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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Lincoln Park with access to the best evidence based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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212 Main Street, Ste B Lincoln Park, NJ 07035-1783

Meet Your Director

Jason Carelis, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Playing football, baseball, soccer and working on cars

Jason traces the origins of his future profession back to high school, when his grandparents underwent physical therapy and he witnessed the care they received firsthand. Having an affinity for the sciences and medicine, and being an athlete in his youth also piqued his interest in movement and exercise related to the human body. This eventually brought Jason to Eastern University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Biokinetics in 2008. He then continued his studies by earning a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Franklin Pierce University in 2012, where he did extensive research on vertigo/benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, and submitted his work to peer-reviewed publications.

Jason began working for Twin Boro Physical Therapy as a staff physical therapist at the Union office in 2012, where he gained extensive experience practicing manually-based therapy with an emphasis on functional rehabilitation. He moved to the Lincoln Park/Butler clinic the following year, and advanced to become the Clinical Director of the Lincoln Park location in 2018. Throughout his career, Jason has taken multiple courses through Great Lakes Seminars and attended the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meetings for many years. He has also taken several courses on the hand/wrist, knee pathologies, McKenzie Method, and neurological conditions.

Jason really enjoys working with a variety of patient populations, from pediatrics, to geriatrics, and high-level athletes, and has a special interest in treating joint replacement patients, post-operative patients, and those with balance disorders. He prioritizes making a connection with each patient and ensuring that they feel welcome every time they enter the door. Jason tries to look at the body as a whole when treating a specific problem area, and tries to identify any other components that may be contributing to a patient’s dysfunction. He utilizes a variety of interventions depending on the patient’s condition and abilities, but frequently uses joint mobilizations, soft-tissue mobilization, myofascial release, kinesotaping/McConnell Taping Techniques, and Muscle Energy Techniques. Above all else, Jason understands that recovery can take time, and wants to make sure each patient is getting the attention they deserve when under his care.

In every treatment program he runs, Jason implements Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model to determine the “right level of healthcare” for each individual. This unique approach looks at the entire episode of care for the patient, which may start at a relatively low level of function and then progress them all the way to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Jason sees this model as a wonderful way to directly show patients that what they are doing in physical therapy really is working. He believes it gives each patient tangible evidence that all their hard work is really going somewhere, and provides them with even more motivation to get back to doing what they love.


Lincoln Park - Patient Reviews

M Mon
23:00 20 Nov 22
Twin Boro Lincoln Park is wonderful. Scheduling was easy and everyone very welcoming. Dr. Chris and the entire team is super knowledgeable and helpful. They shared in my happiness when my knee healed, avoiding surgery! Thank you, guys!
Richard W
02:08 21 Oct 22
Everyone at TwinBoro couldn't be nicer or more supportive! They worked with me everyday to get my strength back so I can get into the gym. I worked 1-on-1 with Chris and he was very helpful, always explained the exercises and watched over me to ensure proper form. Although rehab is not the most enjoyable, the therapists and stuff made me look forward to coming in. I started at FOUR3 and ultimately made the switch when I felt like I was not being progressed or pushed, it did not feel personalized to my previous strength and abilities. Unlike FOUR3, TwinBoro did not want to keep me there forever.
Jazmine Limekiller
15:30 14 Oct 22
Been going to Chris Matthew since May and he is wonderful
Daniela Ashworth
20:16 17 Sep 22
Dr. Mathew, the head PT has worked to tailor my husband's program to help him reach maximum recovery after a TBI.
Jennifer Kroegman
19:23 29 Aug 22
My son sustained a serious elbow and nerve injury back in June. I was recommended to Twin Borough physical therapy for his care and I could not be happier that I was. We have worked with both Derek and Chris and both of them have been phenomenal!! My son's progress has been astounding. His surgeon was even impressed with his ability level. They have certainly helped improve immensely as well as explaining the exercises and what purpose they had in his healing. I cannot say enough about how genuinely pleased I am with them and would highly recommend them.
