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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of North Brunswick with access to the best evidence based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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2050 Route 27, Suite 107 & 108 North Brunswick, NJ 08902-1380

Meet Your Director

Danielle Zuppe, PT, DPT, ATC

MY HOBBIES: Spending time with her family, friends and cat, going to the beach, exercising and binging Netflix

Danielle Zuppe graduated cum laude from the University of Delaware, receiving her B.S. in Athletic Training. While at the University of Delaware, she worked with multiple collegiate level athletes. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rutgers University- North, where she was awarded the Academic Excellence Award for the highest GPA.

Danielle joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy in 2017 as a Staff Physical Therapist in our North Brunswick location. She was promoted to Assistant Clinic Director and recently became the Clinical Director. She specializes in orthopedic, adolescent and pediatric populations, athletes, weekend warriors, and post-surgical patients. Danielle utilizes a combination of hands-on manual therapy and exercise. She focuses on function and reaching the goals most important to her patients. She creates individualized care plans and believes in educating and providing tools to her patients to achieve optimal outcomes.

She has completed several CE courses through Great Lakes Seminars on the shoulder, cervical spine and Blood Flow Restriction. She is also a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).

When treating patients, Danielle implements Twin Boro’s One2Four™ Care Model to guide the rehabilitation process and allow patients to witness their progress through the episode of care. She feels the model helps patients advance to a higher level of function and achieve their goals.


North Brunswick - Patient Reviews

Elinor Brooks
22:12 22 Nov 22
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and therapists at Twin Boro North Brunswick. Matt Wells was the best. He was very professional and definitely knew his job. I would highly recommend him and all of Twin Boro.One of the best things was you always remain with the same therapist which was not true at other places I’ve heard aboutThank you. Elinor Brooks
Elvin Ortiz
22:25 31 Oct 22
Matthew Wells has been a great therapist for the past 14 weeks. He has helped me so much getting my knee stronger and better! Definitely recommend him! Thank you Matt!! 💪
Tanecia Newson
18:11 28 Oct 22
Twin Boro Physical Therapy is great my therapist James Battaglia is awesome o would recommend Twin Boro to anyone
Shailendra Patel
21:45 22 Oct 22
Excellent therapist (Matthew A.) and supporting staff(Aiden and Amanda). Very polite and caring. Treated my frozen shoulder, completely normal now. Definitely recommend them.
Graham Collins
22:08 10 Oct 22
Highly recommended. Matthew Wells was excellent in treating my injury and getting me back to full health. All staff were friendly and helpful. I would come back if in need of future PT.
John Evans
20:59 03 Oct 22
I had an excellent experience at Twinboro. I had a partially torn rotator cuff and for the first month could barely move my arm. Once it started to improve a little bit the therapists there were great. I mainly worked with Kasha who continually pushed me with updated exercises when I was ready to progress. I was told by my orthopedist that I could have opted for surgery but I am very glad I stuck it out with the PT. I'm back to 90% of my strength and continuing to improve.
Zayna K
18:10 28 Sep 22
Twin Boro what a great experience that was! Matt Wells and the Whole staff treats you with a great attention, helpful, get to the pain spot quickly, good exercises to do, gives your time and listens to your complains!I feel that everyone should go there for any adjustment you need to your body and minimize your pain!Good luck to ALL Twin Boro staff !!!
Alin Ceausu
00:13 28 Sep 22
hello, my name is alin and I have been Matt wells' patient for 2 years, he helped me with 3 very difficult surgeries, he got me back on my feet faster than I thought, he is a very patient man with his patients, in this way I want to thank him and all the teams from twin boro for helping me to continue my life without any obstacles, thank you Matt
Seema Podar
00:50 27 Sep 22
I was at Twin Boro North Brunswick for my back pain radiating to my legs due to mild spinal stenosis. The faculty is very helpful and welcoming, right from the person who schedules appointments, to the therapists and aids. All welcome you with smiling faces. My therapist Eric Hill is very knowledgeable and caring. He paid attention to my progress during each visit and would adjust my exercises accordingly. He would keep an eye on how I am exercising, and would correct or compliment if I was doing them right or wrong. I am also assigned home exercises to keep me strong.I definitely have become stronger after going there for almost 6 weeks.I highly recommend Twin Boro North Brunswick.Thank you Eric Hill and the entire staff of this office.
