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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Union with access to the best evidence based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by mycentralnj.com, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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2625 Morris Avenue Union, NJ 07083-5606

Meet Your Director

Valerie Cassell, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Valerie enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dog, working out, going to the movies, and taking trips down the shore or into the city.

Valerie Cassell has been involved in sports and rehab for her entire life, primarily through her 18-year softball career that included four years of competition at a Division 1 institution. While she was fortunately able to avoid many injuries during her career, Valerie did witness many of her teammates get injured and then undergo physical therapy afterwards to help them regain their abilities. Watching her teammates improve through physical therapy is what originally sparked her interest in the profession, and this led her to The College of Charleston, where she received a Bachelor of Science in exercise science and graduated cum laude, and then to Rutgers University – North, where she earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Valerie began her career at Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s Clark clinic. She initially served as a staff physical therapist, starting in July of 2020, and then moved up to become an assistant director at this location less than a year later. In October of 2021, she was given the opportunity to serve as the clinic director at our Union location and currently holds that position. Throughout her career, Valerie has taken MedBridge courses in several therapeutic areas, including the cervical and lumbar spine, the knees, and the shoulders.

Valerie has a special interest and extensive experience in treating post-surgical patients, geriatric patients, orthopedic patients, and athletes, particularly those involved in overhead sports and those recovering from ankle and knee injuries. She is also interested in offering maintenance programs that help patients keep up with their care, including specific exercises based on patient deficits, postural retraining, and proper body mechanics. Valerie’s approach to treatment involves placing a patient’s goals are at the forefront of her care plan and physically and mentally working with each patient to ensure they reach these goals. She personalizes each treatment program according to patients’ needs and abilities, and utilizes a variety of manual therapy interventions. These include soft-tissue mobilization, stretching, joint mobilization, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM), percussive therapy, and cupping. Valerie also holds a Functional Movement Technique (FMT) certification for RockPods, which is a cupping technique used to enhance movement and alleviate discomfort.

Valerie bases her management strategies around Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s One2Four™ Care Model. This unique approach accounts for the relatively low level of function a patient might experience after an injury or surgery, and then aims to take them all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Valerie uses this model to allow patients to objectively see how they are improving first-hand and believes that it can serve as a guide to help patients set and progress towards their goals as they start functioning at higher levels.


