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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Clark with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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1180 Raritan Road Clark, NJ 07066-1311

Meet Your Director

Justin Ott, PT, DPT, CCVR

MY HOBBIES: Justin is an avid adventurer that loves to explore new places with his dog, Roxy. He developed a love for hiking and rock climbing during his five years in the Pacific Northwest, and depending on the time of year and weather, you can find him surfing in the ocean, snowboarding in the mountains, kayaking or paddle boarding on a lake, or lacing up for a pickup game of soccer. With his downtime, he loves being an involved uncle, spoiling his two-year-old nephew, and spending time with his family.

Justin Ott was exposed to the far-reaching potential of physical therapy from an early age. His mother was a physical therapist, and observing her gave Justin the chance to witness first-hand how impactful and fulfilling the profession could be. And after his grandmother was severely injured in a major car accident, Justin saw what physical therapy was capable of, as it allowed his grandmother to recover her ability to walk and return to an active lifestyle. Justin’s experience as an athlete also gave him direct exposure to the expertise and knowledge of physical therapists, and their ability to help athletes improve their performance. These forces helped Justin determine that a career in physical therapy was the right move for him. From there, he attended The University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in General Sciences in 2011, and then a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2017.

Justin spent the first five years of his career working in the Pacific Northwest, serving as a vestibular and orthopedic physical therapist at Olympic Sports and Spine in Tacoma, WA, as well as an inpatient physical therapist at Infinity Rehab Services, also in Tacoma, WA. He then relocated to the East Coast and joined the Twin Boro Physical Therapy staff in August 2021, when he became the Clinic Director of our Clark location.

Justin provides competent and personalized care to patients of all ages and ability levels, and he specializes in treating vestibular, orthopedic, neurological, sports performance, and geriatric patient populations. His underlying philosophy to treatment begins with the understanding that every patient has unique goals and difficulties that have led them to seek out the services of a physical therapist. With this in mind, he aims to evaluate and treat the “whole patient” by addressing these needs and providing individualized treatment models that help engage patients and allow them to pursue optimal outcomes through evidence-based interventions. To this end, Justin incorporates manual skills, taping techniques, instrument-assisted soft tissue massage, and evidence-driven exercises, among others, in the treatment plans he designs. Justin is also a Certified Clinical Instructor through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and holds a Certification in Clinical Vestibular Rehabilitation and an Advanced Concussion and Vestibular certification.

Justin closely follows Twin Boro’s One2Four™ Care Model with every patient that comes under his care. This system helps guide his approach to treatment and ensures that he addresses every need patients have by providing an optimal level of care, which ultimately allows each patient to accomplish their goals and improve their quality of life. Whether these needs are to improve functional mobility and continue living independently and safely or for an athlete to boost their performance in a sport, the One2Four™ continuum allows Justin to deliver the appropriate level of services needed for each patient to find success with their physical therapy treatment plan.


Clark - Patient Reviews

Dominique Newsome
14:38 08 Mar 23
i love it here , everyone is so welcoming and kind they work very well with you , everyone is here to help you , my pt was justin he is “ awesome “ i had a very bad ankle injury and he got me to the point where i feel confident in my healing journey im getting stronger each visit …
13:31 08 Mar 23
Justin truly cares about his patients and knows his craft well. Twin Boro is fortunate to have him. Thank you Justin for all of your help.
Pat DAnna
16:05 07 Mar 23
I highly recommend Twin Borough in Clark for anyone who needs pt. It was very easy to get an initial appointment as well as a scheduled for additional appointments. All of the staff are very knowledgeable, caring and supportive. In particular, Brian Gorczyca, the pt I was assigned to was wonderful! He took the time to listen to my concerns about the pain I was having and showed me exercises to do there, as well as at home, which greatly helped to alleviate the pain. Highly recommend!
Nick THG
13:19 01 Mar 23
I'm not one for writing reviews, but I've been going to Twin Boro Clark for a few weeks now and can't imagine a better experience. It is fully attributable to Brian Kennedy, the PT who has been rehabbing my meniscus. He has helped me push myself on it in a safe way so that it can be where it is today. I asked him to ramp up as quickly as he thought was OK and he's done exactly that. I didn't imagine it would be so quick to rebuild what was there before, but he made it happen.
