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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Red Bank with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy & certified hand therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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Meet Your Director

Anthony Mayers, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Working out, working on his cars, and spending time with family and friends

Anthony Mayers graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a Bachelor’s in Health Science in 2012 and earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2014.  During his time at LVC, Anthony participated in various programs including C.U.R.E. a student-run pro bono clinic.

Anthony joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy in 2014.  After gaining clinical experience treating a variety of conditions he became the Assistant Director of our Parlin site and advanced to the position of Clinical Director at Twin Boro’s Toms River Location.

Anthony has pursued continuing education courses, through Great Lakes seminars, with a concentration on the treatment of cervical, thoracic, lumbar and shoulder impairments and plans on obtaining his CSCS certification.

Anthony’s personal treatment approach focuses on the patient as a whole rather than just a specific impairment and he utilizes techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release and taping techniques among other methods of intervention.

When treating patients or managing other therapists, Anthony implements Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model to determine the “right level of health care” for each individual.  This unique approach looks at the entire continuum of care for the patient or athlete. This ranges from a relatively low level of function a patient might experience post injury or surgery all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function.

In his free time, Anthony enjoys working out, working on his cars and spending time with family and friends.


Red Bank - Patient Reviews

Bob Campanella
09:24 23 Mar 23
I attended Twin Boro PT for several months during 2022 and 2023 for a lower back injury. Anthony was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful during the whole process. The facility is great, and very convenient.
M. Jelvani
21:18 22 Mar 23
Anthony help me , for my knee .Thank you for all your help and excellent job !!My knee is much better, the only problem I had , was about my billing process, was wrong information.Thank youMahshid
21:21 06 Mar 23
Loved the hand therapy !
natalie wiesenhart
00:05 03 Mar 23
I went to physical therapy for a finger injury from cheer. Lacey went above and beyond to help me get to a full recovery. She is very knowledge and makes physical therapy very fun. She cares a lot your recovery and will do anything to help you. Everyone at TwinBoro is very friendly and I would recommend them to everyone!!!
Carlos Torres
23:37 02 Mar 23
Great people great workouts to help fix your problems no complaints at all
Dylan Santos
18:33 15 Feb 23
I would put 10 stars if I could, I broke 4 of my fingers in a work accident which required a year long recovery…Lacey did an amazing job guiding me to a full recovery. She is very knowledgeable and cares about your recovery.
Ladyinnj Dear
02:52 09 Feb 23
very nice people...caring and thorough
joel levinson
20:21 01 Apr 22
The entire staff at Twin Boro in Red Bank are extremely courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. The experience was a worthwhile one, and they helped quite a bit with my physical therapy needs. The therapy staff are knowledgeable regarding physical therapy and recognize individual needs.
Angela Coccurello
23:54 17 Mar 22
I whent to twin boro after I had a rotary cuff surgery, my therapist was ANTHONY, from him I received the best therapy ever,olso MITCHELL sometimes worked on me,both amazing.the one on one therapy was unique and personalized. Everyone treated me like family,.loved going there and soon I am going back for my foot.
Joanne Girard
15:19 06 Mar 22
I had a great experience going to Twin Boro. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend.
Ewa New-Jersey
02:17 09 Feb 22
I am very grateful for your help in resolving my medical issues. I liked a friendly help, nice atmosphere and everybody around. Thank you and good luck. Ewa
15:06 01 Feb 22
I went to Twin Boro to work on my hamstring. I worked with Dean, he was great and would recommend him. He explained what he was doing and gave me tools to prevent the injurie from happening in the future. The facilities were ok, nothing super specials.
Claire Soeters
14:08 20 Jan 22
I've been to Twin Boro twice, Pt. for both my knees and then for my lower back. What a experience, I can only say good thing about the staff and teams. I had Ashley Dole and Gerard who made me feel so welcomed and comfortable with my exercises. Twin Boro looks and feels like a gym. I highly recommend, I give it a 10 +. Thank you everyone for the great experience .
