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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of South Brunswick with access to the best evidence based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by mycentralnj.com, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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365 Georges Rd Dayton, NJ 08810-1639

Meet Your Director

Krystina Cierkowski, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Spending time with her family, spending time outdoors, and attending sporting events and concerts

Krystina Cierkowski graduated from Elizabethtown College with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and continued her education by earning her Masters and Doctorate degree in physical therapy at Rutgers. With her love of sports, she decided to find a job working in an orthopedic setting.

Krystina joined Twin Boro in 1998 as a PT aide and became a Staff Therapist upon completion of her education in 2002. She was promoted to Clinical Director of Twin Boro’s South Brunswick location.  While working with various cervical spine dysfunctions, she found many of those patients complaining of symptoms of dizziness and decided to take continuing education courses focusing on treating vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation incorporating balance and gait training into her treatments for various neurological and orthopedic diagnoses. Krystina has taken continuing education courses including Mulligan and MacKenzie treatment approaches to cervical and lumbar spine, and functional strengthening and myofascial release.

When treating patients at our Kristina implements Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model to determine the “right level of health care” for each individual.  This unique approach looks at the entire episode of care for the patient or athlete. This ranges from a relatively low level of function a patient might experience post injury or surgery all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. She educates the patient on this model during the initial evaluation and continues to teach patients where they currently stand on the model throughout their progressive program.

When not treating, she enjoys spending time with her family participating in outdoor activities such as walks in the park and going to the beach with her two children as well as attending sporting events and concerts.


