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What to Expect with Physical Therapy in Monmouth County NJ

Wondering what to expect when you come to Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Monmouth County NJ? If getting physical therapy treatment is new to you, you may feel nervous. We’ve put together an overview to help you get a better idea of what to expect and how you can get the most out of your treatment.

4 Things to Expect at your Physical Therapy Appointment in Monmouth County, NJ

At each of our Twin Boro Physical Therapy locations in Monmouth County, NJ, including Red Bank and Holmdel, our therapists work with patients from their current to their desired functional level.  Whether you require preventative strategies, initial pain management or rehabilitative strength exercises, there are a few ways to prepare before you arrive.

1. Paperwork

Yeah, we know. Paperwork is never fun, but we promise it’s all necessary. Paperwork may include insurance details and new patient forms. These forms are necessary to help your physical therapist get a better understanding of your health history and condition. Leave some time before your first appointment to complete the required documents. 

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2. Assessment

Even though the pain you’re experiencing is throbbing at your shoulder, we want to be sure we’re treating the correct origin of the pain. For example, sometimes shoulder pain can originate in your neck. So, get ready for a few assessments. We’ll measure your range of motion, strength, mobility and implement some other tests that relate to your condition. We make sure your therapy treats the source of the problem, not the symptoms.

3. Treatment

After the initial assessment, your physical therapist will create a unique plan of care with short and long term goals. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Your therapist may need to be able to see the area where you’re experiencing discomfort. So, if you have arm pain, wear short sleeves. If the pain is in your legs, try not to wear jeans or tight pants that prevent easy access.

The main goal of treatment is to help you reduce pain, restore mobility and regain daily function. Read more about our One2Four Advanced Physical Therapy technique implemented in all of our New Jersey locations. 

 4. DIY 

You might be thinking, “So, when can I get back to my activity?” Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but be patient. We’ll get you there. Recovery takes time and the first few sessions may feel like the hardest as your body adapts. 

We want to ensure that you understand why your body has responded the way it did and what you can do to prevent these impairments and limitations reoccurring in the future. Many people who attend therapy often don’t realize that their participation is an integral part of the recovery process. Your physical therapist will follow-up with a plan of care that includes completing a few home exercises as well.

5. Celebrate Your Success with Your Twin Boro Physical Therapist

Show up for your physical therapy sessions ready to give it your best. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your therapist. It’s important to understand the process, which makes the road to recovery all that much more exciting. Be prepared to celebrate your progress, no matter how big or small. Every little bit counts!

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