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Twin Boro Physical Therapy at Wall opened in the winter of 2023. Conveniently located on Rt. 35, the clinic offers residents of Wall and surrounding areas access to the best evidence-based physical therapy care in the state from a highly reputable practice. As the largest private practice in New Jersey with 51 convenient locations in 16 counties and 42 years of experience, Twin Boro Physical Therapy prides itself on allowing anyone in need to access their superb care, regardless of their location. For their continued growth and reliable role in helping patients live life to the fullest, Twin Boro has been recognized as the best physical therapy practice in New Jersey by

The Wall facility is run solely by Justin Tennant, PT, DPT, a lifelong resident and proud citizen of Wall. Justin was born and raised in Wall and graduated from Wall High School in 2009, where he played football. He was educated at the University of Delaware, where he received a BS (2014), a MS (2015), and a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2016, before moving back to his hometown. Justin is excited to be able to give back to his community in helping his fellow residents achieve their goals, get back their independence and improve their quality of life. Justin treats a wide range of patient populations, but he specializes in general orthopedic care, neuromuscular conditions, post-operative care, sports injury rehab, and peak performance training. He utilizes various manual techniques, exercises, and modalities depending on what combination is most likely to lead to improvements in each patient. Throughout his career, he has continued to focus his clinical advancement with manual-based therapy including spinal manipulation and utilization of dry needling. Most importantly, he wants physical therapy to be fun, exciting, and meaningful, and he works hard to make this happen for every patient that enters the Wall clinic.

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1919 State Route 35 Suite 302 Wall, NJ 07719

Meet Your Director

Justin Tennant, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: In his spare time, Justin enjoys various outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and snowboarding. Snowboarding is one of his biggest hobbies in the winter, and he spends many weekends in Vermont and travels out west at least once each winter to snowboard out there.

Justin Tennant was inspired to become a physical therapist after suffering multiple injuries throughout his athletic career, which in turn led him to seek the assistance of a physical therapist to get him back on the field as soon as possible. He enjoyed the process of rehab and the friendliness of the staff so much that it influenced the direction he wanted to go in for a career. Instead of pursuing a business degree as originally planned, he redirected and began his higher education at the University of Delaware, where he first earned a Bachelor of Science in exercise science in 2014. He then continued his schooling at the University of Delaware, earning a Master of Science in anatomy and clinical health science in 2015 and then a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2016. Justin was also on the executive board of the American Red Cross Club throughout his undergraduate career and was a recipient of the ADaPT Scholarship for the University of Delaware’s physical therapy program.

After graduating, Justin joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy as a staff physical therapist at the Toms River and Red Bank locations from 2017 to 2018. He then spent about one year at Health Fusion Wellness, where he worked with many athletes of all various age groups and levels, most of whom were professional MMA fighters. Justin also worked part-time in home care-based physical therapy during this time, where he treated many deconditioned patients who were homebound due to complex issues. He then served as the physical therapy director at Sea Girt Spine and Rehabilitation for the next three years, and in 2022, he rejoined the Twin Boro team as a staff physical therapist at our Toms River clinic, and then as the clinic director at our Wall location.

Throughout his career, Justin has taken numerous continuing education courses through various organizations, including courses on the spine, spinal manipulation, temporomandibular disorders, and upper extremity peripheral nerve entrapments. He also received a Certification in Dry Needling (Cert. DN) through the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy and a Certification in Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization & Cupping (STMT-C) through Elite Learning.

Although Justin is skilled in treating all types of patients, he specializes in general orthopedic care, neuromuscular conditions, post-operative care, sports injury rehab, and peak performance training for athletes, neurological populations, and geriatric populations. Justin always tries to make physical therapy fun, exciting, challenging, and meaningful for every patient he sees. This all begins starts with getting to know the patient, including what drives them and what they want to achieve through treatment. His next step is to take everything he learns about the patient and integrate it with evidence-based interventions geared towards allowing patients to take control of their life as fast as possible. He utilizes various manual techniques, exercises, and modalities based on what is most likely to be effective for a patient at any given time, and constantly monitors how patients respond to each intervention. Some of the interventions he uses most frequently are joint mobilizations and manipulations, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, functional cupping, dry needling, advanced exercise prescription, return to sport protocol implementations, and balance training/fall prevention.

