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445 Pleasant Valley Way, Suite 100, West Orange, NJ 07052
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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of West Orange Township and Essex County with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy has helped patients live life at their fullest potential for 42 years and is the largest private practice in the state with 51 convenient locations in 16 counties. West Orange is Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s 37th location.

West Orange is a new state-of-the-art facility offering a wide range of outpatient physical therapy treatments, including sports medicine, hand therapy, prehab, and post-operative rehabilitation. Twin Boro’s dedicated team of physical therapists provide the highest quality, specialized care to improve the function, abilities, and quality of life of all of our patients. Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s West Orange, NJ location offers telehealth medicine services to patients and accepts most insurances. Schedule an appointment today and get back to your active lifestyle with Twin Boro’s unique and proven approach to physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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445 Pleasant Valley Way, Suite 100, West Orange, NJ 07052

Meet Your Director

Nicole Stodolak PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Lifting weights, running, boating, travelling, spending time with her family and friends

Nicole Stodolak was first exposed to physical therapy when she was diagnosed with scoliosis, but she fell in love with the profession when she took an anatomy course in college and also saw first hand how much it helped her cousin recover after surgery. She became fascinated with how the body works and how physical therapy can help heal it. Her passion for anatomy led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Kean University in 2009. She went on to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from UMDNJ in 2011, where she was a member of the Lambda Alpha Sigma National Honor Society.

After graduating, Nicole began her career as a Staff Physical Therapist. In that role, she set goals and guidelines for patients to successfully return home and provided comprehensive training to nurses, medical professionals, and family members on PT techniques. She went on to become a Clinical Director in 2012. Over the past nine years as a Clinical Director, she has developed exceptional customer service skills. She accommodates each patient with a unique clinical examination to diagnose, plan and facilitate a treatment program with advanced manual therapy techniques. Since becoming a physical therapist, Nicole has taken continuing education courses to become a certified orthopedic manual therapist. She has also completed courses in Vestibular Rehab, Myofascial Release, and Pain Science. Nicole joined Twin Boro, from Prostaff Physical Therapy in 2021.

She enjoys educating her patients and creating individualized treatment plans, so patients can participate in their at-home care and reach their goals sooner. Nicole specializes in torticollis and walking on toes in infants, TMJ, vestibular, and scoliosis. The most rewarding part of being a physical therapist for Nicole is to hear how treatment has led a patient to see improvements in daily activities or sports.

When treating patients or managing other therapists, Nicole implements Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model to determine the “right level of health care” for each individual. She strives to ensure patients understand their injury or diagnosis and treatment plan so they can reach their long term goals and participate in their recovery.

Nicole is a Union, NJ native. In high school, she played softball and field hockey. She has a love for adventure and the outdoors. In her spare time, you might find her boating, lifting weights, running, skiing out west, or spending time with her family and friends. Nicole completed the Treasure Island Sprint Triathlon in 2019 and actively participates in many local 5ks. She loves to travel. Her most notable destinations have been Alaska and Italy, where she swears by the gelato.