Jeff Silber
18:35 18 Sep 22
Was recently discharged after completing my physical therapy. Eric was extremely helpful in outlining my recovery plan. I found the entire staff - from front desk to the aides - to be very professional. I would highly recommend them.
Lakisha Lancaster
23:36 15 Sep 22
Great place and my therapist Matt Wells was the best. Highly recommend.
Starry Wang
21:49 31 Aug 22
After five week PT in twin bro North Brunswick I am back to trail again! My PT Danielle is very knowledgeable and caring, she paid attention to my progress for every visit and adjust the exercises , I am so grateful that I worked with her. The whole staff are welcoming and caring, scheduling is super easy too.You will be in right hands if come to this office for PT.
Sats Anthony
17:12 30 Aug 22
Twin Boro's staff is very friendly and accommodating to my changed schedules, they keep the place very clean and wipe consistently. My PT was Danielle Zuppe who is very good at the routines and helped me review my pain. I am glad I went to them and that I am cured.
Isai Aguilar
01:15 26 Aug 22
I came in for a sprained ankle in May 2022. I found myself with Matt Wells and Danielle Zuppe and they were the absolute best. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would do it in a heartbeat. I came in as a stranger and I left as a part of the Twin Boro family here in North Brunswick. This place has faculty that make you feel welcomed, important, and cared for. I have never been to a Physical Therapy place before but this one has set the bar very high. After a couple of weeks I am finally able to jog again and slowly get back to what I do! All thanks to Matt and Danielle. Their consistency and attentiveness has allowed me to heal quicker than what I thought. Not only that, but the aides, front desk, and everyone in between collaborate well together to give their patients the utmost care that they need. I came in very upset as a new patient because of my injury and I am now leaving extremely happy. Not only because I have healed, but because I had the pleasure to get to know this one of a kind faculty.If you need a place to go for an injury and need physical therapy, I have no doubt that they will take care of you the way they did for me. I am very grateful for them! Always will be.
Lorraine Tighe (Laurie)
18:26 23 Aug 22
Twinboro north Brunswick physical therapy is by far the best there is. The whole staff including the aids could not have been any nicer and helpful. My therapist Matt Wells was excellent. Took the time to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly after my knee replacement surgery and got me back walking and moving in no time. Great guy always willing to help with any questions I had. He was great. I would recommend him to everyone
Dennis Fleming
14:21 23 Aug 22
Thank You for your services. Great Work. Many thanks to Matt Wells for his help in my recovery.
Frank (Yyanks15)
18:22 16 Aug 22
I had knee replacement in April and my range of motion was horrible. My PT was Kasha. She not only got my radius at over 120 degrees back but worked hard to get my muscles stronger that were effected by the surgery. Its a process but it so much better today. I also developed "Crystals" in my head making me dizzy. I never heard of such a issue but Kasha did and now I'm recovering nicely. The dizziness has gone away. Im truly grateful for everything Twin boro North Brunswick and Kasha did for me. Thank you
14:47 07 Aug 22
I went to Twin Bork twice over the last two years and worked with Dani Zuppe and Matt Wells. I had a great experience both treatments. The therapists are knowledgeable and caring, the facility is clean and the overall operation is organized. They offer hours through out the week which helps around the work schedule. I would definitely recommend them.
Tiana Robinson
20:21 05 Aug 22
I had an amazing experience at Twin Boro in North Brunswick! I had the best Physical Therapist, Matthew Wells who helped me have a full recovery with my shoulder injury. Every session I felt myself getting stronger and stronger thanks to Matt! I would definitely reccomend coming to this facility if you are looking to leave stronger than before!
Baby Anabelle
13:27 20 Jul 22
I came here for my knee problems let me tell you these people are awesome. All the staff is friendly including front desk. Also the PT both Matt A, Matt W and both Danielle’s are really good at their job, friendly and professional.Definitely recommend!
Andra Hector
21:20 07 Jul 22
Matt Wells did an excellent job healing my ankle.He'has a very pleasant personality. I am recommending him to my family members...
