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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Fair Lawn with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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24-17 Fair Lawn Avenue, Units 5 & 6 Fair Lawn, NJ 07410-3058

Meet Your Director

Jessica DePalma, PT, DPT, OCS

MY HOBBIES: Playing with her children, working out, cooking for her family and dining at restaurants with eclectic cuisine

Jessica DePalma graduated from Ramapo College with her B.S. in Biology. She went on to receive her doctorate in Physical Therapy from UMDNJ and Orthopedic Residency from Arcadia University. Jessica played soccer in high school and college. During her soccer career, she saw various injuries, like ACL tears, that prevented teammates from returning to a competitive level of play. This exposure led her to pursue Physical Therapy because she realized she could have a role in getting these athletes back on the field.

Jessica joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy in February of 2021 as a Physical Therapist and Clinical Director of the Fair Lawn location. She became the Bergen County Regional Director in May. She specializes in general orthopedics like joint replacement and ACL reconstruction rehab, sports physical therapy, and injury prevention. Jessica practices manual interventions such as joint mobilizations, MFR, IASTM and more.

She is a board-certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialists (OCS). She most recently completed CE courses on Blow Flow restriction and Kevin Wilk’s advanced shoulder and knee training.

Jessica believes that everyone can improve their function despite their current capabilities. She feels Twin Boro’s One2Four™ Care Model provides an informative timeline for patients on what they can expect through their time in physical therapy and how they will progress. She is committed to getting her patients to move and teaching them how to manage their symptoms independently.


Fair Lawn - Patient Reviews

Ramesh Vasudev
22:16 30 Nov 22
The 5 stars is for Kevin Pineda. I went to twin boro for post ACL reconstruction surgery recovery. I’ve had previous ACL surgery on the other knee and several other injuries over the last 10-15 years (wrist, tennis elbow, shoulder , thumb, you name it and I have had it). Of the 10 to 12 physical therapist I have had at various places, Kevin is hands down the best and best by a long way. He was very hands on , actively engaged with me in every session of may be 15+ times I had been there. During each session, Kevin always mixed up new exercises to keep things engaging. He kept pushing me to do more, more like a personal trainer at gym. Even when he is working on other patients , he always kept a watch on posture, constantly providing feedback to keep the form right. Without Kevin’s help, I wouldn’t have progressed this far this fast. Kevin is special. I wish him much success in his career. He is a guy who genuinely enjoys the job and more than that enjoys seeing patients feel satisfied with the work out session. Big thanks to Kevin and big thanks to Twinboro.
Lorna Raagas
02:13 16 Nov 22
Jessica, Olivia and Kevin - what an awesome team! They’re with you every step of the way tracking your progress. They truly care! The support staff were accomodating/great in working with your time schedule. I would highly recommend TB at Fairlawn! Thanks for taking care of me.
00:32 16 Nov 22
Kevin was outstanding. He took very good care of me and was able to help me along with my recovery. The rest of the staff was always pleasant and professional. They were great when explaining exercises and what the benefits were. This is place is highly recommended and has evening hours. Five stars for a job well done by Kevin and the rest of the staff.
Ezekiel Tolentino
20:59 13 Nov 22
I think this place is Great. Has a great Staff. Everyone does a Great job. Every therspist work wonderful. OLIVIA KEVIN JESSICA. AMANDA AT THE FRONT DESK IS GREATWould recommend this place to everyone
Oren Blinco
21:18 31 Oct 22
The treatment that I received at Twin Boro far exceeded my expectations. Their administrative staff is helpful as well as knowledgeable and efficient.
Tommy tai
21:56 14 Oct 22
Olivia is a great therapist and knows her stuff! Due to my occupation, sometimes my body takes a beating. I've only just started with them, but the therapy has been effective and I am seeing the results already...feel alot better and almost back to normal. The rest of the staff is pleasant and helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend Olivia and the entire office.
Neil McKenna
15:51 14 Oct 22
Twin Boro was very friendly everyone was so upbeat and positive. Jessica, my physical therapist goes above and beyond. She always checks to make sure I am doing my exercises correctly, always making sure I am comfortable. The other therapists were also checking up on me to see how i was doing. Jessica is so knowledgeable and really cares about how you are progressing. She is amazing, the BEST physical therapist I have ever had. The experience I have had here is above and beyond what I expected. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Twin Boro.
