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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Union with access to the best evidence based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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2625 Morris Avenue Union, NJ 07083-5606

Meet Your Director

Valerie Cassell, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Valerie enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dog, working out, going to the movies, and taking trips down the shore or into the city.

Valerie Cassell has been involved in sports and rehab for her entire life, primarily through her 18-year softball career that included four years of competition at a Division 1 institution. While she was fortunately able to avoid many injuries during her career, Valerie did witness many of her teammates get injured and then undergo physical therapy afterwards to help them regain their abilities. Watching her teammates improve through physical therapy is what originally sparked her interest in the profession, and this led her to The College of Charleston, where she received a Bachelor of Science in exercise science and graduated cum laude, and then to Rutgers University – North, where she earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Valerie began her career at Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s Clark clinic. She initially served as a staff physical therapist, starting in July of 2020, and then moved up to become an assistant director at this location less than a year later. In October of 2021, she was given the opportunity to serve as the clinic director at our Union location and currently holds that position. Throughout her career, Valerie has taken MedBridge courses in several therapeutic areas, including the cervical and lumbar spine, the knees, and the shoulders.

Valerie has a special interest and extensive experience in treating post-surgical patients, geriatric patients, orthopedic patients, and athletes, particularly those involved in overhead sports and those recovering from ankle and knee injuries. She is also interested in offering maintenance programs that help patients keep up with their care, including specific exercises based on patient deficits, postural retraining, and proper body mechanics. Valerie’s approach to treatment involves placing a patient’s goals are at the forefront of her care plan and physically and mentally working with each patient to ensure they reach these goals. She personalizes each treatment program according to patients’ needs and abilities, and utilizes a variety of manual therapy interventions. These include soft-tissue mobilization, stretching, joint mobilization, instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM), percussive therapy, and cupping. Valerie also holds a Functional Movement Technique (FMT) certification for RockPods, which is a cupping technique used to enhance movement and alleviate discomfort.

Valerie bases her management strategies around Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s One2Four™ Care Model. This unique approach accounts for the relatively low level of function a patient might experience after an injury or surgery, and then aims to take them all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Valerie uses this model to allow patients to objectively see how they are improving first-hand and believes that it can serve as a guide to help patients set and progress towards their goals as they start functioning at higher levels.


Union - Patient Reviews

Yolanda L-Freeman
00:11 21 Mar 23
Sandy was patient with showing me ways to better care for my back. And the massage & cupping were top notch, thank you so much for everything!!
Belinda G
15:47 14 Mar 23
Really nice environment love my therapist. Would recommend.
Latoya Nelson-Piccott
20:19 13 Mar 23
I've been going to Twin Boro for a year now, and I have to say that my experience has been fantastic. In particular, working with PT Val has been an absolute pleasure. Val has provided me with excellent care and a lot of flexibility, which has been incredibly important for my recovery.From the very beginning, Val has taken the time to listen to my concerns and understand my goals for physical therapy. She's been incredibly patient and encouraging, and she's always pushed me to work harder and achieve more. Her expertise and knowledge have been invaluable, and I've learned so much from her.What I appreciate most about Val is her flexibility. She's always willing to work with me to create a treatment plan that fits my schedule and my needs. Whether I need to come in early in the morning or later in the evening, Val has always been accommodating. And when I've had to reschedule appointments, she's been understanding and flexible.Overall, I would highly recommend Twin Boro and PT Val to anyone looking for excellent physical therapy care. Thank you, Val, for all of your hard work and dedication
Cynthia Bailey
17:12 13 Mar 23
Very friendly. Staff always polite and make you feel welcome.
Edward Lasota
18:47 12 Mar 23
I recommend twin boro to anyone who needs therapy. I started going in 2014 with a shoulder replacement and recently I had a knee replacement done. I love going to Union, everyone starting from the front desk, the aids, and the therapist all treat you like family. They are all professional and caring. My recent knee replacement was very traumatic to me because of swelling issues. But thanks to Sandi Moussallem, her compassionate, diligence and exercise regiments pulled me through this unfortunate experience. I will always be grateful to Sandi and her staff. I would also like to give a shout out to Jackie who I worked with in the past and was amazing as well. Thank you…… at my age I’ll be back again!
warren heimall
15:47 11 Mar 23
Very Caring and knowledgeable.