South Brunswick - Patient Reviews

Ash Madhok
I recently had the privilege of coming under the care of an extraordinary physical therapist, and the impact she has had on my recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. From the moment I began my sessions with Devon Shire at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Dayton, NJ it was evident that her professionalism, personable demeanor, and profound understanding of anatomy set her apart from any therapist I've encountered in the past. Having endured serious injuries to my extremities and neck in a serious accident, I've had the opportunity to receive assistance from many skilled therapists in the past. However, my experience with Devon surpassed them all. Her healing massage technique is not only effective but also delivered with a level of expertise that demonstrates a deep comprehension of the intricacies of the human body. What truly sets her apart is her unique combination of gentleness and toughness. She adheres to the philosophy of 'no pain, no gain' but does so with a sensitivity that ensures the therapy is both beneficial and bearable, and tailored to individual needs.One of the most impressive aspects of her practice is her unwavering attention to her patients. Even when engrossed in assisting another individual down the hall, she remains remarkably attuned to the needs of everyone under her care. On several occasions, she noticed and corrected my posture from a distance, showcasing her commitment to ensuring every aspect of the rehabilitation process is optimized for success.Thanks to her dedication and skill, my range of motion has improved significantly. Her keen eye for detail and the personalized attention she provides have undoubtedly accelerated my healing journey.I wholeheartedly recommend her and the practice of physical therapy in general to anyone seeking a path to recovery. It is a testament to the positive impact of skilled therapy, and when in the hands of a professional like Devon, the experience is not only beneficial but also something to be genuinely grateful for.
Bill Fekete
I can't express enough thanks to Devon and the staff for getting me through an extensive shoulder surgery rehab. At all times they were courteous and professional with emphasis on mobility and range of motion without over doing it. If i ever have a need for Physical Therapy this is the place i am sure to go and recommend to my friends and coworkers.
I have been in the military for 17 years and I have gotten a lot of physical therapy. I must say this is the most professional group I have ever work with. In particular Devon, both times she came up with great a plan which includes various exercises, massages etc! which got me back to fully operational. Devon is the best…
karen bertucci
Great PT- therapists are amazing and caring - would highly recommend!!
LeeAndrea Garvin
Our therapist Devon has been AMAZING! We started here for daughter when she was five! She was patient and committed to the full process. After surgery my daughter continued therapy and she drastically helped her to heal and walk again. She was so amazing that my husband and I begin going for physical therapy with Devon as well!!!!She is absolutely amazing! Warm spirit, knowledgeable, kind, patient and truly invested in each person that comes to her.I HIGHLY recommend Devon at Twinboro!
alex wbass
"I am incredibly grateful for my therapist's Krystina for the unwavering support and guidance throughout our sessions. Their compassionate and empathetic nature has created a safe space for me to open up and work through my challenges. I truly appreciate their deep understanding and insightful perspectives, which have helped me gain valuable insights about myself and my emotions. Thanks to my therapist's Krystina expertise and encouragement, I feel more empowered to navigate life's hurdles with confidence. I'm truly fortunate to have them as a partner in my mental and emotional well-being journey."
Al Green
"I want to take a moment to share my heartfelt appreciation for my therapist, Devon. From the very first session, I felt a genuine connection and trust that allowed me to be vulnerable and open about my struggles. Devon's warm and caring demeanor instantly put me at ease, making each session a safe and supportive environment.Their exceptional listening skills and insightful questions have consistently helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and the root causes of my challenges. Devon's vast knowledge and expertise in various therapeutic approaches have allowed us to explore different techniques tailored to my unique needs, leading to meaningful breakthroughs in my personal growth.Not only is Devon a highly skilled professional, but they also show immense empathy and compassion, making me feel seen and validated. Through the ups and downs of my therapeutic journey, Devon has remained a constant pillar of support, always encouraging me to believe in my abilities and resilience.I am truly grateful for the positive impact Devon has had on my life. Thanks to their guidance, I've made significant progress in managing stress, anxiety, and finding healthier coping mechanisms. Working with Devon has been an invaluable experience, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking a dedicated and compassionate therapist.Thank you, Devon, for all that you do. Your dedication to helping others truly makes a difference in the world."
Padmanabha Prabhu
Nice place and great people with a friendly environment for providing care. I came in for a frozen shoulder and the team (Devon, Kristia and Miguel) put me at ease, helped me understand my options and expectations from the care I was to receive.Devon is a great Physical therapist who is extremely knowledgeable about the inner mechanisms of the human body and was patient and detailed in explaining every question I had related to my diagnosis. She also has a very friendly demeanor and an innate ability to put people at ease and work with them at their pace. One of the few hidden gems that's not a corporatized care giving facility in today's world. I wish the team at TwinBoro the best.
Carly Blankstein
I believe that it’s always important to connect with people. Not only does Devon exceed expectations in her job but she knows how to connect with her patients. She’s friendly, relatable, and knowledgeable.
Ram Srinivasan
Great, relaxing physical therapy practice that is extremely caring about the needs of the patients, especially the seniors.I had 10 sessions with them for my sore knee. Krystina was my therapist and she was very professional, checking how comfortable I feel and makes sure that I get the best possible therapy and attention from the practice
Walter Mochel
Can't say enough about this great group of people. There is Andrea at the front desk, checking you in, scheduling appointments, and interfacing with insurance companies.Then there are the Guys who handle all the equipment. When you come in they have all the items you need to start your exercises. They also sanitize all equipment and tables after use.That brings us to the most important person my therapist. Devon,she did my initial evaluation and assigned various exercises for me to do. However it didn't stop there, even though she was working on another patient she was still watching me to see if I was doing things properly. I wasn't and she came over to correct what I was doing wrong.I really can't say enough about Devon, she is an A1 therapist.KUDOS to the whole staff.
Rola Chatila
The place is very organized and clean. The entire staff are extremely professional, helpful and showed kindness. I was improving quickly. My physical therapist is incredibly supportive and has hands of magic !!!! I really recommend this PT practice to anyone who wants to get better.
Abby Bordeau
Devon is an absolutely wonderful physical therapist! It’s easy to see how much she cares about her patients. I’d recommend Twin Boro PT to anyone in the SB area. Super convenient!
Naya White