Preet kaur
15:39 12 Oct 22
Jessica and all the team members are very helpful, kind, friendly and knowledgeable. Amanda is very helpful in accommodating the appointment schedules. Highly recommended place.
Justin Byrnes
23:24 10 Oct 22
Highly recommend Twin Boro PT in Fair Lawn! I dislocated my shoulder and the TB team helped rehabilitate it. Jessica, Kevin and the rest of the TB team were extremely kind, well-trained and overall very helpful!
William Lightner
15:12 07 Oct 22
The staff went above and beyond my expectations! The upbeat atmosphere made each session feel like I was working out with friends.
Brett Weaver
22:53 01 Oct 22
Kevin at Twin Boro did an amazing job helping me with my shoulder pain. I wanted to avoid surgery due to the fact it would take months to recover from. I worked with Kevin to strengthen my rotator cuff and back muscles as well as making sure my shoulder blade was gliding properly. Now the pain is greatly reduced and I can lift weights again. Many thanks!!
Michael Rosenberg
19:31 29 Sep 22
Twin Boro is the best! Shout out to Jess and Kevin. They have made my knee pain bearable. The entire staff there is great. They go out of their way to help and are very friendly!
Jacob Skees
15:33 23 Sep 22
Jessica and the rest of the staff were professional, friendly, and got me back to tip top shape in no time!
Oscar Tong
01:46 21 Sep 22
Twin Boro treats you like family. Everyone is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. I had the pleasure of having Kevin taking care of me throughout my recovery and he was nothing but exceptional. I highly recommend coming to this location! Thank you Kevin!
Gabe Vino
18:59 31 Aug 22
I highly recommend Twinboro PT to anyone in need of physical therapy. I displaced my lumbar spine from deadlifting, and I began physical therapy not knowing what to expect. The front desk staff were cheerful and the therapists were very professional. Kevin and Todd have been instrumental in my recovery process; they taught me how to strengthen my hip flexors, core and glute muscles, which supported my lower back in its recovery. If you have any injury or persistent pain, call Twinboro Fair Lawn and ask to schedule an appointment with Kevin or Todd - they will treat you with the utmost professionalism and an amicable demeanor. They are simply the best!
Laurie Lepek
15:37 31 Aug 22
The treatment that I received at Twin Boro far exceeded my expectations. Their administrative staff is helpful as well as knowledgeable and efficient. Their aides keep track and assist to move the session along well. Their therapists are top notch. I felt heard and that my issues were being addressed even as things changed over the course of treatment. They checked in on progress and developed challenging programs for me to continue at home. I felt so much better after going, and I’m confident that they gave me the tools I need to keep improving moving forward. Definitely would recommend.
Mark Gloede
11:15 17 Aug 22
Kevin, Olivia, and Jessica were fantastic. The care I received was excellent. All of the assistants were very helpful in getting the materials needed to do all the exercises and checking to make sure you did them all. Should I need more therapy in the future I would not hesitate to go back.
Colette Strathman
18:37 15 Aug 22
Thanks to Kevin and the rest of the staff, I've progressed really far! Kevin always knows exactly how hard to push and listens to my concerns. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field - he'll always have an in depth answer for my questions. I highly recommend Twin Boro for being everything I needed it to be.
Chet Puzio
21:29 03 Aug 22
Jessica and her staff are amazing and very professional . Every time I needed to switch appt Amanda worked with me. Jessica always and still helping through my injury. The whole team is friendly and always working on making you feel comfortable. I strongly recommend them for any kind of physical injuries. They hours are great and willing to work around your schedule.
Michael Mumoz
14:19 03 Aug 22
Let me start by saying that, Kevin, Amanda, and j.j. are the best .i consider twin boro to be the best ever..
Francesca Tomesco
12:28 03 Aug 22
This physical therapy is an absolute 10/10! I came in with the worst back and neck pain, was not sleeping and barely able to sit up. After going through evaluation we were able to pin point exactly where it hurt and how to fix it. Jess and her team were the best, the scheduling was so accommodating and the building was so clean! after 6 weeks I officially graduated and was so happy I made the choice to come here!