Nicole Armbrust
22:03 14 Jan 22
Dean was great! Very professional, my daughter looked forward to coming to every appt. Would definitely recommend. We will be back if we ever need PT services of any type! Thank you!
Stephen Aponte
13:53 13 Jan 22
Everyone there is great. My second time there for separate issues and both times they were very helpful and pleasant to work with. I work with Dean this time and he did a great job.
Abu Chris
13:46 01 Dec 21
Highly recommended and very professional.
Beth Abrams
22:00 28 Oct 21
Everyone I interacted with was professional, warm, friendly, and very caring. Ashley Dole was my main therapist and she really helped me. She adjusted my routine as needed and challenged me right up until my last day. I really appreciate all of her help and dedication!
Olivia Volpetti
20:37 07 Oct 21
They are flexible and considerate when it comes to scheduling appointments! My PT Anthony was extremely personable, timely and knew his stuff! Highly recommend!
Marisa Pilgrim
13:37 06 Oct 21
I had a great experience here with my recovery and PT from a broken foot. The staff is amazing and so hard working. Brad was patient, knowledgeable and very helpful. I would highly recommend this facility for any PT needs!
John Petryshyn
20:26 29 Sep 21
Ashley and Girard have been amazing during my visits for my shoulder recovery. Would definitely recommend and go back again.
Dakota Wakeman
11:11 05 Aug 21
My time with Twin Boro has been quite the entertaining experience. Watching my progress from walking in many months back with an aching back pain to being able weight lift and run again was astonishing. The staff were great at keeping a positive and exciting environment and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the physical activities I love doing without them. I would definitely recommend anyone in need of physical therapy to reach out to them!
Nikki Montagna
18:43 15 Jul 21
Being in my mid twenties I did not know what to think when I got hurt at work back in 2019, worker’s compensation sent me to see Lacey Silvano OTR/LCHT. Lace saw me as a whole and went above and beyond just like the rest of the Twin Boro staff at Red Bank. My pain level was ALWAYS taken into consideration but Lace worked me hard before & after my extensive volar plate reconstruction surgery. Lace is SUPER knowledgeable and answers all questions very informatively…. SOO MUCH BETTER THAN OTHER OTRs I have been in treatment with previously!!! I finally have a great OTR/LCHT that is fun and gets me the results I want as well as the improvements we need… like a thumbs up after 12+ months of splitting, pins, and not so graceful swan necks!When a Spoonie like me finds an OTR/LCHT like Lacey Silvano I will ALWAYS COME BACK…Even today, March 2021, I sustained a comminuted fracture of my left wrist because their were intraarticular components A closed reduction was immediately performed and I was in a below the elbow hard cast and now a braceLace and I are teaming up AGAIN AND working HARD AGAIN hopefully I won’t need surgery but If I do need realignment Twin Boro at Red Bank is the BEST place for me!
Steve Casari
21:35 01 Jul 21
I was a recent patient receiving PT/OT treatment on my elbow as a result of a surgical procedure earlier in 2021. I was previously being treated (pre-surgery and post surgery) by a different therapist group and switched to Twin Boro. The experience at Twin Boro was a pleasant surprise - all of the staff were extremely helpful and the facility was maintained well and had appropriate spacing (social distancing). In addition all of the staff was very friendly and my therapist (Chaya S) was excellent. The level of care she provided made me feel very comfortable as she was extremely knowledgeable in hand/elbow related therapies and she took time to explain her treatment plan and procedures. In addition, she was very accommodating with my schedule. If you are in need of a hand related therapist, I would highly recommend Chaya S at Twin Boro.
22:04 30 Jun 21
I fractured my right ring finger three months ago. My physical therapist Chaya Schachter built a custom splint for me. After wearing the splint for two months, I began my pt sessions with Chaya. She was very helpful and took very good care of me. She made me feel comfortable and reassured me that I will be ok and able to return to tennis for the summer. Chaya demonstrated all of the exercises she gave me and watched me to make sure I was doing them correctly. She is a wonderful physical therapist and I highly recommend her. Chaya is very kind and personable. She always has a smile on her face.
