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Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo Treatment

Approximately 90 million Americans visit their health care provider seeking dizziness, balance, or vertigo treatment. In fact, 40% of us will experience vertigo at some point in our lives.The causes can be due to something small like a change in medication to something more serious like a neurological condition.

What is Vertigo?

According to ChoosePT, provided by the American Physical Therapy Association, one of the most common forms of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, an inner-ear problem that causes short periods of a spinning sensation when your head is moved in certain positions. Although it is common in adults, children can also experience dizziness and vertigo.

Patients who suffer from vertigo usually describe it as a “spinning sensation”. Whereas dizziness is characterized by being “lightheaded”. Each impairment has different causes and treatments, making the need of a skilled physical therapy in treatment of vertigo critical for successful outcomes. Feeling the symptoms of vertigo can be frightening to say the least. But you can take comfort in knowing that vertigo is common, and many cases can be treated.

Treating the Body as a Whole

Jason Carelis DPT, PT, the Clinical Director of the Lincoln Park location has done extensive research on vertigo/benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Jason tries to look at the body as a whole when treating a specific problem area, and tries to identify any other components that may be contributing to a patient’s dysfunction.

Often vertigo will have different causes and therefore, different treatment options.

Your physical therapist may ask the following questions to help them determine the best courses of action for treating vertigo.

  • When did you first start experiencing vertigo?
  • Are you doing something specific when you experience vertigo (such as turning your head, standing still, rolling over in bed)?
  • How long do the symptoms last?
  • Have you had vertigo in the past?
  • Are you also experiencing hearing loss or ringing in your ears?
  • Have you also experienced nausea or changes in your heart rate?

How Can Physical Therapy Help with Treating Neuropathy

Vertigo can diminish quality of life and impact all aspects of daily living. But, thankfully, evidence has shown that vestibular rehabilitation can be effective in decreasing the severity of symptoms related to vertigo.

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is a specialized form of treatment intended to alleviate both the primary and secondary problems caused by vestibular disorders.

Based on a comprehensive clinical assessment, your therapist will design a customized vestibular rehabilitation treatment plan and may include:

  • Balance training
  • Habituation exercises
  • Gaze stabilization including vision and focus exercises
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises to help improve balance

Are you struggling with this debilitating condition? Our professionals are experienced in treating vertigo and can help you find the relief you need. Call1-732-444-3578 to schedule your no-obligation appointment at one of our 27 convenient New Jersey clinics.

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