Darshak Desai
12:51 01 Aug 22
I went for Physical Therapy for a month and have been feeling all good since I completed. Their staff is amazing and their therapist- Olivia was so nice and always willing to help. I had really pleasant experience overall and would recommend anyone in need. The place is very clean and well organized.
Kerry Taras
19:27 14 Jul 22
I went for issues with L4/L5 herniated disc and each therapist was patient, kind, informative and encouraging. I am now continuing the exercises on my own and enjoying being active and pain-free again!
23:03 07 Jul 22
A group of professional physical therapist who bring a lot of energy to the road of recovery. I came in with low self-esteem about my injury and left feeling more confident than before the injury. Thank you to Kevin P for providing me with endless amounts information and insight on the recovery process. He's a charismatic guy with a great work ethic who is consistently positive.
Andrew “Schuldtzzzie” Schuldt
22:30 05 Jul 22
Kevin Pineda is the man! I really enjoyed my time going to pt here, everyone was fun to be around. The environment makes u want to go to pt which is a feeling I never had before. Kevin pushed me when I needed to be pushed and gave me real progress with my injury. I couldn’t speak any higher of him and the rest of the staff.
Mark Anthony Giacchi
12:11 01 Jul 22
Everyone was great from the receptionist to both therapists I personally had.. Olivia and Jess. The place was extremely clean and all the workers made sure of that and made sure of keeping everyone comfortable. Would surely recommended and go back if anything else was to occur.
Rebecca Ashkenas
15:50 10 Jun 22
I had a great experience at Twin Boro. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Olivia was my therapist and she was great.
Naomi Bauman
12:50 08 Jun 22
Jessica is an amazing Physical Therapist. She is kind and caring and very knowledgeable. Under her care my strength greatly improved. I recommend Jessica and the entires Twin Boro team!
Nicole Perconti
13:33 02 Jun 22
I went here for a work related injury involving tendinitis in my wrist, back in December 2021. They were flexible schedule wise which made the experience easier. The staff is personable and knowledgeable, they have fun but they know their stuff!! Overall, great experience and great atmosphere!!
ronen tzur
19:30 23 May 22
Dadicated therapists who was pleasure to work with friendly staff and assistance, I highly recommend Twin Borough in Fairlawn
Neil Gordon
18:26 16 May 22
The therapists are world class and the support staff are awesome! In my humble opinion, Jessica DePalma is hands down one of the best PT's around. I've had my fair share of sports-related injuries and have, in the past, been frustrated by the cookie-cutter, one-dimensional approach of most PT's. Jessica is hands on, dynamic, energetic, and is a pleasure to work with (even if her sessions are some of the toughest workouts I've ever experienced!). Don't mess around going anywhere else!!
Alfred Souza
21:35 09 May 22
Awesomely hands down the best. Please don't look elsewhere you are in good hands here.
Debbie Resnick
00:18 27 Apr 22
After seeing an orthopedist and being diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, the doctor felt that the best course of treatment was physical therapy. Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Fair Lawn, NJ was an excellent choice for me. I have been going for a number of months now and my shoulder is almost pain free. The therapists there are fantastic. Kevin has been my primary therapist and has done a wonderful job rehabilitating my shoulder. He is very attentive; always asks how I am feeling and individualizes the course of treatment just for me. The other therapists, Olivia, and Jess, always greet me by name (which is wonderful) and have worked on my shoulder following my course of treatment as well.The office coordinator Amanda always greets you by name and with a warm welcome. She manages all the scheduling and insurance matters. The other staff members, Catherine, Brianna, and Kristen all make my physical therapy sessions run smoothly and efficiently by guiding me through my exercises and getting all my equipment ready for each session. I am proud to say that Twin Boro is a superb place for physical therapy.
Aliza Kreitman
23:58 26 Apr 22
I have been going to twin boro Pt in Fairlawn for a few months for my shoulder. Kevin is a very skilled, and patient therapist. He always pays attention to detail and remembers everything from session to session. Bri one of three assistants is always friendly and helpful. Overall great things to say.