Manuel Castro
16:28 10 Mar 23
Jackie is very professional with her therapy treatments.
Yvette Nelson
23:21 09 Mar 23
My experience at Twin Boro in Union NJ has been awesome. My therapist is tough but gentle (if that makes sense) I had knee replacement 4/2021 and started coming here since June 2022 and I have seen more progess with the bending of my knee since I've been coming here. My flexion was 89 degrees with help and now I'm at 110 by myself. Trust me that's big. My therapist along with the other therapists are very friendly and encouraging.
Allison Gomez
22:28 09 Mar 23
Everytime i come they are so awesome. They ask how you feeling, is it getting better, then ask what they need to provide therapy so that your injury gets better. They also try to work with you when scheduling appointments. I feel comfortable with how they help me get better. No matter who you get they really care on helping you get better.
Silvia Cardia
22:26 09 Mar 23
I have been to Twin Boro Union for PT, once for my ankle and now for my knee. The staff is knowledgeable, thorough and are amazing on helping me making progress and strengthening my muscles. Valerie, Jackie and Schika deserve the shoutout, as well as their assistants. I highly recommend this place for your PT needs.
Theresa Lawson
22:25 09 Mar 23
Val & Jackie are the best, they work you hard then ice you down.. I’m feeling a lot better. Twin Boro was a good choice for PT.. Terry L.
Guy Tomenchok
20:45 19 Feb 23
I celebrated my 58th birthday and 2 days later I had extreme pain in my leg and hip. I went to see a doctor and he said that I had hip arthritis, I am not even 60 and I am falling apart. He prescribed physical therapy. I went to Twin Boro in Union. Everyone there is really helpful and friendly. My therapist was Shika Patel. She is very caring and knowledgeable. Through the physical therapy and exercises she prescribed, I am more flexible and almost pain free. The only time that I feel discomfort is cold damp days, but it is arthritis, so it is going to happen. I am very grateful to Shika and the staff at Twin Boro. I went from being miserable and in pain to having my life back.Guy T
Alexander Fonseca
14:40 05 Feb 23
I had for 4+ months of PT and glad I chose Twin Boro Union. I gained my full knee mobility back and started running again. Shikha, you were the best!!! Also, shout out to Al and Sand(i/y), who stepped when I had to change my schedules. You all played a part of my recovery and thank you all so much!! With that being said, I highly recommend TBPT of Union.
p wilson
04:44 13 Dec 22
The Physical Therapist Sandi was excellent and helped me significantly with the pain in my knees with the various stretches and exercise regiments which strengthen the quads & hamstrings and placing of kinesiology tape to take the pressure off of my knees when needed to aleviate the joint pain. The supporting staff were also very helpful during all of my therapy sessions. I would highly recommend the staff here at the Union location for your PT.
Sonja Millner
12:04 10 Dec 22
If you want to get better and come to a place with people who are genuine, this is where you should go for physical therapy. Jackie is awesome and the staff is great.
21:30 29 Nov 22
I’ve had to had therapy twice this year, the first time for my knee and the second time after my elbow surgery. I returned to this location because of the therapist and also the staff. This group of individuals, are so helpful accommodating all my needs. Valerie knows exactly how to help me reach my healing goals. She is passionate about her craft and her patients, she is also fun, I always look forward to my therapy sessions. Thank you..Janice Camacho
Daphne Jeffrey
22:56 25 Nov 22
Very excellent.
Irene Tantuico
18:23 11 Nov 22
I highly recommend Twin Boro in Union. Sheika was my therapist who worked with me to get rid of my shoulder pain. My shoulder is feeling much better! Everyone at Twin Boro is friendly and happy to help you.
Daniel Mota
20:05 01 Nov 22
Entire staff was great from day one. Val was a great PT and helped me get full range of motion in my shoulder when I thought it would never come back. Highly recommend.
