06 Jan 23
I can't recommend Justin and the team at Twin Boro enough. Such a great group of professionals who have helped a great deal with my recovery and actually made grueling work towards my recovery fun. . The front desk ladies are amazing at what they do and couldn't be more helpful when I needed something. If you are looking around for a physical therapy office to work with, don't hesitate giving them a try. I put my career in their hands and thankfully it worked out for the best!
Alex Alarcon
23:30 05 Jan 23
Excelente terapeuta Margaret y Lady me ayudó con la movilización de mi dedo estoy muy agradecida. También Los recomiendo con toda confianza son excelentes profesionales
16:17 05 Jan 23
I was treated wonderfully at Twin Boro Newark! I was treated for a sprained ankle and whiplash and I have seen significant improvement in the time that I’ve been here. I worked with both Ricky and Anthony. They were both knowledgeable, patient and kind. They were always on time. I also greatly appreciate all of the women at the front desk who helped me. Special shout-out to Stephanie and Catherine!For newcomers my only suggestion is arrive a few minutes early. Parking can get competitive especially after 10am!Hopefully I’ll never have another injury but if I do I will be back at Twin Boro!
Glenn Mouridy
16:09 05 Jan 23
Every staff member is excellent. Chris Tillson has done a fantastic job as my primary therapist.
Isabella Masalkovska
20:31 03 Jan 23
Kayla and Luke helped me get strong before surgery and are helping me get back to normal and strong after. They are the best!
Theresa Parise
16:56 03 Jan 23
Staff was very helpful and friendly. My first experience with physical therapy was extremely positive.
Janice Axelrod
15:53 01 Jan 23
Thank you so much Twin Boro PT Holmdel for seeing me through two knee replacements within a three month period. You have made my rehab so successful due to your amazing care. Thank you to my physical therapist Joe Cesnaro for your expertise and sincere dedication to my recovery.
Em Fern
12:20 31 Dec 22
Twin Boro Physical Therapy is a great outpatient facility to recover after an injury. It is highly recommended by my podiatrist.They have a strong commitment in keeping patients safe by following Covid 19 protocol.Nicole is knowledgeable and a seasoned leader. She creates treatment plan and home exercise program geared to your specific injury. You are never alone and you get a 1:1 supervision. She has a wonderful team of Physical Therapists and Support Staffs who are approachable and accommodating.Thank you Twin Boro for restoring and conditioning my lower extremities.A great addition to West Orange Community.
hema kapadia
15:04 30 Dec 22
Iam very happy that I cam here for my therepy.I recommend Every one to come
Chandu A
04:08 30 Dec 22
Twin Boro North Brunswick has clearly earned 5 star reputation not only through google reviews also by word of mouth. My PCP recommended this location and after attending 25 sessions, I can attest why everyone gave 5 star rating. My special thanks to James and Twin Boro team for helping me
Tisa Nesmith
20:22 29 Dec 22
The therapists at Twin Boro are great, especially Jaceline. She is patient and has helped with my issue tremendously. I would highly recommend Twin Boro for all of your physical therapy needs. Keep up the good work!
Kazue Jimenez
14:08 29 Dec 22
Therapists and the assitants are very caring and friendly. I had pleasant experience.
Victoria Souffront
19:16 28 Dec 22
I just started at Twin Boro not too long ago, and the staff are awesome! Everyone is very helpful, understanding, and friendly. I really enjoy coming here and I always leave happy after every visit!
simone washington
19:07 28 Dec 22
Good afternoon everyone I would love to tell the world about Twim Boro everyone at this place is Awesome. I have been with twim Boro for four months. But let me tell you every time . Jaceline work on my left shoulder she always makes me feel so much better. Thank God for Twim Boro! KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!
Nadia Jones
02:53 28 Dec 22
My daughter began going to Twin Boro in Westfield back in August/ September 2022 after spraining her ankle. Ryan, as well as all of the other staff members, provided the best care we could ask for. Ryan answered all of our questions, provided exercises she could do while home and helped her return to action playing soccer sooner than we thought. I would recommend them for any physical therapy.
patty laurel
00:09 28 Dec 22
Jess is an excellent PT and a gem. I drove 1/2 hour twice a week for a few months to work with her at the recommendation of my husband. It was worth the drive. I am a health coach and personal trainer and knew right away that I was in good hands with Jess. She listened to and addressed my concerns with compassion, respect, and a plan, which gave me hope at a vulnerable time. Her passion for her work and genuine belief that I could improve was contagious and a great motivator for me to work on the exercises at home. She gave me a catalogue of exercises to choose from that I will always use. In addition to her skill as a physical therapist, her respect and mentoring of her colleagues was on full display repeatedly, which I trust will further her in her career and benefit whoever is lucky to work with her. Listen to what she says. She knows her physical therapy, how to treat people, how to run a facility, and she is respectful and uplifting to be around! Thank you, Jess!There were two occasions when I had sessions with Kevin. He too was excellent and a very attentive physical therapist. He is knowledgable and kind and respectful and excellent at cues! They make a wonderful team!