Levon Yenikomshuyan
15:29 22 Apr 22
Excellent place for physical therapy they really care about their job and they know what they're doing very well excellent experience working with the wonderful staff highly recommend anybody..
Rick Vanderhoof
16:50 01 Apr 22
Let me start by saying that all of my PT visits at Twin Boro in Fairlawn NJ location was not something I got up in the morning & looked forward to.All in all it has been a good experience. Jessica, Kevin & their team have been most helpful assisting me in a kind & professional manner. They gave me some specific directions in the rehabilitation of my lower back pain condition that has shown some recent improvements, although I'm not completely there yet. I'm ready to hit the links again in a much better physical condition. I want to thank the whole team at Twin Boro in Fairlawn, They certainly are a bunch of Rock Stars at what the bring to physical therapy. Keep up the great work!!Harry V
Ellen O'Hara
23:01 28 Mar 22
Olivia was very patient. Listened to my concerns and gave me exercises that were manageable and improved my back. Highly recommend her. Front desk staff was very professional. No complaints at all.
18:33 25 Mar 22
I have had PT at many places unfortunately, and Twin Boro in Fairlawn is by far the BEST! They really put their patients first, I witnessed it every day with the patience, guidance and genuine care they give ALL of their patients. They all know your name, they all work hard and they all chip in and work as a team. They do it with energy and fun and are a great group! I am actually sad that this is my last session here. Thank you everyone at Twin Boro for helping me get on the road to recovery. I will recommend you to everyone!
Marilyn Perez
03:57 03 Mar 22
I have been to several places for therapy. But no facility like Twin Boro. Let me start with my girls from the front desk. They are so friendly & professional at the same time . They welcome you like your family. My main Theropist was Olivia . She really goes the extra mile to assure you are doing thing properly & at the same time educates & gives it her all for you to bounce back to being yourself again. I also admire Jessica which she is know as the mean one because she pushes you to your limit . It might hurt but it brings you back to being the person you were. I really admire every person there because of their professional & the love and care they show every person that’s in their care. If I were to need any type of therapy in the future . This would be my place . I give it a 10 star. Thank you Olivia and the entire staff. 🤗
Ian Peterson
22:49 23 Feb 22
The staff is very cheerful & positive! Catherine is wonderful & helps rearrange schedules with a very helpful demeanor. She helps manage the insurance process minimizing the clients headaches.Jessica DePalma is a terrific therapist & leader of the site. She keeps all of the clients stay focused & challenged- & adjusts her style for each client! The staff work together & are constantly cleaning. Face masks are worn by all keeping safety in the forefront.
Maureen Donatien
18:57 23 Feb 22
Great friendly and knowledgeable staff. You will definitely get great results!
Bill Harris
14:26 21 Feb 22
Went in with much pain in my leg. I am now at least 90% better. The staff from our greeting at the front desk to the therapists and assistants were the very best in the overall treatment of my injury. The greatest part of the experience was being treated with dignity and respect. Recommend them highly.
Jennifer Valentine
22:12 11 Feb 22
The experience I had at twin boro physical therapy center was great. I definitely recommend this center for anyone who has injury issues. The staff is well trained they educate you and explain and they are highly educated and professional people. I truly had a great time there this place made me not want to skip an appointment so I definitely give this place five stars. Thank you twin borough physical therapy staff!
Kevin Brown
00:46 11 Feb 22
Great environment. Very knowledgeable therapist. Quick recovery time due to exercise program created for me.
Marc Trento
19:06 09 Feb 22
Kevin dies a great job Ge is personable patient ,and knowledgeable!! Also add ll girls a just as nice and knowledgeable Pleasure to go there!!!
Timothy O'Brien
18:34 07 Feb 22
This place is Excellent! Each and Every Employee is Highly Skilled, Extremely Knowledgeable, Professional, Caring and Super Friendly. They make You feel like part of their family. I would recommend them to anyone who requires any type of physical therapy . Thank You All.
