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Twin Boro Physical Therapy at Skillman/Princeton opened in the winter of 2023. The clinic is located on Route 206 between Montgomery and Princeton townships, and is only 10 minutes away from Princeton University, Princeton High School, and Montgomery High School. This convenient location provides residents of the greater Princeton area with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy care in the state from an esteemed institution. As the largest private practice in New Jersey with 51 convenient locations in 16 counties and 43 years of experience, Twin Boro Physical Therapy prides itself on allowing anyone in need to access their superb care, regardless of where they live. For their continual growth and commitment to helping patients live life to the fullest, Twin Boro has been recognized as the best physical therapy practice in New Jersey by mycentralnj.com.

The Skillman/Princeton clinic is headed by Matthew Wells, PT, DPT, who’s been providing patients with top-notch care at several Twin Boro locations since 2019. This includes his start at our North Brunswick clinic, one of Twin Boro’s original locations that is well known and highly regarded for its longevity.

Matthew strives to foster a fun and engaging environment for all his patients, and although he specializes in sports medicine, orthopedics, geriatrics, and vestibular rehabilitation, he treats individuals of every age and activity level. He follows a goal-oriented treatment approach that’s shaped by the biopsychosocial model, in which psychological and social factors are carefully considered in addition to each patient’s physical problems. To help patients achieve their goals, Matthew utilizes a combination of hands-on manual therapy techniques, advanced exercise prescription, and other interventions he finds to be appropriate. He also has experience treating Division I college football athletes and NFL football players, and when caring for these higher-level athletes, he provides additional services like professional lifting form critique, blood-flow restriction training, and sport-specific training. Ultimately, through his unique and personalized approach, Matthew helps patients achieve superior outcomes with high satisfaction rates.

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1325 US-206 Skillman, NJ 08558

Meet Your Director

Matthew Wells, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: In his spare time, Matthew enjoys snowboarding, hiking, golfing, exercising, playing Ultimate Frisbee—which he played competitively for seven years at Scranton—and spending time with his friends and family. He has also been a volunteer fireman for 13 years in his hometown of Hillsborough.

When Matthew Wells was in high school, severe back pain prevented him from competing in golf tryouts. This ongoing pain landed him in outpatient physical therapy, where he became passionate about the profession once he realized that it combined his love for science, sports, and helping people. Matthew eventually decided that he wanted to become a physical therapist and went on to attend The University of Scranton, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in 2016. He also obtained Dean’s List and was a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Health Pre-Professional Honor Society at Scranton. Matthew then studied abroad for a semester in Rome with Loyola University Chicago before continuing at Scranton to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2019.

His education also included a strength and conditioning internship with the Lackawanna College football team, as well as a work-study job, where he developed and instructed sport-specific workout plans for various collegiate teams, including field hockey, swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, and tennis. In 2019, Matthew traveled to Guatemala for a physical therapy service trip, where he treated underserved and underprivileged patients in outpatient orthopedic and pediatric settings.

Matthew started working at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in September of 2019 as a staff physical therapist at the North Brunswick location. While working full time at North Brunswick, he also spent a great deal of time treating Division I college football athletes and NFL players at the Martinsville location. Matthew was promoted to Assistant Clinic Director of North Brunswick after three years, and then in 2022, he became be the Clinic Director of the new startup clinic in Skillman.

Matthew treats a variety of patients, but specializes in orthopedics, adolescent populations, advanced athletes and weekend warriors, and vestibular and post-surgical patients. Some of the techniques he uses frequently include advanced exercise prescription, joint mobilization and manipulation, motor control cueing, postural restoration, the McKenzie Method, the Mulligan technique, and blood flow restriction training. He utilizes a combination of hands-on manual therapy and exercises with a focus on the biopsychosocial model, in which psychological and social factors are carefully considered in addition to the physical issues each patient is dealing with. Through this unique and personalized approach, he achieves superior patient outcomes with high satisfaction rates.

