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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Bridgewater with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy & certified hand therapy care in New Jersey. The Township of Bridgewater covers 33 square miles and is home to 45,000 residents. Bridgewater Township is located in the center of Somerset County, bordering 11 other municipalities. Bridgewater boasts a variety of parks, recreation and shopping opportunities, excellent schools, a minor league ballpark. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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1081 US-22 West Suite 204 Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Meet Your Director

David Hotaling, PT, DPT, CSCS

MY HOBBIES: In addition to his passion for physical therapy, David is an avid sports fan and enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, and exercising.

David Hotaling has always been passionate about science and sports, and he decided physical therapy was right him because it combined these two interests. This led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in aquatic therapy from West Virginia University. He then went on to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Touro College, where he graduated as valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA. During his time at Touro, David vigorously sought out learning opportunities, consistently analyzing literature, completing continuing education courses, achieving advanced certifications, and becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He also completed clinical experiences in both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy, with his final clinical including work with both professional and NCAA athletes in several sports organizations, including the NFL.

After graduating from Touro, David began his career working for an outpatient sports physical therapy company. He soon earned the opportunity to serve and help grow their newest facility as the Clinic Director. He provided educational lectures during monthly clinical excellence meetings.

He then joined the Twin Boro Physical Therapy team in March of 2020, beginning as the Clinic Director for our Martinsville facility located inside of TEST Sports Club. During this time, David provided assessment and treatment to athletes in the NFL Combine Prep Program as a member of the TEST Football Academy Team. He now serves as the Regional Director of Morris and Somerset Counties. Throughout his career, David has prioritized continuous learning and is constantly assessing what treatment strategies are best for each patient by applying literature and challenging his current approaches when he discovers new information.

David excels in the management of orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions, and treats patients of all ages, including athletes at the youth, college, and professional levels. He utilizes an eclectic approach that includes a variety of interventions for each patient, and he constantly assesses and reassesses the patient’s response to these strategies. Some of the techniques he frequently uses include advanced exercise prescription, joint mobilization and manipulation, motor control cueing, postural restoration, the McKenzie Method, the Mulligan technique, and blood flow restriction training. Through this unique and personalized approach, he is able to achieve superior patient outcomes with high satisfaction rates. David is also passionate about bringing positive changes to the field of physical therapy, which is illustrated in his daily actions as a clinician and by providing educational content to others in the field. He empowers his patients by providing them with the tools necessary to remain active in their recovery and to maintain success in the long term.

Implementing the same passion and attention to detail used to help high-level athletes reach their goals, David is driven to provide quality care to patients at all functional levels across Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model. This unique approach guides the rehabilitation process and looks at the entire episode of care for each individual, revealing ahead of time where this process will take him or her. It accounts for the relatively low level of function a patient might experience after an injury or surgery, and then aims to take them all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Every exercise and intervention that David uses is intended to help each patient get back to this level, and although the specific approach varies, each treatment is individualized to the patient’s needs.


Patient Reviews

23:23 10 Jun 22
Staff very helpful in creating routine exercises to get me back on track; room a bit small but they stagger appts, and there r 2 private rooms in case privacy is an issue
Kristen Balzano
17:22 24 Apr 22
I was absolutely thrilled with my experience at Twin Boro in Bridgewater! This was my first time going to physical therapy so I was unsure how effective it would be. My shoulder was in severe pain from an injury and I was convinced I was going to need surgery. However, after only two weeks working with Mike, my shoulder was completely cured! He was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and knew exactly what needed to be done to fix the injured area. Mike, along with the rest of the staff, would go out of their way to make sure you felt comfortable and taken care of. It was easy to see that the entire staff is passionate about their jobs and genuinely care about each and every patient, and would go above and beyond to see them progress. I couldn't speak higher about Twin Boro Physical Therapy, and cannot thank Mike enough for bringing my shoulder back to life! :)
Caleb Perkins
23:24 19 Apr 22
I ruptured my Achilles back in July 2021. The team at Twinboro Bridgewater got me back to health in no time. They are amazing! From Renita always taking my copays on time, my therapist Mike S., the aids- Brian, Mike, James and Charlene, the care is impeccable. In 8 months they got me back walking, working out without restrictions and back to my regular lifestyle. Thank you all again!! I Highly recommend Twinboro if you need to go to Rehab!
Kishan Padaliya
20:48 24 Mar 22
Great place for a rehad guyz. Dave was very helpful for my rehab. Great team and good facility.