Freddie Kroegman
19:15 29 Aug 22
Amazing experience, helped make my arm work amazingly!
Emily B
15:53 12 Aug 22
The staff at Twin Boro is wonderful!Chris, Derek and Dan are extremely knowledgeable, supportive, professional, and patient. I mostly worked with Chris, who is truly so dedicated and passionate about his work and getting his patients feeling better as soon as possible. He prioritizes making his patients feel comfortable and taken care of, and he does a great job guiding you through your treatment plan. Dan, the pt tech, also did a wonderful job guiding, supporting and engaging with each patient. Don’t bother slacking on your exercises because they will catch you right away haha! Overall a very welcoming, warm and fun environment. Would highly recommend this place!!
Sally Herman
23:55 04 Aug 22
Friendly and knowledgeable staff make what would normally be an unpleasant experience easy and as close to fun as possible.
Michael Portas
13:34 17 Jul 22
The therapists and aides at TwinBoro in LP really help provide a focused and fun environment. I appreciate how Derek has explained everything to me in terms I can understand, and also focuses on ensuring that the aide is deepening his understanding. They make you work hard and it's totally worth it.
Jay Matos
20:13 23 Jun 22
Chris is the best! He really fixed my knees and he is the nicest guy!
Arijana Salioska
15:55 21 Jun 22
Chris is the best!!! He makes you feel comfortable and keeps his full attention on his patients. I even came in here not wanting to start physical therapy but the environment and people made it so welcoming and comfortable to be here. I would highly recommend this place for physical therapy, thanks to Chris!!!
stella agolli
17:12 06 Jun 22
I was treated at the Lincoln Park location for knee pain from a sport related injury. As soon as I walked in, all staff , front desk and physical therapists, were very welcoming and made me feel very taken care of. They explained the plan for my treatment and kept me in the loop of everything that they were doing to me as well as what the exercises were doing. I followed the schedule as the physical therapists told me and within no time my knee had improved tremendously. Chris and Derek are very educated physical therapists who know what they are doing and I definitely will recommend this to family and friends and will be coming back in the future if needed.
Brian J
22:45 01 Jun 22
I’ve been coming here for 8 weeks after having shoulder surgery.Rotator cuff tear,labrum tear and bicep tenodesis.Staff has helped me tremendously.Shannon is always courteous and pleasant.Dr Chris,Dr Derek,Dan and Conner have been very helpful in my recovery. I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks to continue my recovery. Would highly recommend to people in need of Physical Therapy
Lawrence Dicoio
17:31 01 Jun 22
Twin Boro was AWESOME!!! They provided all the answers and were by my side to help improve my injury. Thanks Derrick and all the other Physical Therapists for getting me back to full health. I appreciate it!
Conor Gugliotta
21:45 27 Apr 22
My time here at Twin Boro has been nothing short of spectacular. Chris has truly shown dedication and is highly motivated to get his patients feeling the best they can and back to their normal lives. I would refer friends and family to this location with how professional this staff is.
anum Khan
13:08 26 Apr 22
I decided to seek physical therapy after experiencing back pain for more than a year and a half. Walked into this facility hoping to get some relief. I was impressed by the first visit. My assessment was super detailed. Dr. Chris is an extremely professional, knowledgeable and patient person. He was a great listener for all my pain points and symptoms and developed a very thorough program for me to follow. The best part was providing me enough challenges to keep me stronger but also realizing when to hold off, or take a break if my pain was recurring. I am still a regular patient at this facility and am getting stronger by the day. Him and Dan have enabled me to run my program quite independently gently giving me reminders if my form is off. They’re always watching even when you think they’re not. There’s no room to slack off. I’m so happy with my progress so far and feel liberated to a great degree since my back is getting so much better. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who is in pain and is looking to get better and stronger.
19:17 11 Apr 22
Having PT done here for my hip was amazing! I couldn’t play soccer for nearly 3 months because of the pain, but after just 6 weeks I was running without any problems. The staff here is incredible and truly care for their patients.