Corinna Thuss
17:28 20 Jun 21
I have been going to Brad Cooper for PT since they moved to this location on and off Brad gets you to full mobility one way or another which is what you need. He is the best and he has one of the most attentive team helping throughout your recovery
Michael Tumulty
14:18 20 Jun 21
In the process of recovering from two surgival procedures ( Rotator Cuff and Lumbar Discetomy ) the Twin Boro Team did a great job even during the transition in and out of Covid Restirctions. Anthony and the crew were attentive and focused on solving for the condtions and planned out a proactive progression. The front desk team wih their apps and appointmetnt schedule process were polite, precise and flexible. Would highly recommend.
Annette Levi
13:34 15 Jun 21
Twin Boro rehab facility in Redbank is one of the best facilities I’ve been to. Anthony Mayer’s is working with me and I couldn’t have asked for a more caring person. He gives you that personal touch and actually sent me a thank you with a notation about something I mentioned to him at my first visit. From the receptionist Jennifer to the assistants, especially Gerard who are also very caring snd compassionate, I have never felt more comfortable and know I’m in good hands.
Chris D'Agostino
13:29 02 Jun 21
I recently had physical therapy for some joint pain with Anthony Mayars at their Red Bank location. After seeing two doctors, I chose the PT route, and preferred Twin Boro based on my past experience with them. Anthony diagnosed my issue spot-on, and worked with me on a routine that gave me relief fairly quickly. I'm following up at home now and am really feeling like myself again. Thanks Anthony! A shout-out to your entire staff, who are energetic, friendly, competent and professional!
Rob Prunyi
16:45 31 May 21
I had never had to have Physical Therapy until I injured my thumb at work slicing the tendon. Normally I thought i would hate going but it quickly became something I looked forward to. My therapist Lacey is fantastic and I can't say enough good things about her. She made the experience fun while I was there. I hope to never injury self that bad again but i know who Id want and where to go again the rest of the staff is also super nice
Jim McGann
14:01 28 May 21
I have been recovering from a hand injury for the past few months. Lacey Silvano has been my Occupational Therapist at Twin Boro. The recovery process was long, and I ended up needing surgery. I have finally completed the process and could not be happier with the results. The surgery was a critical component, however the hand therapy and Lacey’s support and encouragement helped me immensely. When you go into a recovery process you don’t know how long it will take and what the outcome will be. But after a few months I learned more than I ever thought I would about my hands, and kept motivated due to the energy of the strong OT team at Twin Boro.
Lauren Riley
18:31 20 May 21
I have been coming to Red Bank Twin Boro physical therapy for a little over three months now and it has been seriously the best experience. I see Ashley Dole as my physical therapist and I couldn’t be happier. She has created a great tailored program for me to help me walk and eventually run again. I was nervous when I first started but she is so easy to talk to and really listens to all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend going to Twin Boro and especially working with Ashley Dole.
Terri Galaro
20:17 26 Apr 21
In October 2020, I underwent carpal tunnel release surgery. After several follow-up trips to the doctor, with my hand becoming increasingly worse, rather than improving, he suggested I go for OT. Unfortunately, due to COVID, I found that many Occupational Therapists were let go from various facilities near me as fewer people were in need of their services. Those I did find, did not take my insurance.I was fortunate to come across Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Red Bank. From the first conversation I had with Victoria regarding availability, insurance coverage and alternate location options, I felt at ease. I knew I had finally found an occupational therapist and felt I was in good hands. Victoria was so polite and accommodating. I selected the Red Bank location based their hours of availability and ease of getting there. Despite the almost one hour ride for me, it was straight down the parkway.When I first met Lacey Silvano, I was very impressed by her knowledge and skill. During the course of my treatment, Terry was working with Lacey for practical experience. In addition to being an excellent therapist, Lacey was a great teacher. I watched as Terry learned, and grew in his confidence and technique. He will make a wonderful therapist.Each time I visited Twin Boro, I was greeted with a friendly smile and felt welcomed. I felt at ease and at home during the sessions. I thank Lacey and Terry for their help and will miss them and everyone I met during my therapy sessions. I wish everyone great success.