Danny Krouse
21:58 29 Jun 22
So I have been to a lot of Physical Therapy places over the course of my injury (herniated disc, Stenosis, and Degenerative Disc Disease) and Twin Boro was one of the most welcoming and supportive I have been to! If you are looking for an amazing team to work with and see results, I would highly recommend this PT place!Special shout-out to Kasia who worked with me the most and put up with me each and every visit!Big thanks to the whole team!
Tima Patel
20:29 25 Jun 22
I had savior pain in my both ankles, I was used to use supportive sleeves in my both anklesand knees, and still I was limping.Because of my different work schedule, I took my physical therapy from different therapist.I liked Matthew Agudelo more. In my opinion he is more knowledgeable and supportive(he knows what he is doing), he always make me feel more comfortabl and welcoming at the center. He was more supportive too. After taking my physical therapy, I am more confident, painless, not only standing/walking for 8 hours shifts on my feet, but though the day. Some time due to over walk or standing my ankles hurts, but I follow his guidelines that he had gave him, and next I feel totally normal.I highly recommend Matthew Agudelo. He is the most friendly person in the center, HE WELCOME EVERY PATIENTS. EVEN YOU ARE NOT HIS PATIENT.Best of luck Matthew, you are really hard working person. Thank you.
jazmine alverio
23:42 21 Jun 22
My therapist was Mat Wells and I’m totally grateful for him and his knowledge. I was referred to him after fracking my ankle while I was 8 months pregnant. I was so afraid of the journey I was about to face but thanks to Mat he help me stay strong and confidence in my path. After three surgeries and raising a one year old , I wasn’t sure if I could stay positive but twin Boro made it easy. I am so please to have them by my side. I would 100% recommend Twin Boro , especially Mat wells. Thank you for your kindness.
Lori Zimmerman
21:26 16 Jun 22
Best place to go for physical therapy! The staff is very professional and helpful. I needed to go in 2019, and I just needed to go again recently. Both times I had Danielle Zuppe as my therapist. She’s gentle and kind, mellow and funny. I hope I don’t ever have to come back, but if I do I will definitely ask for her to be my physical therapist again.
Dan Furmato
20:53 31 May 22
Twin Boro North Brunswick is the place to go! All of the therapists are friendly and helpful. I used Matt Wells as my therapist to treat a shoulder I had operated on years ago. I went to 2 other PT clinics before Twin Boro, and they had not helped me to fully regain my range of motion, strength, or comfort. At Twin Boro, Matt listened to the goals I wanted to accomplish for my shoulder and helped me to achieve them by giving me the right exercises and progressions in my program. I feel so much better and was able to compete in wrestling matches again, which I had not been able to do outside of a practice setting for 2 years because I was afraid of injuring myself more. Matt gave me the confidence that my shoulder would be ready to go and be able to withstand the strains of going full speed. Matt really cares about his patients and looks for ways to individualize each program and modify exercises to make PT fun. I would definitely recommend Twin Boro and Matt Wells, and will use them again if I come across other injuries needing PT.
Susmita Das
14:16 28 May 22
I had wonderful experience in Twinboro North BrunswickLocation. Everybody is so friendly and helpful.I have to mention about Daniel who was mypersonal Therapist. She was so caring and gentleI will never forget her . Also she was very thorough. I will always remember to go back to Twinboro North Brunswick location in future if I have to . Thank you all of you and Special Thanks to Daniel for taking good care of me.
Isaac Wang
21:38 27 May 22
This is definitely the best physical therapy I have ever found around here! I have chronic lower back pain and shoulder injuries, and they were never really cured before I came here. I have worked with Nicole Bruning (left here during the middle) and then Matthew Agudelo. They are amazing!After working with Nicole for 2 months, my lower back pain was largely relieved. Then during the 3 months that I worked with Matt, this amazing therapist kept giving me most updated and proper exercises, as well as good muscle relief. He is very smart, professional and patient, with magic hands that can relief your tighten muscles. He finally solved my limitation on the shoulder motion, and gave me comprehensive home exercise programs for me to keep myself in a good status. I really appreciate it. If you are going to find a good physical therapist, remember to come here and find Matt A.