Anna Cai
19:15 11 Apr 22
A great place with amazing staff!
Mike Veltre
13:17 22 Mar 22
Very friendly atmosphere. Personal feel every time I went. I progressed very nicely through there guidance
Kelly Murphy
16:14 15 Mar 22
Fantastic place for rehabilitation! Chris, Jason, Dan and the whole staff are awesome and don't stop until you are feeling your best!
Liz Vander Valk
19:14 08 Mar 22
All the staff at Twin Boro was so kind and helpful. Feeling much better!
Dave B.
15:39 04 Mar 22
Excellent staff and personnel. Extremely knowledgeable and attentive to your personal needs. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of rehabilitation.
Juli Farruggia
18:54 18 Feb 22
After an ankle injury, I went to Lincoln Park facility to heal and rehab ankle. I received excellent care, support and guidance each visit. PT lead therapist Chris and his team were awesome in providing encourage and interest in what was best for my recovery. Overall, very good experience and would go back.
Tracy Vitale
23:00 12 Jan 22
The entire team is great! Dr. Chris goes above and beyond, you can tell he truly cares about his patients. Dan is also wonderful and extremely helpful. After only 3 weeks, I’m noticing a huge improvement. Thanks, Twin Boro!
Roxanne Iorlano
17:18 10 Jan 22
Let me tell you I had a knee replacement done Dec 3rd and I was staying with my son and daughter-in-law in Lincoln Park for three weeks and needed to find a place for therapy. I researched and found this great place. The staff are all so helpful and amazing. But Chris who is the therapist that’s been working on me. He done a fantastic job. I am a dental assistant and I know he will get me to where I need to be to get back to work. The aids are great as well they have Daniel Kyle and Jamie Thank you all so much for everything you do. Please if anyone is looking for a place to get therapy this place is the one to go to. They truly care about you and that is one of the things I love ❤️
Vincent Gencarelli
14:25 30 Dec 21
Place was great Chris made my pt easy and painless
olga kuzma
19:47 20 Dec 21
My experience was great. Dr Jason and Dr Christopher were very helpful and kind. With their help, the pain in my foot and my hand dissipated after a few weeks. Everyone at the facility was always kind and cheerful and wanted to help however they could, including Shannon, Kyle, and Dan.
Angela Conforti
16:21 13 Dec 21
Love my Twin Boro team! Everyone is so pleasant and helpful and my mom enjoys going to therapy weekly! They work her hard so that she can get back to where she needs to be! Thank you Twin Boro!
Peter giannoglou
21:11 10 Dec 21
Jason and his staff were very knowledgeable and attentive. They work with you and they make you feel very comfortable. I was very happy withthe results and I strongly recommend twin boro in Lincoln park for physical therapy.
02:35 03 Dec 21
Hi my name is Scott and I recommend Twin Boro of Lincoln Park because of Jason Carelis and all of staff there and high level care giving to me with my health and wellness in mind always friendly knowledgeable and that’s why I choose Twin Boro of Lincoln Park thanks for helping get well great care really know there stuff
Susan Hillpot
18:42 29 Nov 21
I have been going to Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Lincoln Park for 10 weeks . Chris is my Physical Therapist I can’t say enough how wonderful he is working with me ! I had a knee replacement surgery back in September . From day one Chris was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable treating me ! He treats everyone as a Individual and if we have any health issues which I do I have fibromyalgia for almost 11 years . So that makes me very sensitive to pain .He works around my fibromyalgia pain & if I tell him I am having a bad day from my fibromyalgia he will take that into account and switch around my exercises for that day , He is very caring and really goes out of his way to treat all his patients and make them feel comfortable. He makes all of his patience a priority and does whatever it takes to get us back to feeling great ! I went to another Physical Therapy place a couple years ago in a different town and they were nowhere near as thorough and helpful as Twin Boro physical therapy . Kyle also works with me too answering my questions & helping me when Chris is busy with someone else . I will have to have another knee replacement surgery on my right knee and when I do I am definitely will be going back toTwin Boro and work with Chris again he is the best ! I can’t be happier how much Chris has helped me to recover from my surgery !