Pat Battinelli
17:09 21 Oct 22
This is my second, very different need for Twin Boro. They were terrific on my first go- around, problem solved. This time was more complicated but my therapists rose to the occasion. They did their best to help me to heal in a positive way. They are caring and do take the time to listen to your needs and they offer solid solutions. I highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy.
Judy Amorosa
21:48 11 Oct 22
I had knee replacement and had three months of physical therapy with Jackie (Jacqueline Severini). I am walking very well, minimal discomfort and I have Jackie to thank for that. She was always very professional, caring and knew how to get me to where I am now.The entire staff is wonderful and they work seamlessly together. When I have my other knee replaced next year, I will definitely be going back to Twin Boro Union to work with Jackie again! Thank you all for getting me back on my feet!
Dan Koenemund
00:03 13 Sep 22
I could not be happier with the help I received at Twin Boro. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and very patient with me. I have nothing but praise for their hard work and dedication. Thank you to all my therapists.
Kate Meade
00:47 04 Sep 22
From the first day I started therapy at Twin Boro, in Union I was welcomed as if I knew the therapist, everyone was kind & helpful. They were patient & explained everything as the therapy progressed. I started with Becca & Juno until Becca left for another position out of state, I continued with Juno & Jackie who were both knowledgeable & helped me alot. I was with Twin Boro for about 1 and a 1/2 years after I had 2 knee replacement operations, the 1st one in March 2021 & the 2nd one in November 2021, plus a problem with my lower back. Sandy & Val have also worked on my legs & back and have also been wonderful. At this point I need to see my doctor again because of a fall I had & may have to return for more therapy, which I would love, since I always looked forward to having a good workout. I have mentioned how great Twin Boro is and I highly recommend them to anyone that needs any type of physical therapy.A great place with great staff.
Marvett Pryce
20:35 28 Aug 22
The staff treats you like family, I highly recommend this facility to anyone who needPhysical therapy
Sha S
00:33 02 Aug 22
I would highly recommend this facility for any Physical Therapy needs. The Staff is truly Amazing, Very Professional, Experience, Knowledgeable, Sympathetic and Very Caring to all their Patient's needs.
16:57 29 Jul 22
Working with Sandy, Junho, Jackie, Valerie and the pt aides Liz and Ola made my recovery from foot surgery a pleasant experience. The aides Liz and Ola are very attentive, with each exercise they demonstrated them for you and made sure you were doing them correctly. Therapists Sandy, Junho and Jackie, Valerie explain the purpose for each exercise and the importance of the exercises to help you recover from your injury/surgery. I was there for 10 weeks, when I had my foot surgery I was off my foot for four weeks. So I had to learn to walk again which was very painful at first but Sandy and Junho who were my main therapists instructed me every step of the way. Dj Juhno would put on his Playlist and it made all the patients want to to stay longer. Sandy has a way of getting you through the first painful weeks of therapy. Yesterday was my last day of therapy it felt like I was leaving family behind. If I had not listen to their instructions and applied myself to each exercise my progress would have been alot longer and painful with each step.
Felixa P
19:38 24 Jul 22
Absolutely the best Physical Therapy in Union Township. My son recently finish treatment for his hip. He enjoyed working with Valerie who is an EXCELLENT physical therapist. She is very kind, patience and knowledgable. In fact, the entire staff starting from the front desk to the PT assistants are super professionals and nice. The facility is kept very clean and well organized. Appointments are on time. We never had to wait more than a few minutes to be seen. Highly recommended. Ask for Valerie, she is AMAZING!!!!
Lorraine Bell
21:59 06 Jul 22
Both Jerry and Jackie provided customized therapy based on the needs of the patient. They both challenged you and came up with creative exercises that were very helpful,With a terrific sense of humor. Compassion for the patient was evident. The evening woman at the front desk was helpful and friendly as well. I have been going to Twin Boro Physical Therapy over the years and have always helped me.Thanks to the entire staff!
