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Hand Therapy provides relief for people suffering from injuries or illness that affects the hand and wrist. These conditions can be painful and restrict the fine motor skills needed to perform daily tasks. Twin Boro Physical Therapy has an established reputation for providing advanced, evidence-based care that meets the needs of each individual patient. For patients in need of hand therapy, Twin Boro Physical Therapy has the experience and expertise necessary to address the various conditions that may cause problems. Twin Boro Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing patients with the best outcome to help return to the greatest possible range of motion and activity.

What Is Hand Therapy?

The hand and wrist is anatomically complex with 27 bones, 14 joints in the fingers alone, and a variety of joints where the palm meets the wrist and the wrist meets the forearm. The hand contains muscles that allow us to bend and straighten the fingers, and also ligaments and tendons that provide the stability and mobility that make the hand so dexterous. This complexity requires special attention be paid to the hand when administering treatment with physical therapy. Physical therapists and occupational therapists who are certified hand therapists have the necessary training and expertise to treat hand patients.


There are numerous different conditions that can affect the hand and wrist, making the use of this extremity difficult. Some common symptoms that may indicate a problem with the hand include:

  • Pain or aching in the hand
  • Tingling and numbness in the hand or fingers
  • Loss of range of motion or dexterity
  • Swelling around any of the joints in the hand and wrist
  • Increased size or visible deformity of a joint
  • Difficulty performing everyday activities
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness

How Can Hand Therapy Help?

Physical therapy treatment from the skilled experts at Twin Boro can help reduce and control the symptoms so that sufferers can live active, pain free, lives. Physical therapy is a medical specialty that uses exercises, manipulations, and specific equipment to help patients regain or improve mobility, strength and function.

Hand Therapy Interventions

Hand Therapists are occupational therapists or physical therapists who, through advanced study and experience, specialize in treating individuals with conditions affecting the hands and upper extremity. A hand specialist may also have advanced certification as a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT). A qualified hand therapist is educated and trained to administer interventions. As stated in The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, interventions are the skilled and purposeful use of therapy methods and techniques to produce changes consistent with the diagnosis, prognosis and goal of the patient or client.


  • Manual Therapeutic Technique (MTT): hands on care including soft tissue massage, and joint mobilization by a hand therapist to regain mobility and range of motion of the wrist and hand.
  • Splinting: Fabrication of custom-made splint or fitting of pre-fabricated splint by hand therapist to limit motion of wrist to decrease pressure and inflammation.
  • Therapeutic Exercises (TE) including nerve stretching and tendon gliding exercises to regain range of motion of the hand and effected muscle.
  • Neuromuscular Reeducation (NMR) to restore stability, retrain the upper extremity, improve movement technique and mechanics (for example, typing, hand fine motor activities, lifting activities), improve sensation in daily use of the involved upper extremity.
  • Modalities that can include the use of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice, cold laser and others to decrease pain and inflammation at the hand and wrist.
  • Home program that includes strengthening, stretching and stabilization exercises and instructions to help the person perform daily tasks and advance to the next functional level.

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