Christian Gonzales
15:35 25 May 22
I had a great experience matt wells and matt A and all the people there was very freindly and profesional staff recomded to anyone
Wrenching Ed
23:52 23 May 22
Very good place staff very friendly all the therapist that work with me are great Tasha,Matt and Matt front desk very friendly and flexible helping you schedule PTs thank you so much guys I really improve alot on injury to Right ankle I will never forget this experience again thanks.
Felix Rodriguez (FOX)
00:21 18 May 22
It’s my first time at physical therapy luckily enough, I found myself at twin Boro. Just like the reviews has stated this place is outstanding. I had a great experience all of the staff are welcoming and professional. Matt Wells who was my therapist was great, very informative and straight to the point. His exercise helped my knee out a lot , if feel like I never injure it in the first place. I cannot recommend Twin Boro enough, and especially Matt Well.
Joanne Louizides-Bates
20:27 15 May 22
Can’t speak highly enough about my therapist Kasia. She created a successful exercise program for me and kept updating it as I grew stronger. With patience and great hands she was able to work out my most painful areas. Kudos to the North Brunswick facility which was always clean, staff friendly and great equipment. I will recommend Kasia and Twin Borough for anyone starting a therapy program
Tamari Lagidze
22:02 13 May 22
Twin boro in north Brunswick is the place where you can feel yourself very comfortable.Thank you all the ctaff. They’re really friendly. Everyone from the front desk are very nice. I want to say a special thank to Matt Agudelo. Matt is a real proffesional at his work.He is kind a person who carefully listens to your problems.He did amazing job for me. So I am always ready to recommend him. Thanks again and again Matt.
Dhanya Babu
15:40 12 May 22
I went in to Twin boro physiotherapy for treating my lower back-pain and knee pain ( I have two bulging lumbar discs) . My pain has reduced considerably since I started therapy at Twin Boro. All the staff were really friendly, helpful and accommodating. Special thanks to Matt Agudelo, he is an AMAZING physiotherapist. He is very knowledgeable and attuned to each patient. Matt carefully listens to our concerns and prescribes treatments. I could see that he genuinely cares for all his patients by the way he keeps checking on them to see if they are doing ok. He was kind enough to suggest at home exercises after my 6th session, since I was traveling and was unable to continue the therapy. The place is also very neatly kept. Everybody from the front desk to the therapists are all nice, they all know our names, which is very impressive considering the vast number of people going there .
barry geller
19:25 11 May 22
Not five stars but ten. I just can’t say enough good things about Twin Boro Physical Therapy at North Brunsick. I totally recommend Twin Boro. The staff is awesome and super friendly and very helpful. My therapist, Kristin Wishnow, really shows she cares and is attentive to my back and leg problem needs. She is exceptionally wonderful. Keep up the good work.Varda Geller
joseph provenzano
18:46 11 May 22
Matt Agudelo is an amazing Physical therapist and the entire staff is great. Would recommend to anyone!
16:52 11 May 22
I had a great experience at Twin Boro. I have tried other places, but this was by far the most helpful. I was treated by Matt Wells and he put together a very helpful exercise program for me and helped me improve my ankle stability significantly. Not only was Matt great, all the staff at Twin Boro was amazing and very friendly, the office staff, all the therapists, and especially the aides. I would 100% recommend Twin Boro in North Brunswick to anyone in need of physical therapy.
13:28 03 May 22
Twin Boro is outstanding. I had a very positive and productive experience. All of the staff are welcoming, caring and professional. Matt Agudelo who was my therapist gets an A+++ . He helped me achieve my rehab goals beyond what I thought was possible. I cannot recommend Twin Boro enough, and especially Matt.
La Rayne Wright
21:26 22 Apr 22
I had RCR & bicep tendonesis surgery in November. That’s when I began PT at Twin Boro. Matt Agudelo has been a wonderful therapist to work with from beginning to end I understood that the best way to recover was not to resist. He was very patient, helpful and knowledgeable and took his time to ensure that I would get to where I needed to be physically. I honestly thought I would not get improved motion and my arm moves GREAT! Thank you for impeccable service. Twin Boro is lucky to have you !
thomas squindo
16:01 07 Apr 22
I had 5 surgeries on my left leg due to DVT. When I first went therapy in April 2021 I needed a cane and leg brace to walk and not very well even with that I was in fear of falling . I was evaluated by Matt Wells who carefully explained the process he would take me through and over the months that followed up to the present has gotten me to the point where I no longer use a cane or brace and feel totally confident walking and doing many activities I enjoyed prior to surgery including hunting and fishing. Matt has far exceeded my expectations constantly coming up with "creative" exercises that push me to regain strength and confidence. I'm sure you are aware of the value Mr. Wells adds to your team and your company but want to add my experience .
