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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Wyckoff with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by mycentralnj.com, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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397 Franklin Avenue Wyckoff, NJ 07481-2849

Meet Your Director

Alyssa Dorney, PT, DPT, CSCS

MY HOBBIES: When she’s not helping patients regain their physical abilities, Alyssa enjoys going to the gym, spending time with her friends and family, traveling, hiking, and spending time at the beach.

For as long as she can recall, Alyssa Dorney has been interested in the sciences, particularly those that involve the human body like anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Over time, as Alyssa diligently studied these topics and realized that a strong understanding of the body could be used to help people with pain and disabilities, she developed a great interest in becoming a physical therapist. The opportunity to attain a doctorate through her education, and therefore learn at the highest level about function and dysfunction of the human body, served as the final drive for her to pursue a career in physical therapy. This led Alyssa to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Psychology from Loyola University Maryland. She then went on to Touro College School of Health Sciences, where she earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy and graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA. While studying at Touro College, Alyssa became well-versed in researching and applying the latest advances in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy was pleased to welcome Alyssa to our staff in September of 2020, when she was assigned the Clinical Director position at the Wyckoff location. Before joining Twin Boro, she worked at other outpatient clinics, where she treated patients of all ages and ailments. Throughout her career, Alyssa has completed a number of continuing education courses, with focuses on orthopedic and neuromuscular practices, including vestibular training and current concepts regarding ACL rehabilitation. Alyssa also became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) during her final year at Touro College, and she has applied ideals from this scope of practice to many aspects of her career as a physical therapist.

Alyssa’s varied clinical experience has allowed her to treat patients at all stages across the lifespan, from athletic adolescents to flourishing geriatric patients. She has frequently treated post-surgical conditions—including ACL repairs and hip and knee replacements—as well as surgical and nonsurgical disorders. Alyssa considers her therapeutic approach to be unique, as it always involves an individualized program that she designs for each patient. These programs typically include manual therapy (joint mobilizations/manipulations, Mulligan techniques, the McKenzie Method, and Functional Manual Therapy), strength training (advanced and evidence-based exercise prescriptions), and motor control (including neuromuscular re-education). She believes that the rehabilitation of each patient requires an active education, which encourages self-empowerment while preventing dependency on the provider and providing all patients an opportunity to always be involved in decisions about their care.

Alyssa also bases her management strategies around Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s One2FourTM Care Model. This unique approach accounts for the relatively low level of function a patient might experience after an injury or surgery, and then aims to take them all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Alyssa sees this model as a clear means for patients to understand the state of their current condition before initiating treatment and what they can expect for a prognosis. It also helps guide the patient along their path as they aim to achieve an optimal level of function.