Derrick Stewart
21:49 28 Feb 23
My experience with awesome Bryan Gorczyca he have a Great personality you guys is lucky to have him
Susan Gregory
20:23 28 Feb 23
I highly recommend Twin Boro in Clark. From the moment you walk in, you find yourself in a welcoming environment with all who work there. I was lucky to have Bryan Gorczyca as my therapist throughout my healing process. He is a kind, educated, supportive, informative and caring person.Bryan always takes the time to fully explain the exercises prior to the work routines and carefully watches as they are performed to insure doing to my ability. He also provided helpful exercises for me to do at home. Each week begins with heat wraps provided by either Jordan or Marcus who are both so helpful and nice. Then Bryan discusses how I am feeling to determine new exercises to embark on. It is amazing how he helped me gain my mobility, balance and confidence, along with bringing down my pain levels. I am truly grateful to have his knowledge and guidance in treating me to become fully functional again. If you ever need physical therapy, this is the place to go. Thank you, Susan Gregory
Rose Guarino
02:55 24 Feb 23
I recently started at the Clark location with Brian Kennedy following a shoulder dislocation. Someone must have been looking out for me placing me in his care because Brian assured me on day one (following his evaluation) that I would heal nicely.  From the moment I walk in for my appointment he is focused on my progress, and alert to how I am feeling after each therapy. He is happy to discuss and resolve any concerns I might be having.  All the other therapists and assistants are helpful as well.  I'm now several weeks into my therapy and very happy to be healing and making good progress. I feel with Brian's direction I will return to the mobility I had prior to my injury.  I highly recommend Brian Kennedy & Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Clark.
Susan Edwards
12:27 19 Oct 22
I highly recommend Kris at TwinBoro in Clark. He is professional, knowledgable and has a great bedside manner. He pushes just enough to make you work hard, yet knows when it’s too much. I worked with Kris this summer to rehab my shoulder and I could not have been more pleased with my progress. He just gets it! He is so skilled. Kris was quick to identify the right massage techniques and exercises to help my regain my range of motion and build strength. If you are looking for a great place to get PT, try TwinBoro and ask for Kris!
Marge Shackell
12:43 09 Oct 22
Just finished physical therapy sessions. Feeling so much better. Kyro and Kris were excellent. Kris gave me great instruction and he made sure to work on the areas i needed most. He helped guide what will work best for me when i return to the gym.
Swayzeen Medina
00:30 18 Aug 22
Justin & Hannah are PT superstars! They have really helped me on my healing journey. They are so knowledgeable and skillful. I would definitely recommend Twin Boro PT!
Riley Chin
13:33 13 Aug 22
I am currently a patient at Twin Boro and have been going back and forth for years with my ACL surgery and rehab. I sprained my knee again and am going twice a week. My current physical therapist is Hannah, and although she is young, she knows what she is doing. She has helped me get stronger each time I go there, pushing me to strengthen my knee to get back to what it was. She is very attentive and does not put up with anyone slacking off. She is very friendly and caring with her communication skills with all her patients and is a delight to be around. I highly recommend her as a physical therapist as she is someone you can trust to make you feel better and put a smile on your face.
Tom Dwyer
00:20 11 Aug 22
My experience couldn't have been better. It feels as if I woke up one day and had a grocery list of illnesses. I had open heart surgery to remove a tumor and spent 2 weeks in hospital including one week on a ventilator. My therapist Krisstoffer Abarabar not only helped me with my recovery but became a friend and shoulder to lean on. The women that work in the front office are all great and were always happy to help when I needed to move appointments around never ending doctor visits and tests. Twin Boro of Clark helped me in a very real way to survive an incredibly difficult time for me and my family and I'm forever grateful.
Jeffrey Z
22:39 05 Aug 22
Had a great experience with Kris over 5 weeks! Initially sprained my foot, but he also helped me work with weaknesses in the hip and hamstrings, and there was improvement every week. Definitely would recommend! Everyone there is friendly and I connected a lot with Kris outside of exercises during sessions.