Dylan Alvarez
16:15 29 Nov 21
Very good 10/10💪🏻👌🏼
Joe D
19:53 24 Nov 21
Chris is an exceptional PT. He puts time and effort into every patient and his programs are very detailed and specific to my ailments. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need.
Don warnet jr
19:20 12 Nov 21
Everyone at twin boro is great, pleasant and helpful. Dr. Chris is helpful, insightful and very good at what he does. Definitely recommend to anyone recovering. I broke my toe and in a short time i have big improvement. Thank you everyone.
Suresh Patel
00:22 03 Nov 21
Dr. Chris Matthews is great! He’s doing an amazing job with my wife after her 2nd knee surgery. He’s kind, pleasant, and great at what he does.
Carlo Navarro
13:53 02 Nov 21
Had surgery on my left tricep. Dr.Chris and his team have been great with my progression. Recommend them 100%!
Carissa Barthelemy
21:52 27 Sep 21
Dr. Chris, Dr. Jay, Jamie, Dan & Shannon are the staff that I have worked with... so far! From day 1 they inspired me, helped me to gain strength, stability and confidence! I have already referred potential patients! They are awesome!
debbie mackey
01:40 10 Sep 21
When I first started coming here I was having a problem just walking with my kneesI was limping very badly and by the time I finished about three months I saw a huge improvement and now am walking without a limp . Jason is an excellent therapist and really cares about his patients everyone that works here is very professional and friendly I would highly recommend anyone to come here .
Dan Allegretto
12:00 07 Sep 21
The staff over at Twinboro Lincoln park is great, especially the PT’s Jason and Chris. If you’re looking for a friendly office that truly is looking to give you the best possible care, you’re in the right place.
Krusha Amin
18:19 03 Sep 21
I worked with Dr. Chris Mathew and his team everyone was so pleasant and helpful! My experience was great the facility was clean and I got the best treatment.
Jasmine Davis
15:06 02 Sep 21
Ask for Dr. Chris!!! Amazing physical therapist who truly cares about giving the best patient care.
Vivid 20s
15:02 02 Sep 21
A very Helpful staff that is always willing to work around your schedule. they offer the best care and support possible to help me out
Catherine Bogert
14:31 02 Sep 21
Very friendly, tough exersize but you will feel so much better. Highly recommend. Dr Chris is awesome!
James Barrett
19:20 25 Aug 21
Chris really knows his stuff. He is extremely motivated to get me healthy and stronger than ever. Highly recommend
Pamela Todd
15:17 23 Aug 21
At Twin Boro I met with Dr Chris who customized a therapy program. He is a great professional and communicates why he has you doing the exercisesStaff is friendly and the office is clean and spacious
Shannon Diaz
14:51 17 Aug 21
Amazing clinicians! Such a friendly staff and so helpful. Highly recommended!
Kishan Padaliya
04:52 12 Aug 21
They take the time to understand what YOU need with a detailed evaluation process and make working toward your goals fun! I love it here.
Catherine Hopkins
15:31 02 Aug 21
Love Twin Boro LP! I’ve been coming here on and off for 4 years… I’m currently back, recovering from surgery and I couldn’t be happier with my progress. Jason and Chris are helpful, knowledgeable and supportive in all aspects of my healing journey.
Danielle Laky
14:13 02 Aug 21
Twin Boro of Lincoln Park is a great place for physical therapy. Dr. Chris, Dr. Jason, Jamie and Shannon are very personable and will do everything they can to help you. Being a high level athlete, I needed somewhere that would help me get back to performing at my best and twin Boro does exactly that. I highly recommend choosing them.
17:10 28 Jul 21
Dr. Chris Matthew is terrific. He Knowledgeable,pleasant, helpful and informative… I immediately felt at ease and felt confident in my receiving expert medical care. I am very impressed w. the overall experience. HIGHLY recommend.