West Orange - Patient Reviews

Wilhanitra Lee
Twin Boro is a Great Physical Therapy place that is so welcoming and encouraging. The staff is very attentive and as time passed, working in rehab, my knee and leg became more flexible, straight and got stronger. I am now able to work again without excruciating pain. Thanks for your help!
Dan Amann
I attended Twin Boro for physical therapy due to severe sciatica pain. Nicole and staff went above and beyond getting me on track with exercises and treatment. I feel great now and was given the tools to maintain my current level and prevent future pain. I originally opted for Twin Boro for location convenience, but lucked out and got what I felt was the best place for my problem. Definitely recommend.
Jude Valerius
I enjoyed going to Twin Boro for treatment. This was my first experience with physical therapy and thanks to Jaceline and the staff, the treatment was helpful and enjoyable. The facility was very clean and the ease and flexibility to schedule appointments was great. The staff was supportive and seemed to truly care for my well being and recovery. I highly recommend Twin Boro in West Orange.
Sylvia Jacobs
The whole staff have been quite helpful and planned a great exercise program which really helped me. Much thanks to Jaceline who answered any questions I asked her and really helped me. Much thanks to James who gave advice and also answered many questions. He helped me as well. Much thanks to Nicole who helped me as well. All the helpers like Brandon and the many others helped as well.The front desk is run by very polite people. Overall, it is a friendly and fantastic place.
Mark Navarrete
You will be greeted with a friendly and attentive staff upon arrival. Each station is sanitized after every use and the environment is very clean. The therapist/assistants provide top notch care while having respect for your time. Appointments are readily available and their schedule is flexible. Overall, the team at Twinboro in West Orange have been paramount in my road to recovery. I would highly recommend this office and I thank them for the excellent care.
Robert Halper
The facility was fantastic! The trainers, assistants, and support staff were exceptional. I have arthritis in my shoulder and the improvement after 8 weeks of treatment was impressive. Special thanks to Jocelyn, James, and Becky but everyone there was extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you Twin Boro!
Richard Rampolla
Twin Boro Physical Therapy has really helped my Achilles injury heal. Everyone has been extremely helpful and supportive. It starts with Becca at the front desk who, besides being helpful, is friendly and welcoming.I have worked with Jaceline, Nicole and James. These knowledgeable therapists have kept me on track planning my exercises and adjusting as needed so that I get the maximum benefit.Assistants Aleah (sp?) and Kimberly have monitored and assisted me with the necessary equipment.I am grateful to the entire team at Twin Boro. Thank you from the bottom of my foot!
Chin Bling
Great environment .. a place of Comfort everyone's very helpful , great therapist with Blessed Hands ..Highly Recommended
Jefferson Anelus
The staff, particularly Angie and Kieonna at the front desk, is incredibly friendly and welcoming. The two are always accommodating and make every visit a pleasant experience. I can't speak highly enough about Jaceline, my physical therapist. She goes above and beyond to ensure I receive top-notch care. Jaceline is not only incredibly informative but also exceptionally attentive to my injury. Her along with Drew’s dedication are evident in the personalized exercises and insightful advice they provide during each session. I truly appreciate the outstanding service and expertise at this clinic.
Yael Villegas
Buen ambiente laboral, excelente atención profesional, equipo de buena calidad, he estado asistiendo a la clínica por fractura de tobillo, eh tenido buena mejoría gracias al personal profesional de la clinica twin boro
Robert Judovits
The entire staff of the facility and the facility itself are top notch. My physical therapist, Nicole, has been instrumental in my recovery for rotator cuff surgery, very experienced and highly knowledgeable, providing the highest level of care and attention tailored to facilitating my rapid recovery from the surgery.
Lynne Turk
The place is great .most of the time I had Jocelyn who is phenomenal ! I had some other people once in awhile who were also great but mostly Jocelyn who really helped me and gave me motivation to keep on going even when I wanted to give up . The assistants are very knowledgeable and pleasant too ! I would highly recommend twin Boro to whom ever needs PT!
John Berger
Great experience. Dealt with bone spurs and Achilles tendon issues. Very responsive.
Michelle Hamer
Jaceline has helped me in the healing process through to injuries dealing with torn tissues and biceps. Encourages all her clients strength to new heights in each visit. Everyone is pleasant and assist each other creating a welcoming environment!! Come in frowning and surely to leave smiling. I run to therapy. Thanks Twin Boro for existing!!
Elaine Duck
Great staff! Very accommodating with scheduling. The staff were knowledgeable and professional. And best of all, my foot is better! Thank you Jaceline!!
Alyssa Baratz
I am so grateful for all the knowledge & experience Nicole has. She has taught me so much how to implement everyday exercises into my lifestyle to keep my pain at low. From the 1st day I walked in i was immediately treated with care, kindness and felt hope after my 1st session. If you are looking for a PT place Twin Boro in West Orange is the place to go, if Nicole is free I highly recommend her! You will be in an environment which you feel hope and out of pain more and more as you go!