Matthew is also a clinical educator for students working towards their physical therapy degree and he enjoys the challenges of helping to develop the next generation of physical therapists. He has completed continuing education courses on the shoulder, ACL rehab, and pain neuroscience, and obtained Blood Flow Restriction certification in 2021.

Another guiding principle for Matthew is Twin Boro’s One2Four Care Model, which is a unique approach to treatment that focuses on progressing patients from a low functional level to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Matthew therefore focuses on helping his patients reach the goals that are most important to them and develops creative and individualized plans of care that will help patients achieve these goals. He believes in the power of education and provides tools to his patients that are designed to create optimal outcomes and improve performance in the activity they desire.


Skillman/Princeton - Patient Reviews

Jeanne Fedun
Matt is fantastic! I highly recommend this practice. They are very professional and highly effective.
I just finished PT with Matt, and he was excellent. The facility is clean and modern, and Matt is knowledgable and friendly. He gives a lot of attention and care to each of his patients, ensuring that the right exercises are being done and that the healing process is happening. I would definitely recommend him!
Celeste S.
I went to physical therapy due to neck pain. Matt gave me exercises to strengthen and improve my posture and had to pivot treatment when my shoulder started acting up. I’m happy to say that after these past few months I’m feeling better than ever! Thanks so much to Matt and his friendly team for making such a difference!
Marc H
The staff is extremely kind and knowledgeable. Flexible scheduling. Clean and modern facility.
Finnean Jaworovich
Thought my pain was in my hamstring rooted from my hip and starting to work on both among other things. Helps with lifting form and other thing definitely noticing changes.
Christopher Herman
In the few months I have been being treated by Dr. Matt Wells I have noticed significant improvement in my knee stability. Dr. Wells is extremely knowledgeable and has a great report with all of his patients. I can’t recommend Twinboro Skillman enough.
Ryan Velez
I recently finished a roughly 4-month course for some minor issues with my back. Matt was great with helping me build a program for in-office and at home, including adjusting it as my needs changed throughout the program. Fast-forward to today and my back pain is next-to-none and I have a lot more core strength overall, include exercises and insights to work into my standard fitness routine. I highly recommend Matt and the team to anyone with PT needs.
Seth Sherry
If I have an issue with anything, I first hop on YouTube to try it fix it first. Issue with lawnmower, dishwasher error, plumbing, you name it. DIY weekend warrior.Hurt my shoulder while exercising, terrible pain, barely could lift it perpendicular to my chest and thought Youtube can help. Wrong. Too many movements to do and none the videos showed the pain I was having at the location.Introduced to Matt Wells, first time I was at PT. No clue what to expect. He knew pretty much the exact issue and what to target to strength and heal not only my shoulder, but weakened areas in my back and chest. I enjoyed our conversations where he taught me what he was doing and did the movements he gave me as homework religiously. Place is clean and the “helpers” are great too (I forgot your name, I’m so sorry!) Matt is just a genuinely nice guy. Watching him interact with all the patients was something. Always chipper and patient and pretty much always had a smile on his face. I think it took me 2 .5 months to get my shoulder in proper order, this is going maybe 1-2 a week.True craftsman at his work. Thanks Matt and I’ll see you the next time I do something silly with my body!
Ken Fredeen
I recently completed 3+ months of PT at Twin Boro - Skillman for a partially torn medial meniscus. My goals were 1) avoid surgery, and 2) get back to running. So far, so good. After 4 months of no running and at three weeks removed from PT, I just completed my usual 5k training loop with minimal pain and at just a tad slower pace from where I left off. The whole Twin Boro team were great. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and patiently took extra time to answer all my detailed questions about the treatments and exercises. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs PT.
christine mastakas
