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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Martinsville with access to the best evidence based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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1931 Washington Valley Road Martinsville, NJ 08836

Meet Your Director

David Hotaling, PT, DPT, CSCS

MY HOBBIES: In addition to his passion for physical therapy, David is an avid sports fan and enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, and exercising.

David Hotaling has always been passionate about science and sports, and he decided physical therapy was right him because it combined these two interests. This led him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in aquatic therapy from West Virginia University. He then went on to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Touro College, where he graduated as valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA. During his time at Touro, David vigorously sought out learning opportunities, consistently analyzing literature, completing continuing education courses, achieving advanced certifications, and becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He also completed clinical experiences in both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy, with his final clinical including work with both professional and NCAA athletes in several sports organizations, including the NFL.

After graduating from Touro, David began his career working for an outpatient sports physical therapy company. He soon earned the opportunity to serve and help grow their newest facility as the Clinic Director. He provided educational lectures during monthly clinical excellence meetings.

He then joined the Twin Boro Physical Therapy team in March of 2020, beginning as the Clinic Director for our Martinsville facility located inside of TEST Sports Club. During this time, David provided assessment and treatment to athletes in the NFL Combine Prep Program as a member of the TEST Football Academy Team. He now serves as the Regional Director of Morris and Somerset Counties. Throughout his career, David has prioritized continuous learning and is constantly assessing what treatment strategies are best for each patient by applying literature and challenging his current approaches when he discovers new information.

David excels in the management of orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions, and treats patients of all ages, including athletes at the youth, college, and professional levels. He utilizes an eclectic approach that includes a variety of interventions for each patient, and he constantly assesses and reassesses the patient’s response to these strategies. Some of the techniques he frequently uses include advanced exercise prescription, joint mobilization and manipulation, motor control cueing, postural restoration, the McKenzie Method, the Mulligan technique, and blood flow restriction training. Through this unique and personalized approach, he is able to achieve superior patient outcomes with high satisfaction rates. David is also passionate about bringing positive changes to the field of physical therapy, which is illustrated in his daily actions as a clinician and by providing educational content to others in the field. He empowers his patients by providing them with the tools necessary to remain active in their recovery and to maintain success in the long term.

Implementing the same passion and attention to detail used to help high-level athletes reach their goals, David is driven to provide quality care to patients at all functional levels across Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model. This unique approach guides the rehabilitation process and looks at the entire episode of care for each individual, revealing ahead of time where this process will take him or her. It accounts for the relatively low level of function a patient might experience after an injury or surgery, and then aims to take them all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Every exercise and intervention that David uses is intended to help each patient get back to this level, and although the specific approach varies, each treatment is individualized to the patient’s needs.


Martinsville - Patient Reviews

Andrew Okolovitch
19:20 06 Mar 23
Very attentive, always watching me do exercises to ensure I'm doing them correctly. My arm is getting better after my surgery.
Joshua Bamdas
02:52 06 Mar 23
Such a great experience!
Jack Rambo
02:51 06 Mar 23
Had a great experience and was well taken cave of by the staff!
Ryan DeMedici
23:35 05 Mar 23
Outstanding customer service, very knowledgeable and caring of every patient.
Brett Longo
23:33 05 Mar 23
Experience was fantastic, Colin was very helpful and knowledgeable along with the rest of the staff. Would definitely recommend.
Nicholas Garrone
23:29 05 Mar 23
Workers were friendly, but more importantly did their job with the highest level of expertise.
Ethan Morris
23:28 05 Mar 23
Would highly recommend to anyone who needs proper and professional treatment.
Troy Roberts
23:26 05 Mar 23
Very good staff
Kern Kapoor
18:20 04 Mar 23
I’ve been going to physical therapy for nearly 20 years on and off for a number of different ailments, including many well regarded chains in NYC. I can say hands down that Dr Dave and his Twinboro team have the best practice I’ve been to. His knowledge and conviction are unmatched and I see him provide the same high level of treatment to patients whether they’re professional athletes or elder adults with severe restrictions. In a world where conventional PT has its limitations, it’s been refreshing to find an accessible practice that is a thought leader in rehabilitation and strength training. I truly think anyone would benefit from visiting them regardless of injury or fitness level.