Justin also believes that the One2Four model works for him and his patients as a nice middle ground of communication within therapy. He feels it serves as a medium that allows the clinical mindset of a physical therapist and the mindset of a patient to communicate about function, progress, goals, and prognosis. It also helps patients visualize where they are, where they were, and most importantly, where they are going in terms of creating, achieving, and exceeding their own goals.


Wall - Patient Reviews

Danielle Eakins
18:30 23 Mar 23
Twin Boro PT is a clean and welcoming facility with a hardworking, friendly & efficient staff of therapists. My therapist, Roman, was thorough with his assessment and I have progressively improved in mobility. My pain has eased & my strength has increased. Highly recommend.
Motie Prashad
15:29 20 Mar 23
My therapist is one who listened and cares about her patients.All employees are caring and helpful to there patients needs.
steve cano
14:21 17 Mar 23
The staff is very friendly and helpful. They take the time with the treatment, and answer all the questions I had. Better they treat you like family. I will definitely recommend it to anyone that needs physical therapy.
Yolander Baker
01:01 17 Mar 23
My first time doing Therapy at a Twin Boro Facility. This place is so Welcoming and Pleasant from the time you walk in til the time you leave. My PT Therapist is Annie is Awesome. I would recommend to Family and Friends.
Richie B
19:57 09 Mar 23
I had therapy there for a couple different injuries. They are the best, especially Annie. When you go there they take care of you and you're in your own private little area. They really make you feel comfortable there while you're rehabbing.
Catherine Timoldi
18:34 09 Mar 23
Great place friendly staff !!! Flexible schedule !! Carol and Ann are awesome !! Carol does my pt 2 times a week excellent explains everything !!! Ann does my pt once a week excellent!!! Everyone cares about there patients !!! Staff is awesome and caring !!!
Ashley King
15:00 08 Mar 23
Great Facility!! Highly recommend Bayonne location!
Cassidy Svercauski
14:47 08 Mar 23
My grandfather sees Annie and saw immense progress in just 2 visits! He’s standing up straighter, walking easier, and has better balance. The front desk staff and physical therapists are so friendly and the facility is clean and tidy. Would definitely recommend TwinBoro PT to anyone looking to get better and feel good!
14:45 08 Mar 23
Nothing but great things to say about the ENTIRE Staff and facility.. Been coming here for 3 months and I absolutely luv it.. They definitely help with recovery and feeling better. Not to mention the enjoyable time I have while working out.. Ann is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!
Reqina Fulmore
01:11 18 Feb 23
I have used this facility for some time now and never have I been disappointed. The staff is not only very knowledgeable, but extremely helpful and kind. You will not regret your decision.
Andre Gomes
03:15 01 Feb 23
Great location and staff very nice and friendly the therapist very professional with getting you back to full recovery.
Andrew Del
15:30 02 Dec 22
One of the most amazing and caring rehabs ever.The staff is knowledgeable and kindAnnie might be the best PT I have ever seen. Professional, kind , funny and will get you better asap .Truly a truly family place .if you are ever in the unfortunate need for therapy this is the place to get put but on the road to recovery....
Gina Marie
03:22 22 Oct 22
I absolutely love love LOVE twin boro pt and staff!!! Been to a few pt places and this is by far THE BEST. The staff is very welcoming and bubbly! They have always given me 110% of their attention and have always walked me through the process of therapy when needed. 10 out of 10 experience <3
Jacqueline Jarema
17:45 21 Oct 22
I absolutely LOVE coming here! It feels like family to me. Everyone comments on my progress. They truly care about their patients. Roman is very thorough and knowledgeable. Everyone here has made a difference in my life!!!
Michael Rivera
17:06 21 Oct 22
Twin Boro Bayonne has been a great help with my physical rehabilitation. Their staff offers a comforting and inviting atmosphere for all of their patients.
Seth Lupianez
16:47 20 Oct 22
Amazing staff super friendly and they really know what to do to help your injury!!
Renée Roundy
15:40 20 Oct 22
I’m so glad I was recommended to this office. Even when my PT isn’t in, they take care to give individualized care and professional opinions to help manage my pain. I’ve had great interactions with everyone here and highly recommend!
Jerrell Coates
22:55 19 Oct 22
Thank you guys and girls for help me heal faster then I ever thought I would 👏🥳 #twin boro is the best Bayonne.
Deborah Nahrwold
01:10 13 Oct 22
Roman is fantastic got me back on my feet and the staff great people
Loretha Robinson
14:53 15 Sep 22
The staff here are excellent. They display concern and experienced care to patients. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks to all the staff💝
