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Twin Boro Physical Therapy Newark: Your Trusted Physical Therapy Provider

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Konrad Roslonek, DPT, PT has recognized the importance of remaining open and serving the local community. As Clinical Director of Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s Newark facility—which primarily serves a workers’ compensation population—he’s seen first-hand that many of his patients need to work in order to survive, and that physical therapy is often necessary to allow them to do so.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy-Newark has stayed open and remained strong and dependable during the pandemic

So when Konrad and his team were told that physical therapy was considered an essential service and that clinics could remain open, they were relieved to know that community members would be able to continue using their services. Once this greenlight was given, the next step was figuring out how to keep the treatment experience as safe as possible for patients.

But according to Konrad, the Newark clinic was already well equipped to make this transition.

High-Quality Treatment in the Safest Environment Possible

“For most of the 12 years I’ve been working here, it’s been a top priority to regularly wipe down all tables and equipment with a safe cleaning product that kills viruses,” he said.

“On top of that, we have always used vinyl pillowcases that we wipe down after each use, as well as individual self-adhesive electrodes for each patient to ensure the highest standards in sanitation and cleanliness practices. So we really have been practicing in an extremely safe environment even before the pandemic, and since things started to change, we’ve ensured that there’s ample staff on hand to maintain these practices and constantly clean all surfaces. In doing so, we believe patients can and should feel comfortable when coming in for treatment.”

Open. Strong. Dependable.

Another major advantage of the Newark location is its size. As one of the largest Twin Boro practices, there’s enough room to keep patients safely spaced out for their entire time they are inside. Konrad and his team have also set up various stations—including a work-hardening station, cardio station, and balance station—that are all spaced out appropriately so patients can stay socially distanced from one another at all stages of their treatment session. Private rooms have been available for those that preferred one, but the majority of patients did not request these rooms because of the size and wide spacing of the facility.

This is one of the driving forces that has helped allow the clinic to stay open and remain strong and dependable of the throughout the pandemic. While many other practices could only see two patients per hour, the Newark clinic was able to maintain three per hour for the past few months, and business never dropped to a significant degree.

Bouncing Back

Since regulations have started to ease up in New Jersey and people are slowly beginning to patronize more businesses again, the Newark clinic saw even more patients start to walk through their doors. They’ve rapidly begun the process of bouncing back to pre-coronavirus levels, and are now operating at about 60-65% of their full capacity.

“The people in Newark are very resilient, and it’s a tribute to the blue-collar workers here that know they just need to keep moving forward,” Konrad said. “That’s what is keeping us alive, and it has motivated to continue providing outstanding and safe care to these patients during these challenging times.”

Open, Ready, Willing, and Able to Serve

Konrad also realizes that there are many individuals who may still feel hesitant about undergoing physical therapy in an indoor setting, which is completely understandable. But he’d like them to know that the Newark clinic is “Open and ready, willing, and able to serve you, and if you do decide to come in for treatment, we will provide you with high-quality treatment in the safest environment possible, which we hope will ease any concerns you might have.”

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