The best way to avoid Field Hockey injuries to is learn the proper technique, while wearing any necessary protective gear (goggles or gloves). Players should always be aware, and should not play while fatigued or dehydrated when concentration may be interrupted.

Other ways to avoid injury include:

  • Wear appropriate protective gear.
  • Avoid overuse by gradually increasing the frequency, intensity, and duration of training
  • Include regular aerobic, strength, flexibility, and skills training.
  • Avoid excessive weather conditions of heat, humidity, rain, cold, and more.
  • Get plenty of rest to help decrease the risk of overuse injuries.
  • Take at least one season per year off from field hockey.
  • Do not attempt to “play through the pain”, instead seek out the assistance of a sports health professional.
  • Preseason sports performance training can decrease the risk of injury while increasing the performance level of the athlete.

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