Sandra Montanez
14:01 18 Aug 22
The staff at Bayonne is amazing, very friendly and caring… beside manners awesome… the aids are awesome…The front desk are very welcoming always happy…appointments are as scheduled they are on point…love you Lucy and Daris….My physical therapist is amazing so strong and always happy and does her job a 100% thank you Annie so much for getting me through…you are the best…
Evan Friedman
13:50 04 Aug 22
Caroline is the best! I had such a wonderful experience, I can’t recommend this place enough!
Patrick Brennan Jr
22:58 27 Jun 22
Have had shoulder problems but making good progress because of all the staff at S&G Twin Boro. Really professional and caring people who are dedicated to getting you better
Stephen Fowler
15:58 23 Jun 22
I would like to take this time and THANK the physical therapists: Ann, Roman and Carol, the aides: Mike, Matt and Bella and the staff: Lucy, Darius and Ciera for their PROFESSIONALISM and CARE as I was rehabbing my injury. I cannot think of a better facility to be at when rehabbing an injury, I would recommend them to EVERYONE!!!!
Tim Wang
13:13 23 Jun 22
great attention for the patient and I am very satisfied with Roman’s help. My ankle and shoulder are recovering as expected.
Dot King
16:47 22 Jun 22
Love this place. The therapists here are so pleasant and helpful. I don’t know what I would have done without their constant help and consideration for everything I have gone through in the last 4 months. Thanks to everyone, I am now walking and I’m able to go back to work. I am eternally grateful to them.
Dianna McKelvey
16:43 22 Jun 22
I have been here several times and there is so many positives I need many more pages.My phyical therapist is Roman who is great but I will never let him know this LOL Everyone here makes you feel welcome. There no other place I would go. Thank You Everyone from Bayonne.
Terence Joynt
16:13 22 Jun 22
Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Bayonne is ACES!!! They truely care about your well being and progression to wellness. Their staff is friendly, compassionate, and always greet you when you come in by name and with a smile. It’s a place you can really look forward to coming to, on your road to recovery. Highly recommend!!!
Jerome Vinc
15:17 22 Jun 22
Everyone is great! All staff very knowledgeable in their profession.
16:17 17 Jun 22
I have had great experiences at this place. Everyone is welcoming, loving and helpful. I always feel better when I leave. It's a great, friendly atmosphere of professionals who genuinely care and want to help. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Jerry Monchek
16:14 17 Jun 22
This is a great Physical Therapy facility! I highly recommend it. Roman and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. The facility has a very friendly atmosphere
julia reyes
20:28 15 Jun 22
Had to come to twin boro for therapy on a sprian ankle and foot. The therapist Roman suggest I get an mri. It revealed I had two fractures. The staff is friendly and professional the place is clean. Ann is also great. I give them 10 stars
laquetta jordan
20:27 15 Jun 22
I went to Twinboro with a sprain to my right ankle. My therapist Roman took great care of me. I recommend this place to all in search of a therapist.
12:58 14 Jun 22
My PT is Annie. She is the best. Since I'd been going there I feel a lot better and have more mobility. There are 2 other P t's One is Carol and the other is Roman. The staff is also great very friendly and makes you feel very relaxed. I recommend this place if you need any kind of physical therapy you won't regret it 😉
Chao Chao
14:07 13 Jun 22
The staff is wonderful. I have been getting better . Roman is great and has helped me a lot .11 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
Donald Carr
20:07 09 May 22
I would recommend Strulowitz & Gargiulo to everyone. My therapist Annie is professional, compassionate and understanding when it comes to rehabilitation. The whole staff is excellent as well.
Cathy Carr
18:17 22 Apr 22
The staff here is so caring and friendly. They are very compassionate and understanding when it comes to injuries. Annie, Roman, and Carol are all very experienced and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for your physical therapy needs.
Javier Jacobo
18:27 14 Apr 22
Wonderful experience so far and therapists are very polite. I definitely recommend coming here.
Stephen Mack
18:08 02 Apr 22
I cannot say enough GOOD about the staff at S & G Physical Therapy in Bayonne! This staff makes you feel like more than just a patient. The atmosphere here is like Family. The staff always greets you when you walk in and they are always VERY attentive to all their patient's needs in a timely manner. The staff is very professional and incredibly knowledgeable. I can't imagine finding a better staff for physical therapy anyway. My recovery from reconstructive Shoulder surgery is 100% thanks to Roman, Annie & staff at S & G Physical Therapy! They are now like part of my family. Thanks S & G!
