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NFL Draft Superstars Pin Hopes on Twin Boro PT’s Jason Eliowitz DPT

MARTINSVILLE, N.J. — Whether working with a future NFL Draft selection or the proverbial ‘Weekend Warrior’ there is an equal passion from Jason Eliowitz, DPT to not only provide physical therapy but also to heal and strengthen the human body. It is a passion that has led him to work with some of the biggest names in the NFL and get them ready for the draft.

At Twin Boro Physical Therapy, located inside TEST Sports Clubs in Martinsville, N.J., Eliowitz is a regular face to the clients at the sprawling fitness facility. Since 2013, however, his work has taken him in a unique and highly-specified line of physical therapy. There are 42 Twin Boro Physical Therapy sites spread across 16 counties in New Jersey and Eliowitz is the Director of Physical Therapy (DPT) at the Martinsville facility. Here he has been working with hundreds of NFL hopefuls over the past few years, having overseen the rehab of dozens of athletes who signed professional football contracts.

In doing so, he has earned a national reputation as one of the go-to physical therapists in the sports world.

Out of TEST Sports Clubs is run TEST Football Academy, a facility that trains players with ambitions of playing professional football. Some of the biggest names in the NFL such as Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, Tennessee Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger, Indianapolis Colts and former Rutgers star Eric Foster, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer and New England Patriots defensive back Cyrus Jones have trained at the facility. It is a pressure-packed job. Whole careers can be made and launched in the few months between the end of the college football season and before the NFL Draft. Eliowitz’s work throws him in the midst of this frenzy of activity, expectations and pressure.

They come in with every knock, twist and turn known to man. Some have played a whole season or a whole collegiate career in pain. Others don’t even know they had an injury until Eliowitz does a thorough evaluation of the athletes prior to their training for the NFL Combine and their local Pro Day workouts.

The “Initial Evaluation” is the same for anyone who steps foot into Twin Boro Physical Therapy, whether they be an NFL hopeful, a young professional, or a retiree with tennis elbow. His philosophy is thorough and detailed, precise and yet reassuring. It doesn’t change if you are a former star quarterback in college or simply enjoy playing with your grandkids on the front lawn.

Simply, Eliowitz is there for you. And it starts the first moment he meets and examines his client.

The first step for Eliowitz is the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). Here he breaks down the body’s movement patterns in full into what he calls “their prerequisite components.”

From there, Eliowitz and his staff evaluate and determine exercises and neuromuscular reeducation techniques to maximize motion and overall health. It is all part of the One2Four model that Eliowitz and other physical therapy specialists at all of Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s locations follow as part of the core of their practice.

He admits to a certain level of satisfaction in rehabilitating and running therapy for athletes who go on to earn millions and play in the Super Bowl. However, the real reward he says is health and functionality, the same goal he has for anyone who walks into Twin Boro Physical Therapy.

“Whether someone is a top tier athlete or just an individual that wants to be able to go grocery shopping the One2Four model provides a framework that allows us to progress an individual through the various stages of function and ultimately help them accomplish their goals,” Eliowitz said.

“Approaching injury from the regional interdependence theory, that is, an injury in one area of the body may actually be the result of dysfunction in an adjacent or nearby region, allows us to deliver a comprehensive rehabilitation experience. This coupled with movement screening and assessment results in faster recovery and reduces the risk of recidivism or re-injury.”

At TEST Sports Clubs and TEST Football Academy, Eliowitz has become an integral part of the team getting athletes ready for the NFL Draft. On a daily basis, he is working with the athletes. On the field, he’s watching a player to see his motion and movement to gain a better understanding of how to construct the therapy session later that day. He takes what he sees and can tweak the plan for the day to further the healing and strengthening process.

And when the athletes are done with their workouts and training, they head over to Eliowitz to get treatment. They laugh and joke around with him but then there is a time and place for serious work. Work they will under his watchful eye.

After all, a spot in the NFL and millions of dollars in contracts and endorsements are at stake.

“Jason has become a staple in our medical team and has proven time and time again to be one of our most valuable players.  The medical review process at the NFL Combine is one-third of the visit for these players,” said Kevin Dunn, CEO of TEST Sports Clubs and TEST Football Academy.

“They need to be just as prepared for that day of medical tests as the 40, vertical, bench broad and shuttles. The detailed and personalized approach to address not only the symptom of the injury, but the cause is so critically important to these players especially when millions of dollars are on the line.  To be able to take a guy like LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger from an ACL reconstructive surgery on January 2 to a stellar Pro Day performance four months later is nothing short of miraculous. There are many cogs in the wheel that make this program run as seamlessly as it does and Jason Eliowitz is an essential part of that process.”

All this is nothing new for a man who is passionate about health.

“I have always had an interest in medicine and been intrigued by the idea of improving human performance and an individual’s quality of life. It was very logical for me to then pursue a career that revolves around the goal of optimizing movement. Movement is at the heart of most day to day activities. Whether we are referring to high level athletes running a 4.4 time in 40 at the NFL Combine or simply my neighbor getting up in the morning and completing household chores, it all comes back to movement,” Eliowitz said.

“A few years back I was approached with the opportunity to work in conjunction with TEST Football Academy. It seemed like a dream job at the time as it would allow me to take the concept of movement optimization and apply it to the highest level. Now, almost six years later, I find myself doing what I love on a day to day basis.”

Twin Boro Physical Therapy is a provider of outpatient physical therapy services. Twin Boro Physical Therapy has been achieving excellence since 1980. Achieving 37 Years, of dedicated patient care within the communities they serve. Twin Boro PT has recently been recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association (www.apta.org) for the development of an innovative treatment platform called One2Four. The One2Four program is a methodology which Evaluates, addresses, and improves impairment with the goal of returning a patient to pre-injury function or better. The program is based on what is known as the healthcare continuum, which places all individuals somewhere along a range of total disability to ultimate physical performance/function, One2Four.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and maintains 42 offices across 16 counties in New Jersey. The company treats patients of all ages, including children, teenagers and the elderly with injuries to the ankle, neck, hand, hip, elbow, foot, knee, lower back/ lumbar, shoulder and mid- back/thoracic. Specialties include orthopedic pediatrics, sports-related injuries, workers’ compensation cases and services including arthritis, geriatric, spinal orthopedic, sports and vestibular rehabilitation as well as hand therapy. The company provides physical therapy care in the communities, and towns of Egg Harbor Township, Fair Lawn, Westwood, Wyckoff, Newark, Millburn, North Brunswick, Piscataway, Edison, Sayreville, Red Bank, South Brunswick, Morristown, Lincoln Park, Butler, Manahawkin, Toms River, Martinsville, Clark, Union, Westfield, and Holmdel.

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