Q. Rokerya
19:35 05 Apr 22
I had a great experience here. Danielle was my therapist, she helped me out in every possible way. She was very kind, supportive, and understanding, and actively listened to my needs and worries through some of the hardest sessions. Danielle helped me champion my recovery and guide me through it all. The practice as a whole is a great place to be, and all the staff are very warm and friendly, and overall easy to work with.
Chadd Heyman
22:20 29 Mar 22
I wanted to take a second to thank Matt Wells and all the PT aides for everything they have done for me since I've been here. After suffering a accident from a fall, I started coming to Twin Boro in North brunswick to hopefully relieve some of the pain in my shoulder and my neck. I was assigned to Matt W and he quickly addressed my areas of pain and started working on ways to decrease those sleepless nights and days of headaches. It's been three months and I would say that I am 110% better. Every time I came I was treated like family and the entire staff greeted me by name and asked specifically about my injuries. I would highly recommend anyone that needs therapy to come here and work with any of the therapists. If anyone has any second thoughts, please reach out to me and I will give you all the reasons why Danielle, Matt W, or Matt A are the top three reasons to come
Ana Paula Domiciano
00:19 26 Mar 22
Today is my last day of PT at the Twin Boro in North Brunswick and it feels biter sweet, during the last 8 months the whole staff of Twin Boro have been simply amazing with me, everyone is very nice and give you the best service possible starting from the front desk and the aids and all the therapists are super friendly, my therapist Kasia specially, I have no words to describe how incredible she is, she treats all her patients with so much attention and care, she pushes you to your best development and recovery, she prepared me for my knee surgery with a hard program that made my legs prepared for a tough operation and recovery, and today after 6 months of my surgery I feel I got very close of 100% recovery and leave with the certainty that I couldn’t be this good without their help and dedication. Thank you so much to Kasia and all the staff for an amazing time… I’ll be coming back soon!
Abu Chris
23:47 24 Mar 22
Very professional and great hard working peopleHighly recommendedI don’t know where I would be without them
16:31 16 Mar 22
My physical therapist Matt Wells was good. As a pessimist I can conclude my thumb injury strengthened!
Michael Cladd
22:21 09 Mar 22
Great experience. My Therapist was Matt Wells and I came in dealing with an old shoulder injury. Matt was very patient, kind and professional along with his team. He help me not only build strength in my shoulder but also gave me the mental confidence to get back to my workouts.
David Toole
15:00 25 Feb 22
Twin Boro is an excellent facility with an incredible staff. They are caring, receptive of patient input, and flexible with scheduling. My therapist, Matthew Wells was great. I would recommend it to anyone needing physical therapy.
Tony Lalama
21:05 09 Feb 22
Twin Boro in North Brunswick was very good for the treatment of my back pain.. My PT, Kasia, was excellent. She provided the right exercises and added more as needed. I would recommend going there for Physical therapy.
YSkennard G
18:23 09 Feb 22
I had the pleasure of having Danielle Zuppe as my therapist and to say the least she was exceptional. She was patient, attentive, kind and successful. I went in for tennis elbow. My doctor suggested this before as alternative to doing surgery and this was the best option. I am grateful and thankful that I had Danielle as she really worked my arm and got me to a place of no more pain. She is definitely professional but friendly as well. She really cares about her patients and I would recommend her over and over again. Thank you to the office staff as well for their ability to always be accomodating.
Danielle M
04:54 08 Feb 22
I treated here in 2017 for sciatica and recently worked with Danielle for knee pain. She, along with the other staff and facility are excellent. Therapy with the home exercises helped me feel better very quickly. Exercise demonstration videos on the portal were a great way to practice good form. Hopefully I won't need therapy again but if needed I would use this facility and recommend to others as well. Thanks Danielle!