I’ve been here for a few years on and off and the service they provide is great! Super clean, the therapists are clearly spoken and are super helpful with exercises you might struggle with. Love it here!
juliet pande
Krystina and Devon did an exceptional job evaluating and executing my therapy. The office has a very friendly atmosphere and a knowledgeable staff. Thorough attention is given to cleanliness. My experience here was excellent!
marie hendricks
Great staff when I was a patient there a month ago I was disappointed i didnt get my graduation gift also I would like to recommend volunteers from the local hs your staff could help teach the kids to show a direction of a trade or career they can explore high school students need volunteer time to graduate.
sumitha b
My therapist Devon and the entire team at Twin boro PT were awesome. Devon helped me overcome my neck pain by prescribing me neck strengthening exercises, massage and heat therapy. Though I went there only for a few weeks, it was a rejuvenating experience for me. I would definitely recommend Twin boro PT to my friends.
Kevin Bellizio
My primary therapist, Devon Shire, was very attentive, supportive, and caring during my pre operative and post surgical treatment of my damaged rotator cuff. Krystina, the head therapist, was also very supportive when filling in. All the staff that I dealt with during my 8 months of therapy were very helpful also. Facility is close to home and well equipped and maintained. Not as big as another local facility, but still provides excellent care. I have used the other local facility on multiple past issues, but were not able to take me for a week after my initial diagnosis. Twin Boro was in network for me and this facility was highly recommended. Many patients there that I saw in passing there are people that I have known for years. Some are repeat patients who are very satisfied with this Twin Boro facility and these 2 fine therapists. I would not hesitate to utilize them again if needed. Kevin Bellizio
Aleena Dinker
I would highly recommend Twin Boro for physical therapy. Devon helped me strengthen and recover my ankle. The whole staff were very nice and willing to help.
Mike Segarra
Devon made it an enjoyable experience
Phyllis Lasky
Devin, Christina, Joe & the Twin Boro staff made it a pleasure to come to PTTwice/week. Devin was knowledgeable, dedicated, and full of energy. I enjoyed my experience & highly recommend this team. 😁👌
Very friendly, courteous and professional staff. Thank you Joe and Krystina has been just amazing ! This is the second time (first time was for a frozen shoulder and this time around was Chondromalacia Patella). Made a complete recovery on both the instances....Vijay
Deepak Kannan
Highly recommend Twin Boro Dayton for Physical Therapy. Devon , my primary therapist is very attentive, skillful and took good care of me. Joe is patient, kind and helped me do the exercises. Krysten is equally skillful and attentive as I had couple of sessions with her. The place is clean and is kept clean always. The environment is always happy and cheerful. Twin Boro will be my first in the list of physical therapy centers if I need it in the future.
Eduardo Monteiro
I highly recommend the Twin Boro Physical Therapy. I was helped to recover from a foot fracture at the Georges Rd, Dayton. They are great professionals and kind people.
Debra Frey
I did PT after knee replacement surgery. My therapist, Devon, along with her assistant, Joe, were excellent. They were patient and encouraging. I would highly recommend them.
Amazing staff. Very skillful. I feel so good after the sessions. Thank you Krisha and Joe. They also accommodated my specific scheduling requests.
bhopan krishnan
I recently had physical therapy for my knee at their local office located in Dayton, and I was extremely satisfied with the care and treatment I received. The entire staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming, which made the experience much more enjoyable. The therapists were knowledgeable and skilled, and they helped me recover quickly by providing targeted exercises and techniques. Overall, I would highly recommend this physical therapy office to anyone in need of rehabilitation services. The team truly cares about their patients and is committed to helping them achieve their goals.
hema kapadia
Iam very happy that I cam here for my therepy.I recommend Every one to come
krishna Vemulapalli
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Devon, Joe and all the staff. My PT Devon was a kind caring & very friendly person . I appreciate her attention, efforts and care for pain free walk & bend my knees so much better after my two knee surgeries. Joe is an excellent person, kept all needed exercise equipment ready & always greeted with a smile. your help will stay in my heart. Highly recommend this great place ,Twin Boro Physical Therapy, Dayton center, NJ.
Abhi Shah
I came here for a rehabbing from an ACL and meniscus repair. I have to say from when I walked in, it was literally the next day after I got surgery. The staff here is so kind and welcoming. They really helped me immensely gain confidence in and helped me progress every week. It is such a friendly environment and the staff here is simply some of the nicest people I have come across. It was a great experience being here and 10/10 would come back (fingers crossed I won’t have to)! Thank you all again!
ma gu
I would recommend Twin Boro physical therapy in Dayton for anyone that needs PT. The staff is really friendly and encouraging. All the PTs, especially Devon, have been great. Devon is super friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. She made a the experience very easy and was very accommodating. Joe at the front desk was also very helpful and nice! Would definitely go back if I need more PT.
Olivia Ng
If I ever hurt myself again, I want to come back here. I love the staff. They're sweet and personable.
Kurt Niebanck
I came to Twin Boro with back pain unsure if I would ever be able to play my sport again. I left 6 weeks later feeling back to 100%. They did an extensive evaluation and put me on a stretching regimen and I noticed the results and pain subside almost immediately. I went from being unable to sleep through the night to having a repertoire of stretches to use for relief. The staff was very friendly and professional and took a genuine interest in my goals and treatment plan. Would recommend Twin Boro to anyone with pain looking to feel better.
Such a great experience here! Everyone was so nice and welcoming and they helped me get back to 100%.
John Piovesan
My Therapist, Krystina Cierkowski is amazing!! Four months of therapy for my knee replacement has me back to work pain free.
Neeru Nangia
This place is really amazing and staff is very courteous, cooperative and helpful. I have been going to Twin Boro from last one year first for my shoulder and then my back. Both the injuries have been treated very well and gave me so much mobility. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to be treated well for their injuries. Thanks to all the staff and therapists
shanthi balimidi
I had a very bad muscle pain from neck to hands. They treated me very well. Now I feel very good. Thanks to Twin Boro.
mark schroeck
Very courteous and friendly professionals. Making a somewhat painful experience easier to get through.Thank you Joe, Devon, Kristina, Chelsea, and the rest of the crew for a great rehabilitation.
Caring, trained professionals that teach, and oversee every step of your therapy.They make it fun so you don't realize how hard you are working! Twin Boro is the place to go!
Happy C
Highly recommend Twin Boro PT Dayton Location. After first visit I felt very comfortable with Devin. Was having back issues and was seeing her for two months. I have improved tremendously. Devin is personable and attentive. Joe is amazing as well. He has the equipment ready for exercise and is very patient. They are both an amazing team!
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