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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Westwood with access to the best evidence based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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Meet Your Directors

Brian Fallon, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: When he’s not working, Brian enjoys spending as much time as he can with his family and doing whatever his kids like to do.

Brian Fallon was introduced to physical therapy at an early age, as he tore his ACL when he was 11 and then had surgery at the age of 15. But throughout his recovery, physical therapy was the one thing that always made him feel better and helped him get back to playing sports again. These positive experiences led Brian to decide that he wanted to become a physical therapist when he was only 12 years old, and this path led him to Seton Hall University, where he was awarded a full academic scholarship and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in 2004. He then earned a Doctor in Physical Therapy from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 2006.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy was Brian’s first choice for employment upon receiving his license, since it was at their Parlin location where he was first exposed to physical therapy and inspired to make it his profession at age 12. He started working at the Westwood location in 2006, where he was eventually promoted to Assistant Director in 2009 and then Clinical Director in 2011. Brian also served as the Clinical Director of the Fair Lawn location from October 2018 to July 2020.

Brian specializes in general orthopedics and enjoys working with all patient populations, from children and adolescents to geriatrics. He has expanded his knowledge base with a variety of continuing education courses and seminars on topics like manual therapy, physical therapy ethics, functional strength, and dizziness treatment. Brian utilizes those skills to provide a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan consisting of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and functional activities intended to correct each patient’s impairments and movement dysfunctions. He recently began bringing his knowledge to the community through lectures at the local senior center to educate patients on the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through age-appropriate exercise programs.

When treating patients, Brian utilizes Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model. This unique approach looks at the entire continuum of care for the patient or athlete and helps them progress from a relatively low level of function after injury or surgery all the way through to peak performance after completing treatment. With this approach, Brian can individualize his treatment plan to meet the needs of the patient and help them achieve their functional goals.


Mark Amundson, PT, DPT, DSC

Mark graduated from Springfield College in Massachusetts earning a degree in health education and continued his studies at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota earning a degree in Physical Therapy. While working full time as a physical therapist he earned advanced degrees from Columbia University (Masters of Arts in Applied Physiology) and at Mountain University where he earned two Doctorates in Sports Physical Therapy.

Having grown up in nearby Pearl River New York, Mark began working in Bergen County where he opened MARC Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Besides providing physical therapy services MARC introduced athletic training programs to many of the Bergen County high schools. Mark joined Twin Boro in 2003 and has taken on many roles from Clinician, Clinic Director, Regional Director as well as our Chief Clinical Officer.

Mark’s focus on Evidence-Based Health Care is demonstrated by his pursuit of higher education and the application of that knowledge in the implementation of the One2FourTM program. When treating patients or managing other therapists, Mark uses Twin Boro’s One2Four Care Model. This unique approach looks at the entire continuum of care for the patient or athlete – spanning a care spectrum from a relatively low level of function a patient might experience post injury or surgery all the way through to the peak performance they will experience after treatment in our program.


Westwood - Patient Reviews

Lou Acosta
16:00 11 Mar 23
I had a lower back injury that kept me in pain and discomfort for almost half a year. I've always been extremely active and in fairly good shape. But now I could not stand -up fully straight. I felt compromised, weak and unsure if this would ever get better. The amazing team at Twin Boro PT in Westwood got me there. Physical therapists Karolina Adamkiewicz and Brian Fallon created an exercise and therapy program that was tailored to my injury and focused on strengthening the area and engaging my core. I should add that I was never pushed past my limitations unless they felt I was ready to level-up in my exercise program. Through a constant and evolving treatment program, I gained mobility, strength and confidence. Even more valuable was the knowledge they armed me with to keep aware of the factors related to my injury and how maintain strength and mobility. They have my trust and I can't recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Westwood highly enough. They've got you.
