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The best way to avoid basketball related injuries is to be trained in proper technique and mechanics. Additionally, proper training and conditioning so that players are prepared for the demands on the game whether playing recreationally or competitively is crucial to avoiding the occurrence of injury.

Other ways to avoid injury include

  • A pre-season physical examination by sports health professionals
  • Adequate hydration, players should not wait until thirsty to drink because this is often too late for proper hydration.
  • To avoid heat related illnesses avoid excessively hot and humid conditions either in or out doors.
  • Since injury rates are higher for athletes who are not physically fit, athletes should work on physical fitness before and during the competitive season.
  • After periods of inactivity the basketball player should gradually return to play and participate in aerobic, strength, flexibility, and agility training.
  • Sports health professionals recommend taking at least one season off from basketball per year.
  • “Listen to your body” means decrease the amount and intensity of training if discomfort or pain develops.
  • Proper training will not only decrease the risk of injury but also the risk of “burn-out”

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