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Softball Injury Facts


  • Did you know that although softball injury rate is nearly equal to baseball, softball injuries result in less time lost from competition?

  • Did you know that softball pitchers are not more prone to injury than players of other positions?

  • Did you know that controlling pitch count is paramount to avoiding elbow injuries? Pitch count is dependant on age of the player.

  • Did you know that an athlete should return to play after an injury only after the athlete has been granted clearance from a sports health professional?

  • Did you know that radar guns should only be used during competition to record best pitch speed versus change up and only with the age 15 and up age bracket?

  • Did you know that leading sports health professionals recommend that athletes not play the same sport year round?

  • Did you know that girls younger than 12 years should only pitch for two consecutive days, and girls older than 13 years should only pitch for three consecutive days?

  • Pitchers should have two days of rest from pitching, and rest means no pitching even during batting practice?

  • On the second day the pitcher may participate in hitting and field drills