Stephanie Laga
13:20 03 Feb 22
Great experience at Twin Boro Physical Therapy. Kasia made my recovery very seamless. She and the rest of the staff were nice and professional. It’s helpful they have an app you can use to view exercises while at home or traveling. Really appreciate my time here, thank you Kasia!
Roshan Patel
19:36 21 Jan 22
Twin boro north Brunswick was what I needed to help me get moving after a serious foot injury. Matt W. was my physical therapist and was always pushing me to do what my foot would let me and helped bring me where I am today. The rest of the staff was also great. They greet you by name when you walk onto the floor. I highly recommend this location. Everything is sprayed and wiped down after use and the space isn’t cramped.
Krishna Hegde
14:33 14 Jan 22
I had shoulder pain and visited Twin Boro North Brunswick for physical therapy for two months. The facility is great, staff are courteous, pleasant and well trained. Danielle Zuppe who worked with me was very professional and attentive.
Victoria G
22:31 13 Jan 22
This has been my third visit to Twin Boro at North Brunswick, and I cannot recommend this facility and team strongly enough. All the staff were incredibly friendly, supportive, and determined to help me succeed. The care provided by therapist Matt Wells was exemplary, and he continually worked hard to see me improve and regain strength. I’m grateful for his commitment to my recovery.
Dennis Cosgrave
18:33 01 Jan 22
I highly recommend this Twin Boro location to anyone seeking quality PT services. The facility and equipment was clean. Danielle Zuppe was outstanding and put a plan together that helped me get back to where I was prior to my injury.
Laura Piper
13:11 01 Jan 22
When it comes to Twin Boro Therapy it’s hands down the best ! From the wonderful receptionist that are so accommodating and helpful to the wonderful staff. Matthew Wells is a great therapist and his goal is to get you back and better then before. He is very knowledgeable and makes sure the exercises he gives you are working the needed area. He takes the time out to make sure your form is always correct and that your on the right path with your recovery. Thanks to him I was back quicker this time around from injury. I would definitely refer him and any of the wonderful staff there. After being a returning patient, I will always make sure any injury that requires therapy to give Twin Boro a call to help get me right ! If your looking for somewhere to help you feel at ease this is your place for sure.
Sangeetha Ram
01:55 29 Dec 21
I had a wonderful experience at twin boro. My therapist was Matt wells. I went in with a severe sciatica nerve pinch and i had to use a walking stick to walk. Matt worked patiently and encouraged me and helped me to regain my strength. I ended up in a surgery and continued my therapy with Matt for 6 weeks post surgery. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional and helped me to get me back to my normal self. I would definitely recommend twin boro and Matt wells as a therapist.
19:35 27 Dec 21
Great staff and definitely recommended. I largely worked with Kasia who is very skilled and knowledgeable.
Henrik Pedersen
21:19 21 Dec 21
An excellent team delivering great professional service. Kristin managed a helpful round of PT that involved some complex issues. Successfully completed the therapy to end in a better place.
Rami Boumoghlbeih
15:41 08 Dec 21
Professional, experienced and dedicated therapists,modern training machines that are kept clean and well maintained. The entire team provides continuous follow up and flexible scheduling,the place have a nice ambience (day light, music, TV screens,...) and maintains both social distancing and the privacy of all the patients.thank you Twin Boro North Brunswick and Big thank you to Danielle
shey Zalez
23:42 18 Nov 21
Calm and welcoming environmentI really enjoyed my experience.The location has a good variety of equipment and a nice layout that doesn’t feel crowded. All staff members were nice and welcoming. My PT Nicole was very gentle and knowledgeable.
