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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Toms River with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy & certified hand therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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1430 Hooper Ave Suite 201 Toms River, NJ 08753-2895

Meet Your Director

Drew Barton, PT, DPT

Drew Barton graduated from SUNY Albany with his B.A. in Human Biology and minor in Psychology. He earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy, graduating from Sage Graduate School.

Drew joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy in 2010 after several clinical rotations as a Student Physical Therapist in New York State and New Jersey where he gained valuable hands-on experience treating patients with a wide variety of diagnoses.

Drew joined Twin Boro, Drew as a staff therapist in multiple clinics throughout our company, offering a helping hand when needed in any of the locations. Due to his patient outcome success and personalized treatment methods, he has advanced from staff therapist to the Clinical Director level. Drew also leads the Twin Boro Physical Therapy Work Care FCE team. He has gained significant experience performing Functional Capacity Evaluations for Twin Boro Physical Therapy.

Drews expertise is extensive.  He is certified in performing Functional Capacity Evaluations and is trained in numerous areas of physical therapy treatments including vestibular/balance rehab, manual therapy techniques, aquatic therapy, and neurological physical therapy.

When treating patients or managing other therapists, Drew uses Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model.  This unique approach looks at the entire continuum of care for the patient, athlete, or industrial athlete – spanning a care spectrum from a relatively low level of function a patient might experience post injury or surgery all the way through to the peak performance they will experience after treatment in our program.