Deb Feldman
16:27 17 Jan 23
I had a serious injury to my shoulder, that required a lot of physical therapy prior to the surgery I ultimately required. Anyone who has gone through a full dislocation and torn labrum can relate to how scary recovery is, given the pre-surgery instability and risk of re-dislocation. Brian at Twin Boro did a wonderful job with the mechanics of getting me strong enough for surgery - but almost more-importantly to me *how* he approached my care. His calm expertise was very reassuring during my long road to surgery. It was a no-brainer for me to return to Twin Boro following my surgery, where not only did I get my strength back, but I got my full range of motion.A great surgeon plus excellent PT was a life-changer for me - no exaggeration. Almost a year post-surgery, and I'm back to my active lifestyle, with no restrictions, including skiing. I'm so grateful - and would be remiss if I did not call out the full staff. Jean and the front office team were compassionate, responsive, and professional - and every therapist there exudes the same calm expertise as I experienced with Brian.Finally - I was there through ups and downs with Covid risk, and always felt the staff took the appropriate care to ensure we could all receive the hands-on, in-person care so critical to physical therapy.I hope never to need PT again, but certainly would return to Twin Boro should the need arise! Thanks so much to the whole staff!
maria c rodriguez
14:39 21 Oct 22
Brian Fallon is the best physical therapist , I had a total knee replacement, I never thought physical therapy was going to help me because I’m 72 years old , and I had therapy before and it didn’t work but you just have to have a good therapist, Brian is professional, and very knowledgeable.
Paw Sitter
18:57 25 Aug 22
Brian is exceptional. My experience had been gold star. My recovery progress is impressive. The staff is genuinely engaged in patient satisfaction. A “10+” experience. I highly recommend them.
Sebastian Bortz
17:50 11 Aug 22
Twin Boro Westwood is a very accommodating, considerate practice. Its employees are nothing but kind and knowledgeable, and their physical therapy allowed me to feel like myself again after a lumbar injury. Twin Boro is a wonderful pick for PT.
Bonnie Levy
20:05 27 Jun 22
My therapist Rob at this location was very professional and experienced with my particular problem. He was always there at every one of my appointments and very caring. I could not have had a better therapist or a better atmosphere that Twin Boro in Westwood. Thank you to all the people involved at this location....very helpful and very friendly.Bonnie Levy
Sylvia Friedmann Le Vine
02:44 13 Apr 22
I have been the beneficiary of the highest level of care at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Westwood for three distinct injuries. Brian Fallon, my physical therapist there each time, demonstrated tremendous skill, experience, and sensitivity in diagnosing each condition, assigning specifically tailored exercises, using skilled massage techniques and ice to relieve muscle and joint pain, and monitoring my progress. Twin Boro would be my first choice should I ever need physical therapy in the future, and Brian would be the therapist I would request for my treatment.
Suzanne Price-Halligan
16:21 12 Apr 22
Excellent treatment. Natalie listens and makes great decisions to give good care; every PT I worked with there was helpful. Scheduling is easy. And I am back doing what I want to do.
Jennifer Hartmann
00:05 30 Mar 22
I had sciatica, was walking with a limp. Taking pain meds up to four times a day. I looked up reviews on Twin Boro. I saw a great review written by a person who also had sciatic pain. So I went there and after my first treatment with Natalie I was feeling 80% better. The next day I was walking without a limp, didn’t need as many pain meds Natalie and Brian helped me so much that after only 3 wks I had no more. The staff here are always so kind and will always contact you to confirm your sessions.
Dan Riccio
14:57 28 Mar 22
Came here with chronic, acute, lower back pain. The staff here has been incredible in helping me strengthen my core & lessen my pain. Their attentiveness to their patients is unmatched. Would highly recommend using twin boro in westwood.
Nilay Turker
14:01 28 Mar 22
Broke my ankle after operated I found from google twin Boro and thank god Natalie take me first day.She’s best of best I stopped to walk with walker second day .now I’m getting beter from previous day .Thank you Natalie
Doris Neibart
19:44 20 Mar 22
Brian is the most wonderful therapist! Not only is he easy to talk to and humble, but when he did my treatment, it felt like an angel healing my knees. I recommend him highly, and hope you know how lucky you are to have him in your organization.