Laura Kerrigan
00:06 05 Feb 22
First of all, I love Twin Boro. Everyone is very upbeat and positive. The girls at the front desk are always so nice & friendly. Jessica, my physical therapist goes above and beyond. She always checks to make sure I am doing my exercises correctly, always making sure I am comfortable. Jessica is so knowledgeable and really cares about how you are progressing. She is amazing, the BEST physical therapist I have ever had. The experience I have had here is above and beyond what I expected. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Twin Boro.Go here, you will be extremely happy you did :)
Carlos Morales
15:59 03 Feb 22
When I hurt myself I really didn’t want to go to therapy, but I did and I don’t regret one minute of it. My therapist , Kevin, made me feel comfortable and treated me with a professionalism I didn’t know even existed. His knowledge of muscle exercises helped me improve my road to recovery and helped provide me with the ability use the techniques that he taught me to prevent the injury from reoccurring.Truly a great establishment, the rest of the staff are friendly and very welcoming. They all made me feel welcome and gave me the positive encouragement that things will be better when I had my doubts.
Patricia Ward
18:06 17 Jan 22
Great experience! Katherine at the front desk was always welcoming and accommodating! Kevin, as a very competent and pleasant physical therapist, gave me the exercises and support needed to regain my knee strength and mobility. He concluded our sessions by emailing me the exercises that I will continue to use to maintain and increase the progress I’ve made. JJ was also kind and helpful. Highly recommend Twin Boro in Fair Lawn!
Justin Doyle
00:42 30 Dec 21
Top notch place with a very knowledgeable staff, who goes the extra mile to achieve results that exceed expectations.
Jervel Vann
21:32 18 Dec 21
My therapy was great the entire staff was amazing and courteous remember everyone and addressed them by name.I especially enjoyed my sessions with Jessica her therapy routine worked
Margaret Wilde
20:48 07 Dec 21
I improved enormously from the physical therapy I received hereVery capable therapists, friendly and caringI highly recommend this facility. Natalie Rodrigues in particular was terrific.
Matthew Broslovsky
00:33 03 Dec 21
Twin Boro in Fair Lawn, NJ. Natalie does a fantastic job in keeping me strong, stable and flexible with my exercises. There should be more therapists like her that care as much as she does. I'm in a much better place physically and mentally because of Natalie. Also Catherine in the front is always greeting myself and others with a smile and always helpful and friendly.
Erind Gazheli
19:25 02 Dec 21
Everyone is so nice and super professional! From the girls at the front desk always greeting everybody that comes in to the Therapists. I personally was treated by Natalie, she's amazing and compassionate which is so important when working with people that are dealing with pain. Thank you so much to you all wonderful people!
Susan Oleary
17:06 30 Nov 21
Twin Boro Fair Lawn is a welcoming facility with a professional staff that is knowledgeable, friendly and genuinely cares that you get better. I always looked forward to coming to this immaculate place that is constantly disinfecting each piece of equipment as it is used. Everyone here from Amanda at the fron desk to the assistants are friendly and care about each person who walks in the door. I was recommended by my orthopedic doctor for my hip and lower back pain. Natalie Rodriguez has been my therapist and she is amazing. Skillful, encouraging, caring, always checking that you are feeling okay either the routine or correcting your form. Natalie, in my first 3 weeks, helped me make tremendous progress easing my pain. This allowed me to enjoy my daughter’s wedding which had been a concerned about my ability to to do so without pain. The following weeks my progress improved even more and I am back to normal. I am very thankful I can’t to Twin Boro and especially gratefully for the excellent care provided by Natalie.
Erin Gardner
23:54 22 Nov 21
Jess and her team work great. Very easy to schedule appointments and engaging with their patients. I highly recommend
Morgan O'Connor
19:13 22 Nov 21
Twin Boro is absolutely amazing. I am so grateful for Natalie and the team to get me back to walking normal after an excruciating knee injury. Your help and dedication will never be forgotten. Thank you thank you thank you!!!+
Charles Boyle
19:18 21 Nov 21
Excellent experience at Twin Boro and with Jessica D. A very upbeat facility. I barely walked in - having torn the meniscus on my right knee - at the very end of March (2021). As my condition improved, the therapy regimen was modified to fit what I needed to do to further the improvement. During the last weeks of spring, all of the summer and autumn, I was able to resume my normal outdoor activities of road & mountain bike cycling, hiking the Ramapo Mountains, and just doing local/neighborhood walks. It's a great place to go!