Wyckoff - Patient Reviews

Carol Zampino
When I was looking for a physical therapy center close to home and came upon Twin Boro in Wyckoff, I was intrigued by all the glowing reviews that I read about it - most people do not take the time to write complimentary shoutouts! I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that all of those 5-star ratings and positive comments are well-deserved. Cathy worked with me and made me feel at ease immediately; she is extremely knowledgeable, competent, caring and keeps a watchful eye on what her clients are doing to make sure that they are using the equipment properly and performing their exercises correctly. The facility is immaculate, the equipment is plentiful and in good condition; Julie, the receptionist, and the assistants are very helpful and friendly. I would not hesitate to refer Twin Boro in Wyckoff to anyone in need of their services. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.
Kevin Loughlin
I started PT with Cathy 3 months ago and I cannot say enough positive things about her and my overall experience. I have made great strides thanks to going through her exercise circuit 3 times a week and then speaking with her after to see what has been working. If I was experiencing any post therapy pain, Cathy consistently tweaked the routine to help me reach my goals. She is extremely knowledgeable , thoughtful and hard working. I am extremely grateful to have worked with her and thankful for the gains I was able make under her care.
edward davi
Kristen Faigle has worked with me after my reverse shoulder replacement surgery. She has done an outstanding job. She is very knowledgeable and she has been patient and thorough with my exercises and stretches. At this point I am very close to having full use of my right arm and shoulder.The exercises that I have been given have greatly improved my condition, reduced the pain and my overall fitness has also improved.I would highly recommend this Twin Boro group to anyone who needs physical therapy.
Robyn Wapner
Kristen made such a difference with my shoulder! Very attentive and personalized treatment, highly recommend!
Nicole Shevlin
I’ve worked with Cathy for almost a year at Twinboro. Over the past few years I’ve gone to at least 4 other physical therapists, and can honestly say Cathy is the best! She’s detail oriented and thorough in her treatment. She really spends the time to work directly with her patients, understand what’s bothering them, and correct/improve all exercises. She’s invested in her patients’ improvement and recovery. I would highly, highly recommend Cathy and Twinboro!!
Natalie Johnsen
Kristen and the entire staff made my PT experience a very enjoyable one. Very professional and clean accommodations. Sorry my PT session came to an end.I will miss it and the staff.
Donna Bovino
I’ve come in for 2 different issues and both experiences have been wonderful! Everyone is so kind, caring, compassionate and extremely professional!
Jack Wanamaker
First time going to PT has been here. The whole staff is friendly and supportive for patients.There are a range of age groups, from kids to Seniors. The staff is very in tune with the needs of the individual.My PT is Cathy, she has been wonderful. I am young, but have had some persistent issues that restricted my weightlifting progress. She has given me good direction, communicated my progress, and been a great support.Would highly recommend TwinBoro of Wyckoff
Lauren DeLong
I highly recommend Twin Boro. Kristen Faigle was amazing to work with and the whole staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. The facility is very clean and well maintained.
Steve Conroy
Excellent facility overseen by Alyssa the director. Appointments, insurance and time changes professionally handled by Julie. Kristen and Kathleen are always concerned about your current aches and pains and work to give you the proper techniques to make them better. They both strive to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. The aids (aka future physical therapists ) are always attentive and concerned about your needs. Very excellent facility.
farzane Khani
I highly recommend Cathy , She Is So knowledgeable and professional therapist and I am extremely happy and satiated with her workThanks
Vincent Crescitelli
I highly recommend Cathy and Twinboro PT. I sustained a shoulder injury from weight training and was no longer able to workout. After having two shoulder surgeries in that same shoulder years ago I was doubtful physical therapy would work.I was wrong, Cathy and her team helped tremendously. From the first day Cathy was able to loosen up my shoulder and relieve pain. She mapped out a therapy program that continues to produce results. She has been accommodative to my schedule by coming in early and is always attentive. She is very kind and creates a friendly environment in the gym. The location is always clean and all of her staff follow her client friendly leadership. You owe it to yourself to allow Cathy and her team the opportunity to help you. It worked for me
Demetria Bouloukos
The staff at TwinBoro in Wyckoff were fabulous! I would definitely recommend them to any one who needs physical therapy.
Danny Donohue
I would just like to say that everyone working at Twin boro was very professional and very helpful
Justine Westrich
Awesome team especially Kristen!! Got me off my cane after hip surgery in a month! 8 weeks later I'm back to normal! Thank you!
Emily L
Kristen was great! Easygoing and friendly. I liked the exercises and feel like i can continue on my own now. Always got a consistent amount of time being worked on and never rushed even when it was very busy. Great location!
Erika Diaz