Megan Kilduff
18:37 23 Mar 22
I graduated today! Drs. Dave, Mike, Chris, and all of the staff have been tremendous in my recovery. Dr. Dave put me on a solid plan from day one, and modified my plan according to my progress, keeping my program challenging and safe the whole way through. The office staff was especially accomodating with my erratic schedule, and always made me feel welcome.
Alicia Gabrielski
23:17 14 Mar 22
Everyone who works at at Twin Boro BW is great. They are all professional, helpful and patient. My shoulder improved dramatically with the help of Dr. Dave and his staff.
Maureen McGovern
23:03 14 Mar 22
I had the pleasure of working with all three Physical Therapists…Mike, Dave, and Derek. All of them were unique in their therapy techniques but each helped me get back to running pain free! The PT Assistants were very knowledgeable and helpful as well!
Selena Denko
14:03 02 Dec 21
I have had a great experience attending Twin Boro physical therapy. All of the staff and doctors are kind, knowledgeable, and happy to help. I looked forward to coming in and I have been progressing with my treatment. I am being discharged with at home exercises to continue my physical therapy. Thank you all so much!!
Alex Astacio
15:30 12 Nov 21
The therapist are kind and considerate, and they really work hard to make sure your road to recovery is fast. Twinboro is a great facility, that is well kept and the staff is highly knowledgeable and hands on. Wouldn’t want to go elsewhere
kelly Mcmenamy
15:30 12 Nov 21
I love Twin Boro Physical. They always help me out when I am in need. Glad I was referred their direction.
Ann Schmitt
19:41 11 Nov 21
I am half way through my Rx of physical therapy at Twin Boro, Bridgewater. I feel better and my symptoms are greatly improved. The staff members explain the 'why' of each exercise and make sure I do each one correctly every day. It is working!
Gedeon Bekele
22:25 10 Nov 21
Twin boro is a very caring and welcoming environment, really learned a lot and helped me with my PT treatment.
Joey Chegus
21:02 10 Nov 21
Twin boro helped me get back to full strength after I tore my acl. Colin Harbison, Micheal Peralta, and Alex Astacio we’re key contributors. Best pt place in NJ.
Leonardo Pullano
20:56 10 Nov 21
The treatment and exercises were very helpful for my injury and they helped me get back to the game I love. The staff is worked very well with me and helped me gain my strength back.
Renita Ramnarain
18:52 10 Nov 21
I am happy to say that TwinBoro in Bridgewater New Jersey is an excellent Physical and Occupational therapy clinic. The doctors take their take their time with each one of their patients, making sure they are well treated and progressing through their plan. The aides guide each and every patient through their exercises to make sure their form is correct and their understanding of the exercise is thorough
Bryan Mora
18:44 10 Nov 21
Twinboro in Bridgewater is a very professional location that provides exquisite care for their patients. From doctors to aides, you can tell the staff tries to provide the best plan of care for their patients. I would recommend this place for people who are seeking physical and or occupational therapy and are motivated to living their best life once again!
James Ryan
18:31 10 Nov 21
Twin Boro Physical Therapy is a very dependable and friendly environment supported by the work of skilled aids and employees!
Lucas Ritchie
18:29 10 Nov 21
Amazing staff, so helpful. Colin, Alex, and Michael are great!
Max Handler
18:28 10 Nov 21
I've been to several different PT places and this one stood out with a supportive team and welcoming environment!
colin harbison
18:07 10 Nov 21
A fun and caring environment with a strong, knowledgeable team. Shoutout to the PTs Dave, Mike, and Chris for being a great line up!
Elizabeth T (LIZ)
18:00 10 Nov 21
My son was recommended to Twinboro Bridgewater by his surgeon. I don't have words to express how amazing this team of therapists are. My son is recovering from a ACL reconstruction and is way ahead of schedule with his recovery thanks to David and his amazing team in just a few weeks post surgery. I highly recommend Twinboro at Bridgewater to anyone who is in need of a Great therapist. They are very flexible with appt scheduling as well. Overall extremely pleased!!
Akira Simmons
17:56 10 Nov 21
My grandmother has been coming to Twin Boro physical therapy for the past few weeks and her progress has been amazing! The team here is very dedicated to making sure her therapy is coming along great. The mobility in her shoulder has greatly improved in just a few weeks and we highly recommend seeking physical therapy from this wonderful team!5 stars for the friendly, positive team who greets her with enthusiasm each time we come!