15:43 29 Jun 22
Justin & Hannah are so friendly and knowledgeable! The staff is professional and works hard to get appointments that work best with your schedule. I appreciate that Justin treated my symptoms, always gave homework, and didn’t try to keep me in pt indefinitely. He pushed me to get back to my daily routine and now I’m back!
Dianne Noto
18:41 28 Jun 22
This review is strictly for my therapist, Kyro Farag, PT, DPT...He was the absolute best!...I have been suffering with a stiff neck for over 4 years and a repetitive motion injury in my neck from my job for approximately 6 months...after ONE session with Kyro my pain in my neck was significantly better and after 2-3 sessions was completely gone!!...He is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable in his craft...I honestly could have stopped at that point but he made it a wonderful experience each time and I know my range of motion was definitely getting better....I can't say enough about him and most of the staff at Twin Boro!! Excellent choice for PT!
James Ahern
11:45 22 Jun 22
Great people, very caring and patient. Highly recommended.I've been feeling great since my last round of physical therapy. Thanks to ALL the folks at Twin Boro.
Tara Crowley
17:45 17 Jun 22
I have been going to Twin Boro for a few weeks now and they have done a great job making my foot so much better. Kyro is my therapist and has helped stretch my foot and showed me so many great exercises. You can see how much he cares. As soon as I walk in he comes over to see how I am doing. The whole staff makes you feel like part of their family. Their office staff is very friendly and helpful. As soon as I come in Jason and John go to get my heat packs and know exactly where my issues are. I am happy to say I am almost done with my sessions but I will miss going to seeing my Twin Boro family.
Daniel Moreira
14:37 29 May 22
Came to Twin Boro earlier this year for a previous shoulder injury that had become reactivated through calisthenics, Kyro was my physical therapist, he put my shoulder through a series of tests to try to isolate the source of the pain, then provided me with a resistance band to take home after demonstrating its proper use. Ever since starting this exercise, my shoulder has been feeling great! I have been able to fully resume calisthenics with no shoulder pain! Would definitely recommend ☆☆☆☆☆
Elan McCray
12:56 24 May 22
Twin Boro of Clark, My PT Kyro is theeeeeeeeeeeeee best. And the whole staff is awesome, very polite, professional and overall they mean business. The best physical therapy establishment that I have been to out of the other ones, won't say their name!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys
Steven Krawec
18:33 20 May 22
I received physical therapy by Dr. Kyrollos Farag for my sprained ankle. He worked hard to get me better and I feel great! Highly recommend Kyro. Everyone here is very nice.This is the place to be get get physical therapy.
Michele Gementgis
14:38 13 May 22
I have just been released from PT after recovery from a shoulder fracture and I have to say that I will very much miss going. My therapist was Hannah and she was just wonderful. Everyday she greets you with a smile asks how you are feeling. I am always amazed at the different exercises that she comes up with that help with increasing the motion and strengthening of my shoulder. Everyone there, the front desk girls, the other therapists (Justin and Brianna) and the assistants (John, Kayla, and I wish I could remember all their names) are all so nice. And they all know your name and say hello and goodbye everyday. I would definitely highly recommend Twin Boro, Hannah and all the other therapists. Thank you all for making the rehab experience such a pleasant one.
Robin Larson
03:34 13 May 22
I have been treating with Dr. Kyrollos Farag for the past few months post knee surgery. I was very impressed with the facility and the guidance I received from Dr. Kyro. I would recommend treatment at Twin Boro. Make sure you request Dr. Kyro!!!
phyllis caruana
11:28 12 May 22
I have been receiving physical therapy from Kris at Twin Boro for a couple of months.He is responsive and has been very helpful in discussing alternatives to dealing with the pain and stability. The entire office staff and therapy support including Kayla and Hura have been pleasant and friendly. I have knee replacement surgery scheduled and plan to continue with Krisstoffer Abarabar for continued before preparation and after therapy.-Phyllis Caruana
Patricia Mooney
19:25 09 May 22
I’m extremely satisfied with Twin Boro Physical Therapy Clark, and highly recommend their services to everyone experiencing any physical discomfort.I’ve had pain in my back and hip since June of 2018. My Sports Medicine Doctor sent me for numerous tests, including Ultrasound and MRI. I’ve had several Cortisone injections and a PRP treatment. Nothing worked.Recently I got a script for 6 weeks of physical therapy, and FINALLY, I’m out of pain thanks to Twin Boro’s phenomenal therapists - in particular - Krisstoffer Abarabar.Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with the extremely qualified, professional, caring and knowledgeable therapists in this Clark facility.
