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Physical Therapy for Back Pain: Who Can Benefit?

Approximately 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetime. Anyone can experience it – even children who suffer from muscle fatigue due to backpack overload. Unfortunately, back pain does not just affect quality of life, it can also lead to missed days at work, school or practice. Physical therapy for back pain is an effective treatment option to help manage pain and improve function.

Below, we’ll cover what individuals can benefit from physical therapy for back pain.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain: Who Can Benefit?

The North American Spine Society (NASS) puts “drivers” on the top of the list of careers most harmful to back health. This includes truck drivers as well as Uber and Lyft drivers. Other “back-breaking jobs” on the list include: construction worker, nurse, office worker, manual laborer, dentist, warehouse worker, mechanic, factory worker, mother.

Certain risk factors may increase one’s risk for back pain such as age, lack of exercise, excess weight gain, diseases, improper lifting and smoking.

Sedentary Heavy Occupational Risk Factors

physical therapy for back pain

Many individuals in New Jersey spend a lot of time sitting. Going from the breakfast table to the car for a long commute to an inactive desk job (and back again) can contribute to pain. This is especially true if the chair has inadequate back support or an individual has poor posture.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “Back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days. In a large survey, more than a 25% of adults reported experiencing low back pain during the past 3 months.”

Heavy Occupational Risk Factors

physical therapy for back pain

Individuals who work outside, doing manual, repetitive tasks such as construction, more frequently report low back pain symptoms. Any job that requires heavy lifting, or pulling and pushing motions, especially when twisting of the spine is involved, can lead to injury.

Pregnant Women

physical therapy for back pain

Approximately half of all pregnant women will have significant complaints of backache, according to research from the University of Michigan. Pregnant women are commonly prone to back pain due to the redistribution of body weight, changing center of gravity, shifting of abdominal organs as well as ligaments loosening in the pelvic area due to hormonal changes.

The good news? Physical therapy for back pain can provide relief!

Get Relief with Twin Boro Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Because a healthy back is essential to quality of life, it’s vital to seek the appropriate treatments when necessary. At each of our 23 Twin Boro Physical Therapy locations, we are focused on providing only the best quality care to help you manage your back pain, improve function and quality of life.

Why Choose Twin Boro Physical Therapy

Voted Readers’ Choice Best of New Jersey in 2013, Twin Boro has provided NJ residents with high quality physical therapy and rehab for over 38 years! It’s our award-winning approach, proven results and reputation that sets us apart. By incorporating the One2Four program into each patient’s program, the latest and most reliable scientific research and techniques is incorporated into effective evidence-based practice, we deliver only the highest standard of care with the unique One2Four approach.

It’s no surprise that Twin Boro Physical Therapy has also been voted the best physical therapy practice in New Jersey by the readers of

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