Elizabeth Marcus
00:16 17 Mar 22
I came to Twin Boro Westwood with recurring from an old knee injury. I worked with Natalie, who gave me the correct exercise to strengthen my knee and leg and eliminate the pain. She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The staff was also great as well, including ease of making appointments and dealing with insurance.
Arnez Crockett
09:43 12 Mar 22
Professional, confident, friendly staff. Clean facility. Convenient parking. I always feel comfortable while receiving physical therapy at Twin Boro Physical Therapy. Additionally, physically, I feel much better.
Jeff OBrien
16:03 08 Mar 22
Since day 1 Brain and Natalie were very professional my knee has never felt better thank you guys
Michael Hershan
02:53 08 Mar 22
Brian the head PT was an exceptional guy. He gave great massages for 10 minutes every session to my back which was the area we worked on. The stretches were very helpful and I would recommend him to anyone.The facility was clean and the assistant was very helpful as well. If you need PT . Go to Brian!
Lew Davenport
17:30 04 Mar 22
This is my third Rotator Cuff / Shoulder surgery. Going to Twin Boro and having Natalie as my therapist has helped my recovery tremendously. Natalie ensures my therapy is comprehensive and as pain free as possible. Having gone down this road twice before, Twin Boro, Natalie and the other team members are absolutely the best. (Even my surgeon was impressed by my progress). I would definitely and highly recommend to anyone needing physical therapy to go to Twin Boro in Westwood. Thank You Natalie!
Brian Sumper
14:54 04 Mar 22
I recommend this location to anyone looking for PT. Natalie is intelligent and genuine in her approach to helping people get better.
Francesca Massaro
16:29 03 Mar 22
With Natalie’s help & Gods grace I am recovering from major surgery that required aggressive physical therapy. Twin Boro is a great physical therapy practice. I have made tremendous progress under their care. Ken & entire staff are very caring, accommodating & attentive to my specific needs. I highly recommend & would return to Twin Boro if ever needed again.
S. PB.
00:04 03 Mar 22
I have been doing my PT at Twin Boro for the last three weeks, post-op. It has been a pleasure working with Natalie during this time. I’ve regained flexibility and more mobility that I thought was possible, in that short period a time.
Carol Capotorto
14:30 02 Mar 22
I have always found TwinBoro to be great on all accounts. The staff is competent, friendly, and they’ve worked hard to help me. Natalie has helped me to make progress each time by listening to any concerns I may have and reassuring me to move forward. It has been great working with her, couldn’t have done it without her! It has been a positive experience.
Joanne Baronio
22:48 28 Feb 22
The entire staff at Twin boro Westwood is friendly and welcoming. My therapist, Natalie, is attentive, knowledgeable, and thorough. I never feel rushed and the therapy interventions are targetedand effective. I highly recommend Twin Boro Westwood!
Aniello Dametta
18:35 22 Feb 22
I have been operated on 6 times in my life, and gone to many Physical therapy places.This is the best as far as hands on is concern.The staff is Great.
Stacey Seretoudis
14:17 22 Feb 22
Natalie has been working on my knee and hip and she’s been amazing! Not only is she amazing at her job , but also very easy to talk to:)
Allie L
00:58 20 Feb 22
I’m very thankful for Natalie pushing me to recover after ankle surgery! Her knowledge and care are top notch. Her ability to multitask and treat multiple patients with a variety of injuries speak to her professionalism. I appreciate the entire Westwood team and for navigating coverage with my insurance!
Ashley Rivera
23:11 16 Feb 22
Natalie is great! I came in with a frozen shoulder just a few weeks ago. She has worked her magic and my range of motion has definitely started to come back. Can’t be more thankful. Even recommended my husband to her for his shoulder.