Debbie Waldron
00:16 30 Oct 21
The staff at Twin Boro are knowledgeable, professional, kind, and a lot of fun even when I was being pushed to work harder. No one wants to go to physical therapy but to get well and back to our activities, Twin Boro is the place to recover and get strong. Thanks to all of you for your warmth and words of encouragement!
Luz Holguin
20:54 27 Oct 21
Twin Boro is great! Dr. Dave has been amazing at getting my knee back to where I can live again.
Oak Harbor
14:12 21 Oct 21
World class professionalism! From the first day to the last the employees made me feel comfortable and kept me positive. My physical therapist Michael was extremely attentive to my concerns and knew exactly what I needed to do to recover. Great experience after an unfortunate event.👍🏻💪🏻
Jim brubaker
22:45 27 Sep 21
Twin Borough is a very welcoming place and all the staff have a positive attitude about your recovery. My principal therapist Michael Sowinski was professional relaxed and kept it fun. Evening hours worked well for me.
Frank M
14:58 25 Sep 21
The lead instructor Michael is awesome!! I went to Twin Boro in Bridgewater for issues with lower back pain and now the pain is completely gone. This is something I have been dealing with for years on and off. Michael and his team taught me what to work on in and out of their office and I have seen tremendous improvements. I would recommend Twin Boro and Michael to any friends are family. I am finally living pain free with no worries of re injuring my back after putting the work in. HUGE thanks to Michael and the gang!!
Gary Masino
12:46 21 Sep 21
If you want excellent care, visit Twin Boro Bridgewater or Martinsville! Even the professional athletes are receiving Physical therapy at these locations!
Vanita Harripaul
18:56 19 Sep 21
I had my first consultation with Chris who was very professional and caring. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Mike is great, always with a smile on his face, very interactive with his patients. I would highly recommend this facility to my family and friends. The assistants are always helpful. Thank you Chris and Mike for helping me with my lower back problems. You all are a great team to Twin Boro.
Tracy Holland
17:02 26 Aug 21
I've been going to Twin Boro for 6 months for shoulder and knee therapy. Mike is my therapist, and I can sincerely say he is an excellent therapist. Extremely professional, and friendly. The entire team is knowledgeable and they work well together. I would recommend TwinBoro to anyone in need of therapy services.
Enjoying Life
16:38 26 Aug 21
Mike got me through a Very Tough recuperation from knee replacement surgery. He listened to me when I talked too much and he was my cheerleader when I needed one. Every time Mike worked on my knee I could tell it made an improvement. Mike was there through the good and bad. My doctor said recuperation is a year. I wanted to start working again in Sept. Because of Mike's work and guidance I will be starting work in Sept. I would highly recommend Mike and the whole crew from Twin Boro PT in Bridgewater to anyone who needs PT. Thank you, Mike. I could have never done it without you.Veronica
Laura DeCotiis
23:34 25 Aug 21
The staff Joe and Dave are great! They are knowledgeable and care about their patients. They worked with me through tendinitis and planter fasciitis. Working through my issues with supportive and caring therapists has been a great experience. I would highly recommend Twin Boro! Thanks Jeff and Dave!
Bob Gabrielski
21:04 19 Aug 21
Dr. Dave is the best. Came in on crutches and couldn’t walk. After diagnosis and setting up a recovery plan and working on the PT exercises, etc., I’m on the land. No crutches, walking miles and recovering strength. GR8 place for PT. Excellent patient interaction. If u need PT, c’mon in and ask for Dr. Dave.
B r i a n De Grasse
20:39 19 Aug 21
As a former athlete and a physical laborer, you can imagine then aches and pains I feel at the end of the day. Dr. Dave and the entire staff are amazing at helping relieve and even healing the problems I had. All of the staff from the secretaries to the aides are extremely attentive and helpful. I'm thankful for everything you all do.
Bryce Pantozzi
20:17 19 Aug 21
Dave is a super intelligent guy who really allows you to understand what your injury is and how he will help you fix it. Him and his team helped me through both of my injuries and they know what they are doing. Highly recommend.
Michael Gagliano
20:05 19 Aug 21
Dave is awesome
Gerard Aroneo
19:29 19 Aug 21
As an athlete, Twin Boro recognized my goal to return to the field as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are extremely helpful and more than willing to teach you everything you need to continue to recover when you leave physical therapy.