Toms River - Patient Reviews

Michael Wilkoski
Very pleasant, very professional
Hilde Wagner
I want to thank both Ashley and Karen for all they have done to help me on my journey to recovery. In May, I took a fall and broke 3 fingers in my right hand. This was my dominant hand and my doctor did not give me much hope for a successful outcome. However, from the very start, they put my mind at ease and worked closely with me to achieve the result that I did not think was possible. I now have regained full use of my hand. I would highly recommend and refer all my friends and family to Twin Boro for all their physical therapy needs. My thanks again to both Ashley and Karen!
Diane Y
I highly recommend Twin Boro of Toms River. Janet and the rest of the team are knowledgeable, compassionate and attentive. I've been going to Twin Boro Physical Therapy for post-op treatment of my shoulder. Janet tailored my exercise plan to ease me back into moving my shoulder but also challenging me just the right amount where I saw improvement within a few weeks.Thank you Janet for getting me back to my old self.I love the facility it's clean and a large open space. The front desk crew are professional and friendly plus the hours offered at Twin Boro works great with my work schedule.
Wonderful facility with amazing and professional staff. Highly recommend!
Stef C
This is my third time as a patient at Twin Boro Physical Therapy, for different reasons, over the past six years. I keep returning, because the team of therapists who work there are the best, the most knowledgeable, and the friendliest therapists in this area. Greg, Karen, Justin, Amy, and Janet are a few of the therapists who have treated me. Each one of them behaves in a very professional manner, while treating each patient with kindness and concern. They are very positive and encouraging which gives the patients the drive it sometimes takes to push through the hard times they are experiencing.The receptionists are also pleasant, easy to work with, and and very efficient.I highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy. Everyone who works there helps to make the experience of getting better a positive one, both physically, and emotionally. I believe that is what all of us want.
Karen Sulzmann
Wonderful experience with Twin Buro Therepy. I injured my wrist and had surgery on it so now I am receiving care from Karen who is working with me to regain use of my left hand..She is knowledgable, friendly, and very dedicated to helping her patients recover from their injury..I would highly recommend her and Twin Buro..
Dorothy Kazameas
Justin Tennant,PT,DPT provides outstanding treatment is very knowledgeable, caring, ensures that you have full understanding of your conditions treatment and recovery. Clean comfortable facility ,with a friendly professional well organized staff
Kristina Gullo
Janet and all of the staff are wonderful! They got me back on my feet quickly post surgery
Paul Curtis
Janet, Nicole, And the whole staff are the best! If you need rehab from surgery or an injury this is the place you've got to go to do it correctly. Thoroughly impressed with the people , The cleanliness, and and a very positive atmosphere. Like to give it an extra star.
rodney nunez
We had a great experience here. They took incredible care of our son. Great service and expert physical therapist on staff. We will definitely use them for all our PT needs.
Chris McVicar
I was treated by Ashley in the OT department for an elbow injury. The staff here provides a welcoming atmosphere and is very knowledgeable in their profession. If you are in search of a quality office who cares about their clients’ recovery process I’d strongly recommend coming here.
Steven Madeiros
Justin my physical therapist was great. Before I went to see him my quality of life was a three. Since he work with me, I built a lot of my strength back and now I am at an eight or nine. I would recommend him to anyone also Twin Boro. And they keep the place very clean.
Lisa Sanzari
She knows what she’s doing,and has the best personality.
mona mauti
Wow such a happy experience walking in to the Front desk and getting greeted by Nicole and Victoria They are both so pleasant that you don't mind going to PT LOL ...They are also efficient fast and just a pleasure to work with & be greeted by sooo thank you girls for being you xoxoxoxoKaren my Physical therapist is Amazing she is happy positive gentle And gets the job well done And she is so hand knowledgeable And she is so HAND knowledgeable!!!!! LolAnd let's not forget Nicole#2 in the physical therapy department Who I believe is an assistant is so sweet Who I believe is an assistant is so sweet & accommodating ...So let's say I just had a great experience at Twin Boro PT so again THANK YOU GIRLS
Lisa Kurdyla
I can't recommend Justin and the team at Twin Boro enough. Such a great group of professionals who have helped a great deal with my recovery and actually made grueling work towards my recovery fun. . The front desk ladies are amazing at what they do and couldn't be more helpful when I needed something. If you are looking around for a physical therapy office to work with, don't hesitate giving them a try. I put my career in their hands and thankfully it worked out for the best!
alejandro pereira rojas
I suffered a serious accident where I worked, I fractured my right wrist and over time they told me to go to this twin boro place to receive my respective therapies, and there in that place I met Karen for whom I thank her very much because I am currently achieving a great improvement in my wrist, she is a very dedicated person to her work, she takes time out of which she does not have to be aware of the improvement of the process, I really thank Karen too much for that, I also thank Ashley because I had few appointments with her but she also helped me with my process and she is very good at what she does, to all the work staff I also give special thanks to (Lucas, Thory and Rachel) the latter because as soon as she was injured she was aware of my process together with Karen, I am also not going to forget Victoria, who is in charge of making calls and making patient appointments, because she has a very beautiful and energetic way of being that does not change that, I really highly recommend that place, the way they treat you is spectacular and it really helps you a lot in the process.
Karen Hershey
I've been going to Twin Boro PT over the years for occasional sports related injuries. Each time I've had complete resolution of my pain/discomfort. It's not magic. You have to put in the work but their therapists have always been first rate in getting me passed my difficulties. Most recently, I went to Twin Boro in TR for occupational therapy for a broken hand associated with a fall on my bike. Karen Hancheck and her staff are incredible! Karen has been an OT hand therapist for decades and her expertise and experience are apparent from day one! What's more, she is compassionate and caring. She clearly loves what she does! I'm happy to say I'm back to baseline with my hand. The only sad part is saying goodbye to Karen and her team. If you need hand OT, there is no need to look elsewhere! HIGHLY recommend Karen and her team!
Michael Christen
Wondering staff. Justin is a man of much knowledge . My knee has been improving each day. Victoria is always on point at the front of the line. (Paperwork. Phone calls and text messages to insure I don't miss an appointment). The rest of the employees are 5 Starz all the way. Pain is weakness leaving the body and they make it as enjoyable as they can. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs care!!!. * * * * *
Jean Sarle
Amy is my therapist and she is wonderful. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and kind. The entire staff makes going to p.t. a great experience. I highly recommend this group.
Raylyn Tupper
super great, Justin T is awesome and very personable, he pushes to get the most out of each session
Denise Summer
Several months ago I had surgery which left a big painful lump of nasty adhesive tissue on my wrist. It hurt like a son of a gun. Went to Karen, a gifted hand therapist at Twin Boro. Karen went to work readjusting muscle, tendons and ligaments. With each treatment I saw improvement until finally the lump and the pain were gone. Karen is a warm and dedicatedperson, but most importantly she is a brilliant and effective therapist. I feel so lucky to have benefitted from her care.
Lisa spinney
I have been dealing on and off with twin borough physical therapy for the last 4 years I have a very serious nerve damage condition going on and I have to say never in my entire life of dealing with doctors or therapists have I ever worked with someone like Karen. She is absolutely amazing to be honest she goes beyond amazing she puts you wherever you need to be she works with you she works through lunch she gives you all of her time and attention she's simply amazing and her assistant Rachel is just as wonderful I hold them very near and dear to my heart because I have never seen people go out of their way as Karen and Rachel do I went in with such a serious injury I couldn't bend fingers on my right hand completely stuck open they thought I had RSD Karen had me bending my finger grabbing things holding on to things lowered my pain level amazingly with things like sponges and special tape she knows all the ins and outs of helping you to get to where you want to be and remove pain from your life I can't thank God enough for the help I have received from Karen and Rachel. Thank you ladies for your kind and caring way. May God bless you and keep you safe always, Lisa
Monica Ippolito
I’ve been to the Tom’s River offer twice for two separate injuries, to separate years. Greg is beyond knowledgeable! and targets the injury on point. I would not go anywhere else.
D Gio
Amazing staff, huge improvements from my knee surgery. Highly recommend. Greg is very skilled.
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