Sharon Mathison
21:12 27 Apr 22
I am being treated for iliotibial band issues three times a week. Justin, the clinical director, is a very professional and knowledgeable therapist. He listens to your concerns and how you are feeling. I also got to work with Kris for a couple of appointments and he was also wonderful. I noticed I have gotten stronger and my I.T band problems and pain have improved greatly. All of the staff at Twin Boro Clark are extremely friendly and kind.
Daniela Daprano
22:00 10 Apr 22
Recently I had a bad fall and as a result I am now a patient at Twin Boro Physical in Clark, NJMy therapist Kyro is wonderful, hard working, professional and competent. He always has encouragement for me and a gentle way of understanding my pain and discomfort. Thank you Kyro for helping me to heal! Nina
Christine Hughes
17:07 10 Mar 22
Knowledgeable, patient & supportive staff! I’ve enjoyed working with my amazing PT Justin Ott. He and the staff in Clark have gone above & beyond to help me.
Ed B.
17:08 07 Mar 22
Twin Boro has been great in helping me fully rehab from a rotator cuff injury! I came in 2 months ago with shoulder pain and a lack of range of motion in my arm. The stretching, therapy, and strength training have helped me feel better about myself in a while. Maria, my therapist, also diagnosed I had poor posture. She came up with a regimen with a foam roller to correct it! I plan to keep it going at the gym. Thank you Twin Boro! I recommend them!!!
Ted DeCagna
16:05 25 Feb 22
I had the very unpleasant experience of needing knee surgery revision this past November 2021 after having double knee replacement 5 years ago. One of the 5 year old Zimmer knees I had failed. I’ve used Twin Boro 3 times now after 3 surgeries and have to give them a solid 5 stars! I had 3 different physical Therapists and while all 3 were very good, Justin Ott was exceptional! He is especially knowledgeable, encouraging when needed on those days I just hated doing PT and excellent at helping me get my full range of motion back. On top of that he always has a very positive attitude and a smile and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks Justin & Twin Boro for betting me back to 100% only 11 weeks post-surgery. I would highly recommend Twin Boro.Ted DeCagnaCranford, NJ
Dee Meyers
02:05 25 Feb 22
I've never had physical therapy before so I didn't know what to expect. Then I met Kyrollos and I knew I was in good hands. He was very friendly and personable. He made my first experience a pleasure and gave me some suggestions on stretches to do at home. I will be going back to him regularly!
Joan Gautreau
13:20 22 Feb 22
Good Morning,I fractured my right hip on Aug. 11th. Started therapy on Oct. 17 th. Krissoffer Abarabar worked with me. He pushed but not too hard. All I heard was bigger steps. He is an excellent therapist. I highly recommend Twin Boro.Thank you so much.Joan 👏👏👏
11:21 22 Feb 22
From the front desk courtesy, to the tranquil cloud burst ceiling tiles, Twin Boro PT provides, exceptional, expert service, with sincere attention to detail. Your recovery is the goal, and they use every technique and tool in shed to ensure it is met.Team Justin
Mike Cardoso
02:27 20 Feb 22
I've had knee pain that I've not been able to find relief for in any way for the past few years. After finally deciding to seek treatment I chose Twin Boro Clark for the convenient location and on recommendation and I could not be happier. Knees don't get fixed overnight, but Justin and the rest of the staff have been nothing but pleasant and found ways to help me. Everyone I've had help with my treatment has been extremely helpful and caring, and the front office staff has never given me any issues either. All in all this facility is great and I will continue to recommend the excellent service they provide.