Miles Cruz
23:01 16 Aug 21
The staff is awesome and treats everyone really so well. Recommend to anybody needing help!
Sharon Lucas
16:49 28 Jul 21
Dave is the best! I tell people I have fun at PT and they don’t believe it. But, at Twin Boro not only do I feel better but I had a good time doing it!
Allison Cassiba
15:44 12 May 21
I’ve been very happy with my PT with the Twin Boro Bridgewater team. Dave and team are very supportive and attentive. They explain each exercise thoroughly and are available for any questions. They also continually monitor and check-in through out your session. Scheduling is a breeze and very flexible. I highly recommend.
Birgit Suppe
19:35 23 Apr 21
Great experience rehabbing a cranky knee. Dr Mike and the staff are attentive and supportive throughout the process.
Enid Doyle
16:28 13 Apr 21
Great staff! Friendly and very helpful during PT sessions. My therapist (Michael) was extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and has helped me to heal my shoulder injury. I highly recommend their services.
Rona Jones
15:33 11 Apr 21
I'm extremely happy that I chose Twin Boro Bridgewater! Came in skeptical that I would improve given my unusual neurological condition but I've been very pleasantly surprised that it only two months I've shown alot of improvement. It's made my life and sports activities so much more enjoyable knowing that I can regain some of my previous life through physical therapy. Mike and team are the best! Highly recommend them.
Erica Stanoch
15:22 27 Mar 21
Ended up needing PT after getting hip pain from sitting at a bad desk setup for all the long months of working from home during COVID. Got to work with Michael and he was able to target what was needed to improve my tight muscles from all the long hours sitting programming. After a month of working with him, my hip pain is almost completely gone and he gave me "homework" to keep it that way. Michael is very good at his job, friendly, and I found him to be very patient with all the people he was working with.
Martin Kreiman
16:36 22 Mar 21
This is my second twin Boro experience.Thank God I met ms Cindy( occupational, hand therapist) Cindy is a true professional. In fact I recommended her to my orthopedist.Dr Shearin, who in turnhas recommended his patients to Cindy. Thank you Cindy, on to my 2021 golf season.
vanessa Castro
00:27 05 Mar 21
Went for hand therapy due to a minor tumor that was removed and had the pleasure of working with Cindy (Cynthia) Principato.The facility is very well maintained and up to Covid standards. After each patient every surface and tool used during therapy is thoroughly wiped down for the next use. At check in they take your temperature and ask that you kindly use the hand sanitizer before entering. Every staff member is wearing a mask and they wash their hands each time they deal with a different patient. Every patient is also 6ft apart and is required to wear a mask as well. From day one Cindy assured me that my hand would be fully functional again and it is. She worked on a variety of motions and gave me some tools and tips to use at home. Cindy is excellent at her craft and it shows. I would highly recommend Cindy and if I were to ever need hand therapy again...I would go right back to her. Adriana at the front desk is also a joy to work with. Very understanding, caring and efficient. Thank you Cindy and Adriana for all your hard work and diligence during a trying time.
alex defuria
03:08 21 Feb 21
During Covid-19 pandemic, I haven’t been comfortable attending in-person visits. But Dr. Dave and his office’s Covid protocols ease the stresses of going to the office! His professional care is just the cherry on top! Loved my routine visits! 5 stars!!!!!
Sonny Puzzo
03:08 21 Feb 21
Top tier professionalism.... Doctor Dave set up my rehab plan and got me feeling good again long before I expected!
neeta shah
16:24 12 Feb 21
Thanks Twin Boro and Dr Dave all helper They help all patients to feel better I appreciate Dr Dave to help getting better for my knee In future if I need therapy I will come Bridgewater branch
Juan Rosado
15:18 12 Feb 21
My personal experience was very good with them. they were all very attentive with me, thanks to everyone and David. thank you very much for everything
Nancy Gedbaw
14:42 12 Feb 21
Feeling better every day thanks to therapists Dr. Dave and Michael, great PT assistants Kish and Mike, and fabulous Office Manager, Adriane. Such a great team!
gina finelli
12:33 12 Feb 21
Dr Dave is great! I have seen him at a few twin boro locations and my experience has been amazing!Highly recommend!