Michael Okshtein
18:25 16 Nov 21
I have only highest marks for this facility and especially Jessica. DePalma.First of all, everyone is friendly, energetic and they want to help you get better. They are trying really hard to accomodate your schedule.Second, Jessica is exceptional. She is VERY knowledgeable. She explains why she is doing this or that approach. She would adjust exercises if necessary. What stands out is while working with another patient, she manages to glance at my direction and make a quick remark such as "do not twist your foot". Correct form makes all the difference in results. Have only highest praises for her.
Patrick Leibovich
18:48 12 Nov 21
Excellent experience rehabbing my shoulder with Jessica D. and the other physical therapists. I have struggled with shoulder pain for a long time and didn't think that PT would help - but it did! The staff is friendly and helpful. Facility is very clean. I highly recommend this particular location.
Fernando Cuco
16:32 08 Nov 21
Hello everyone!I was recommended by my doctor to Twin Boro for physical therapy for my right knee after having surgery. This is the best place to go to for any type of physical therapy. Dr Jesse and her staff are great and are great professionals! I would recommend them to all people!
15:12 01 Nov 21
Nice clean facility, good equipment, and helpful staff.
Lei Pan
19:46 27 Oct 21
I went to Twin Boro Physical therapy for the last 4 months for an injury on my shoulder after a car accident. The staff are very friendly and flexible. They are very busy but they always managed to put me in the time slot that I requested. My therapist Olivia is very caring, skilled and persistent. She helped me to gain back most of the range of motion I lost due to the injury. She constantly evaluated my progress so that she could match the treatment plan with it. I am very thankful for the healing I have received at Twin Boro and grateful for my therapist Olivia. I highly recommend this place.
Christopher Lorenzo
14:09 26 Oct 21
Coming to twin Boro Fairlawn is an experience! You walk in to upbeat music and a friendly front desk staff. The therapists are all amazing and take the time to listen and take care of your injury constantly! (I've been to other places where they make an evaluation and send you off on your own.) The assistants are always on top of things and helping you with anything you need. They ALL know your name, not just your personal therapists. This place is like cheers! You will be put to the test from the start! This place is NOT for you if you just want to skate by! You're going to get worked and stretched real good. You'll leave hear knowing with confidence that you're getting better after every visit!Jessica, Olivia, Natalie, Brianna, Catherine, and Amanda make an amazing team! And when you have an amazing team, you have a winner! Twin Boro Fairlawn is winning! This is where you need to come!
James d'Alessandro
20:25 21 Oct 21
Great experience at Twin Boro in Fair Lawn! Natalie has been great guiding me through PT. More work to do, but I have made really good progress so far. The whole team at Twin Boro has been very helpful.
Ralph Dalessandro
15:14 16 Oct 21
A fantastic facility. Great customer support from beginning to end. All the staff are really helpful. I would recommend them unreservedly. Look No Further and go their now and see PT Jessica Depalma who worked on my lower back and right hip
mark wertlieb
14:31 05 Oct 21
Great experience at Twin Boro in Fair Lawn. Very professional and necessary emphasis on cleanliness. Primarily worked with Olivia who was terrific, knowledgeable and caring and also worked with Natalie who was great. Amanda, Office Manager, was quite nice and easy to work with. Have to say, Katherine, who was in front most of time, was just outstanding and a favorite. In additon, to accommodating my work schedule with appointments, she always kept a watchful eye over me, making sure that I was performing my exercises correctly and that I looked comfortable. Overall, a very positive experience. Thank you.
Lisa Malkin
23:28 26 Sep 21
Going to Twin Boro was a great experience. The program planned by my therapist Olivia was on target and helped improve and strengthen the targeted area.All the assistants keep you moving and on track during your time there.I would recommend Twin Boro and would return there and to Olivia should the need for therapy arise again.