Marcus Valdez
17:37 03 Mar 23
The team at Twin Boro helped me stay healthy through my combine training for the NFL. They’re very knowledgeable and friendly and will get you results. They want to see you truly get better.
Mary Ellen Iorillo
17:04 03 Mar 23
Dave and his team helped me tremendously! I highly recommend them.
isaiah williams
14:50 03 Mar 23
Been with twin boro for a few weeks and I’ve improved drastically! Im training for my nfl workouts and because of twin boro I’m able to make improvements that transfer over in my training! I enjoy learning things about my body that I can take with me anywhere and stay at the top of my game!
Alan “W2AEW” Wolke
22:21 01 Feb 23
I first came to this Twin Boro facility about 7 years ago for PT after smashing my ankle. Most recently, I was treated by Physical Therapist Christopher Tillson for an agonizing pinched nerve / bursitis in my upper back, behind the shoulder blade. Chris designed a series of exercises, stretches and machine work that completely cleared the problem in just a few short months. In addition to the top notch PT offered by Chris and the many excellent assistants, I can't say enough about Elizabeth (Elmo), the office manager - thorough, accurate, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. If you need any kind of PT - I'd highly recommend that you call Elmo!
Glenn Mouridy
16:09 05 Jan 23
Every staff member is excellent. Chris Tillson has done a fantastic job as my primary therapist.
Neil Mahoney
16:02 27 Dec 22
Excellent group. Making a big difference in my physical health.
Nitsat Hadas Elami
13:16 03 Nov 22
Great PT place. The physical therapists are great and so is the office staff.
Joey Dwek
20:38 26 Oct 22
Great Physical therapy place been going for about 3 months have made significant progress. Have tried 2 other pt places before twin boro neither came close to giving me the results that twin boro did.
Loris Diaconu
13:51 16 Oct 22
I started going to Twin Boro because of constant back pain that was affecting my every day activities. For being a 31 year old, I knew this was not normal. They were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and caring. Dave was amazing in remaining positive when I had my off days and pushed me in doing my best which always resulted in feeling better walking out than when I walked in. Chris wants nothing but the best for you and really takes his time to listen to how you feel (whether it be feeling good or complaining about the pain) and makes sure you understand everything that’s going on and how to make little changes in your life in order to get better. Colin was great in aiding with all the exercises and also pushes you to get better, along with some jokes too. All in all, Twin Boro was great in helping me get back to normal, forget about my pain and start running and lifting weights again.
Chris Conte
22:46 07 Oct 22
Amazing staff. First day they explained the process, set me up with appointments for the next 6 weeks, and went over my activities to review things I should and shouldn't do. After the first week I could already feel the improvement. I've had physical therapy in the past and it's taken multiple months to feel like I could go back to regular activity but less than 2 months and I can do everything I did before. Chris is very knowledgeable and comes up with unique exercises that are tailored specifically to your needs.
Varghese Kochuvaried
22:08 22 Sep 22
I visited a number of PT places before my knee surgery last year before deciding on Twin-Boro at Martinsville (Dave explained the process and how my therapy would progress). I was very happy with the exceptional care that Dave, Chris and the rest of the team.Unfortunately, I am back at Twin-Boro (this time - rehabbing for shoulder issues). Th silver lining is that I continue to receive the same level of exceptional care that I have received last year.
Sue Love
15:04 21 Sep 22
Friendly, professional, and great listeners. I wanted a group that would care about my rehab post/op Tommy John surgery so I am stronger then before and avoid re-injury and Twin Boro is making it happen.
Jacquelyn Mango
20:33 20 Sep 22
Best PT care! Dave and Chris are by far the most knowledgeable, professional, caring and enthusiastic physical therapists. The PT assistants are professional, helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy!
C L Blackman
20:34 22 Aug 22
I have to say I love this facility. From my very first call through my last day everyone was more than professional. If there were a way for Elizabeth to be more professional, polite, & personable I am convinced she would find a way. Having a person like Elizabeth as your first contact with the Martinsville office is a great thing. I felt appreciated & understood from the first phone call.The facility itself is fabulous, being inside a health & training center give the therapist a huge variety of equipment, space & tools to be able to help their patients to the fullest.Jeff & Christopher, what can I say, are both very professional, listen very well and address the needs & concerns of their clients. I worked mostly with Jeff, I am sorry that he is moving on, he was wonderful. Explained the steps, demonstrated when necessary & was very supportive. Christopher, I only worked with a couple of time but I was equally impressed by his professionalism & knowledge. I think Twin Boro is quite lucky to have both these therapists on staff.Overall, I can not say enough good things about the staff or the location for the Twin Born Martinsville physical therapy, as long as I am in the area they will be my first choice for all my future physical therapy needs. Of course I hope there won't be much need.
