Back Pain Relief for Cell Phone Addicts

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Your Body on a Smartphone: A Back Pain Relief Solution That Actually Works

You’ve heard that being glued to your phone can affect your mood and sleep. But have you thought about how it can impact your body? Smart devices, like phones, fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and keep you connected, but they can affect your neck, back, shoulders, wrist and more. Find back pain relief —  and text better — with this smart advice. 

PS, if you’re reading this article on your cell phone, remember to sit up straight and bring your phone up to eye level (rather than looking down).

Put Back Pain Behind You — For Good!

Our cell phones keep us connected to the world around us. Many of us feel lost without the constant connection. Often there is no escaping it when you have multiple group chats, work to tend to, sitters to communicate with and a partner that needs a reminder. 

But, “TextNeck” isn’t just from texting. Checking social media or reading a book on your tablet can be just as much to blame for back pain. Over time, the way you hold your device can lead to back pain, stiffness and even damage to your joints.

 A study in the journal Surgical Technology International shows that looking down at your screen can be the equivalent of adding up to 60 extra pounds of weight on your spine. 

Think about it. Your head weighs around 10 to 12 pounds. As the angle of your head moves forward, the amount of stress on your spine increases. A minor 15-degree tilt can cause a comparable weight of 27 pounds. Make that a 30 degree tilt, and the strain on your neck increases to 40 pounds. Increase that angle to 45 degrees and you’re creating an equivalent stress of 49 pounds. Finally, a 60 degrees angle would be equal to 60 pounds of stress on your neck, spine and back.

People spend an average of two to four hours every day looking down at their devices. That adds up to 700-1,400 hours of excess stress on the spine every year. This wear and tear can cause muscle pain and even spasms. 

Fortunately, making some subtle tweaks to your routine can help you find neck, spine and back pain relief.

Fast Fix for Back Pain Relief Twin BoroFast Fix for Back Pain Relief

Aside from limiting the use of your phone, get in the habit of prioritizing good posture to help with back pain relief. Good posture means that your head is upright, your shoulder blades are down and retracted, and your ears are in line with your shoulders. Hold your phone higher to maintain a more neutral neck position. If you’re working for an extended period of time, use your desktop or laptop instead.

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