Gloria Thompson
19:49 27 Jun 22
Junho is an excellent therapist. He's knowledge, kind, patience and shows empathy when needed. He's very understanding. He's an asset to your company. He should be commended on a very good job and displays excellent communications skills and very customer service oriented.
Pat Jackson
12:28 14 Jun 22
This is not just a place for physical therapy, the staff will have you engage in discussions, music, movies and laughing. My therapist was excellent, very detailed with my therapy sessions.I highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy.Thank you!
Andrew Graulich
13:10 06 May 22
They are the best at PT in which I have recently finished treatment for neck back in which I had previously treated after knee surgery as did my wife for her knee replacement meniscus surgery and every so often " tune ups " to see any additional exercises that might me added to her routine . Ty. Valerie whom I mostly worked with along with Gerry and Jackie and staff.
Terrelle Halsey
12:13 28 Apr 22
The staff was awesome. My therapist Rafa was great. I arrived in a ton of pain and the exercises have me back to feeling great. I highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy. Thank you guys for everything
Al Arocha
14:34 26 Apr 22
As always, Twin Boro in Union continues to deliver outstanding physical therapy treatments to its patients. Lead therapist Gerald Lewis and his staff always diagnose our needs accurately and quickly we are on our way to a full recovery. Long live Twin Boro in Union.
Nadia Toussaint
23:16 21 Apr 22
I recommend Twins Boro for anyone who needs a therapist. I just finished about four months of therapy. It was the best experience. Everyone is friendly and kind. They listen to the patients concern/s and give the best of care. I felt supported on so many levels. It became a home away from home. Most importantly, I am pain free and can return to my activities of daily living. 😊💯Thank you !!!
Amy Bocchetti
16:40 20 Apr 22
Strict cleaning protocols here, which I appreciate greatly. All of the therapists are fantastic & I especially like Val!! I’ve made great gains working with the team here!
Danielli Lourenço
21:12 16 Mar 22
Very good!Thank you so much!
silvia cardia
23:26 02 Mar 22
I went there mid December for my badly sprained ankle and from the moment I walked in I felt very welcomed.Junho interviewed me and every time I went for my appointment (twice a week) he introduced a new exercise, always making sure I had no pain and was comfortable. His deep tissue massages have helped me incredibly and although I "graduated" PT today, I for sure will miss being there. Thanks also to Julian, Liz and the wonderful receptionist (I don't want to misspell her name- it starts with a V). I recommend going there if you want to get better and be treated respectfully. 😊
Kendra Palmer
14:42 02 Mar 22
Twin Boro provides excellent customer service & physical therapy to their patient's... My therapist was Juno (awesome) but I also had the pleasure of working with Jackie, Jerry & Raphael who were all amazing as well.
u o
21:17 23 Feb 22
Very wonderful people
J Johnson
18:22 13 Feb 22
I suffered a bimalleolar fracture on my left ankle last year. I choose the Union location for my physical therapy and recently completed my program. I was told by my orthopedic surgeon to find a location near my home and a therapist that would challenge me. I didn’t know I would have so much fun at the same time. 😌 The team at this location is great from the front office that greets you to all the therapists and assistants. It is a warm, friendly, positive environment where all patients are motivated to get back to their best self. I will miss them all. My physical therapist Rafa was the best. I wouldn’t have regain my mobility without him. Rafa was always a great source of encouragement and motivation every session. He created a program for me that strengthened my joints, muscles and bones that enabled me to walk naturally over time. I so appreciated that he continually pushed me and keep evolving the the set of exercises to ensure I was challenging my ankle and body to regain my confidence, strength, flexibility, and balance. Not only do I highly recommend this location, I also highly recommend Rafa. He is a great physical therapist who is wonderful, personable, and amazing at what he does.
Israel Poventud
17:05 31 Jan 22
I highly recommend Twin Boro in Union was there for a torn rotator cuff.Thanks to Rafa and the rest of the crew I feel great.They’re with you every step of the way.They keep an eye on you to make sure you are doing the exercises right I appreciated that.