Jake Bingham
20:16 08 Aug 22
Awesome staff and facilities. College Athlete rehabbing a knee surgery, the program was very effective and was constantly being adjusted to meet my personal needs. Staff was very friendly and each member was very knowledgeable. Never too crowded either. 5 stars.
Gary Masino
14:18 08 Aug 22
Fantastic Staff and Therapists! Great place for proper PT treatment. Also a great place for regular people or athletes to train and receive treatment.
Owen O'Neill
13:28 08 Aug 22
Best PT experience I’ve had. Dave, Chris and the team work hard to accommodate everybody and will help you achieve whatever your personal goal might be. There’s a ton of knowledge, know-how and resources available here.
17:57 13 Jul 22
Evelyn is so cool and Jeff and Chris are very good physical therapists.
Joseph Cahill
17:53 13 Jul 22
Jeff, Elizabeth and the team are exceptional. They always made me feel like I was a valued patient. Elizabeth was excellent working with my schedule and Jeff always knew how to push me just enough to help me get the most out of my rehabilitation. I really enjoyed my time at Twin Boro and would recommend their services to family and friends in need of physical therapy.
maisy webb
20:51 01 Jun 22
Chris and Jeff (the therapists) were super friendly and very helpful! This was my second time returning and if needed in the future, I will come back here. I had a great recovery thanks to them!
Anthony Lorino
20:19 01 Jun 22
Did a great job fixing up my severs disease and has really nice employees
Rachel Hadley
22:49 10 May 22
The best physical therapy place hands down. I have been coming to Twinboro physical therapy in Martinsville for a couple of months now due to a back injury. Jeff and Chris are outstanding professionals who take the time to answer all questions and individualize each workout to best fit how you feel on the day. I felt extremely comfortable and fortunate to reach my personal goals of lifting again with their help and expertise.
John Mazza
00:24 03 May 22
Jeff was very knowledgeable and professional. He helped me get back to full strength and range of motion following my surgery. I highly recommend the Martinsville location for physical therapy.
James Kalafsky
18:54 18 Apr 22
I can't say enough about Jeff, Carli and especially Chris! I had Bicep and Rotator cuff surgery late in November 2021 and started PT with the Martinsville group in mid December. As of Wednesday April 11th my Orthopedic Surgeon told me that I have recovered in 4 months what usually takes an average of 12 months. I owe a lot of my recovery to Chris, he knew exactly what to do with new surgery and built me back with massage, exercise and strength training. I am So Very Happy with the PT Group in Martinsville!
c s
21:31 31 Mar 22
Jeff diagnosed my son’s injury within minutes of evaluation. He was spot on! Chris was very professional and excellent at addressing the right exercises for him! He is back to enjoying playing sports again! The entire staff is very pleasant to work with.
Angelo sciara
21:07 28 Mar 22
I highly recommend this place. Simply the best!!
Genevieve Barragan
13:29 23 Mar 22
Friendly staff and quality care!! Elizabeth is super friendly and helpful with insurance questions.Chris and Jeff are excellent therapists! Both are always available for questions and show interest in how to efficiently care for their patients.And of course, Margaret who takes time to show patients exactly how to complete exercises properly and effectively!
Nate Kwapinski
21:52 10 Mar 22
Amazing environment with even better people. Overall great experience
Alice Kurian-Hadley
17:29 02 Mar 22
I sustained an injury and immediately thought of TEST Sports Club and I Twin Boro PT in Martinsville, NJ. I called and left a message at Twin Boro PT. Within moments I got response from James Pratt. He listened to my issue, provided a supportive environment and made arrangements for my first visit. That is where I met Elizabeth Mohammed, the office coordinator. Elizabeth is well organized and had me set up in no time. She made me feel comfortable, took all my information. Her communication skills and well as her intrapersonal skills are second to none. My ankle injury was initially misdiagnosed but with the help of my doctors and Twin Boro I am on my way to recovery. The pain level was high and I was uncomfortable, angry, non verbal, grouchy. I felt like I would not recover. The crutch and boot were hard to manage. I had my first consultation with Jeff L. He read my reports and did a through examination of my foot. He knew immediately what kind of exercises I needed. Chris, Jeff and the entire team is dedicated and pay attention to every person they meet. It is evident is the kind, caring manner they speak to every person. I would highly recommend this facility to my family and friends. Thank you Elizabeth, Jeff and Chris for helping me heal. You all are a excellent group of clinicians.