Jacqueline Siesputowski
10:51 01 Nov 21
Twin Boro Physical Therapy North Brunswick is amazing. Following ORIF surgery, which left me with a plate and 13 screws for a proximal humerus fracture, I worried about regaining normal use of my left arm.My DPT James Battaglia confidently treated me and created a program that has allowed me to return to my normal routine. I was able to easily do my "homework" thanks to the app where James uploaded all of the exercises he assigned. He was able to update the program in the app as I made progress and my program evolved.As a patient, recovery can get frustrating at times but James was very supportive and encouraging. He always had additional exercises and techniques to help me progress when I felt that I might not be improving. I was treated by James exclusively until nearly the end of my treatment when I alternated between James and Danielle Zuppe, DPT.Being discharged after ten months was truly bittersweet but I left with a home program that I continue to do to maintain the range of motion that was restored. As my one year "breakversary" approaches, I am grateful to James and Danielle, and the best aides ever, Hannah and Dan, for their care and kindness!
Jim D
13:28 26 Oct 21
I highly recommend TwinBoro of North Brunswick. The facility is clean and everyone is very friendly.....a special shout out to Madison and my Therapist Danielle!Most importantly the program works. This was my second time using this company for Physical Therapy Treatment (1st time for my Hip in 2017 / 2nd time for my Elbow in 2021) and I couldn't be happier with the results.Easy 5 Stars!
Abhinav Singh
23:00 22 Oct 21
Went to twin boro pt for my wrist issues that had been bothering me for nearly 2 years. Matt Wells did an excellent job of diagnosing me and addressing the issue. Really helped improve the injury which I just could not get rid of before.
Yitzett Lee
18:43 14 Oct 21
I’m greatly thankful to the staff at Twin Boro Physical Therapy especially my therapist Matt Wells who was very kind, patient, professional and knowledgeable. He helped me recover from my ankle injury. Everyone was very attentive and always had a smile on their face. My experience at twin boro was exceptional and I will recommend anyone to seek their service for physical therapy. Thank you all for everything you did during this difficult time.
Anoop Narayanan
02:39 14 Oct 21
My sincere gratitude to entire staff at Twin Boro of North Brunswick for being friendly, caring and making me feel at home. The staff was very attentive and always ready to answer questions with a smile. My therapist was Danielle Zuppe and she made me feel at ease, discussing the session and always had a caring smile. She also provided me with an exercise regimen to follow at home which helped me to heal and get better faster to do my usual chores/sports. I highly recommend Twin Boro of North Brunswick and will always be my go-to place for any future therapy session. Thank You, Danielle.
Cheryl Fitzer-Attas
22:00 29 Sep 21
The entire staff at Twin Boro North Brunswick is friendly, attentive, and caring. The atmosphere is relaxed yet serious in helping people recover and resume their activities of daily living. I am grateful to have been treated in this safe environment and continue with my exercises at home! Thanks to James and Danielle in particular.
Alan Katz
15:34 24 Sep 21
I just finished my 6 week therapy at Twin Boro North Brunswick and I’m extremely happy. My therapist was James and he is fantastic. Professional yet makes you feel comfortable. Extremely knowledgeable on every aspect of my therapy. I can’t recommend him enough. One of the best therapists I’ve had.
carmen Acevedo
22:20 23 Sep 21
I have been going to Twin Boro for 3 years. My experience at Twin Boro has been an excellent one. All staff members are great, friendly, and very welcoming. My therapist was Danielle Zuppe and she is one of the best therapist I know. I highly recommend Twin Boro. Great place.
stephanie devito
12:20 21 Sep 21
I was really overwhelmed when I had to figure out which Physical Therapist to go to for my neck problems. I've heard so many mixed stories about PT being scammy or unhelpful, but Twin Boro was absolutely perfect.The whole staff is nice, helpful and knowledgeable and Matt especially knows what he is doing. They have a clean, well stocked facility and everything is very transparent. I would completely recommend them to anyone who wants to get the most out of their PT.
Bea C
18:26 02 Sep 21
I am extremely grateful to the team. I had terrible back/leg pain, and Nicole DPT patiently worked with me to help me get back to my regular exercise routine. It’s scary to feel like you have to limit what you’re doing because of pain, especially when basic things like standing or being active at work become difficult due to an injury. I felt a huge sense of relief that I didn’t have to be scared to go back to the gym. Nicole stressed a “take it one step at a time” approach, and we were able to get me back to my normal activities. Thank you!
