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Lincoln Park
212 Main Street, Ste B Lincoln Park, NJ 07035-1783
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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Lincoln Park with access to the best evidence based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by mycentralnj.com, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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212 Main Street, Ste B Lincoln Park, NJ 07035-1783

Meet Your Director

Chris Mathew, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: In his spare time, Chris enjoys playing basketball, lifting weights, and spend quality time with his family and friends. He recently picked up golf as well, but admits that he could use some lessons.

Chris Mathew was introduced to physical therapy after suffering from repeated ankle injuries while playing basketball growing up. His injuries cost him a significant amount of playing time in basketball and other high school sports, but when he finally decided to see a physical therapist, it allowed him to play at a much higher level. Chris was also impressed by the high level of focus and commitment that his physical therapists paid to his recovery, and he decided during these early experiences that physical therapy was the profession he wanted to pursue. This led Chris to attend Seton Hall University, where he earned his undergraduate and doctoral degrees.

Chris joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy as a staff physical therapist in June 2021 and was promoted to the clinical director role in April 2022. Chris started his physical therapy journey with Twin Boro and is still happily treating his patients in his home base of Lincoln Park.

Chris treats a variety of patients of all ages and ability levels, but he specializes in sports injuries, ACL tears, rotator cuff tears, temporomandibular disorders, and vestibular/balance training. He’s a strong believer in progressive loading and training his patients in functional patterns to improve their quality of life. He uses lots of strength training principles to load his patients up and help them reach their goals. Chris also ensures that each program he designs is individualized and specific for the patient, which he knows will help them reach their goals much faster.

Chris believes that the One2Four model works for him and his patients as a nice middle ground of communication within therapy. He feels it serves as a medium that allows the clinical mindset of a physical therapist and the mindset of a patient to communicate about function, progress, goals, and prognosis. It also helps patients visualize where they are, where they were, and most importantly, where they are going in terms of creating, achieving, and exceeding their own goals.