Irwin Levine
15:36 24 Apr 21
Brad is an exceptional PT!My reward for the effort, energy and excellent care is the absence of pain🙏
Alex Pniewski
21:04 17 Apr 21
Twin Boro is a very professional place for physical therapy. The whole staff is incredibly polite. I went for my hand and Lacey the therapist is outstanding. She takes her time with every patient and shows she cares about her patients.
Ryan Keeley
22:21 16 Apr 21
Had a great experience with Brad and the team here from start to finish. Great attention to patient needs and always felt comfortable and left feel great each time.
Kristina Keeley
22:19 16 Apr 21
I’ve been going to Twin Boro and seeing PT Brad for about 2 years now and I have nothing but great things to say about the business and staff! Everyone is so welcoming, friendly, and accommodating. The equipment is constantly being sanitized (even before Covid) and they do a great job at keeping patients distanced. Brad has helped my back and neck pain tremendously!! I highly recommend both him and Twin Boro!
18:04 16 Apr 21
I have been receiving PT at the Red Bank site for a few months now. I have had lumbar fusion surgery and Anthony has put me back on my feet. His exercise program and therapy have made a big improvement in my recovery. Also the whole staff there are some of the nicest and caring people. I recommend them highly
Jennifer Scutellaro
15:29 16 Apr 21
I have been a patient at Twin Borough Red Bank a few months now for treatment of lower back and hip pain and cannot say enough about the exceptional staff and excellent care I received. My physical therapist, Ashley Dole is extremely knowledgeable and professional—she went above and beyond to help me progress to full recovery. So thankful that today I have no pain, just occasional stiffness which is easily resolved with the exercises Ashley recommended I do at home. Showing up for PT is half the battle and it takes commitment, especially when you’re in pain, but Ashley, Gerard and so many of the staff at Red Bank are warm, friendly and accommodating you actually look forward to going! As a retired RN who is now pain free, I highly recommend Ashley and the team at Twin Borough Red Bank PT.
Peter Lawrence
18:19 15 Apr 21
Brad and his staff run a first class operation. Friendly, clean, efficient and very attentive to your needs. The best PT facility I've ever visited.
Alexis Walsh
18:16 15 Apr 21
Ashley G is an amazing physical therapist. I got injured in January and have been coming to her for 3 months for a dislocated knee. She cares about her patients and is great to accommodate with different exercises to help with the injury. I highly recommend twin boro and Ashley G!!! Danielle and Gerard are also great help!
Jon Ahl
15:49 15 Apr 21
I was referred to this center by my orthopedist to recover from an arthroscopy. My injury wasn't too bad, but my knee was stiff and painful to move. After only 8 visits to this center, I feel far better and have recovered almost complete mobility in my knee. I mainly worked with Anthony, Justin, and Gerard, and the exercises they led me through worked great. The center itself was open and the staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend visiting here.
Mike Rowe
14:26 01 Apr 21
In 2020, I underwent Tri-Level Spinal Fusion. As a result of the surgery and a spinal cord injury, I had severe limitation with the use of both of my hands. I began working with Lacey Silvano at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Red Bank, NJ. At our initial meeting, Lacey analyzed my extremely complicated situation and developed a strategy that we would implement to regain the use of my hands. Lacey's instructions were clear and she told me honestly that it would be a long hard journey that we would undertake together. Lacey was right - it has been hard. But, without her, I would not have regained the use of my hands. Lacey is intelligent, caring, honest, and a wonderful person. In short, she and the others at Twin Boro, including Brad, Anthony, Terry, Jen and Veronica, have saved my life. I highly recommend them all. Mike Rowe
Joe Conway
20:31 30 Mar 21
I’ve been coming to Twin Boro for approximately 7 months and the staff goes above and beyond to be helpful and courteous. Physical therapists: Ashley G. and Heather have personally treated me for my ailments and are amazing. All the assistants are great assisting with the exercises and being patient. Would recommend if you are in need of treatment!
Serena A.