I came to Matt to prepare for a hiking trip after meniscus surgery. I was limited with 6 weeks to get me back on my feet and ready to go. Matt and his aides were very helpful and attentive. They got me where I needed to be. He listened to me that I wanted to be pushed to my limit and did not let me slack . I am very pleased with my results.
Viji Padmanabhan
I recently completed a six-week session at Twin Boro for a shoulder injury, and I couldn’t be more impressed. Matt and his team exhibited exceptional professionalism and skill throughout my treatment. Their commitment to my recovery was evident, and the positive atmosphere contributed to a welcoming and comfortable experience.
Francis Trimpert
Twin Boro Skillman is a first rate organization. Matt is a respectful, knowledgable and professional therapist. Thank You for everything.
stacey bachrach
This was my first time using this PT office. I made good progress and am very pleased with the results. Matt is a nice young man and is very knowledgeable and helpful. He’ll give you a good program of home and in-office exercises. Every session includes hands-on massage and stretching which allows time for questions, comments and program adjustment if needed. I highly recommend this PT office.
Jose Rivera
Matt Wells is a great PT he really knows his stuff and he will help you get better, and I loved the brand new facility in Skillman thank you for making me feel better
Rahul Jinka
Had a great experience with Matt and I am quickly recovering from my injuries with his help, highly recommend going here
Kishore Yerramilli
It has been a great experience working with Matt who developed a very personalized treatment for my back/sciatica related symptoms. His humor and interaction style helped me to be motivated and achieve full relief from my symptoms. I would highly recommend Matt and the support staff. Thank you Matt!
Dina A
I recently began treatment with an amazing physical therapist, Matt, at Twin Boro Physical Therapy! Matt was very welcoming, understanding of my needs, made me feel at ease and took the time to listen to my concerns and plan my treatment accordingly.Great experience and I highly recommend Matt!
Iris Brown
I've had 3 injuries with Matt Wells. He is very knowledgeable of his craft, explains everything and has a sense of humor.
Robin Jackson
My experience with Twin Boro Physical Therapy was excellent. My therapist ... Matt Wells was knowledgeable, professional and patient. He developed my plan of care to help my sciatic back pain. My recovery was extremely successful and my pain is gone.I highly recommend Matt, he knows his stuff!
Rodney Hernandez
Matthew Wells is an excellent PT. He is knowledgeable, listens, and scales the exercises appropriately. Thanks to him and his staff, I've regained my confidence in being physically active again.
farah nasim
Twin Boro Skillman is the place to go for any kind of Physio therapy requirements. Matt, my therapist was great not only at his work, but made the entire experience a very pleasant one. Very clean and full of energy environment. Enjoyed my session with him. My pain is completely gone😊 All the best Matt with this relatively new location of Twin Boro.
samantha Keegan
Matt did a great job!
Kalyan Chintanippu
I have attended my PT sessions with Matt Wells for multiple issues and he is very passionate about listening to your issues and work with you accordingly. He knows what he is doing and offers best care for you to recover.
Sibyl Scalzetti
this place is excellent, and I am grateful that it got to be a part of my healing journey. Matt Wells is incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful, and he'll help you build a recovery plan that works for your specific needs and holistic health situation
Patrick Brady
Great sense of humor. Great playlists. My knee got a lot better using the BFR (Blood Flow Restriction). I would highly recommend this clinic, especially to sport athletes.
Sahil Dave
Matt Wells and his staff are absolutely incredible. They were integral in rehabbing my foot fracture, regaining functional mobility, and alleviating much of the chronic pain and soreness I succumbed to. Most importantly however, they were tremendously kind, patient, compassionate, and helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend Matt and Twin Boro for any physical therapy needs, as they are truly exemplary.
Xiang Gao
matthew, the PT, is great. always points out the issues i have when i do the activities. he keeps adjusting programs based on my progress.when he does his work, i feel a little bit pain. but, i feel really relieved and comfortable after it.i like the electric massage. that 10 minutes is the shortest 10 minutes i have.i recommend matthew to anyone who needs help.