Bryan Orsini
01:15 14 Jan 22
Everyone at Twin Boro is FANTASTIC! Jacqueline Severini is amazing. She has helped me tremendously. 180° turnaround. Thank you Jackie!!!
Dahlia Salmon
15:16 25 Dec 21
The staff treats me like I was family. I was so well taken care of by each and everyone. They made physical therapy ( pain and torture) become playtime. They showed so much compassion and empathy towards the patients but pushed us to become better. I can’t thank them enough. To each and everyone and especially Junho, Anna, Liz and Rafa, you all have become my honorary family. I’m going to miss you all and I will sure to tell anyone who needs to be well go see the staff at the Twinboro Union location. They are the best!!!!!!!!
Peg Brady
20:39 18 Dec 21
Twin Boro of Union is great. This is my fourth occasion to use their services following multiple surgeries and injuries. This time Veronica worked hard to get my leg muscles in much better condition prior to my upcoming knee replacement. I have always found the office staff easy to work with whether i had an insurance issue or a scheduling issue.
Debbie Fenton
13:34 02 Dec 21
I can’t say enough good things about the PT’s at this location! I had the pleasure of working with Rafael, Valerie, JunHo and Jacqueline and everyone was very professional and friendly as was the office staff.I would highly recommend that if you need PT you go to this location!
Derron Mcfarlane
04:03 02 Dec 21
Junho is great, very knowledgeable and a great therapist. Clean facility and ran well
Matthew Zoleta
17:47 01 Dec 21
Twin Boro has helped me recover through two knee procedures. Jerry runs a tight ship, as there wasn’t a drop off in the quality of treatment at all. Jackie was my main therapist the second time around, and I felt very comfortable under her care to push the limits. Attentive and I can always reach out to her. Veronica helped me as well, as she is very thorough. Also, shout out to Brandon who kept me laughing through my time there. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer someone here who needs PT help. The recovery is just as important as the procedure itself, and this place is the real deal.
Nancy Agnis
21:01 12 Nov 21
I would highly recommend Twin Boro Physical therapy in Union. I came in with difficulty walking due to an injury on my knees. I could barely go up and down the stairs or get in and out of the bathtub without my knees hurting. After a couple of months under the care of Rafa, I am now able to move around with ease. Rafa was super professional and attentive all the time. He was mindful of my work schedule and worked with me around it. Also, Sue at the front desk was always very helpful. Totally recommend this place!
Velma Phillips
23:33 29 Oct 21
Twin Boro physical therapy is place I would highly recommend. Friendly staff and positive environment. Veronica and Liz were very friendly, motivational, welcoming and highly respectful, inspirational and goal oriented in helping the patients/clients feeling and moving around like kids again.
Jessica An
13:14 09 Oct 21
My aunt was a patient here and she loved the experience they took amazing care of her. She’s getting better by the day and was happy to talk about the staff and the care they provided for her. Special shout out to Jerry he was by care her favorite PT!
Joanna Godniak
20:24 21 Sep 21
Highly recommend Union Twin Boro - Absolutely best physical therapy in town - I was lucky to be sent here by my doctor and after couple months my issue was fixed. I was carefully evaluated and I appreciate the help of Rafael Braga who was working hard each time I came to get me better and he helped to reach my goal. He is knowledge about his job, professional, fun and has little magic in hands!!!Always respond when I need to add / change anything. Helping staff in UnionTwin Boro are very nice always help with smile and kindnesses .Place itself is well maintained clean and neat.I highly recommend this place for you to get better!
Minal Patel
22:04 18 Sep 21
I went for evaluation and I was very satisfied with Twin Boro staffs, I was given good advice regarding my insurance plan from front desk and thoroughly evaluation from PT PT Director Jerry. I highly recommend.
Hilda Dral
21:05 13 Sep 21
I am very happy with my experience at Twin Boro. I found the entire staff to be helpful, courteous and friendly. I want to especially thank my physical therapist; Veronica, who challenged me to get to the good place I’m at today!!