17:54 30 Mar 21
I feel so much better thanks to Ashley, Gerard and the team at Twin Boro. Physical therapy can be intimidating, but not here. The professional, friendly and caring staff make all the difference. Highly recommend!
bob Tomkins
14:40 29 Mar 21
I had a great experience at Twin Boro. Anthony treated me well. Thank you for the care. I will be back again.
Flaca S
00:21 26 Mar 21
I'm extremely satisfied by the professionalism of Twin Boro,Lacey and Terry help me a lot with my hand therapy.I would not hesitate to go back should I need to in future.Thank You both
Christopher Connor
22:23 02 Mar 21
I have a patient of twin borough for a few months for my right hand. Lacey is a wonderful person and an excellent therapist. She got me back to work much quicker the expected. Twin borough is a great place the entire staff is extremely nice.
17:25 21 Feb 21
I have been going to Twin Boro for years seeing Brad for PT and Lacey for OT. They both, along with the entire team from front of staff to therapists, go above and beyond with not just my care but my overall well being. I feel like they are family and I know a lot of others that would say the same. I have Muscular Dystrophy and I have seen incredible improvements and support from their sessions. During the pandemic they took every step to keep me safe while ensuring I could receive my therapy.
Bob Amato
15:11 30 Jan 21
I highly recommend Twin Boro. Anthony and the team know their stuff and will push you hard while being friendly and supportive. After my knee replacement surgery, Anthony had my recovery ahead of schedule. When I would call to schedule appointments, Jennifer and Victoria could not have been nicer. Thanks Anthony and team!
Karl Lomberk
15:17 20 Jan 21
Anthony and the rest of the Pat staff at Twin Boro are super knowledgeable and friendly but they work you hard and don’t let you slack off. They literally got me back on my feet within a few sessions and then as good as new within a couple of months following my knee replacement surgery. Jennifer and Victoria at the front desk are sweet and super helpful. If you need to rehab from an injury or surgery, I can’t recommend the gang at Twin Boro highly enough.
Chelsea H.
23:34 07 Jan 21
I attended physical therapy sessions at Twin Boro Physical Therapy from the end of October 2020 to the beginning of January 2021. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that my physical therapist, Brad Cooper, gave me my life back. I came to Twin Boro in a wheelchair, with a neck pillow, unable to hold myself up in a seated position for extended periods of time and unable to stand unsupported. I am now walking!!! I am completely independent in my activities of daily living, and I am stronger and have more endurance than I thought would be possible at this point. I am doing so well that I no longer qualify for PT!! I am able to hike over 2 miles!! Brad has been excellent at finding just the right amount of challenge that wouldn't push me too far and worsen my symptoms, but would give me the strength, stamina, and stability I needed. He has constantly found new, creative ways to challenge me as I've continued to improve. He also really listens and cares, always asking me specific questions about how I'm doing. Everyone at Twin Boro has been nothing short of kind and wonderful. Special shout-outs to Jen, Victoria, Gerard, Justin, and Gabby! Thank you, Brad, and the entire team at Twin Boro!! I am beyond grateful. I cannot recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy highly enough!!
Kathy Pinnola
18:07 29 Dec 20
I have never needed PT before I broke my ankle this summer. The Twin Boro team made me feel welcome and comfortable working on my rehab. They are very flexible with appointments and accommodated my very early needs before work. Anthony is an excellent therapist and gradually worked me back to full exercise with help from Gerard. Other therapists are friendly and always greet you by name, like Heather who keeps it light and fun in the morning. I am going to miss my early morning appointments with this group, but my leg, ankle and foot are better and I’m back to 100% activity! Thank you all! If you are looking for PT or OT I highly recommend Twin Boro in Middletown.
19:11 12 Oct 20
I am very satisfied with this place. I love the staff. Specially my main therapist Heather DeGuzman. She is awesome. Besides being a great therapist she is very sweet. God bless her!
