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Bowling is an activity enjoyed by men and women, adults and children alike. Whether pursuing the game professionally, or just enjoying some fun with the family, bowling can create opportunities for injuries to occur. The movements necessary for bowling put repetitive stress on the structures of the upper extremity particularly the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

Performing the same activities over an over again can cause wear and tear on the structures of the body most active when participating in bowling. In addition to the upper extremity, the areas of the body most prone to bowling-related injuries include the back, knee and hip.

A medical professional specifically trained in the treatment of sports-related injuries, like a sports physical therapist, should be consulted to properly diagnose a bowling injury and determine the best course of treatment.

Bowling Injury Facts

  • Did you know that a proper grip is crucial for decreasing the risk of injury when bowling? When the grip is not right, the bowler will try to compensate by adjusting the bowling motion, which can result in injury and poor performance.
  • Did you know that a sign of a serious shoulder injury is inability to sleep due to shoulder pain? If a person is unable to sleep due to chronic shoulder pain a sports health care professional should be consulted.
  • Did you know one of the main factors for successful bowling is hand and eye coordination? Other factors include balance, lower extremity strength, flexibility, overall strength, aerobic fitness, and low body fat.
  • Did you know that wearing an elbow brace while bowling may increase the risk of injury? An elbow brace may alter the technique of the bowler, putting the bowler at increased risk of injury to many regions of the body

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