Lincoln Park - Patient Reviews

Rutgersboy 22
Really professional and they know exactly what they’re doing and how to best rehabilitate you. I’d recommend Chris to anyone that’s needs someone who will listen to them and what they need help with, and guide them back to health within a reasonable time period.
William Meneely
Cassia Bove
Amazing facility! Everything is always clean and easily accessible, perfect for patients learning to “do it on their own” once home. Amazing Staff! Each PT cares about each patient and it is obvious. Definitely consider Lincoln Park Twin Boro to get back into your daily activities:)
Patty Pasterchick
Excellent place for physical therapy. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they have a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Certainly the place to go if physical therapy is needed.
Jose A Acosta
Is the one off the best therapy’s places I know all the team is the best off the best ,thank Twin Boro team the Julios team
Gregory Brown
Excellent care from welcoming and knowledgeable professionals!
Glendy S
The therapists Chris and Charmil take good care of their patients, they take their time to explain whats going on and why they have them do certain exercises. Friendly staff.
Lea Bruncaj
great facility!
Abe Rodriguez
The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly . They’ve help me get back on my feet after surgery .
Tyler Russoman
My experience here has been amazing to say the least. I'm a younger active person never thought I would need PT until I tore my bicep the team here has helped me gain my strength back to almost where it was before the accident in no time. Everyone is welcoming and knowledgeable especially Chris he explains everything and has a world of knowledge in the field that he gives to the rest of the team. He's always taking the opportunity to teach others and explain the whys. He does push you but not where u feel uncomfortable it's always just the right amount. You have to understand that its his job to do that so you get the results you want and that truly has built the trust i have in him. If your not willing to put in the work and trust what he and the team say to get better then there's no point in being there. I love the relax atmosphere and couldn't have ask for a better place to go too. The best part is that I feel confident in knowing that when I leave here I'll leave the same if not better than before my injury. Thanks you guys rock!!!
Jody Viviani
I could barely walk when I came in. Now no hip or lower back pain. Don’t wait to come in! Charmil encouraged me and challenges me to keep doing more.
Twin Boro Physical Therapy Center in Lincoln Park New Jersey gives their clients a sense of security.The physical therapist empathize with their patients and gradually push them to their maximum potential.This facility doesn’t see you as a number, they seek to heal and uplift every patient accordingly.I highly recommend them to each and everyone of you reading this review.
Julio Torres
Great staff, wonderful atmosphere, and above all gets the job done.
Moonlit Fox
A++ My experience here was Amazing. Both Chris and Charmil provided excellent care, paired with the knowledge which ultimately resulted in a full recovery for me. The atmosphere is professional, yet friendly, I found myself inspired to go to therapy each week! From making appts with Shannon, or getting help from aid Terek, each member of this team is dedicated and caring. Would Highly recommend! - Deirdra Fox
Brian Ogorman
The first time I walked in, everyone was kind and professional. The facility is clean. The Physical Therapists truly care about their patients. I had Charmil as my therapist. He was excellent and treated me with respect and kindness. He added challenges weekly to get me back to were I was prior to surgery. I truly wouldn't be were I am and returning to work so soon without his help. All of the PT techs are wonderful in helping you get through the excercises safely. They are all one of a kind. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing physical therapy.
Amy Seise
Dr. Charmill and the rest of the staff at Twin Boro in LP have been amazing during my time there. Charmill laid out a therapy plan for me, then continued to add to it and modify it as I got stronger and stronger, never letting me get complacent. Everyone is so friendly and the staff makes sure we are well taken care of. They try to help us enjoy our time there, as much as PT can be enjoyable! Shout out to the aid, Terek, who always keeps me company while I am exercising, and never hesitates to help me out when needed. I will miss spending time with everyone at the facility.
A'nyah Barker
Chris and Charmil are the best! Very respectful men who make the experience personal and fun!
Pamela Herforth
This is the first time I am going to PT. The physical therapists are friendly and professional. They encourage you to do your best but still understand when it is tough. Without hesitation, I would recommend the Twin Boro in Lincoln Park to anyone in need of PT.
Alexis Casiano
I had a wonderful experience with Chris and rina... I highly recommend This physical therapy place.. Thank you
Patrick Aquino
Chris and the entire Twin Boro staff were second to none. I had been struggling with vertigo for months. I went for an ear test, ENT, MRI, eye doctor, and multiple visit to PCP. Chris diagnosed me on the first visit and knew my vertigo was caused by my eyes. We formulated a plan and increased as I progressed. Chris and the Team were always energetic, positive, and there for me from day one. Beyond flexible with me with my chaotic schedule. They listened when I spoke and knew when to push me and also knew when it was a rough day and to be mindful of that. I would absolutely recommend the entire Team of Twin Boro and a huge shoutout to my guy Chris Mathew! They got me back on track and doing things I was struggling to do.Thanks
Fernando Guzman
Staff is absolutely amazing and very dedicated to each person. Great clean place and awesome playlist!! Highly recommend! 5+ stars!
Vincent Emiliani
I was “sentenced” to 12 weeks of rehab for an ankle injury: Besides the friendly staff and very clean rehabilitation space, I have been very pleased with the results I have seen in my ankle.Thank you Twin Boro!
From day 1, everyone here at Twin Boro Physical Therapy has been fantastic. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and very supportive throughout the entire process. Thanks Twin Boro for resurrecting my shoulder!
Paul Soriero
I postponed surgery to give physical therapy a try first and am so glad I did. I have made great progress under the care of Chris and his staff. They are very concerned about their patients and committed to our recovery. I am impressed with the personal attention I receive and not treated like a run-of-the-mill case.
nick guerriero
The whole team here is awesome, never recovered from an injury so quickly. Highly recommend.
Paul Vatrano
I really enjoyed my time here. All the doctors and employees are nice and attentive. You dont just feel like another patient when you walk in with everyone knowing you on a more personal level to give a more comfortable environment to heal in.
From the moment I walked in, the staff made me feel welcomed and comfortable. The facilities were clean, organized, and equipped with the latest technology to assist with my treatment.My therapist, Chris, was knowledgeable, patient, and genuinely cared about my progress. They took the time to explain each exercise and treatment, making sure I was comfortable with everything before moving on. I was impressed by the level of expertise and attention to detail they exhibited throughout my therapy sessions.Overall, this is the place to go if you’re in need of physical therapy.
Noah Hutchison
I’m currently being treated here for a fractured femur and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The office is comfortable and lively, and they do everything within reason to make sure you’re comfortable and safe in your healing journey there. Dr. Matthews is respectful, caring, and understanding. He understands how hard it can be, but constantly pushes us all to do and be our best. I always leave feeling worn out but better than before, especially when I’m having a bad day.
Patty Walsh
I recently tore my ACL and meniscus as a college basketball player. When I came to twin boro I was behind on my PT and was concerned about rehab. Ever since coming to Chris I am back on track to where I should be. I am so grateful for everything him and the staff have done for me and I look forward to continuing my rehab!
Jeanmarie Kozan
Dr. Chris Mathew’s physical therapy plan has absolutely changed my life for the better. I used to think that PT was only for after surgery or an accident. I have crippling arthritis in both knees and 4 herniated discs along with spinal stenosis. In a very short time I am waking so much better and my pain levels have been cut in half.AND I am not done yet! Please give Dr. Mathew a call- he is amazing!
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