Taidgh Fitzpatrick
19:30 20 Sep 20
Great space with an awesome staff. They'll fix ya up good and proper
Stephani Bonner
22:43 07 Feb 20
First time needing PT & even though the drive was out of my way, I enjoyed meeting with my therapist. I was fortunate to work with Adam Broad. The receptionists were helpful and remembered my name and face! I remember thinking, how am I going to explain my back pain to these people, I don’t even know the details myself. I wasn’t looking forward to the initial appointment because of this. In my experience, physicians give me a blank stare until I finish explaining symptoms & I can’t gauge how much they are actually grasping. To my surprise, from the moment I met with Adam he was engaged in what I had to say and even reiterated back to me what I said but in a more concise way!! He was interested in helping, he was lively, and he made the commute worth it. Feeling understood with eye contact goes a long way. He’d probably shake his head if he knew I was going to review this facility months ago! However, now I can vouch that I still feel great 6 months later. My upper back was so tight and debilitating, I was irritated & angry all the time and that’s not me! But it hasn’t given me any issues because I worked on his preventative instructions (posture etc). I thought the tingling in my arm would stick around but even that is long gone! Gym life is enjoyable again, thank you Adam and the Twin Boro staff for helping improve another person’s quality of life.
Justine Cook
12:45 21 Dec 19
I recently finished a prescribed series of physical therapy sessions for issues with my ankle and I’m glad I chose this facility. I worked with Anthony and Gerard and they both did an excellent job; I highly recommend this practice.
Carline Hudson
09:56 01 Nov 19
Highly recommend this place the staff is so friendly and outgoing and there to help at all time I had the privilege to work with Lacey and she was such an awesome person
Frank Whitley
22:37 11 Oct 19
I have used Twin Boro twice now for different types of injury PT. Both times I felt that I received quality individualized attention.Their team seems well trained and are personable.In particular I thought Ashley, Chris and Gerard were very good in helping with my program.
Kelly Borbely
03:56 19 Sep 19
I have never been to Occupational Therapy before and found myself here for therapy work on my hands. Lacey is very knowledgeable and very friendly. She walks you through each and every exercise and makes you feel comfortable from the minute you walk in the door. If you need hand therapy, I recommend Lacey 100%.
Lauren Clancy
17:26 16 Sep 19
No one wants to end up hurt and in PT, but if you end up in that situation this is absolutely the place to go. Besides being respectful and intelligent, the entire staff (receptionists, aides, and therapists) are all so friendly it really brings the healthcare experience to the next level. I'm glad my ankle is better but sad to not see all of you every week- Brad, Chris, Ashley, Gerard, Jackie, Victoria, and Jen, thank you all so much for everything!
Doug Sheldon
00:40 13 Sep 19
Had a devastating climbing accident that left me with a destroyed heal, back fracture and a very damaged right ankle. However, after 5 months at twin boro with my PT Ashley I'm back to normal and surfing, mtn biking and paddling better than ever. The staff is professional and most importantly attentive. I never went without the stretch or other post workout therapy that is so important to making progres . Do your home program and trust their process and things will workout great. Wasnt so sure 5 month before starting at twin boro3. Thanks ashley.
Larry Smith
16:51 07 Sep 19
Great staff and facility. It was a pleasure working with Anthony and with Brad on occasion.
c Tw
22:45 30 Aug 19
Highly recommend Lacey for OT. She truly cares about you and what needs to be done to get you back to your normal daily work/activities. She is amazing.C
sean murphy
17:28 15 Aug 19
Absolutely loved going to physical therapy here with Lacey and Terry! Such a nice place with the best employees who knew how to do the job right and have a great time while doing it. Always felt at home and would recommend to anyone!
Rob Humes
14:14 14 Jun 19
If you're a little broken in half and were born in the 70s like me, this is the place for you to recover. Belt powered exercise bikes and an old boom box decorate the disco floor. Check out Brad's shoes too. Kargaroos and retro new balance designs.
