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The best way to avoid football related injuries is to be trained in proper technique and mechanics. Additionally, proper training and conditioning so that players are prepared for the demands on the game whether playing recreationally or competitively is crucial to avoiding the occurrence of injury. Players should also be properly outfitted in the necessary protective equipment.

Other ways to avoid injury include:

  • Proper conditioning and common sense decrease the risk of injury.
  • Conditioning programs designed by health care professionals like sports physical therapists will allow tendons and ligaments to adjust to activity, decreasing the chance of injury.
  • Stretching and slow warm-up exercises have been shown to reduce the occurrence of muscle strain injuries.
  • An athlete must fully rehabilitate after an injury to decrease the risk of re-injury or injuring another body part.
  • Sprains, strains, and dislocations have a higher risk of re-injury than fractures. A bone will usually heal even stronger than before at the fracture site.
  • Heat injuries are very common in football. It is important to avoid over heating by practicing at cooler times during the day, decrease amount of equipment worn on hot humid days, and consume plenty of fluids.
  • Despite the players wearing helmets, concussions do occur during football
  • Have a preseason health and wellness evaluation
  • Consistently incorporate strength and flexibility training.
  • Stay active during the summer months to prepare for return to sports in the fall.
  • Wear properly fitting protective equipment, such as helmets, pads, and mouth-guard.
  • Tackle with the head up and on not lead with the helmet.
  • Speak with sports health professionals including physicians, sports physical therapists, and athletic trainers if there are concerns about the prevention and treatment of sports related injuries.

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