Patti Trichon
17:44 16 Feb 22
I have been to Westwood Twin Boro Physical Therapy for successful treatments after several procedures; a hip replacement, a knee replacement and back pain. All of this occurred during COVID. Not only have Mark and Brian helped me to recover from these procedures, but everyone has been very cautious about keeping the COVID procedures in place. The therapists here know what they are doing and don't push you beyond your capability. Even those who may come in to substitute are on the same page. They just focus on a good recovery. I also appreciate the assistance of the rest of the staff with handling the props that I needed, as well as the kindness and politeness of the receptionists.
Vinny S
14:13 15 Feb 22
Twin Boro Westwood is the best! Therapists are professional and attentive. Help me recover from both shoulder surgeries. As well as my Ankle surgery. Recommend them to anyone in need of Physical Therapy.
Patricia Barlow
22:57 10 Feb 22
Great PT experience. Natalie is professional, friendly and pushed me beyond my comfort zone but yielded great results. I highly recommend Twinboro!
Steven Ippolito
20:52 08 Feb 22
While suffering with sciatica I was told by a friend to go to Twin Boro in Westwood.Having been to physical therapy in the past and not having very good results I was reluctant. Fortunatey I was assigned to Natalie.Natalie was kind, thoughtful and undersatading of my pain. She did such a great job that after 6 or 7 sessions I felt fantastic. Thank you Natalie for not only fixing my problem but making my visits to Twin Boro enjoyable!Steven ICloster, NJ
Christina Camacho
20:33 07 Feb 22
Natalie is the best physical therapist ever!! Healing well and ready to get back to life!
Alice McDermott
00:06 28 Jan 22
Great Physical Therapists! I went to Twin Boro for pre-diagnostic knee pain and post-op meniscus tear rehab. Natalie and Brian are great! 8 weeks post-op and I was feeling back to good, couldn’t have done it without them!
Cathy Zimmerman
22:23 27 Jan 22
I would recommend Twin Boro to anyone who wants a pleasant healing experience at a time when you are in pain. All the Physical Therapists were knowledgeable, gentle and patient. They were very attentive to my needs and answered any questions I had about my recovery. I had meniscus surgery. The atmosphere was very conducive to feeling like I was being taken good care of.
Eileen Schneider
14:57 27 Jan 22
I have been coming here for the last five years at various times. The facility is clean, well equipped and very COVID aware. The staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind. I have been working with Natalie R. Who is just amazing. She remembers every detail of my condition and takes the time to listen to everything I say. She modifies and changes the exercises regularly. Somehow she seems to do about 300 things at once. She is really wonderful at her profession and I feel fortunate to be working with her.
Stephen Jenney
17:16 16 Aug 21
I recommend 20 stars to Devon, Mark, Tom and Brian I give another 20 to all assistants and the receptionists giving them 100 They are knowledgeable and know what they are doing I recommend all who need their services they are also Polite and friendly. I am glad they are helping me with my injury I highly recommend them with the wonders they do.😉😉
Kathy Van Duyne
13:56 15 Jul 21
I’ve been seeing Devon periodically for over 10 years. She has treated my ankle, my back and currently my shoulder. My treatment has been personal and so helpful! I have always looked forward to my visits because Devon has always ultimately made me feel better and she sent me home with exercises to help with continued improvement. I highly recommend Twin Boro in Westwood NJ.
Laura Sulborsky
20:07 28 Jun 21
I consider the Therapist’s at Twin Boro Physical Therapy ( especially Devon) in Westwood, NJ to be the best of the best! I was in a serious car accident and the team at Twin Boro, Westwood was a Godsend in my recovery. Devon is very knowledgeable, professional and her heart is one of the most caring I know. Each Team Member at Twin Boro, Westwood goes above and beyond in making you feel welcome, and ensures you do each exercise properly. What a wonderful experience!
17:04 12 Feb 21
I went to Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Westwood to help me recover from a total hip replacement. Scott and the rest of the staff were very helpful in my recovery. Very professional and courteous within a relaxed atmosphere.