Andy Wang
22:07 01 Mar 22
Very good!
Kalpana Raval
00:54 23 Feb 22
The Twin Boro physical Therapy in Martinsville, Jeff is exceptionally knowledgeable. He is hands on, helping me for my recovery. I appreciate Jeff’s hard work and determination to help me get better. He is very attentive and personalizes your road to recovery.The staff Margaret and Charlie are friendly and very supportive and Elizabeth at the front desk couldn’t be more helpful.Thank you everyone.
Renee Auerbacher
21:59 22 Feb 22
I have been to numerous Physical Therapy centersand the team I have had here gives excellent service.Jeff, Marguerite and Elizabeth are the A Team. Complete professionalism and know their business. They have assisted me in making sure I was doing the exercises correctly otherwise, whats the point in going. Elizabeth stays on top of the Ad Min responsibilities with blocking in my requested time slots and is right on board getting me another appointment at the time I favor for my personal schedule when I have had to cancel. Marguerite oversees how I am following thru on my exercises and pointing out the correct breathing and posture on them. Jeff is a master at manually working on the targeted area offering an education on what is going on and instinctively senses what I am feeling and how to correct it. I have had 17 surgeries 85% have been orthopedic so I have had PT on and off for over 30 years and I am so happy I landed in their hands. If you need Physical Therapy and are anywhere in the surrounding area definitely park your body here. These guys will make a difference.
Brant Krihak
19:10 01 Dec 21
I really enjoy working with Jeff. Have been working through a back strain and continually improving each week. The team are pushing the program but at a pace that works for me.
Jim Bree
22:37 30 Nov 21
I had a problem with my neck, so I chose twinboro. It was as Jeff treated me well. He told me many exercises to take home that will help me after my therapies over.
Taz Ruffilo
15:47 30 Nov 21
They’re the best. Dr. Jeff is personable and brilliant. I’m much stronger and better off than when I started, for sure—can’t say enough good things.
Alyssa Tammara
14:14 30 Nov 21
I came to this facility after a recent knee surgery, and i could not have had a better experience. The staff is so kind and supportive, and i have been making great progress since my injury. They really want you to get better and they do everything in their power to make it happen. Definitely recommend!
karl mende
00:00 19 Nov 21
Great group of professional physical therapists. Helped me regain my strength after back surgery.
Pamela Haviland
19:34 15 Sep 21
I became a patient while my daughter was doing PT for chronic ankle pain. My daughter has been pain free and I hope the same for me. Dr. Jeff Lo noticed me doing some shoulder stretches and exercises while waiting for her and asked what hurt. I have had chronic shoulder and thoracic back tightness and soreness for years. I attributed it to age, too much yoga and tennis. Dr. Jeff suggested I have an evaluation and felt I would benefit by actually strengthening those muscles. 22 sessions in, combined with twice weekly chiropractic visits, and I am functioning and feeling much better. Dr. Jeff listens to what is bothering you and offers exercises or therapy to address those needs. Everyone is friendly, attentive and knowledgeable. Yes, it is located in a gym, so you will see regular gym members who are not required to wear masks mixed in with PT patients who are required to mask because it is a medical facility. So, this may be a deal breaker for some who are looking for a fully masked space but I am comfortable since no one comes close to you.
Nicole Marie
21:37 14 Sep 21
I came to Twin Boro Martinsville after not properly healing from a trail injury. From my very first visit, Jeff and the rest of the staff have tailored their care to not just my goals of being able to hike again without discomfort for long distances or over difficult terrain, but also tailor my workouts based on how my joint feels and looks.Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, and they have been able to correct my motions so I can gain the most from the medicine of exercise on the injured joint.I am a first time patient of physical therapy and Jeff and the staff really coached me and have gotten me comfortable to work independently while here.
