Prevention and Performance

The key to preventing these injuries lies in preseason screening for players of all ages. Potential risks for injury that can be identified with a preseason screening include asthma, allergies, heart conditions, or orthopedic conditions like muscles weakness or poor flexibility. It is also important for players to warm up properly prior to play. Low intensity exercises like running drills and stretching can help players prepare for a game and avoid injury.

Other ways to avoid injury include:

  • Overuse injuries are preventable with proper monitoring, in particularly of pitching technique
  • Warm up prior to practice or a game with light running, stretching, and throwing.
  • Have the pitcher rotate to other positions.
  • Flexibility instead of strengthening needs to be stressed throughout the season for pitchers.
  • Do not play with pain, and see a sports health care professional if pain persists.
  • Do not pitch on multiple teams with overlapping schedules.
  • A pitcher who is younger than 13 should not pitch more than two days in a row.
  • Develop skills that are age appropriate.
  • Technique should be emphasized over power and the force of the delivery of the ball

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