Borjan Aritonovski
21:00 30 Oct 20
The folks over at Twin Boro Physical Therapy were nothing short of phenomenal. I came in post MPFL surgery on my left kneecap and Mark and his team progressed me very quickly in just a couple of weeks. They are super friendly and knowledgeable physical therapists and I am happy I chose to come here.
Carrie Tworsky
22:31 29 Nov 19
Very satisfied with my therapy sessions at Twin Boro and would definitely recommend it. Everyone is very courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable. The facility is very well run, neat, and clean.
Chelsea Moriarty
16:52 24 Oct 19
I was treated for my neck and back by Devon. She is very caring and helped me out tremendously. She is patient and willing to go the extra mile for her patients. Thanks to her my issues in my neck and back have gone away! Thanks Devon.
Michelle L
15:41 07 Oct 19
My PT journey with Devon Davis was amazing! She is knowledgeable, thorough, and provided the best care I needed for my hips and lower back. Devon's follow-up and attention to detail, as well as the office staff, are second to none!
Lauren Passucci
20:57 17 Sep 19
My treatment experience at TwinBoro was so pleasant and rewarding. My therapist Devon was so knowledgeable and cared so much about my progress and reaching my personal goals. The other therapists, aides and office staff were so accommodating, sweet and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!
Leon de Bruijn
16:07 05 Jul 19
I went to Twinboro in Westwood for FT on my shoulder after surgery. Mark, Margaret and the entire team have been taking great care of me. They slowly but surely stepped up my exercises to retrain my movement and strength. Also the actual FT was always careful, to not get into pain yet remove blockages and work sensitive areas. At no point during my treatments did I feel pain, and I have gotten to full recovery.I would definitely go back here if I would need FT in future (hope not!).
Wayne Lang
14:48 18 Jun 19
The Staff is super nice !! All the Therapists care about you and really know there stuff !!! I would go back there in a heartbeat!
Sue Park
17:25 10 May 19
I was referred to Twin Boro Physical Therapy by my doctor due to frozen shoulder. I was in excruciating pain, unable to use my arm..After being treated for several months I was able to regain strength!!Thank you to all the wonderful therapists and the entire team!
jason sim
16:42 10 May 19
I recently had knee surgery on my right knee. Brian and his staff were very accommodating and helped me throughout the whole process. After the treatment, my knee feels a lot better and I can play soccer again!! Thank you very much!!!
Taylor Brooks
15:56 11 Mar 19
I was treated by Devon at the Westwood office. I had injured my knee and had difficulty walking, sitting and getting up from my desk. Sleeping was difficult at times. Devon is an excellent physical therapist and the care she provided has returned me to a pain free state. Daily activities are now manageable
Matthew Wenning
21:16 05 Dec 18
I do not believe you can find a better Physical Therapy Practice. The people that work there are very kind, caring and attentive. They check in on you to make sure you are correctly doing your exercises, and also making sure you do not miss any of them. They go at your pace, and do not push you past your limits. Also they will accommodate you in away you need. Whether it is to make you feel more comfortable, or if you have a schedule conflict. I would recommend Twin Boro Pyhsical therapy to anyone!
Anne DiPasqua
21:09 27 Nov 18
I chose twin Boro because of the great outcomes many of my family and friends have gotten with them. I had trouble with my balance and have made great improvement with the help and expertise of both Mark and Margaret! I would highly recommend twin Boro! Anne D
Elizabeth Zurich
18:59 29 Oct 18
Everyone on staff @ Twinboro are exceptionalindividuals.From the ladies @ the front desk,tothe therapists and their support staff(upcomingtherapists)!Both Mark & Devin have worked on me over thepast number of months.They both are phenomenal as therapists,Margret who is extremely focused,having you do the absolute correct form,way in doing your exercises.All very caring,realizing that every patient hasdifferent needs,challenges during their physicaltherapy process/program.I commend all of them,like I had stated earlierthey adhere to everyone’s individual challenges,having said that-I have made extremely giant changes with my motor strength & flexibility post surgery months ago.Thank you all!!Betsy
Valerie Kirk
01:30 27 Oct 18
I have been going to Twin Boro for about 8 months. I have had a few surgeries in my life that required physical therapy. Twin Boro has been the best place I ever went to. The staff is incredibly helpful, the receptionist is polite and very helpful with planning your appointments and the therapist Brian has been helping me tremendously. He is extremely knowledgeable and I feel like I am speaking with my doctor when I ask him a question. I highly recommend this place and will advise my doctor who is part of Englewood Orthopedist.