Jason Fogu
04:21 18 Feb 22
I am a current patient at the Clark location and from the outset, I have been so impressed with the attention to detail on display by all staff members. The clinicians are very skilled and thorough in their approach and have made sure that my treatment plan is tailored to my needs. I have not felt that my care has been "cookie-cutter" or "one-size fits all" by any means as there have been many interventions attempted to address my problem. They offer their professional opinion and listen to my feedback in order to arrive at the most appropriate plan. The ancillary staff has been so helpful at every turn from managing appointments, contacting insurance carrier and assisting the clinicians wherever they are needed. I am exceptionally pleased with the experience I have had to date and I would highly recommend this facility to my family and friends.
Elvin Polanco
01:57 18 Feb 22
Highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Clark nj for all your physical therapy needs. The front office staff are very professional and always very attentive to each individual who comes through the front doors. They keep you up to date so you are always aware of your scheduled appointments. There is sort of a family like atmosphere from the time you arrive to the time you leave. The therapists that I have come in contact with ( Justin, Hannah, Chris and Brianna) are among the most professional and caring staff I have had the honor to meet. They make you feel very comfortable and take the time to answer any and all questions asked.So yes I highly recommend this facility for all your physical therapy needs / sessions.
Sonya Solenske
22:08 17 Feb 22
My daughter came to Twin Boro with multiple injuries to her leg, which included a deltoid sprain along with both a fractured tibia and fibula. The progress within a few weeks has been amazing!! She has gone from virtually no mobility to walking without crutches and even balancing weight on her injured leg. Their Director, Justin, is attentive, patient and has an amazing rapport with staff and patients alike. I highly recommend Twin Boro for physical therapy treatment.
bracelets for the fight
21:58 17 Feb 22
I’m feeling much better! I couldn’t walk when I first came but when I went here I felt great. Justin is so playful and funny which makes it much more entertaining!
Stephen Plays
22:35 14 Feb 22
Twin Boro got my shoulder back in working order with no problem. They’re great to talk too and make everything fun and easy
robert szewczyk
15:19 14 Feb 22
Highly recommend this physical therapy. The staff is very professional and attentive. They make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in and always concerned of your well being and listen to all questions and concerns. They motivate you and make you feel positive as well as provide knowledge to help you maintain in between appointments. They don’t make you feel like you are just another patient. Justin, Brianna, Hannah and Chris are 💯 , as well as the office staff are terrific. They are very helpful and flexible. Highly recommend this location…
Mollien Osterman
02:14 21 Jan 22
Twin Boro in Clark, NJ is the place to go for your physical rehabilitation need. The staff is courteous, professional, and encouraging. No matter what therapist works with you, whether it be Justin, Hanna, Brianna or Chris you will be in excellent hands. They keep the place clean making sure that each piece of equipment is wiped down and disinfected.
J Nalup
11:30 31 Oct 21
I entered PT thinking I could stabilize or improve on my rotator cuff injury but I never thought I'd be able to completely reverse it; and that's what happened. After working with Justin, it's like my injury never happened. He adjusts his routines to match your progress and gives you an at-home program to continue your rehabThis is a a great facility. It gets busy at times, but you still get the personal attention that you would at a smaller place. Parking is ample and it's located next door to the Barnes and Noble. Administration is smooth and scheduling is flexible.I'm back in the game and feel like I could do a triathlon. I won't, but I feel like I can.
Michael Rossi
14:58 26 Aug 21
I’ve worked with basically the entire staff of twinboro over the course of numerous injuries over the past few years, and each one uniquely helped me recover from injury so that I could return from sports and learn how to avoid the same injury.
Lindsey Berger
15:31 21 Aug 21
Dr. Drew and all of the Physical Therapists there and all of the assistants are absolutely amazing. After spinal surgery they have worked with me and given me back so much of my freedom with helping with getting me back to driving and Physical activities. I'd recommend this place to absolutely anyone!
Amanda Palella
20:35 20 Aug 21
Valerie is the best physical therapist ever!! She is super supportive and empathetic :)
Anthony Levorse
13:24 17 Aug 21
Wow, this is the place to be for all of your physical therapy needs. Warm, welcoming, enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable staff make the recovery fun and stress free. Over my 8 weeks the positive atmosphere in TB Clark have made my recovery a breeze with Teresa. Time flew as I made great progress recovering from knee surgery. This team is the "Tops" check them out!