Union - Patient Reviews

Deryshia Johnson
I love it here. The PT’s are going to help you through your injury and get you closer to your goals. I always feel relaxed and safe here. They have so much equipment too. Front desk ladies are very professional. It’s a great place I highly recommend for all ages.
Carol Forbes
Dr True is a skilled and professional physical therapist. He doesn’t stick to one routine. Each day it was different and as a result I got better. My ankles is as good as new!
Elizabeth D.
Union Twin Boro is fantastic. When I fractured my Cuboid bone one month before a scheduled trip to Japan, I was concern I would not be able to enjoy my trip, knowing I had lots of touring planned.Thanks to Jackie, I was able to go on my trip & not miss one single tour. Most days that meant over 20,000 steps. All the staff members are very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you Union Twin Boro.
Deedee Kontos
Union Twin Boro has been fantastic. Thanks to Jackie, Jen, Allpeet, Chika and all the staff members. Everyone is very knowledgeable and has provided me amazing treatment. Not only have I received top notch treatment, they have also been kind and caring along the way! Thank you for helping me feel better. From Tammy Kontos
Alex Cohen
Twin boro is a great place to get your pt. I came in with a meniscus tear and the team here got me back to walking jumping and swinging a golf club. Shout out to Alpit who listened to what I wanted to achieve and made it happen.
Vanessa P
Twin Boro Union has the best TEAM of therapists in the area. My therapist is Valerie and I love her professionalism and knowledge. I am extremely happy to have found this place after my surgery to repair my ankle ligament. Also, front desk staff and assistants are very friendly and warm. It’s a very comforting environment. Highly recommend!
My husband started physical therapy a few months ago at Twin Boro. We've never done this before and had no idea what to expect. Now we would never go anywhere else! Alpit is the best! He is patient, understanding, and has great knowledge on physical therapy, including but not limited to how to use appropriate therapy during my husband's knee flare ups and never pushes him beyond his capabilities. Shikha is also wonderful, equally as skilled! Kim, the administrative assistant is always on top of things, very quick to get back to us, and easy to work with. It's like visiting family every time we go, and we couldn't be happier!
Yaffa Walzman
Had a very positive experience here! Therapists and staff are attentive, friendly and helpful! Val is amazing! Helped heal my ankle injury quickly! Definitely recommend!
Ian Hawkes
My experience at Twinboro has been great. I came in for lower back pain and the team here has been knowledgeable and friendly. The facilities are great and I’ve been having good progress on my recovery. Highly recommended.
maria espiritu
I’m very please with my physical therapist Ms Valerie . Not only she’s very knowledgeable …she’s very compassionate, warm and friendly. This is my first time in this place and would highly recommend for those who needs help with their injury or needs some help with strengthening exercises.The whole staff and their assistants are all very friendly and warm . I will highly recommend this place .I’m almost done with my sessions and I’m very satisfied with my recoveryThank you again for all the help !!!Maria Espiritu
They are awesome friendly helpful people. Especially Al.
Arif Adil
Alpit and Shika (sorry if I spelled the names wrong) are really good. They helped me and provided me ample information. When looking for a pt I had trouble because most of the ones I went to had shut down. So I’m happy they were available and worked with me very closely. It’s a very comforting environment. Highly recommend.
On a scale of one to ten, they are a 10 year, they're the best.
Michael Marquez
My time at Twinboro’s has been nothing less than great. After suffering the injuries I have both Shikha and Alpit have been amazing in getting me back on my feet. Between the care both physically and mentally I can say I have been the healthiest I have been in some time. Thanks again guys!
Emm Badichon
Sandi and Al helped me get better.
Jerry Lynch
My therapist is allsome on giving good care for my shoulder surgery it's coming on fine she really knows how to bring your shoulder back to life.
william watts
Very knowledgeable and accommodating. Great service!!
Gillyam Suazo
Amazing location! Sandi & Jackie are awesome. Everyone is friendly and the facility is clean.
Always willing to help with time change very understanding
Pamela Leone
The staff here is amazing. I have had to come for different reasons and they always work to get me back to my best. Professional and caring.
Birge Kinne
All practitioners are awesome. Scheduling accommodate it. Great for pre-and post of recovery.
Donna Lombard
Staff is friendly and caring. This is my second time receiving therapy here with a different therapist. Both experiences were good with individualized care to meet you where you are.
I love going to my therapy. Sandy is amazkng !!!she is always makkng sure I conplete all my exercises. I am so tirilled by her and tiwin boro
Deborah M. Sanders
My experience at this location has always been positive! This year is approximately my fourth or fifth time returning to the Union TwinBoro location. The customer service is, and has always been phenomenal. The administrative staff at the front desk is accommodating when needed to resolve issues with insurance companies. The ladies are professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and understanding when sickness or emergencies arise. Most of all, they are kind and respectful!My physical therapist Valerie is in valuable. Her therapeutic massages, manipulation, movement of tissues, and muscles has helped me immensely.When I initially came for a comprehensive evaluation of my injuries I was in a lot of pain. She has assigned rigorous and appropriate exercises which is guiding me on the path of healing. We are still working at it, and the process will probably be a long one. However, I would recommend this location to anyone who is willing to put in the work to achieve a better quality of life.Kudos to all of the therapist at the Union location. I’ve watched, I’ve listened, and I’ve seen so many hurting sad faces - turn into relieved happy faces. I am extremely appreciative for all that has been done for me throughout the many times that I have had to visit this location.Side note: Please be on time for your appointments.
rocket rick