Taylor Levedag
16:36 26 Jul 21
I definitely feel I have been getting better quicker and the staff are all very helpful and knowledgeable.
Aalby Paul
03:52 26 Jul 21
Abhilash Paul
03:52 26 Jul 21
I have personal experience having Dr. Chris Mathew work on me, very knowledgeable, intelligent, and patient dude. 10/10 recommend!
Michael J. Bogert
14:06 16 Jul 21
This place is awesome...both my ankles were badly sprained. All the PTs and assistants are great and had me walking and feeling better quickly. I will come back if I need physical therapy again!
Gene Spillane
22:12 15 Jul 21
I have been working with Dr. Chris to strengthen my ankle and achilles tendon after a long struggle with Achilles Tendonopathy. Dr. Chris has employed some innovative techniques to address the tendonopathy and the contributing factors which provided instantaneous relief which was a pleasant surprise. I'm very happy with the work and enthusiasm he and Dan his PT therapist have employed to get me back up and running.
Marianne Nellessen
13:40 09 Jul 21
I had a wonderful experience with Twin Boro Lincoln Park. My pain was so bad when I first came in. After twelve sessions with Jason, Dan and Jamie I am now pain free. Every one there is so kind and compassionate. Thank you Shannon, Jason, Dan and Jamie for all you did for me. I would recommend Twin Boro to anyone who needs physical therapy. ❤️
Joe Fricker
18:55 26 Apr 21
I had an AMAZING experience here at Twinboro! First off it is impossible not to walk in without a smile after being greeted by the happiest and most outgoing office coordinator in the planet (Shannon). She is on top of everything from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. Next, I was treated by Jason the head physical therapist. Let me tell you something this man knows his stuff. After a dislocated left shoulder and a torn right peck tendon Jason took his time to get me right and back to work. The guy is a master at his craft! Their assistant who attended me alongside Jason, Jamie is a sweet heart with the perfect balance of tough love and gentle bedside manner. Needless to say my experience with twinboro and their extraordinary staff was remarkable! Highly highly recommend this physical therapy outfit.
James Squeo
13:03 13 Apr 21
I had been a patient at Twin Boro in the past and when I injured my arm at work, I knew I could rely on the incredibly helpful, friendly staff and knowledgeable Therapists at the Lincoln Park location. All in all, it was a great experience and I highly recommend this location. Shannon, the Office Manager is very professional and personable and took care of everything so I only had to concentrate on one thing.... getting better. Thanks to all of you for doing such a great job. I hope I don’t get hurt ever again but if I do, there’s no doubt I’ll be back at Twin Boro Lincoln Park.
Rich Ferrara
02:46 04 Apr 21
I decided to go to TwinBoro Physical Therapy in Lincoln Park because a few years earlier my wife was treated there for a frozen shoulder with good results. Due to a previous job I was being treated at TwinBoro for a chronic posture problem. I was also suffering from back spasms. My therapist was Lauren Pondelick and she was a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and is very concerned with any pain you may be having during treatments or home exercises that are part of your treatment. My back spasms did disappear and my posture is something I have to work on on my own now. I recommend Lauren and the rest of the staff at TwinBoro who made each visit to their facility enjoyable.
Randi Rogers
00:36 27 Mar 21
I have been going here for about 4 months and they have been amazing since the moment I walked in. Shannon is so helpful with all my scheduling and billing questions and did it with a smile on her face and enthusiastically. Jamie is also an amazing help! She helped me with all my exercises each time and making sure my pain level was low. Lastly, the PT, Jason was awesome. He was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what to do to help with my pain levels and reason for being there. I recommend Twinboro Lincoln Park for anyone needing PT. Every time I went it was 5 stars!
Janet Tapp
16:21 16 Mar 21
Twin Boro of Lincoln Park provided the necessary help and information for me to get my sore shoulder back to normal.I worked with both Rina and Jason who provided me with the knowledge of why I had the soreness and showed me exercises to stabilize the area and then eventually strengthen it.It is important to learn the proper way to do the exercises and even more important to continue doing them once you “graduate” from Twin Boro.I would recommend Twin Boro to anyone in the need for PT. Give Shannon a call - she’ll be happy to schedule a consultation with one of the therapist for you!