K. wild
21:27 01 Sep 21
I spent two months at this location due to hurting my lower back and I really enjoyed my experience.The location has a good variety of equipment and a nice layout that doesn’t feel crowded.The office staff is always available, friendly and quick. The aids are always willing to help and are very kind and attentive. Lastly I’m super thankful for my pt Matt Wells. He’s patient, educated, and gentle when working with you. I always felt safe and trusted him with the exercises he assigned me.I made a lot of progress under his guidance and can’t thank him enough!
Julia Zheng
15:26 28 Aug 21
My right knee was in pain and needed to strengthen the muscles on both legs. Kasia worked on me. She is very knowledgeable, very attentive and utilized a variety of therapies. I'm able to walk with little or no pain in 2 weeks. Her magical hands massage my knee with pin-pointing the particular muscles and ligaments. My leg muscle strength have improved significantly. She answered my questions patiently. The support team was great too. Thank you all!
Felgome Publ: Awake/Despertar
23:50 22 Aug 21
I got referred to Twin Boro for a fractured leg. My therapist James and Matt were very professional and attentive at all time in everything that I needed for my recovery. Tween Boro Physical Therapy have a grate team that is friendly, educated and professional. I highly recommend Tween Boro Physical Therapy to anyone., Thank you guys,
Natal Silva
22:22 17 Aug 21
I started with the Walker I never thought I was going to walk again because I broke my right leg in 3 places I have a rod and 9 screws I thought I could never move my foot again Thank God I had such a good therapist was the greatest and she worked 👍with me until I moved my foot and walking straighti want to say thank you kristin Wishonw for a greatest job she did to me
Victoria Tucci
17:19 12 Aug 21
I have spent the past 2 and a half months here 3 times a week. It has been a great experience. I worked with Kasha almost every time. She is very supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process. I am recovering from ACL surgery and she has given me the building blocks to a successful recovery. I spent a few sessions with Kristen as well and she is so friendly and always willing to try new things with you. She was there the first time I was able to run post surgery so she has a special place in my heart! Love them both and am very thankful for my experience here!
Vivian Luna
19:54 30 Jul 21
I cant say enough great things about this facility. All the receptionists from the time you walk in are so polite, patient and accomadating. The therapy assistants are very attentative your needs and are always there to help you. James my physical therapist is outstanding!!! I cant say enough about him, he is very smart, caring and patient! The facility is up to date and always kept very clean. Please come here, you wont be disappointed.
Sujata Bhogal
22:49 13 Jul 21
I went there for my post left shoulder surgery recovery. I highly recommend this place for Phyical therapy. My therapists James and Danielle were super helpful. Without their coaching and treatment I would not have achieved this milestone.James made sure that I do my exercises the right way with correct posture.Danielle taught me some new techniques which really helpled me to raise my hand. Whole staff over here is very caring and helpful.I am really lucky and thankful that I went there for therapy.
N. Xu
17:31 12 Jul 21
I have a very positive experience with Kasia at Twin Boro Physical Therapy. I had a knee surgery in July 2020 and a prolong neck problem, was having significant joint/muscle pain. I was amazed that she always knew exactly where the pain was, how to work it out with detail physical therapy procedures and home program. Now I'm pain-free and very excited about getting back to the lifestyle that I enjoyed before. Thank you, Kasia and the staff at Twin Boro Physical Therapy.
22:28 09 Jul 21
I can’t give enough kudos to the physical therapists at the North Brunswick location. My therapist Matt was determined to correct my shoulder pain. He worked effortlessly with me to regain my range of motion. ( which he did ) The whole staff is friendly yet always professional. From the time you walk in the door, there is always a welcoming staff to greet you. I would highly recommend if you need physical therapy, this is the place to go!
Steve Saffer
19:32 07 Jul 21
I finished therapy for my fractured shoulder at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in North Brunswick just over a month ago. Let me preface by saying I am an older person who had been fortunate to have never needed physical therapy before. Hearing more than my share of "physical therapy stories" I had some trepidation prior to my first visit. If only more of the story tellers had their therapies performed at this facility!My PT was was Danielle who was fantastic. She answered all, and I mean all, of my questions with knowledge and professionalism. I worked with Danielle for over 12 weeks. She helped me achieve my initial goals and more.I could not give a stronger recommendation. In addition to Danielle the rest of the staff was most friendly, courteous and helpful. The facility was spotless and kept in great condition.
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