Ghassan Huzien
21:13 27 Dec 22
Jessica DePalma and her staff are amazing ! Best in the industry hands down. The front desk is always accommodating my crazy schedules and the therapists are very knowledgeable and caring. Many places, you feel like a number or just a business. This is not one of those places at all.They take the time to really solve the issues and educate you along the way !Thank you Jess !
Neil Mahoney
16:02 27 Dec 22
Excellent group. Making a big difference in my physical health.
01:43 27 Dec 22
The staff at Twin Boro are friendly, courteous and provide excellent professional service. I have been receiving services for a pinched nerve in my neck. The improvement over the past 5 weeks is immense. I feel confident receiving services from any of the PTs and the assistants. I highly recommend their services.
maria nazario
21:06 23 Dec 22
I've been with twin boro off and on since 2012. West orange is the third location that I've gone to. I have nothing bad to say about any of the locations. Twin boro west orange is very clean and a very comfortable place. The staff is warming and nice. I usually see Yosh and Joseline. They're great!
Emma Chavez
16:46 23 Dec 22
Strulowitz and Gargiulo is an excellent physical therapy center. The staff is very knowledgeable and supportive. Everyone at Strulowitz and Gargiulo is compassionate and provide you with that human touch to reach your goals to recovery. I am very grateful for all they do and highly recommend them!
Shayleen Serrano
16:21 23 Dec 22
My youngest child needed Physical Therapy to correct his Torticollis. Noreen and the rest of the staff were very nice, professional and always ensured every visit was a pleasant one. Defiantly recommend Twin Boro to anyone in need of PT.
Rosemary Stewart
15:54 23 Dec 22
I find my experience at Twin Boro to be an professional environment. The therapist is thorough, Conscientious, and I have found my physical disability to be healing thanks to Nicole, as well as the others that assist.I would recommend this facility to anyone undergoing physical challenges.
14:25 23 Dec 22
Strulowitz and Gargiulo is a great facility with great people! I would definitely recommend them.
Katharine Capra
20:37 22 Dec 22
Great team of PTs. Very helpful. Flexible, lots of appointment opttions, easy to schedule.
Nick Cappetti
12:37 22 Dec 22
I’ve had to do physical therapy probably 10 times in my life and I can definitely say Twinboro physical therapy in West Orange is the best physical therapy I’ve ever been to. Nicole and Yash are the absolute best. They take the time to help you understand your recovery process. Environment is amazing they make you feel like your own family. I have nothing but great things to say about Twinboro physical therapy and If I ever need physical therapy I’ll definitely would go back here
17:37 20 Dec 22
Nicole and her team are truly the best- I’m moving like a champ! They really can fix anything :). After SIGNIFICANT pain was relieved she helped strengthen not only my legs but my will. Salt ‘n Peppa once said “push it real good” well that’s what they do over at Twin Boro. No joke- they really make superheroes!!
22:12 19 Dec 22
Love this place. The staff is great. I love the warm feeling when I walked in. The staff made me feel very comfortable. Five stars is not enough to rate this place and it's staff. 50 stars! Ha! 🤘🏿❤️
alejandro pereira rojas
17:14 19 Dec 22
I suffered a serious accident where I worked, I fractured my right wrist and over time they told me to go to this twin boro place to receive my respective therapies, and there in that place I met Karen for whom I thank her very much because I am currently achieving a great improvement in my wrist, she is a very dedicated person to her work, she takes time out of which she does not have to be aware of the improvement of the process, I really thank Karen too much for that, I also thank Ashley because I had few appointments with her but she also helped me with my process and she is very good at what she does, to all the work staff I also give special thanks to (Lucas, Thory and Rachel) the latter because as soon as she was injured she was aware of my process together with Karen, I am also not going to forget Victoria, who is in charge of making calls and making patient appointments, because she has a very beautiful and energetic way of being that does not change that, I really highly recommend that place, the way they treat you is spectacular and it really helps you a lot in the process.
Joe Loy Jolo
01:40 19 Dec 22
Pretty neat place
Nicholas J Carras
19:18 16 Dec 22
Everyone who works here is super kind and very helpful. They really help the patient with whatever they need and address the issue they are having. If you need PT this is definitely the spot to come.
Raul williams
18:28 16 Dec 22
Excellent staffSuper friendly makes you feel at homeas for treatment very proficient had my best sleep in a long while. Thanks to Dr. Stodolak
Isabelle Pizarro
01:27 16 Dec 22
I went to Twin Boro walking very unstable due to knee injury. The therapists who worked with me are amazing! Thanks Joe andJason for helping me be able to walk more steadily and confidently.Thanks to the staff. They were very helpful and polite.Thanks Lisa for the music! Definitely glad I came to you!
Maureen Blum
13:48 15 Dec 22
I ignored a shoulder injury for too long, and finally asked the fitness director at my YMCA for a recommendation. Without hesitation she directed me to Noreen at Twin Boro Morristown. Noreen, Phil, and the entire staff are so knowledgeable and encouraging in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Thanks to them all for helping me regain my strength and mobility and giving me the tools to stay that way!
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