Marianne Peters
12:18 17 Aug 21
My experience with Teresa at the Clark office has been fantastic. She is so very attentive to all my needs. Five stars is not enough. She is fabulous.
Vivian Brown
22:08 20 Jul 21
First and foremost the staff themselves are unique, kind and enjoyable during your therapy sessions.But, Laurie, a therapist at Twin Boro Therapy. An on the spot therapeutic treatment with her alone brings your pain to a remarkable recovery. She's the best (Therapist) at whatever therapy you need ! Laurie's bedside manners with her client's is better than most doctor's.
Jeff Zannetti
16:36 17 May 21
Krisstoffer, Brian, Maggie and the entire staff were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful throughout my entire post knee surgery rehab. As a coach and former athlete, I highly recommend Twin Boro PT.
JoAnn Blizniak
18:48 01 May 21
I would highly recommend Twin Boro for your PT needs. The staff is friendly and the physical therapists are great too. I had the pleasure of working with Teresa, who is amazing at what she does.
Robert Mulligan
22:28 29 Apr 21
Entire staff is attentive, courteous and competent. Kris did an excellent job working out my lower back pain and setting me up with exercises to prevent a recurrence or other back issues.
Gina Clark
13:45 13 Sep 20
Larry is very professional and knowledgeable and truly helps resolve any issues. He readily answers any questions you have. He listens. Appointments are timely. The entire staff is incredibly pleasant and helpful. The facility is well-maintained and clean.I have used Larry on and off over many years - ankle, shoulder and very recently a knee problem. I have always ended my therapy fully pleased with the results. I very highly recommend Twin Boro Clark NJ!!!
23:18 08 Aug 20
Larry is very knowledgeable, answered all my questions and they are very concerned about the need of the patient. My sessions were more than an hour because they take their time and really focus on getting the client better. I would definitely recommend TwinBoro
Lou DeSerio
16:51 29 Nov 19
Wonderful attentive staff all the way around. Larry was recommended to me by a neighbor and I can see how right she was in describing her experience. I would highly recommend this facility for any physical therapy needs.
Arlene Gardner
19:08 06 Oct 19
The physical therapists at Twin Boro are excellent. Physical therapy is critical to recovery, but after surgery you're in pain and don't want to move. The therapists at Twin Boro are patient, encouraging and very professional Before my knee surgery I couldn't walk 5 blocks without pain. Now I can walk 5 miles!
Pat Romano
00:03 04 Oct 19
I first attended physical therapy at Twinboro Clark in 2015 after having my right shoulder, I’m very happy I did. Larry Bock, my therapist, a top-notch skilled and knowledgeable person who is dedicated and caring to the wellbeing of the patient. Larry helped me through therapy at the site as well as giving me progressive exercise I could do at home. Within 3 months I was using my harm with more that 75% movements.In July 2019 with problems with my right knee, I dint think two wise and returned to Twinboro, once again Larry was my personal physical therapist and he was outstanding just as 4 years earlier.Larry's and his entire professional team were just amazing, warm and couldn't do enough for their patients.I fully recommend this facility to family, friends and others, on a scale 1 - 10, with 10 being the highest, I would give it a 10+.
Jane Sher
01:05 17 Sep 19
After having total left knee replacement surgery, I selected Twin Boro Clark for my summer long physical therapy treatments, and so very glad I did! I had Larry Bock, a top-notch skilled and knowledgeable physical therapist, dedicated to his profession and genuinely caring. Larry helped me through therapy so much, especially, with daily positive "pep-talks" that kept me afloat to a smooth recovery. Moreover, Larry's entire professional team were just wonderful, warm and couldn't do enough for their patients ------- Excellent staff! Thanks to Elaine, CJ and Hannah too.Twin Boro Clark ------ YOU ARE AWESOME!Thank you All from the bottom of my heart for everything!Stephanie Sher
tom peterson
14:15 28 Jul 19
I attended physical therapy for six months and I am absolutely pleased with the results. All the staff were professional, courteous and very attentive to my needs. The facility is clean and well-maintained. From the moment you enter - the reception to the individual physical therapists - you feel welcomed and very comfortable. Larry Bock is in attendance daily and is very involved in the day-to-day operations which was much appreciated by me. Maria Heston was my personal physical therapist and she was outstanding. As to recommending this facility to friends and others, on a scale 1 - 10, with 10 being the highest, I would give it an 11.