Tara L. Harris
04:30 03 Apr 21
Tricia Kostin
13:40 21 Mar 21
My husband had a great experience. This was his first time needing physical therapy and he did not know what to expect. The therapists were informative and would give him assignments and handouts so he could practice his stretching at home. Jacqueline and Juno were both great to work with.
danielle tasco
17:23 19 Feb 21
I have had pain in my left knee for 2 months before coming to treat at Twin Boro who have been not only knowledgeable in their treatment, but always kind and patient.Not only the Physical Therapists, but also the aides were able to instruct me on exercises in the clinic in such detail, and also develop a program that I could do on my off days, as well as now being discharged. I have to say, being an athlete, I was worried that I would not be able to get back to the shape I was in prior to my injury, but I am even better than before. They were also able to provide me with modifications to my daily workouts as to help prevent future injuries.I highly recommend Twin Boro!!
Terri Jones
23:00 08 Feb 21
The therapist here are absolutely great I highly recommend.
Tim Fox
15:20 06 Feb 21
I would highly recommend Twin Borough the therapist were excellent they were on top of everything I did. If one therapist was busy the other therapist helped me. They were awesome thank you Jackie , Jerry, Rebecca, Junho thanks again
Sonya Fletcher
19:28 26 Dec 20
Twin Boro has been a life saver for me. I went to other PT practices and no other compare to Twin Boro. Juno was my PT, and he was great, warm and pleasant and knowledgeable. He really help me out and I am walking better. The staff is professional and I dealt with an assistant named Anna who was courteous, attentive and professional. I highly recommend this facility.
Joe Williams
18:39 28 Oct 20
Staff is exceptional and show that they care about their patients. If I need physical therapy again in the future I will be coming back. Thank You !!!
Vanessa Jones
16:14 15 Oct 20
Jerry is the best! I've gone to him, both of my parents. Whenever we're in need of therapy we go directly to Twin Boro Physical Therapy. Great service & care!
Amanda Bashford
16:00 02 Oct 20
Awesome experience. Everyone is very professional and helpful. Place and equipment is constantly being cleaned in between each patient. Jackie was my therapist. I would highly recommend her. She goes above and beyond. Even checks up with me by text after a dr visit or if she adds a new exercise to see how I feel after. I had a couple of the other therapists also while Jackie was on vacation. They are all great. Jerry is in charge and runs a tight ship. You are alway greeted by name by everyone assoon as you walk in. After a week they start to feel like family. Again can’t say enough good things about Jackie and the whole Twin Boro experience!
13:25 21 Aug 20
My wife, Debora, has improved so much after receiving treatment at Twin Boro - Union location.The staff is friendly and willing to work with your special needs and unique schedule. The PTs listen to your needs and work on you until you get better! I truly recommend anyone to give them a try.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Peter Migliorini
19:02 31 Jul 20
The staff is the best
Patrick Wirkus
15:32 12 Mar 20
I went to Twin Boro Physical Therapy-Union after I suffered a distal bicep tendon rupture at work. The care I received from this facility was excellent! Dr. Rebecca Bryant was my physical therapist and I can't thank her enough for getting me back to the career that I love. While all of the staff there is squared away, she stood out and took care of business. If you are in need of PT, this place and Rebecca have my vote.
Nancy Lodat
15:22 12 Mar 20
Twin Boro In Union is has the best friendliest, nicest, caring and professional staff!! The place is kept very clean and sanitized, and well organized. Their appointments are on time never waited more than a few mintues to be seen, They helped myself through my total knee replacement and totalankle replacement and currently helping me through my back issues!! From the time you walk in till the time you leave, you feel and know everyone has a interest in you and everything you need to feel better.Jerry Lewis and his staff are the best! 😊
Roger Virgo
19:35 13 Feb 20
I went to twin boro before and after surgery for a torn meniscus. The staff was very nice and knowledgeable. Veronica was my PT, she made sure that my treatment would get me back to 100%. Veronica is the best.