Lynn Simpson
22:00 05 Mar 21
I have gone to Twin Boro for physical therapy on both of my knees and shoulders. I am always so well taken care of there . Lauren is amazing at her job and I appreciate how much she has helped me with my healing. Shannon is always so helpful with insurance and my co-pay as well as scheduling and any questions I have.
Frank Bondroff
20:34 25 Aug 20
After 4 months of pain and stiffness in my elbow, I went to the Lincoln Park office for physical therapy. Jason was excellent in administering my treatment and within a couple of weeks my pain was gone and I have 100% motion in my elbow. I should have done this a long time ago.
Paul Alexander
12:08 22 May 20
Jason and his team are very special. I spent several months there and not only recovered perfectly, was entertained along the way. It is a very engaging social setting and makes everyone feel like family! I've been to others, this is the place. Thank you Twin Boro of Lincoln Park.
ed gravenhorst
22:19 18 Feb 20
I had a full knee replacement after 1 month of therapy I was already riding a bike and able to walk at least 1 mile
James Kenah
16:59 18 Feb 20
My wife has been getting physical therapy with Lauren and she has been great. Carol has looked forward to going there. It has helped her physically and also emotionally. Thanks.
Ernie Byrne
14:03 24 Jan 20
Jason, Lauren, and Casey are amazing and provide an incredible environment that encourages healing and recovery. They encourage you to push through the uncomfortable part that will lead to getting better. Shannon in the office keeps everything organized and on target in order for the remainder of the staff to focus on their patients.Thank you Twin Boro for getting be back on my feet.Ernie B.
Clarita S
02:20 05 Nov 19
Caring people!! Great attitude, extremely helpful and invested in your recovery!! Very kind and capable, recommend wholeheartedly in a heartbeat ❤️My location was in Morristown.
Erika Diaz
14:15 22 Oct 19
this location is amazing with wonderful and friendly staff, & tons of equipment!
Karen Rose
14:33 16 Oct 19
Very nice office! They have all the equipment needed to help get through my treatment. Therapists are amazing. Front end staff is super friendly and always willing to help and very accommodating with scheduling. Everyone is so nice. I wouldn’t go anywhere else than Lincoln Park Twin Boro. The staff are such a great team!
Colbean 73 (Colbean)
14:27 09 Oct 19
Jason and the staff at Twin Boro are fantastic. They are knowledgeable, encouraging, and very personable. Physical therapy can be very difficult, but the Twin Boro staff make the experience as painless and as fun as possible.
Jim Squeo
13:35 04 Oct 19
Excellent office with a very helpful, knowledgeable staff. The facility is very clean and has all the equipment you need to get past your injuries or surgeries. Always accommodating and friendly.
Albert Kim
16:08 16 May 19
Rina and her staff are excellent! Wonderful environment and friendly staffs.
Ryan Kaminski
16:32 15 May 19
Everyone was very friendly, helpful and well trained. Rina was very knowledgeable and helped me throughout the whole process. She did a wonderful job getting me back in shape!!!
Hang Ja Suh
17:11 10 May 19
All the staff and therapists are wonderful! Everyone was very welcoming and thoughtful throughout my whole treatment. Thank you so much!
Daniella Rascionato
03:32 20 Apr 19
Highly recommend! Was suffering with an impinged shoulder and couldn't lift or perform simple tasks. My therapist, Rina, was amazing! She was extremely knowledgeable, attentive and compassionate. The entire office staff will make you feel welcome and treat you like family.
Christine B. Whittemore
01:30 17 Jan 19
I can't imagine a better place for getting back into shape after knee replacement surgery! Jason and the team are positive, supportive, know their stuff and know just how to push you physically so you make progress that's right for you. I miss my therapy sessions although I'm delighted to have graduated. Definitely recommend.
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