Laura DeCotiis
23:32 25 Aug 21
The staff Joe and Dave are great! They are knowledgeable and care about their patients. They worked with me through tendinitis and planter fasciitis. Working through my issues with supportive and caring therapists has been a great experience. I would highly recommend Twin Boro! Thanks Jeff and Dave!
James P. Roberts
14:14 24 Aug 21
Just finished a number of months of PT for neck pain and age (68) related stiffness. Twin Boro in Martinsville did an excellent job of figuring out what would be best for my condition and setting me up with a course of exercises and therapy. Feeling much better now, discomfort has subsided appreciably. Will continue with the post therapy exercise program they recommended.
Manoucheka Baltazar-Vilbrun
21:14 23 Aug 21
I have been going to Twin Boro PT, for several weeks now for my back and abdominal issues, and I can honestly say that I'm already seeing a huge difference. Jeff L. has been my therapist and he is, simply put, THE BEST. He is knowledgeable, patient and has his patients' best interests at heart.He and his great staffs (Mike, Quish, and Margaret and more) who are working alongside him are very caring and bring out the best out of their patients through gentle pushes and encouragement to try a little more or a little harder.They're always ready to step in to answer questions and correct what needs correcting. Once at Twin Boro, you feel like you're meeting with friends as they all know your name and acknowledge your presence which is not same for other places with that being said I would highly recommend Twin Boro to anyone in need of PT.
johann salazar
19:56 22 Aug 21
I have been attending to the Martinsville location for almost 10 weeks now. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Lo and the rest of the staff. I highly recommend them for your therapy and recovery needs.
Pati Brenn
20:31 21 Aug 21
I have been to a lot of different Physical therapy facilities and have kind of felt they were a waste of time. Everyday the same simple exercises that basically I could do at home.Finally, a facility that worked with me as an individual and worked with my personal strengths and deficits. I have been so happy with my care and how much the people here care about your healing process. It’s a professional but super friendly place to heal and get better.
Marissa Hernandez
13:29 20 Aug 21
I like that all the staff refers to each patient by name. Zeal and Margaret are excellent assistants - they are very pleasant, attentive & helpful. At first, I found the open layout of the patient area with the rest of the gym a bit awkward, but the openness and easy access to the rest of the gym, turned out better.
Suzete Pinto
12:50 20 Aug 21
The best PT team, very dedicated and professional.
12:32 20 Aug 21
Have been a patient for about 10 weeks receiving excellent treatment. My condition has improved due to the dedicated Physical Therapists and the support staff members. Their expertise is clearly evident.I look forward to further improvement with their treatment.
Bob Gabrielski
21:03 19 Aug 21
Dr. Dave is the best. Came in on crutches and couldn’t walk. After diagnosis and setting up a recovery plan and working on the PT exercises, etc., I’m on the land. No crutches, walking miles and recovering strength. GR8 place for PT. Excellent patient interaction. If u need PT, c’mon in and ask for Dr. Dave.
Sharon Sansone
20:45 19 Aug 21
Dave and his team are the best. Very informative and helpful. I highly recommend them
B r i a n De Grasse
20:36 19 Aug 21
As a former athlete and a physical laborer, you can imagine then aches and pains I feel at the end of the day. Dr. Dave and the entire staff are amazing at helping relieve and even healing the problems I had. All of the staff from the secretaries to the aides are extremely attentive and helpful. I'm thankful for everything you all do.
Elijah Hoarle
19:59 19 Aug 21
Upon first entering the establishment you will be glad to see a lot of smiling and friendly faces. The staff builds great relationships with all of their clientele and create a safe and helpful environment for anyone working on their recovery to full health. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone I know being as that it is the best place for physical therapy that I have ever been to.
Gerard Aroneo
19:29 19 Aug 21
As an athlete, Twin Boro recognized my goal to return to the field as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are extremely helpful and more than willing to teach you everything you need to continue to recover when you leave physical therapy.
Miles Cruz
22:59 16 Aug 21
Awesome time here. The staff is amazing and very educated on what they do. Recommend to anybody needing help!
Mike Beaudry
18:58 14 Jun 21
Dr. Dave and his staff are the best I’ve been around. In only a month they not only helped me get rid of all lower back pain, but they showed me how to keep the pain away and also strengthen the surrounding areas. I am back to doing all athletic activities with no limitations or worries of getting injured. Because of them I am feeling the best I have ever felt.