Sameerah dominick
13:13 15 Mar 22
Great place to go foryour therapy.
jennifer Ramos
05:20 05 Mar 22
From the first call with Darius to almost 3 weeks later with Carol and all the caretakers here. This is an amazing healing space. Thank you all. It will be a hard farewell when it's time to go1
Lucille Major
01:11 05 Mar 22
Great PT clinic I've been going there for years. The staff is welcoming and friendly
Andrette Fuqua Maple
19:22 04 Mar 22
I must admit that I was nervous for my first visit. My tension was eased because everyone in the office was and still are warm and welcoming. Any question or concern I may have is addressed professionally especially by my therapist, Roman. Therapy sessions become more intense as you progress. It is my pleasure to visit the Bayonne Center.
Devirre Hart
16:53 04 Mar 22
Great facility and great staff! They really helped me with bettering my shoulder. They are very kind! The wellness plan they provided me with has been by far the best. I have been feeling better day by day. They are encouraging, motivating and they know what they are doing. I have been going 2 times a week for 6 weeks and everyday has helped me get one step closer to being my 100% self again!
Tyler Pickrell
19:06 17 Feb 22
Amazingly friendly staff. Ive been a patient for almost 6 month and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. The results of my treatment prior to surgery had me second guessing if I needed surgery.
Nancy Solis
18:31 16 Feb 22
I highly recommend “Twin Brothers Physical Therapy” my physical therapist Carol was friendly and professional. She helped me to understand the causes of my problem and what I could do to alleviate the pain, I was shown exercises which fit perfectly into my daily routine and which were quick and targeted the problem exactly. I also liked the friendly reminder text of up coming appointment facility very nice and clean all staff very friendly and helpfuland professional
Marcy Sears
18:25 15 Feb 22
My daughter Rebecca has been going here for years! Everyone is professional and friendly. Rebecca has a condition that most places are not familiar with. Annie researched it to better help and understand her. I would recommend them to anyone!
Michael Scarpa
19:43 11 Feb 22
Great staff. Very professional and caring.
David Soza
22:29 09 Feb 22
Very friendly staff! The tables and equipment are always cleaned after every use. Parking is not very difficult they have a bayonne municipal lot right around the corner.
Diana Ling
22:45 07 Feb 22
I truly recommend this Bayonne location for your therapy needs. Since beginning my rehab. after hand surgery, I have experience much improvement. The therapist are professional as well as caring to ensure your improving. They are especially available with appointment time to avail to patients schedule.
Tracy Matos
14:01 07 Feb 22
This facility is the best! Everyone is so friendly, from the front desk, to the aides and of course the therapists!!! My whole family comes here. Very well maintained and clean.
gianna silvanio
17:10 25 Jan 22
This is hands down the most welcoming, clean, organized Physical Therapy clinic I have ever walked into. The staff is the best, Ann, Roman and Carol are all very experienced and do their jobs well. The front desk staff and the aids add to this great environment. If you get into a car accident or hurt at work, definitely go get treated at this place!
Valerie Rea
21:45 19 Jan 22
I was involved in a car accident April 21 2021 and have been coming here since August 2021. When I first came I was relying on the rollator and could not walk up stairs. I now walk with a cane and have mastered steps. Carl and Joyce have worked with me and encouraged me since day one. Also my hand and shoulder were injured. Liz and Yeeria have worked with me and I can now write and am able to shower by myself. I recommend this place. The therapists make it fun. Thank you for helping me get my life back.
Rod Clark
20:39 12 Nov 21
I just wanted to say that I've been coming to Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Bayonne on Broadway since September. I love their passion and how much everyone there is concerned with the patients needs, maybe not everyone enjoys Physical Therapy, but I really do because of the employees there are amazing. I want to give a huge thanks to Annie, Carol and Matt for their dedication and being soo caring. The Twin Boro in Bayonne should get 10 stars. Thanks for helping me get better.
kenneth flynn
23:49 31 Oct 21
Dear Sirs;Just want you to know that your PT Staff is doing great things with the patients that they treat. First of all, they are very professional yet so welcoming at the same time. Ann Valenti is the leader of the pact & she stretches you out, which is a little painful, but you feel better after she is through. This is the first time that I have ever been in therapy & I can see & feel results with each session. I look forward to the hot towel preparation & a great work out with an increased range of motion. I sing your praises to my friends & family & recommend you highly. Most appreciatively, Buzz Flynn