Robert Figatner
20:56 23 Sep 21
Twin Boro is a really great physical therapy office. Really like the staff that work there. I started physical therapy after 2 MRI and a herniated disc with cervical neck pain. The pain when I started was so bad with radiating pain that went down the neck all the way to my right hand. I couldn’t write or do anything with my right hand. My therapist Olivia taught me a lot of great exercises for my pain and now I am able to manage my pain with regular exercises. I am grateful for the work Olivia did for me
Roberto Henriquez
22:38 20 Sep 21
I would like to thank all the beautiful and nice girls at Twin Boro Physical Therapy for the great job they do with their patient. Kudos to my therapy Natalie for all the time and work she is investing on me trying to make me feel better. ( feel much better already) Thank You Natalie… you are doing a fantastic job! 👍😊
Mark Syvret
20:07 20 Sep 21
Received therapy for a herniated disc. The staff, from the front desk to the therapists, are remarkably friendly and accommodating. They were responsive to my questions and concerns and modified my treatment based on short term and long term changes in my condition. Excellent, thoroughly recommend.
John Chervenak
21:29 18 Sep 21
The Twin Boro team and lead therapist Jess professionally and accurately assessed my stretch and exercise routines to relieve my pain after surgery. They made returning to each appointment a pleasure and a results based success. I only wish I could go all year...!
Cristiani Merlugo
21:07 15 Sep 21
Jess and her team are extremely skilled, attentive, professional and went above and beyond to help me improve my condition. I can’t thank them enough!
Rose Ann Harty
20:27 10 Sep 21
I walked in on my first day feeling like I would never get well. I was in a lot of pain. After 3 weeks of therapy I feel so much better. The staff is kind, understanding, and supportive. Natalie Rodriguez is my primary therapist, and she is amazing! I went from being despondent to clearly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Between the pleasant atmosphere, the cleanliness of the facility, and the expert professionalism of the staff, the expedience is always positive. Shout out to Katherine, Amanda, and Olivia as well. You guys rock🙂
Cheryl Feijoo
22:49 31 Aug 21
When I first entered Twin Boro I was in so much pain, every step felt like I was walking on glass. I was so blessed to have Natalie Rodrigues on my care team. She is a great physical therapist, she explained the course of action we were going to take, demonstrated the exercises I needed to do and overall a very helpful person. Im so glad I found her and Twin Boro 🙏🏽
Avery Mason
22:33 30 Aug 21
An entirely positive experience. From the first phone call to my last appointment, the entire staff was wonderful, friendly, and goal-oriented. Jessica created my exercise plan with getting me back to active shape in mind and was great to work with. The team’s approach is collaborative and everyone is helpful. Scheduling was incredibly flexible and when I had to make changes, they were always accommodated. All of the physical therapists I worked with at TwinBoro were great at what the do and I left most visits feeling worked out, but absolutely better than when I came in. Every visit had me moving, with new exercises added progressively to help me gain my strength back. The individualized care provided space for an open conversation about what was working and the times I was feeling set back. I have a few visits left, but I am back to full health and moving happily. Hopefully, I won’t need to return, but if I ever need physical therapy again, this is my first contact and my first recommendation to anyone who needs.
Ellen Falkenheim
00:03 26 Aug 21
Natalie Rodrigues is a great physical therapist! Natalie is very knowledgeable, listens, evaluates and is encouraging. She evaluated my arthritis to create a program to strengthen and challenge muscle groups which support my arthritic knees and foot, adding new challenges as I gain more ease in mobility. Natalie it truly interested in how I feel and my improvement. The entire staff at Fair Lawn Twinboro is excellent and so welcoming. Everyone strives to make each visit a personal one.
Gisselle C
00:14 25 Aug 21
So greatful with Natalie and all the staff at TwinBoro. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. I went for therapy for a surgery on my ankle after a trampoline fall. The exercises given in the app to do at home helped a lot as well. Thank you so much!
Gregg Thompson
15:59 19 Aug 21
It was great. Natalie was my therapist.
Susan Lettieri
19:03 13 Aug 21
Kudos to Natalie and the entire staff at TwinBoro.I came in broken and she has put me back together with tender loving care.I have been coming three weeks and I am now able to walk and bend easily.Everyone is helpful, friendly and the facility is clean and convenient.Susan Lettieri
Alex Bari
18:43 12 Aug 21
Staff is friendly and helpful. Facility is always clean and easily accessible. Natalie takes good care of her patients and takes her time to help and treat you each time. Catherine is quick to hold the door and assist in scheduling future appointments. Amanda is very friendly and can always be found with a simile under her mask at the front counter. 10/10 service, would highly recommend to others.
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