Nidhi Shah
14:44 11 Feb 21
I really recommend this clinic. Dr.David and Dr. Michael are nice and they took good care of me when I went there for my ankle. The staff constantly cleans the office! Everyone social distances and the support staff helps out alot! I definitely recommend the Bridgewater Location! Thank you 😊
Andrew Haiken
06:15 11 Feb 21
Clean environment during a pandemic has made it so reassuring to come to PT. The facility is great
Ryan Andrews
06:13 11 Feb 21
My experience at twin boro was simply amazing. I appreciate all of the PT’s Dr. Dave, Dr. Cynthia, and Dr. Mike hard work!
Ice Berg
05:11 11 Feb 21
I had been having this lower back pain that has been bothering me for months. Until I was recommended to Dr. Dave. When I came in, Dr. Dave was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He helped customized an exercise program that worked for me best and his aides Kish and Michael helped me learn how to perform the program well. Would recommend to anyone seeking treatment.
Matthew Cassio
04:31 11 Feb 21
Dr Dave really helped relieve my nagging shoulder pain after only a couple appointments. Michael was also very friendly and guided me through my exercises.
shaun corcoran
04:31 11 Feb 21
I had chronic neck pain until Dr. Dave treated me and changed my life. The Aid Michael was super full helpful and friendly too!
wisdom hevi
04:29 11 Feb 21
I went here to get more motion in my ankle after breaking it in football and it was amazing, doctor Dave was a pleasure to deal with and I would especially would recommend seeing Michael for the heating pad and ice services
Ryan Kim
04:29 11 Feb 21
I had been battling pain in my lower back for 3 years. I have tried so many different chiropractors and physical therapists. And I am not lying when I tell you that Dr. Dave with the help from the aid Michael were absolutely phenomenal. They treated me so well and the exercises that Michael got me through helped tremendously. I 100% recommend.
04:29 11 Feb 21
I came in with lower and upper back pain and I left with no pain at all. Doctor Dave and aid Michael were both very helpful and showed me multiple exercises on how to fix my pain. Will definitely go again.
Karan Desai
04:29 11 Feb 21
I came in for wrist pain, Dr. Dave helped me out a lot, and even an aide, Michael, assisted me so much and was super friendly.
Andrew Forman
04:28 11 Feb 21
Came in with severe back pain, Dr. Dave really did a great job with his therapy and his aide Michael was super helpful as well my back pain is solved
Victoria Lipari
04:09 11 Feb 21
Wonderful experience with Twin Boro Physical Therapy. Dr. Dave was a great physical therapist, and the staff, specifically the aid Michael, was always helpful and kind.
Michael Peralta
04:03 11 Feb 21
My experience at the Twinboro in Bridgewater has been nothing short of amazing. I initially had came in for left shoulder pain that had been hampering me for months even after treatments from another PT. Dr. Dave has since improved my pain dramatically. He has not only perform manual therapy techniques to help aid my shoulder but offered me a personalized exercise treatment plan that I believe is what is helping my pain significantly. He is creative in his exercise suggestions, friendly, and most of all knowledge. I recommend others who are in constant pain to visit Dr. Dave!
03:10 11 Feb 21
The staff is very friendly. Dave treated me for lower back pain and I feel very good now. I can do my daily activities without pain and hit the gym to lift. Thanks a lot twin boro. I would recommend other to visit twin boro to get help.
David Hotaling
03:05 11 Feb 21
The staff at Twin Boro is second to none!Kept clean / ensured safety during the pandemic.At Twin Boro every patient is provided an individual plan of care to help them to reach their goals!
Camille R
19:15 10 Feb 21
twinsboro in bridgewater has really helped me get to where i needed to be! i’ve visited other clinics in the past but after visiting clinic and working with dave & mike i’ve never felt better!
Diana Lane
19:11 10 Feb 21
Dr. Dave is the best. Highly recommend his services. Very knowledgeable & kind.
Matthew Burns
21:37 18 Nov 20
I have an injury on my left shoulder and was directed to Twin Boro Physical Therapy. Mike and Neidi were professional in the administration of the stretching and strengthing exercises. well done.
Andy Wyrtzen
01:39 10 Sep 20
I sprained my ankle and needed physical therapy so a friend recommended Twin Boro and I'm so glad she did. They were very professional and accommodating with my schedule. Mike is an excellent physical therapist! He is very freindly, knowledgeable and effective. The entire staff is excellent! Highly recommend!Sofia W.
Anna Russo
16:21 06 Jul 20
My mom Gloria broke her left arm back in 2/9/2020 and she has been blessed to have PT from Michelle at the Bridgewater NJ location. Michelle has been amazing. Also for any scheduling , insurance matters, etc..Adriana P. is great, quick to response and to help. Thank you for the wonderful work !!!