Payton Caroline Harmon
Matt W is my PT and he is the best!! He has come up with creative new exercises to help fit my specific malfunctions and I’ve definitely gotten a lot stronger while working with him! He is also very nice but he makes sure I am working hard 🦵
Lisa B
Twin Boro PT is always my GoTo when I need PT for an injury, always. Matt K of Skillman Twin Boro (&sometimes Dayton Twin Boro) has been a really effective PT, offering compassion and advice in the practice of home assigned PT to further develop recovery from a physical injury! Thanks to Twin Boro! Always!
Abi Vivek
I went in for therapy for very severe ankle injury and sprain. The therapist at Skillman - Matt Wells - was very knowledgeable and I saw improvement just after a couple of sessions. My ankle is now very flexible and I can climb the stairs without any strain. Matt is very professional, encouraging and answered all my doubts patiently and cleared my anxieties regarding the injury.
Kathy Pavalkis
When I needed physical therapy Twin Boro was strongly recommended by friends. Dr. Matt Wells was my primary therapist and worked with me and directed my activities to promote healing. The care I received there was professional and effective with the just the right amount of humor on some of those really difficult days.
simone mets
I sought physical therapy for shoulder and neck pain. I am grateful to have been referred to Matt Wells at Twin Boro PT. He assessed my condition thoroughly before recommending exercises that could improve my range of motion, and reduce the pain I was experiencing performing everyday tasks. The exercises were supplemented with hands on work tailored to my symptoms, and heat and stim therapy. Although recovery can take time, I felt improvement after just a few sessions. Matt is a knowledgeable, deeply motivated therapist who is genuinely invested in the wellbeing of his patients. I would not hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone seeking physical therapy,
I had a great experience at Twin Boro. I worked with Matt Wells. He is a great PT. Matt is very knowledgeable, spends time, and cares about his patients. Highly recommended.
Brett Auriemma
Dr. Wells is an extremely skilled physical therapist. He customized shoulder and knee plans for me that greatly enhance my quality of life. If you need any help with pain or instability I strongly recommend Dr. Wells.
James Jencarelli
Matt Wells was my PT after I hurt my rotator cuff. I cannot recommend him highly enough. My recovery process was so smooth and enjoyable because of him. I’m now able to do all activities with my arm without pain or limitations!!
Alexa Gates
I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Twin Boro. From the moment I walked into the clinic, I was greeted with warmth and kindness. What sets Matt Wells apart, is his ability to make therapy sessions enjoyable. He has a great sense of humor and is genuinely invested in his patients' wellbeing.
Amanda Sussman
The staff at Twin Boro Physical Therapy provides care and administers treatment of the highest quality. I recommend Matt Wells, who goes above and beyond for his patients throughout their treatment.
Ashley Youssefi
The therapists at Twin Boro are very nice and helpful. I recommend Matt Wells…he really cares about his patients.
Mirna Awad
Matt wells is the greatest therapist ever. Matt Wells is awesome and he’s very knowledgeable and helpful.
Liam Killea
I was referred to Twin Boro PT in Skillman by my orthopedic doctor. I had a high ankle sprain during my high school basketball season. My PT was Matt Wells and he was awesome! Matt was very knowledgeable and helped my through my recovery. He even spoke to my doctor about my progress. I would recommend Twin Boro PT and especially Matt to anyone who needs physical therapy. Matt truly cares about his patients.
Eric Bedell
First time trying PT and I couldn’t recommend Twin Boro more. I work in a corporate setting, and sitting for long periods of time has lead to tight hips and lots of lower back pain. I worked with Matt who helped me relieve this pain through a combination of in person treatment options and exercises to do at home. Highly recommend!
Krista Ziegler
Dr. Matthew was very skillful and attentive to details. He listened to me and truly took the time to make an individualized plan for my recovery. He explained my symptoms and the physiology behind my rehab plan. I highly recommend anyone to visit Matthew Wells for their PT needs!!
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