Dennis McCarthy
00:03 12 Apr 19
Over the last 10 years I have had three serious issues relating to my shoulder, my leg and most recently my neck. All three issues were quite debilitating and prevented me from doing my normal daily activities. Initially, I went to Twin Boro for the physician prescribed physical therapy based on a my wife’s recommendation who previously had great success with Twin Boro which at the time was called “Cooper Rehabilitation”. Today, I just completed my neck PT at Twin Boro. Three months ago I could not move my head either left or right without excruciating pain which among other things made making a turn in my car problematic. This afternoon I walked out of Twin Boro and I felt absolutely no pain in my neck. Over the past weeks I have been treated by Brad Cooper, Chris Bogues and their very capable staff. I feel great and am most thankful that Twin Boro is there. For any cynics out there, I am not related to anyone at Twin Boro nor do I work there. In closing - they are professional, friendly, care about their patients and know what they are doing. If you have an issue, do not hesitate to call them you will not regret your decision.
Cathy Smyth
01:49 13 Mar 19
Very professional experience. On each visit Andrew worked on my injury and evaluated my progress. I always felt that I received the right amount of attention. Both Andrew and Leonard paid attention to how I was performing my exercises and corrected my form when needed. The whole staff are pleasant and professional. The facilities are very clean. I highly recommend Twinboro.
Doug Miller
20:36 09 Mar 19
I had surgery for my ACL and was looking locally for a Physical Therapy place. I found Twin Boro online with very positive reviews. And now I see why. From the moment I walked into the place, Brad and the staff were incredibly professional. Listening to me, measuring my knee bend and coming up with a personal plan for me to meet my goals. They were spot on with their assessment and timeline of how my recovery would go. They always listened and suggested options when I had any questions.Without a doubt, if you are in need of Physical Therapy, I would highly recommend Twin Boro. You will be in great hands.
Judy Lovecky
21:02 01 Mar 19
I had a wonderful experience with a friendly and professional staff. I am sad and happy.I will miss everyone, but my knee and back are feeling great. Thanks to Everyone 💕❤💕
18:35 26 Feb 19
The entire staff were professional, caring and focused on helping me reach my goals. I started my therapy reliant on a walker and in 10 weeks I am walking on my own. I highly recommend Twin Boro and you can fully trust them with your recovery.
Matt Schreibman
14:22 07 Feb 19
This place really cares about their patients and their recovery. I used Andrew, he has great knowledge and really cares and understands his patients.
Donna Ferreira
17:53 05 Feb 19
Great experience for my son!
Lakshmi Chalamalasetty
19:33 31 Jan 19
I highly recommend this facility at Red Bank, NJ. Andrew has been so great and I felt such a great relief in a very short period. The staff in this facility is also very good.
brian sugrue
17:18 23 Jan 19
The staff from ladies at the front desk to the therapists and the therapist assistants are excellent the facility is clean and comfortable, overall excellent experience
Kerry Harper
01:20 29 Dec 18
Lacey is an amazing therapist. She helped me through my wrist injury and got me back to normal quickly. She is knowledgeable, professional and extremely engaged with her patients. She is a credit to Twin Boro Physical Therapy.
Jackie Grieco
22:08 28 Dec 18
I have been coming to this facility for 4 months. Very Happy. I highly recommend them!
Carolyn Rauffer
18:30 07 Dec 18
Lacey is a fantastic occupational therapist. She is full of empathy, care, and practical knowledge. Do not dismiss her because she looks young. She has ample experience and knowledge, as well as she is continuing to advance her education in her field. All of the employees at Twin Boro are extremely friendly. It can be frustrating to be injured or impaired, so it’s great going to a facility full of helpful and kind people. I will miss my conversations with Lacey. I highly recommend this facility.
Frank Mannino
01:46 28 Nov 18
I dont think i could of recovered as fast as i did left out Lacey the hand specialist. One of the most caring and understand helpful person i ever metThank you
Barbara Torgersen
21:14 16 Nov 18
Great facility, super nice staff, would highly recommend!
John W Smith Jr
17:15 07 Nov 18
After both a hip and a knee replacement, I had both of my physical therapy recoveries at this location. They were always helpful, very nice and extremely competent. I can not say enough good things about their team. I recovered very quickly, and if I ever need physical therapy again this is were I will go.
Susan Sellers
01:22 16 Oct 18
I highly recommend twin boro physical therapy red bank nj. Andrew and the rest of the staff were wonderful to me.
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