Alyssa is a very professional therapist, helped me out with my Achilles tendon pain. I highly recommend this location; everyone is super helpful, and the environment is very welcoming. If I could rate a 10/10 stars i would!
Sujata Yellavalli
Kristen Faigle is the best therapist ever ! I’ve known her from 2018 and she is so dedicated and professional ! She’s very caring and strives for the best outcome for her patients ! She has helped me feel better and helped me get back to normal activity levels all the times I’ve seen for various issues from sciatica, a nerve root injury, and now post surgery for a medial meniscus tear
Alyssa Dorney is a terrific physical therapist - very nice, skilled, thorough, & tough. Highly recommend!
Rajat Malhotra
Alyssa, Max and their team were absolutely fantastic. They worked diligently on my rotator cuff injury and helped me get back on the tennis court.
Valerie Ornstein
My physical therapist helped me heal from my injury with efficiency, professionalism and compassion! Not only am I feeling better but I feel more empowered to be able to stay well. All the staff are great! They make each visit a wonderful experience and I always love coming to pt. The new location is beautiful and so convenient, too. The scheduling and billing is very easy and I never have to worry about getting an appointment. All in all, I would definitely recommend Twin Boro!
Howard Hyman
I was using another physical therapy place after my neck surgery. I was seeing no results using my fingers and my hand was not improving. Once I started coming here I could see in a matter of days the improve it my hand and my fingers. in the past three weeks I have noticed a drastic improvement. I’m getting better function in use of my hand and my fingers. I would recommend twin Boro physical therapy to my friends and family. And when I go see my doctor tomorrow I am definitely going to tell him where I’m receiving my physical therapy now. And I am sure he will see the improvement. Again very caring staff. Willing to help you and work with you.
Chris Civ
Needed physical therapy for my back, and very happy my orthopedic specialist recommended this location. The entire staff is great, and they were very flexible scheduling sessions around my work schedule. Alyssa is an outstanding DPT. She pushed to ensure I made continuous incremental improvements, listened to keep tabs on how my recovery was responding, and adjusted as we went along. She’s also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and offered a bunch of tips on how to keep my body strong as I got back into the activities I love to do. I would 100% go back if I ever need physical therapy again.
Paul Rinaldi
The staff at Twin Boro are great and very flexible with appointments. My PT Alyssa is wonderful. She knows exactly how hard to push and does it in a way that is very gentle. My recovery process has been great (almost there). Going to miss there smiles, are conversations and laughter. You guys are the best.
Alicia Gonzalez
With my doctor told me that I needed therapy I checked out a few places and I ended up coming to twin borrow because it was walking distance at first impression the place looked like it needed updating but then I was evaluated by Alyssa and she was excellent. I have been coming now for just about a month and I’ve made great progress every time I come in I don’t have to wait and I am taking care of right away the personnel here is very friendly and I just look forward to coming here and I’ve gotten so much better thank you Alyssa. Can’t wait to see you in your new place in Wyckoff she has excellent hands
Natalie Huizing
Twinboro Physical Therapy in Wyckoff is the best physical therapy facility that i have gone to. Alyssa and Cathy give attention and care to each patient, willing and knowledgeable to answer any questions you might have and spend time to build a personal connection with each patient. Julie is able to work with you to schedule appointment and is very organized. The whole staff is very friendly and kind and I will definitely recommend anyone needing PT to come here.
Jake Sidorsky
Twin Boro in Wycoff is the nicest and most helpful Physical Therapy Clinic I have ever been to. The Therapists are you extremely helpful and know exactly how to handle all situations. Personally my favorite part is how nice and helpful the Aids are. They are awesome.
Barbara Ann Weidner
Staff is extremely knowledgeable and offer helpful instructions to increase your healing. Very comfortable and friendly environment. My PT always listens to any physical issues I or concerns I have. Happy with my progress.
Jake Sidorsky
Alyssa and Cathy are the smartest and most hard working therapist I have ever met. They are great at what they do and even have a beautiful whiteboard by the tv with very motivational quotes and such beautiful drawings. I highly suggest anyone that needs PT goes to Twin Boro
Jonathan Moscou
Excellent! Very professional and personable. Julie is very efficient with scheduling and Alyssa is a superstar!
FirstName Surname
HIGHLY RECOMMEND TWIN BORO WYCKOFF, DR. DORNEY AND HER STAFF.After having another injury, the first place I came to was Twin Boro in Wyckoff.Doctor Dorney is amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable, thinks outside the box and has magical hands. I look forward to every session!I can't speak highly enough about my experience here...It has truly been a pleasure coming to this location. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about your well-being. Julie is on top of the paperwork, the aides are great and Alicia, the PT, is amazing.I highly recommend coming here.
Carlos Jimenez
Amazing experience every time! Love the environment, you will feel right at home.
Alyson Junta
