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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is a provider for services as part of Medicare. Twin Boro Physical Therapy works closely with all patients to make the insurance process as fast and simple as possible. Providing the highest quality of services for all patients is part of Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s mission. By working with Medicare, the dedicated professionals at Twin Boro Physical Therapy are able to provide care for the many New Jersey residents with this insurance.

Medicare provides health insurance coverage for New Jersey residents over the age of 65, and also patients with specific disabilities and diseases like end-stage renal disease. Medicare is run by the federal government and provides coverage to nearly 40 million people. Providing the highest quality of care is a team effort, and together with Medicare, Twin Boro Physical Therapy is able to provide access to the highest quality physical therapy for Medicare members.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy is evidence based, incorporating the latest science and training techniques into every individualized treatment plan. The dedicated Physical Therapists at Twin Boro make sure each patient receives one on one attention to produce the best possible outcome for recovery. This unique approach to providing care guarantees that the services provided to Medicare members will create quality results.

Whether suffering from an athletic injury, a chronic illness, an injury sustained while you were on the job, or even age-related conditions and disorders, Twin Boro Physical Therapy provides the necessary services to help patients live pain-free. Medicare members can benefit from the vast experience and training Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s elite group of highly skilled physical therapists bring to their work.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy addresses the entire continuum of care including prevention, treatment, and recovery. With 38 years of success treating New Jersey residents, it is no surprise that Twin Boro Physical Therapy was voted the best physical therapy practice in New Jersey by the readers of mycentraljersey.com. Twin Boro Physical Therapy gets results for patients, to restore range of motion and help everyone live a more active lifestyle. Medicare members can reap the benefits of treatment by Twin Boro Physical Therapy, and experience the best care New Jersey has to offer.

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