John Nyire III
I brought my son for PT and was so impressed with everyone at the facility. The therapists treated my son with such professionalism and skill and were a pleasure to see each appointment. Scheduling and rescheduling was very easy and was never an issue (which was much appreciated)! I highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy in West Orange!
Mirabella Sheppard
Twin Boro WO is kept immaculately clean and the staff is very friendly. I went there with a lot of pain from a right hip bursitis, and I had only 4 weeks until a 16 day vacation. Going 3x per week, along with my regular workouts, James had me walking and climbing steps without pain for vacation! I highly recommend this place for physical therapy.
Austin Segarra
Excellent therapy and atmosphere. Jaceline set up a phenomenal training program to get me back up and running. Highly recommend this establishment.
Juquan Walker
The treatment that I received from Twin Boro has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever gone through. The staff is very attentive and they make you feel like you are the only in the clinic. If you do have a injury, Twin Boro will get rid of your misery :)
Rebecca Glass
Professional and friendly staff. Small environment which means 1-1 attention. They are flexible in scheduling which is helpful.
Kenneth Edghill
Not Kenneth (Marcia). My experience with Twin Boro of West Orange was good. On day one September 20th, until today. The staff works with you make sure you achieve your goals. A exercise program was also sent. The program was really helpful. I was told by staff that if I needed anything just call. I appreciated that,Very professional experience. Thank you all.
Deepa Krishna
I came here to treat a damaged ankle. This office is spacious and neat with plenty of parking. The staff are all very nice and accommodating, even when I had to cancel my appointment last minute. Jaceline took care of me from day 1 and has been doing an awesome job. The pain reduced significantly within a week. The rest of the staff are also very good. I highly recommend Twin Boro for any physical therapy needs.
Karen Ferreira
My Doctor recommended this therapy center for me, and I love coming here the works are great very hands on and attentive with the patients, they work really well with your schedule, staff is very friendly.
If someone asked me where the best place is to go for physical therapy I would say Twin Boro. After my doctor recommended a year ago, there is no other place I would go besides here. From the moment you walk into the door, you feel welcomed and immediately feel as though you have known all the staff for years. It never feels like you’re simply just a patient in a medical setting, it truly feels like you’re just around your friends essentially. The staff are truly amazing human beings and some of my favorite people. When it comes to care, I don’t think you’re going to find any other therapists that are as supportive, patient, and caring as Jaceline, Nicole, and James. In the times they have all had to treat me, they have all given me suggestions and new techniques to utilize in my everyday life to reduce the amount of pain I feel. They always make you feel like you’re a priority and involve you in your care plan. When going over new exercises, you will never wonder why you’re doing it or how it helps your pain because they will always explain why they gave you that exercise, how it will help, and where you should be feeling the work in. If I go in not having a good day, I know by the time I leave, that not so good day will turn into one of the best days of my week. No one enjoys working out multiple times a week, especially in pain, but my time spent in therapy is the best part of my week. I am forever grateful for everyone I have encountered going to Twin Boro.
Kirt Richards
The staff is wonderful friendly and courteous.But Jaceline Dejean PT,Dpthas been exceptional her overall knowledge and its application together with her expert advice in all areas of Physical Therapy and its Sport Application has made my recovery process experience phenomenal and note worthy.So Twin Boro / JacelineGood job
Ana Caraballo
Great professional staff and a pleasant environment. Treat you with respect and tends with your needs.
Heather Roseboro
This is my first time having to go to therapy and I must say that I felt very comfortable from day one. Going to PT has helped me out tremendously. I have been making great progress since I started here. A big shot out to Jaceline who continues to push me and introduced me to an ice message. Chris does an excellent job as well. The staff here makes your visit feel very personal. I am glad that I chose this location and I would definitely recommend this place to others. Consistency is key !!!!
Vanya Manoilova
I loved my experience with Twin Boro! Jaceline and the entire team are very attentive, professional, and considerate. After only a couple of visits, I felt a significant improvement in my condition to a point that some of my symptoms completely disappeared. They are also a pleasure to deal with!
Brandon McGue
I had the best experience at Twin Boro here in West Orange. Nicole took me on the journey of being mentally and physically broken from a Patellar Tendon tear, and back to an active machine. Nicole along the other Therapists and Associates are nothing but awesome. The Administrative staff are all rockstars! This clinic represents patience, efficiency and most importantly a welcoming environment. Thank you, thank you!
Loren McConnell