Susan Jaffe
23:49 13 Oct 18
I highly recommend Twinboro.To say they gave me back my life is not an overstatement. A cancer battle and subsequent stem cell transplant had left me so weak I could barely walk. With skill, kindness and compassion the team at Twinboro helped build up my muscles, core, balance and stamina. They taught me to listen to my body and give me suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle once my physical therapy was completed. Most importantly, they did it all with a great deal of care, empathy and respect.From the office staff to the PT Assistants, everyone on the Twinboro team was helpful and encouraging. I had the great fortune of primarily working with Mark, but there is not a wrong choice among the physical therapists. They are all very talented individuals who work closely with their patients to achieve their goals. Together, the team gave me a sense of community and made physical therapy one of the highlights of my week,
Michelle Baratta
16:34 13 Apr 18
I had an unstable break in my fibula and needed surgery to fix it with screws and a plate. After surgery and 6 weeks in a hard cast I started physical therapy with Mark Amundson in Westwood, NJ. Mark is attentive and invested in all of his patients. He cares about your well being and you’re not just an appointment. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and I completely trusted him throughout the entire process. The entire staff is friendly and efficient. I would go back to Twin Boro in Westwood for any future injuries and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.
Richard Conforti
18:49 17 Feb 18
My shoulder physical therapy is my second great experience with Twin Boro provided by Justin Tennant and team. Although I will eventually need a replacement (verified by 2 doctors) Justin has worked to minimize my pain and increase my ability to complete daily activities without the need the replacement in the near future. He also gave me exercises for a gym workout to maintain the benefits of the physical therapy.
slavka damjanovski
23:10 02 Nov 17
My experience with Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Lincoln Park was excellent and very comfortable. Wonderful group of professional Therapist and office stuff. They were friendly and kind. I thank you all specially my therapist Jason Carelis who is knowledgeable about Vertigo- Maneuver therapy. If I need therapy again , I will definitely return to Twin Boro. I highly recommend Twin Boro Physical Therapy to all my friends and family.
elese bowens
20:04 04 Oct 17
The manner in which my therapy was provided was calming and extremely comfortable. Everyone there was very friendly. I was a little nervous at first not knowing what to expect but that feeling quickly disappeared. What a wonderful group of professionals. Thank you Twin Boro
marylynn benanti
13:41 28 Aug 17
My mother Olympia went to Twin Boro Physical Therapy and absolutely loved it. Keith is great to his patients are really puts his whole heart into it. The facilities are fantastic and she will be returning!
Florence Berg
12:02 09 May 17
My experience with Twin Boro was A+. They are a very caring group of therapists and the office staff is superb. I would recommend Twin Boro to anyone I know for therapy. Luke was excellent and caring to me. If I ever need therapy again, I will definitely return to Twin Boro.
Lisa Albanese
22:16 25 Jan 17
Twin Boro's staff was kind and knowledgeable . Physical Therapy is a commitment as it takes time out of your busy schedule. I never had to wait to be seen and no matter which physical therapist I saw, I was well taken care of. I highly recommend Twin Boro.
Matthew Lonschein
19:55 21 Oct 16
Everyone here is great. Would definitely recommend Twin Boro Westwood to anyone. I thought I'd never be pain free again and in only six weeks I am back to normal. Thank you all so much!
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