Louise Titus
17:45 03 Jan 20
Twinboro PT has the most skilled, courteous, friendly, encouraging physical therapists and aides. They helped me to walk again, to welcome exercise that renewed my life and I have had over 25 surgeries! This was and is no small feat! They are simply the best at what they do.
marcy musarra
16:33 14 Dec 19
I had a great experience with Jerry, Susan and the other therapists. Front desk and assistants are all top notch! I would return for any PT needs.I had been to other facilities for my chronic shoulder and neck problems. Finally, I have relief for over one month since I completed therapy. Don’t forget to do the exercises and other strategies at home.
D. Burke
00:58 12 Dec 19
Their staff is amazing. Everyone is friendly and people oriented. I worked with just about every therapist for my shoulder and they were all great. My main therapist was Juno Roh, he knows what he is doing and pushes you to your limits. He also came up with a few new exercises that he invented just for me. Highly recommend Twin Boro.
Matt Gomes
01:23 12 Nov 19
Staff is incredible. Therapy itself is challenging and allows you to grow.
Valerie Young
20:51 05 Sep 19
I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to the members at the Union, Twin Boro Physical Therapy location. I had foot surgery and needed PT. I selected your location and was very, very glad I did. The Reception, every PT on staff were focused and committed to get me back to normal. You guys are above exceptional. Thank you to the entire team, extra thank you to Jerry.
Harry Czinn
16:46 08 Aug 19
Twin Boro in Union NJ is a nice, spacious and clean facility where the staff is first rate. I particularly want to single out and thank Junoh and Jackie who managed my PT as well as Elaine, Ellen, Reggie, Stefani and Jerry and the front desk for their assistance. I had four weeks of therapy for whiplash and I benefited greatly. I highly recommend this PT location for any one in need.
Kamille Song
23:23 29 Jul 19
I would definitely recommend the Union Twinboro location to all of my friends and family! From the second you walk in you are welcomed with big smiles and friendly attitudes. Pooja at the front desk was very accommodating with my changing work schedule and never once made me feel like an inconvenience, no matter how many times I had to change my appointments. I had the pleasure of working with most of the PTs here (because of my work schedule) and each and every one of them were very skilled and helped me build back the strength and stability to my ankle! (Special shout out to Junho my main PT) All of the aides as well are very friendly and knowledgeable! (Special shout out to Reggie with whom I worked the most)What it comes down to is that everyone here made it so that there were days where I was looking forward to PT. As a PT myself, I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism, skill and compassion that the Union Twinboro showed me with each and every one of my 18 visits! Keep doing what you're doing! :)
Samantha ramirez
21:20 17 Jun 19
Twin boro is fantastic. The staff is lovely, welcoming, and accommodating. Sue is an amazing physical therapist that truly cares about her patients.
cheryl greene
01:44 15 Jun 19
The team at Twin Boro on Morris Avenue in Union consistently provides good direction, positive support and the guidance needed to recover from an accident. As the director, Jerry Lewis leads his team with the coaching to create a positive environment for everyone to succeed. Much appreciated and highly recommend!
flora paa
16:19 12 Jun 19
This where I do my outpatient PT. The place is spacious ,clean with good parking spaces.The staff are friendly and listens to my concerns. My special thanks to the ff.: Susan Roman PT, Mansky Joel and Jackie. They are special people and very professional . I highly recommend this place.
Nick Churus
02:34 11 Jun 19
I can only speak on behalf of this location. The staff is great. Appointments are always on time. They have the tools and talents that ensure a full and complete recovery. You walk in as a patient. You leave as a friend.
Carolyn S
13:41 08 Jun 19
Awesome staff...friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Great improvement to my arthritic knees.
Fatima Branco
12:26 22 May 19
I recommend strongly Twinboro has the best PT around this area specially Gerry Lewis and all the staff they are caring and very attentive and helpful. Thank you all for your help!
Dana Lazich
20:29 22 Apr 19
I benefited greatly from being a patient in Twin Boro in Union. Therapists and staff are great! Everyone is very attentive and knows what they are doing. The atmosphere is comfortable and professional. My shoulder improved after 4 weeks of exercises with these guys. Thank you! Highly recommend this particular location!
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