Looked at several PT places for my knee replacement therapy and am so glad I choose Twin Boro in Union. It's like one big happy family - all the patients and therapists enjoy each other's company yet at the same time, everyone works hard at healing. The sessions are well structured and supervised. The therapists, especially Val and Sandy - are highly qualified and are great motivators. Their tough love helped me recover way ahead of schedule. I walked 5 miles yesterday 3 months post surgery. You can't go wrong with Twin Boro.
Joe Ascone
I'm so glad I came to Twin Boro of Union. The staff is professional, friendly, kind and caring. The therapists that are helping me are Valerie and Sandra. They show much concern for my well being. By their attention to my needs I feel like I was their only client. From my observation they treat everyone the same way. In fact the entire staff works the same way. The staff seems like they enjoy working in the pleasant environment. I highly recommend Twin Boro PT Union NJ
Lillie Chadwick
I've been a client of Twin Boro, Union for the past eight months. I found all the staff to be professional and friendly, giving great care to the doctors orders. My therapist has largely been Sandy, who identified my need for further evaluation with a orthopedist. It was then discovered that surgery was required to resolve my problem. I've received great post op. care and I'm progressing well. I'm quite please with the service there.
Melinda Colon
The staff at Twin Boro were all so friendly, and knowledgeable. They all made sure I was treated with care and explained every exercise necessary for my treatment, which ultimately improved my symptoms and pain. I would definitely recommend using their facility. Thanks Twin Boro!
Sonya Wingate
I have been going to Twin Boro for about 2 years. In the beginning just for my shoulder injury then my ankle. Unfortunately I had to have surgery on both my shoulder and my ankle. The staff has treated me with the utmost respect and compassion. Jackie is a God send. She listened to my concerns and me a lot of techniques that help me with my recovery. I had the pleasure of working with all the therapist but Jackie is the best in my opinion.
Thomas Harvey
I love the staff at Twinboro Union. They are very friendly and professional and I will definitely recommend them to anyone!!
Kenya Lopez
This place was wonderful. I had a great experience. The place was organized and the staff are friendly and very helpful. The PT Sandi was very helpful in the care I received. The Pts Al, Jackie, Shika, and Val are good with their patient care too. They are willing to listen and help you throughout the whole process. I will highly recommend this place!
I love this location. Everything is new, pristine and clean. The staff are friendly and very helpful. The PT care is the best I’ve received. I highly recommend going here.
michelle jones
Outstanding service and we enjoy everything about it here.
Judy Wapelhorst
The therapists and staff really helped me excel in my rehab!
Octaivia Harrison
I’ve been coming to Twin Boro Physical Therapy for about a year now & the service is spectacular. The therapist really pay attention to your needs and make sure that all goals are met. Helping heal patients one session at a time.
Valerie Key
I have been a patient for various issues. Twinboro Union (Morris Ave) will always be MY place for physical therapy! Jackie is my therapist and she has been able to always get me to an improved state. She listens and adjusts my therapy as necessary. I would quickly recommend Twinboro to anyone!!
Tonnette Johnson
Sandy & Jackie are absolutely the very best!!They listen to my concerns & adapted a routine that really worked for me!!!Love these Ladies!!!💗💗
Yolanda L-Freeman
Sandy was patient with showing me ways to better care for my back. And the massage & cupping were top notch, thank you so much for everything!!
Belinda G
Really nice environment love my therapist. Would recommend.
Latoya Nelson-Piccott
I've been going to Twin Boro for a year now, and I have to say that my experience has been fantastic. In particular, working with PT Val has been an absolute pleasure. Val has provided me with excellent care and a lot of flexibility, which has been incredibly important for my recovery.From the very beginning, Val has taken the time to listen to my concerns and understand my goals for physical therapy. She's been incredibly patient and encouraging, and she's always pushed me to work harder and achieve more. Her expertise and knowledge have been invaluable, and I've learned so much from her.What I appreciate most about Val is her flexibility. She's always willing to work with me to create a treatment plan that fits my schedule and my needs. Whether I need to come in early in the morning or later in the evening, Val has always been accommodating. And when I've had to reschedule appointments, she's been understanding and flexible.Overall, I would highly recommend Twin Boro and PT Val to anyone looking for excellent physical therapy care. Thank you, Val, for all of your hard work and dedication
Cynthia Bailey
Very friendly. Staff always polite and make you feel welcome.
Edward Lasota
I recommend twin boro to anyone who needs therapy. I started going in 2014 with a shoulder replacement and recently I had a knee replacement done. I love going to Union, everyone starting from the front desk, the aids, and the therapist all treat you like family. They are all professional and caring. My recent knee replacement was very traumatic to me because of swelling issues. But thanks to Sandi Moussallem, her compassionate, diligence and exercise regiments pulled me through this unfortunate experience. I will always be grateful to Sandi and her staff. I would also like to give a shout out to Jackie who I worked with in the past and was amazing as well. Thank you…… at my age I’ll be back again!
warren heimall
Very Caring and knowledgeable.
Manuel Castro
Jackie is very professional with her therapy treatments.
Yvette Nelson
My experience at Twin Boro in Union NJ has been awesome. My therapist is tough but gentle (if that makes sense) I had knee replacement 4/2021 and started coming here since June 2022 and I have seen more progess with the bending of my knee since I've been coming here. My flexion was 89 degrees with help and now I'm at 110 by myself. Trust me that's big. My therapist along with the other therapists are very friendly and encouraging.
Allison Gomez
Everytime i come they are so awesome. They ask how you feeling, is it getting better, then ask what they need to provide therapy so that your injury gets better. They also try to work with you when scheduling appointments. I feel comfortable with how they help me get better. No matter who you get they really care on helping you get better.
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