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Physical Therapy for Deltoid Pain in the Overhead Athlete

Physical Therapy for Deltoid Pain in the Overhead Athlete

Whether you like to play recreationally or are training intensely on a competitive team, participation in sports can put the body under tremendous physical stress. This is especially true for athletes who participate in activities that require a throwing motion, which can injure the deltoid muscle or shoulder joint. In fact, physical therapy for deltoid pain is one of the most common treatments prescribed to overhead athletes.

At Twin Boro, we offer physical therapy for deltoid pain to help manage inflammation, as well as improve mobility, stability and strength. Across New Jersey, our skilled professionals treat many active individuals —  from young athletes to weekend warrior adults — so they can recover and reach optimal performance in their sport.

Learn more about some of the common causes of deltoid pain we see in throwing athletes (also known as overhead athletes), as well as physical therapy treatment options that can provide deltoid pain relief.

Where Is The Deltoid Muscle?

The deltoid muscle is located at the apex of the arm and shoulder. It is a rounded, triangular-shaped muscle. Deltoid muscles assist in shoulder rotation and movement in almost any direction, including front, side and back. Tendons attach the deltoid muscle to the collarbone (clavicle), upper arm (humerus) and shoulder blade (scapula).

Common Causes of Deltoid Pain in Athletes Twin Boro

Common Causes of Deltoid Pain in Athletes

Many different types of sports can lead to shoulder injuries, either in the joint or the deltoid muscle. The most common causes of deltoid pain are overuse injuries and strains, especially seen early on in the season. Whether it’s baseball, football, lacrosse, swimming, weightlifting or gymnastics, the deltoid muscles in the shoulders are placed under physical demands to perform large feats of speed, strength, endurance and stability.

Due to the remarkable mobility in the shoulders, it is an inherently unstable joint. This makes the shoulder complex far more vulnerable to injury than any other joint in the body.

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Types of Major Shoulder Injuries Related to Sports TwinBoro

Types of Major Shoulder Injuries Related to Sports

Some major sports injuries that result in shoulder or deltoid pain include:

  • Dislocated Shoulder- A shoulder dislocation commonly occurs in contact sports where athletes are repeatedly subjected to impact, falls or tackling, such as football. Patients typically report feeling and/or hearing a “pop” as the bone literally pops out of its socket.
  • Rotator Cuff Tear– Athletes who participate in sports that require overhand motions, such as tennis players, baseball pitchers and even rock climbers, are particularly vulnerable to a torn rotator cuff. Additionally, those participating in sports with powerful, explosive motions, such as weightlifters and volleyball players, are also candidates for this kind of shoulder injury. Telltale symptoms include deltoid pain, weakness in the shoulder, decreased ROM and stiffness.
  • SLAP Tears– Similar to rotator cuff tears, Superior Labral Antero-Posterior (SLAP) tears are most common in sports with overhead throwing, tackling and heavy lifting. It can either develop over time from repetitive motions or from a direct impact to the shoulder.

New Jersey Physical Therapy for Deltoid Pain TwinBoro

New Jersey Physical Therapy for Deltoid Pain

Many athletes have the opportunity to restore full function to their shoulder following a course of conservative physical therapy. Treatment will vary based on the type and severity of the injury, age of the athlete, pre-injury level of function, motivation from the patient to return to their activity and compliance to treatment plan.

As one of the top physical therapy centers for deltoid pain in NJ, Twin Boro utilizes a unique One2Four approach to help patients find the pain relief they need. These include:

  • Manual Therapeutic Technique (soft tissue massage, joint mobilization)
  • Therapeutic Exercises (strengthening exercises)
  • Neuromuscular Reeducation (restore stability and improve movement technique)
  • Other modalities to decrease deltoid pain and inflammation (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice, cold laser)
  • Home program education (strengthening, stretching and stabilization exercises)

Call the skilled experts at1-732-444-3578 to schedule an appointment at one of our 23 convenient NJ locations and receive a treatment plan made specifically for you.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy: Voted Readers’ Choice Best of New Jersey

Voted Readers’ Choice Best of New Jersey, Twin Boro has provided NJ residents with high quality physical therapy and rehab for over 38 years! It’s our award-winning approach, proven results and reputation that sets us apart. By incorporating the One2Four program into each patient’s program, the latest and most reliable scientific research and techniques are incorporated into effective evidence-based practice. We deliver only the highest standard of care with the unique One2Four approach.

It’s no surprise that Twin Boro Physical Therapy has also been voted the best physical therapy practice in New Jersey by the readers of mycentraljersey.com.

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