Fernando Reyes
14:57 27 Oct 21
Theee best place for all your physical therapy issues!!! Annie, ciera, receptionist lucy. By far excellent service. very kind hospitable place to be. Let me tell you I’ve had several surgeries throughout my life and I’ve been through lots of therapy but not like at gargiulo and strulowitz of Bayonne nj. Stay kind and professional this place will be open for a long time. Thanks and god bless.
Darrell Guillen
15:24 01 Oct 21
Great place for physical therapy. Had a dislocated shoulder and after about 2-3 months my shoulder strength returned back and stronger. The physical therapists were phenomenal as well. Very welcoming, easy to talk to and a nice facility.
Scott Sisk
15:48 27 Sep 21
It has been only 2 Months since my rotator cuff surgery and 6 weeks of Theropy and I am already swimming bike riding and running,, Dr Fealy and HSS put me back together but Roman from Twin Boro Bayonne brought me back to life in record time!
Marie Downes
02:03 26 Sep 21
Twin Boro physical therapy’s main goal is to achieve my full recovery. They are a friendly, courteous, concerned and professional staff.
14:30 15 Sep 21
If I can give these guys 20 stars I will. Not only are they professional, they are extremely caring and loving. David, Darius, Ann and of course my favorite PT Roman ( he is the best) became family to me. The best physical therapy place in Bayonne. I walked in with a broke ankle Not walking on my own. Within 3 weeks I became independent with crutches . I owe it all to them.
laurence suarez
13:16 09 Aug 21
Awesome staffs very helpfull
shawn Kelly
14:03 06 Aug 21
I’ve been dealing with Annie in the BAYONNE OFFICE for the past 8 months waiting on surgery… I must admit I have not been to many therapy places in my life but Annie and Roman are great… They are so caring for the patient and their injury it really makes you feel comfortable with therapy…. Also never had a issue with any secretary they had working that day….. Any appointments I need to make always help me out
joseph mortola
14:59 28 Jul 21
Annie and Roman, and the entire staff are the best. 5 stars and two thumbs !!!!!!!!
21:43 10 Mar 21
I have used the services of S&G twice in three years for a major knee repair as well as knee replacement Physical Therapy. There isn’t a time that I have not enjoyed entering the door at S&G, despite knowing how hard they were about to work me! Everyone is so friendly, welcoming, encouraging and POSITIVE! My two recoveries were very successful and I truly owe it to the professionalism, talent and compassion I receive at every, single visit. No matter how busy they may be at a certain moment, you are always served with genuine care and a smile. Kudos to Anne and Roman for their passion for their profession and their knowledge/talent for what they do. Also a great and personable support staff! I’ve also known Carl Gargiulo over 50 years and he is nothing less than a stellar friend and man of integrity; a ‘man for others’ in service to the communities he has served over the years with the growth of his Physical Therapy locations. I highly recommend S&G/TwinBoro for your PT needs.
19:39 15 Feb 21
My mom comes here three times a week for therapy. The staff are so friendly and understanding from the moment you walk-in to the moment you’re leaving. My mom sees Annie and she is amazing! Michael, who helps Annie, is friendly and helpful. Lucy, who takes our temperatures and handles the paperwork, is super understanding when rescheduling appointments. Roman, who is another therapist, has a good sense of humor and takes to time to converse with mom and I even though mom is not his patient. Natalie, another therapist, has helped my mom in times when Annie was not available. She took the time to know mom’s condition and continue the treatment mom has been on for a few months. Natalie is friendly and really good at her work.Overall, the staff knows my mom and I by name. It’s like the Cheers of Physical Therapy!
Len Chudnovski
20:11 13 Feb 21
After undergoing 2 knee arthroplasty surgeries, I chose S&G/Twin Boro PT in Bayonne to undertake the PT that was prescribed. I'm delighted that I did. My therapist, Roman is very knowledgeable, highly educated and extremely personable. In addition, I can't say enough good things about the other staff members as they are all attentive, caring and concerned. The receptionist is also super sweet. I look forward to my visits, even though they can be grueling sometimes (as they should be). More importantly however, the function in both of my knees is progressing very nicely and my Dr. is extremely impressed. I was even out several times shoveling snow (much to PT Annie's dismay) with absolutely no pain or discomfort. I highly recommend this facility located in a truly terrific Bayonne neighborhood for all of your physical therapy needs.
Joanne & Michael Missaggia
00:25 16 Dec 20