Johnny Pizza
01:35 18 Jan 20
Having a great experience at Twin Boro PT in Bridgewater recovering from a broken wrist. Cindy is an awesome hand specialist and has been driving my recovery. She is highly skilled and professional, keeps me and the other patients on pace getting the most out of our sessions, while being friendly and caring. She's great with providing detailed home exercises that are redesigned based on where you're at in your steady improvement in order to maximize your investment in your time and energy. Melanie works at the front desk and handles scheduling among other responsibilities. She's great at communicating and patiently deals with my schedule changes, working with me with real pleasantness to get me in regularly so my recovery stays on track. Hisani is a student who assists Cindy, diligently preparing the tools and devices we use during our therapy. She is on top of each patient's regiment and kindly keeps us moving! The whole team is great in providing great care in a professional, friendly and fun environment. My time will be ending soon as Cindy and team have brought me just about back to my pre-break state. I will miss this great group of care providers and I am thankful that I found my way to Twin Boro PT in Bridgewater.
Rich Jeziorski
02:28 13 Nov 19
I would highly recommend the Bridgewater location. Following bilateral knee replacement, I recently completed over 4 months of treatments with therapists Michelle & Mike. I was impressed with their dedication and knowledge in helping me get back to normal. They pushed me to my limits and I want to thank them for that. Also, assistants Anthony, Ashley, Katie, & Julia and Mel at the front desk were both friendly and very helpful.
Delain Cowell
15:02 27 Sep 19
This is from Robert. Staff is very efficient and nice. I had compartment syndrome and surgery on my arm from the palm of my hand to my elbow. thanks to Cynthia(Cindy)Principato who was outstanding giving me occupational therapy. Thank you very much!!!!
Siva Kalaiselvan
01:45 24 Sep 19
Cindy is one of the best hand therapist I have come across. She helped me to recover from my post wrist surgery. I would definitely recommend her for the best service.
Jim Smither
15:46 10 Sep 19
I had a great experience at Twin Boro in Bridgewater. Michele and Mike are excellent PTs - both very nice and helpful, and exceptionally knowledgeable. The assistants were all great (Ash, Anthony, Katie, Julia, and more). Michele does a great job running a great place that really helped me very much. I recommend them highly!
Morgan S
17:30 30 Aug 19
Fantastic staff, fantastic facility and fantastic results. Each person I've encountered at this location from the physical therapist to the aides...are extremely compassionate, understanding, and helpful. All important traits when picking a location for physical therapy.To put it simply, they know their stuff. I've had such great success and I am now pain free. If you value your health and want to be in your best shape, I recommend visiting and seeing Mike or Michelle. Thank you to this facility for changing my life!
Lisa B
20:17 20 Aug 19
I cannot recommend Twinboro Bridgewater enough. My husband started using them for a back injury and Michelle worked with him to vastly improve his symptoms...something that other PT offices couldn't do. I also went to Michelle for my back injury and I was very pleased with the results. To round out this family affair, my son has been going to Michelle for hypermobility in his knees and he has improved immensely because of her. We've recommended many people to this office and will continue to do so because the level of care and professionalism is second to none.
Tim Kubarych
19:16 25 Jun 19
By far the best recovery of any injury I’ve ever had. Michelle and her exceptional team coordinate to isolate issues and build you back up one muscle at a time. My shoulder dislocation of two months ago feels like 2 years ago as I’ve regained and probably surpassed where I was because of Michelle’s incredibly detailed guidance. Strongly recommend. A+.
Brittany Leonard
19:29 10 Jun 19
Great staff! Wonderful experience overall. Would recommend to friends and family.
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Incorporating the latest and most reliable scientific research and techniques into an effective evidence-based practice is the cornerstone of Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s success. Patients that come into our Bridgewater office know that they are receiving the highest standard of care because our physical therapists work one-on-one to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Twin Boro Physical Therapy provides treatment for the wide variety of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Back and Neck Pain
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  • Headaches
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  • Sports Injuries
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Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s unique one on one approach provides patients with the dedicated care they need to achieve the best possible outcome. Addressing all parts of the recovery spectrum, the hard working team at Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s Bridgewater location has the knowledge and experience required to meet the variety of needs for patients experiencing the wide assortment of conditions and disorders that can affect the musculoskeletal system.

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