All the therapists and assistants are terrific, especially Jaceline and Nicole. The staff at the front is super friendly and helpful, no matter how many times I reschedule my appointment.
Keisha Thorne
Great service and flexibility to fit your schedule. Go see Jaceline, she's the best!
Ian McLean
The staff at Twin Boro in West Orange is truly fantastic. I’ve had a great experience since starting PT for my ankle working with James primarily, and have seen great progress in real world tests that really have me encouraged. The facility has everything you could possibly need in addition to the care and detail the folks working here provide every day. Can’t recommend them highly enough.
Alex Henriquez
Very professional, kind, and social. Always laughing and having fun while helping my injury’s. It’s been helping a lot and I would 100% recommend here for physical therapy.
justin goldsman
All the staff is phenomenalScheduling is easyIntroduce new returns to keep the therapy fresh and updated
John Wolff Portraits
I want to commend the staff at the West Orange facility and especially Nicole Stodolak for the top quality therapy and attention to detail for addressing my specific problems with my feet and plantar fascia. All staff members always have a smile and ask, "how are you doing." But they really mean it and will often adjust the therapy exercises to treat areas more specifically. Should I need PT again, Twin Boro will be the only place I will go....
Nancy Mynio
Twin Boro Physical Therapy is outstanding. Nicole, Jaceline and the entire staff are professional, knowledgeable and caring. From the first call to set up an appointment to my final therapy visit, it was an extremely positive experience with a great outcome. Many thanks!
O Pereira
Absolutely loved this office and their people. From front desk to the PTs. They really take good care of you and help you get better. Jocelyn is amazing as well as Nicole. I was sad to end my sessions since these girls were so great. Highly recommend!
Linda Friedricks
I was a client at Twin Borough Physical Therapy in West Orange because of a recent pickleball injury to my plantaris tendon. After 5 weeks of therapy I am back to playing pickleball! Jaceline DeJean (Pt) and her aides gave me exercises which strengthened my legs. Jaceline was encouraging and taught me to be patient with my recovery. She was fully supportive of my going back to pickleball and taught me what I needed to do to avoid future injuries. Thank you Jaceline! I will definitely call you if I need help in the future. Linda F.
Karen Briggs
I want to thank the Twin Boro Physical Therapy Center in West Orange. Everyone was friendly from the receptionists to the all the physical therapists. Scheduling sessions was easy and there were no problems if you had to reschedule a session. The exercise plan was developed to slowly increase your phyical challenges. And it was a plan that I could work on at home after my discharge.Jaceline and the assistants provided excellent care. I felt so much better after completing my therapy. My doctor was very pleased and commented that everything looked great. I highly recommend this physical therapy center to anyone who is serious about feeling better.
Marcy Jackson
I want to express my deepest gratitude for all the kind and compassionate team of Twin Boro Physical Therapy in West Orange NJ especially my personal therapist Jaceline who has helped me to regain my mobility and encouraged me to maintain it. I give Jaceline a 5 star ratings. Thank you so much.
Lisa B
I highly recommend Twin Boro in West Orange. You are immediatley greeted by great staff assisting with scheduling and insurance needs. Dr. Jaceline DeJean is excellent and the reason why I made such quick progress. She explained my injury, all exercises and treatment. She is very personable and and easy to ask questions. Her knowledge and passion for PT and helping all her patients shines through at every visit! This is the place to go!!
Isaiah Beals
From start to finish, I was given amazing treatment. Dr. Nicole Riela, Dr. Jaceline Dejean, Ben, Chris, & Nicole all made my rehab experience exponentially better not only with their expertise, but their awesome personability; started out hurtin & a lil upset that it would take long to get back to martial arts, but in only a little over a month, I was all fixed up & back to training like I used to! Even the desk staff, Rebecca & Christian, were great to talk to & very accommodating when I had some schedule conflicts. Twin Boro Physical Therapy is DEFINITELY where you wanna be if you want all around great service.
Fatima Zimmerman
John Akande
Thank you for putting me through my physical therapy for a job well done.
Frances Horlacher
Great Physical Therapist’s , Jaceline, Yash, and Nicole. Assistants and office staff work efficiently as a team. Exercises customized and effective to your needs. Will remember correctly how to stretch for a lifetime. 👍👍
Peirong Liu
Jaceline is really professional and kind. She helps me a lot. Before I rarely bend my knees. After 6 weeks physical therapy I can walk very well. Thanks very much.
Luz Rivera
Twin Boro PT in West Orange is Fantastic. From the moment you walk in you’re greeted by Cristian or Rebecca the best front desk staff I have ever met. Once inside it’s time to get to work with the fabulous 3 physical therapist Yosh, Jocelyn and Nicole. All 3 are fantastic at what they do but also make you feel comfortable and welcomed. They will push your limits but your injuries will heal and you will thank them in the end for pushing you so hard. So thank you guys while my knees hated you my achilles and shoulders thank you and are feeling 100% better. Miss all of you guys
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