I am very satisfied with my physical therapy at Twin Boro in Wyckoff, NJ. Alyssa is my therapist and she is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She listens and understands my concerns and always works hard to help me get better. Julie is the receptionist and she is always accommodating with any scheduling issues. Twin Boro Wyckoff is a great fit for your physical therapy needs!!!
Theresa DiFrancesco
Twinboro PT in Wyckoff, NJ is wonderful!!! The therapists are very professional and encouraging. Alyssa, Devon, Kathy and Rachel are well trained and extremely knowledgeable. Julie, the receptionist, is always accommodating. I thoroughly enjoyed going to therapy here and will definitely return for any future needs.
Rob Pera
I went to twin boro for several weeks because I sprained my left ankle pretty bad, the upper and lower ligament. When I first began my therapy I could hardly put any weight on my foot and the ankle was giving out. The staff at twin boro was very helpful, super friendly and extremely knowledgeable which made things very easy on me. The facility is also very clean and has all the necessary equipment.I'm happy to say that my ankle is much better now and I returned back to work last Thursday. Thank you soo much twin boro!!!
gabriella galasso
The staff is very professional and very nice! I am always greeted when I walk through the door and with there help I was able to get back to the sport I do.
From the second you walk in, you are greeted and welcomed. The entire staff is friendly and highly knowledgeable. They set a safe environment for all their patients and make sure that your needs are met and listened to. They really do focus and succeed on helping you get back to your tip-top self!! Highly recommend this location and their entire staff!!
Michael McIntosh
I recently visited Dr. Dorney for chronic back pain and she’s nothing short of a miracle worker. All of my pain has subsided and she’s shared with me so much of her knowledge. Dr. Dorney also gave me a bunch of exercises to do at home and my back is feeling stronger than ever. I’m back to playing my best golf yet! Thank you Dr. Dorney!!!
Vincent Marella
I have been going to Twin Boro since my shoulder surgery 12 weeks ago. My surgeon Dr Steven Silver from hospital for Special Surgery has said how much improvement I have made in that time. I had a labrum tear a bone spur cartilage cleaned out and my bicept repaired. I have been seeing PT Cathy Jobson and my shoulder has never felt better. She works my arm hard and it has paid off. I’ve had shoulder knee ankle and elbow surgery before as a former baseball player and it has never gone this good or this smooth. I owe this all to Cathy and my surgeon. I highly recommend using twin Boro of Wyckoff and asking for Cathy. You will not be disappointed.
Eva Anderegg
Before going to Twin Boro, I was suffering from lower back pain and excruciating sciatica pain in my right leg, due to a herniated disc. I had tried a chiropractor and two epidural shots with very little relief. But after just a few visits with Alicia, I started seeing improvement and have been getting better each day. Alicia is very knowledgeable, professional, patient and friendly. I look forward to my visits and highly recommend her. She gave me my life back.
Charles Van Dyk
My experience at Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Wyckoff was wonderful. The staff was friendly, excellent to work with, and very accommodating when it came to scheduling appointments around my work schedule. Special thank you to Julie. I've had lower back issues for years and recently had bad sciatic pain. Alicia Lalla, my main therapist and Cathy Dobson helped me work through my pain and discomfort issues with coordinated back and core exercises known as the McKenzie Method for lower back pain. Alicia is very knowledgeable and certified in this method. After 12 plus sessions I feel much better and haven't had any lower back pain or discomfort. I'm even sleeping better at night, which adds to my quality of life. I would highly recommend Twin Boro in Wyckoff to anyone who is experiencing the same issues as I was.
S Burke
They helped me to resolve my excruciating leg pain within a few visits. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful and work well together as a team. I highly recommend!
Giorge Casanova
Cathy is the best us a Physical Therapy. Cathy is very friendly.
Katie Kinsella Murphy
This is my first time ever having physical therapy and I cannot say enough about how great Alicia is. I went to other places and she is the only one to get me walking from my knee surgery. She is knowledgeable, professional and truly cares about your treatment. She actually makes pt enjoyable!!! Nothing but good things to say about my experience!!
Haim Wortman
I rarely ever post reviews. I limped in to Twin Boro Physical Therapy with aching feet. Cathy, my physical therapist, had me walking normally in no time. Cathy is a consummate professional. She is knowledgeable and caring and spent a good amount of time massaging my aching feet.
Fran Thompson
The staff is top notch! Extremely knowledgeable , professional and have successfully put me back on track with a recent back injury. In addition they put me on plan to work on at home that keeps me getting stronger and will prevent further issues!
Olivia Ferraro
The staff is extremely kind and has been super helpful with my therapy. They are accommodating with appointments.
Mark Vidaic
I worked with Kathy for about 2 months and she was great. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I had injured my left shoulder and after 2 months I feel like my left is stronger than my right. I also have better range of motion. I have been to other physical therapists in the past for other injuries, but Kathy and TwinBoro were the best I have used.
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