Mary Ryan
01:05 12 Jun 19
I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Twin Boro Clark location. I could barely hobble in after a double ankle fracture and ligament tear. I was really scared and in a lot of pain. My therapist, Lori Chesnock, was beyond amazing. Her knowledge and expertise is top notch. While my orthopedic doctor was great, the truth is, I brought most of my questions and concerns to Lori. I never felt rushed and her wealth of knowledge and great advice was invaluable. I finished my rehab stronger than I was prior to injury and I’m so grateful. Lori is truly the best in her field.Everyone I dealt with at Twin Boro Clark treated me like family and knew my name and needs from day one. Special thanks to the AMAZING assistants TJ, Tyler, Vinnie and Hannah who were vital to my recovery and did so much for me. Thank you.I would highly recommend Twin Boro Clark to anyone I met. They far exceeded my expectations.
Christine Angott
17:21 04 Apr 19
Very nice great therapist family place love it friendly great staff Clark nj
Rachel Gallagher
02:28 07 Feb 19
I had a really complicated foot surgery, and my physical therapy was scheduled for over nine months. Larry Bock and his team at Twin Boro followed all of the prescribed treatments meticulously, and after each visit, I felt so much better. By the end of the treatment, I was able to walk over two miles again and stand for a concert! All of the staff, especially Larry, TJ, Elaine, and the rest were so kind and helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
luis ramos
22:59 07 Dec 18
Awesome place for therapy and I have to say staff are exceptionally friendly and very attentive to all your needs. Brian Miller has made my recovery a lot smoother than what I expected especially when I had no hope due to an extensive surgery. Thanks to twin boro at Clark. Keep up the good work guys it’s been a pleasure. I will definitely refer anyone who’s seeking therapy to your place 100% !!
Andrew Kehrle
22:53 07 Dec 18
I was treated by Brian and recovered quickly and back to full health after tearing my ACL and medial meniscus. He has a great personality and helped me enjoy every visit while motivivating me to work hard.
Beth Cassie
14:17 27 Nov 18
Larry is the best! I put off dealing with a shoulder problem for way too long, and once I got started at Twin Boro, I quickly saw results. The staff is accommodating and welcoming, the facility is up-to-date, and parking is plentiful. They also made dealing with my health insurer hassle free. Not that I want to go back to PT anytime soon, but I know Twin Boro Clark will be my first call if need be!
Frank Mannino
20:50 23 Nov 18
The staff are excellent they listen to you and get you back on feet and better than we're before your accident.
James Lenox
22:13 04 Nov 18
Lori Chesnock is awesome. I highly recommend her for all you physical therapy needs. She went above and beyond my expectations as far as my treatment and my recovery is concerned!!! If I ever need a physical therapist in the future I will find her!!!
Jennifer Schneider
19:58 27 Oct 18
I had a wonderful experience at Twin Boro Physical Therapy. I am so disappointed I waited so long to seek treatment. Larry and the entire staff were amazing! What a warm, welcoming, and professional environment. I highly recommend this facility and the caring professionals here who work tirelessly for their patients. Keep up the great work!
17:07 18 Oct 18
Went in with right knee replacement, Lori chesnock is great, got me back to work!
Mike Novello
11:50 11 Jul 18
Excellent physical therapist. Everyone in the center is knowledgeable and focused on customer care and healing. I can't say enough about Rosanna she was able to get me mobile again and focused on treating every issue when I visited. I have been to other physical therapy locations, twinboro by far is the best.
Lorraine Furfero
20:06 06 Jun 18
Twin Boro Clark is THE place to go for physical therapy. After a total knee replacement Larry Bock ,treated me. He is a top-notch therapist,professional,very knowledgeable,skilled and caring. He worked wonders. The whole staff is outstanding. There is absolutely nothing bad I can say about Twin Boro.