I have been to the Bayonne office many times over the past several years and each time I have received excellent care. I have been treated by therapists (especially Annie) who are well trained, skilled and compassionate. With Annie’s guidance, I have achieved a level of healing I know I never could have arrived at on my own. The office staff (Lucy) and the therapy assistants all make this a welcoming experience. I would certainly recommend Strulowitz & Gargiulo Physical Therapy.
Angel Caraballo
01:14 04 Dec 20
Have to commend Annie my PT for her professionalism. I’ve been coming to this office for treatment and the experience has been great. This office has a homey feel that makes you feel comfortable while doing your exercises. The staff maintains a clean environment as they are constantly sanitizing the equipment and mats after every patient. Annie is very knowledgeable and more than willing to answer any concerns.
Robert Kudlacik
13:41 03 Dec 20
I have been going here since 2013. It is one of the best Physical Therapy practices I have been to today. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. The facility has all you need get back to working shape. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place to go.
Deidre Pavlis
18:46 16 Oct 20
Strulowitz & Gargiulo - Twin Boro Bayonne Location is a great physical therapy office to go to. If you are looking for a PT place - Look No Further!!! Its a smaller location, which is great because everyone gets to know everyone (from the therapists to the patients) and we all cheer each other on and help lift spirits when someone is having a not great day. You couldn't ask for better physical therapists then Annie, Roman and Natalie. They listen to you and help when you have concerns or questions. They offer encouragement when you feel like things aren't going well. This location has a great overall feel to it when you walk in. Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. The location is clean and remains that way throughout the day. The staff is always right behind patients cleaning the machines or mats/beds after they are used. I never feel rushed to move from one exercise or machine to another. The therapists are always watching and keeping an eye on everyone so that exercises are being done correctly and no one gets pain from doing an exercise incorrectly. I have been to Strulowitz & Gargiulo on a number of different occasions throughout the years and this location is the only PT office I will go to!
Carlos Lopez
13:59 02 Sep 20
This is my second experience with this center. And will always choose to come here. Staff is excellent even when they are shorthanded. Special thank you to Ann Valenti.
Raymond Sanchez
13:53 02 Sep 20
Really friendly Staff and no long waits.
Sabbir Ali
19:53 23 May 19
Best place
Iris Garcia
17:47 10 Apr 19
The staff and the people are amazing!!! They make you feel right at home !! Like family!! Thank you guys
sarah khan
19:34 26 Mar 19
Very nice staff, perfect treatment. For the first time i found a real therapist. I definitely reccomend Mick!
Mark Mari
14:12 28 Feb 19
As personable and attentive a staff as I've had the pleasure to re-hab with, EVER !!!! At S&G you will be made to feel like a family member is helping you in your recovery. From the clientele to the therapists to the receptionist a top notch, finely tuned business where all your concerns and worries are eased as soon as you start the registration process. I want to take this time to personally thank my therapist Annie, who goes above and beyond day in and day out, for her care and input in helping me through an extremely tough time physically. Also want to commend the rest of the staff, Tess, Darius, Shauna, Shayna, Kristin, Roman and anyone else I may have forgotten for their kindness, professionalism and for caring !!!
shaquanah williams
02:18 14 Feb 19
I highly recommend this place!! It’s amazing!! Awesome staff that treats you like family! It’s no better feeling than knowing the people in charge of your care actually cares and goes above and beyond! I was in a situation where i was waiting for my transportation for nearly 6 hours to pick me up from the facility after my session ended. In pain (thanks shawna for icing me again to relieve some pain.) but, No meds , no food!!! The staff here made it possible for me to eat and also have Advil for my pain. They are AWESOME!! If you go anywhere else your making a big mistake!!!! Here is the place to be!!!!!Thanks to ANN, Shawna , Kristin, Shayna, Darius, Mike, Michael ,Romanians and Tess!! You guys are amazing! #2nd Family!!😘
Zeyad Hafiz
00:25 27 Dec 18
I was VERY relieved to have been treated by their staff, you will not only help you but they also treat you like family. I highly recommend
15:14 19 Dec 18
The staff is very attentive and caring. Great place
Genny Cuevas
00:06 18 Dec 18
Me gusto la atención del personal muy profesionales y se los recomiendo cien por ciento
Sulaimaan Saleem
23:58 13 Dec 18
Great staff really helping with my pain
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