Jared Lauri
23:02 21 May 21
Twin boro did a great job helping me recover from my shoulder injury and getting back to playing baseball at a high level. They were very helpful in guiding me through my workouts and they were flexible with my schedule which got pretty hectic during the spring sports season. Overall it was a great experience
Esther Belfer
03:47 30 Apr 21
Wish I could give this place 10 stars! Staff is amazing, friendly and knowledgeable. Couldn't recommend it more.
James Buck
12:27 26 Apr 21
My bad knees have had me coming here for therapy on many occasions. Won't go any where else. Friendly staff that challenges you. They get my knees stronger faster than other places I had gone to.
Christopher Piccone
21:42 08 Apr 21
Attentive and knowledgeable staff who have great bedside manner. Everyone in the Martinsville office are kind, courteous, and professional. A strong recommendation.
15:18 17 Mar 21
Dave is great! Very professional, kind and friendly, makes you feel great, he’s the best in the area. Highly recommend. Staff is great too, helped me not feel pain and get back to playing sports!
Usha James
23:52 04 Mar 21
Excellent service . I recommend Twin Boro for all those who need PT
Sonny Puzzo
03:04 21 Feb 21
Doctor Dave helped me get back to feeling right. Very good atmosphere!
alex defuria
03:03 21 Feb 21
Dr. Dave is very passionate about helping and healing his patients. His knowledge and expertise is very assuring!
Theresa T
13:59 12 Feb 21
Great experience at Twin Boro for both me (knee) and my daughter (elbow dislocation). Good focus on sports medicine with access to excellent equipment.
Synceir Malone
17:26 11 Feb 21
Very knowledgeable staff instantly help me recover while also being very gentle with my body. Keeping me healthy and progressing at a very nice rate.
Nicholas DeFino
16:50 11 Feb 21
Very attentive staff. The Physical Therapists are delightful and kind, and make your injuries heal faster and stronger. This is my go to pt place for whenever I need therapy.
James Wong
23:39 13 Jan 21
Dr. Mike and Dr. Dave are great. They are attentive and to the point with no BS. Even the assistants are attentive and service with a smile.
Chris Rada
19:56 08 Jan 21
Just started physical therapy and the doctor and staff make it very comfortable . Very knowledgeable and explains what they’re doing and why.
Gianna Mayo
19:38 05 Jan 21
They really helped me with my shoulder injury. I shattered the top of my shoulder bone and dislocated it and got 2 surgeries and I was told I wasn’t going to be able to ride again for 4 months, I was able to get back in after 3! The staff is super nice and funny. Love it.
Ronald Corey
01:38 02 Jan 21
I highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Martinsville. I just completed the course of PT following my right side reverse shoulder replacement in August, which was performed by Dr Kenneth Montgomery of Tri County Orthopedics, whom I also recommend. After years of pain and diminished use of my right shoulder and arm following the surgical repair of a massive rotator cuff tear in 2009, I sought out Dr Montgomery (who was NOT the surgeon in 2009) and then likewise researched to see where best to receive PT. Dr. David Hotaling, Director of the Martinsville facility was recommended and took me on as a patient.Given the COVID-19 pandemic and my need to limit potential contacts, we agreed to have virtual sessions. The sessions were effective and I must think, extra challenging to David because he could not physically rotate my shoulder joint himself so as to use hands-on judgment. Nevertheless, he was cautious, had checkpoints with me at each session and made certain that I made progress but was cautious not to risk the pain of an injury.Mostly, I'd like to emphasize this about Dr Hotaling and his staff: they take great pride in answering questions and educating patients so as to optimize chances for success and mitigate risk of injury. This was/is very much appreciated by me, especially now that I have reached the post-PT "on my own" phase.I have already recommended Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Martinsville, NJ to a colleague who just had surgery for a biceps tear and will do so again so as to spread the word about these trusted professionals. My thanks to Dr David and his team for their support, dedication and professionalism in helping me to improve greatly my range of motion, to do so without pain, and in preparing me for this current phase of self-guided exercises. I wish them all (and you the reader) a truly happy, healthy and prosperous 2021 and beyond.
Bryce Pantozzi
22:09 29 Dec 20
Fixed both of my injuries and are great people, love being at this place.
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