Wendy Connolly
15:53 22 May 18
A friendly and welcoming atmosphere makes you forget your pain and feel like you are in good hands and on the road to recovery. My therapist, Larry, was knowledgeable, cordial and very professional. He immediately made me feel comfortable and took all the right steps in getting me back in shape. All of the assistants were so nice and helpful - special shout out to TJ, he's very hands-on and considerate.
Neal S
00:54 21 May 18
Very professional and cordial. Evaluated my condition (back and knees) and set up a program that progressively strengthened muscles and connective tissue. The disabling pains are gone and I am hiking and playing tennis again. Twin Boro in Clark, next to Barnes & Noble. Wonderful experience; recommend them highly.
Kenneth Donnelly
17:33 09 May 18
I did physical therapy for stenosis that resulted in severe neck pain and numbness in my shoulder and arm. Larry Boch was an outstanding therapist. He took the time to explain what was causing my problem and my course of treatment to address it. Larry did a great job and was very easy to work with. In addition, the staff at Twin Boro was always helpful and friendly and the facility is clean and well run. I would highly recommend Larry Boch and Twin Boro.
LouAnn Frediani
15:30 12 Apr 18
I had a shoulder injury. I had very limited range of motion and pain all of the time. My doctor recommended physical therapy. I had been to PT prior and different establishments. My doctor suggested this particular office to me.I can't say enough good things about the Clark location. My Physical Therapist, Daniel Spinelli was just wonderful. He knew how important it was for me to get better and get back to gym as quickly as possible. He designed a program to first get rid of the pain and then get me stronger. His care and attention were top notch! I would highly recommend him! It took several weeks but I am so much better now and back at the gym.The entire staff at this location is wonderful. From checking in at the front desk, to the Physical therapy assistants to therapists. They quickly know your name and what you need. I love the fact that every time I walked in I was greeted by name. No matter how busy they were it was clear that their clients are important and gave every client 100%.This location has a very personal feel to it. I highly recommend it!
Ty Val
11:36 06 Apr 18
I injured my shoulder a few years ago and if it wasn't for Lori Chesnock I would have never figured out exactly what was wrong with it. I went to a few doctors and they weren't sure exactly what was wrong but recommended physical therapy. I was lucky enough to have Lori as my physical therapist. After seeing her a few times she was able to figure out the exact area that was the issue with my shoulder and mentioned that I go back to a doctor and have them evaluate it. They evaluated the area and realized I needed surgery. A week after surgery I was back at Twin Boro working with Lori again with a new physical therapy plan. This plan worked out great. She is a wonderful physical therapist and because of her I am no longer in pain and I can work out again. I would highly recommend Twin Boro and Lori Chesnock as a physical therapist. She is extremely friendly, very intelligent, and a great physical therapist who really cares about her patients. The whole staff at this location is wonderful from the front desk, to the aides, to the other physical therapists they all work very well together and are so helpful.
22:07 22 Mar 18
I had frozen shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis). I had limited range of motion; I could barely raise my arm. In addition, I was in excruciating pain. My doctor recommended Physical Therapy as I could not take the cortisone shots. Surgery was mentioned as a last resort. Well I went to Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Clark, NJ for several months and this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. My therapist was awesome! Great job!!! I must say that the entire team from the front desk support, the PT aides and all of the Physical Therapists were welcoming, attentive, knowledgeable and very clear on the goal of helping to heal the patient. Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Clark creates miracles. I am one of their miracles. They gave me back the use of my arm without medication or surgery. Kudos to all!!! M~~
Cheryl Caso
03:18 05 Mar 18
I love this place! I am highly competitive in my sport & have had some injuries over the years. RosaAnna is currently working with me on a strained muscle & with all of her help & knowledge I have been able to continue competing. The staff is always kind & very pleasant. I find all the therapists at this location vextremely good!!
valerie irving
19:11 28 Apr 17
I love everyone at Twin Boro in Clark. The atmosphere is very friendly & the staff gives it a hometown feel. My physical therapist, Rosa Anna, is great at TLC of my muscle/injury issues plus she gave me take-home instructions that are totally doable. Love this place!!!!!!
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