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Patricia Dunn PT


Patricia E Dunn graduated with honors from Russell Sage College with a degree in Physical Therapy and is licensed in New Jersey and New York.

Patricia started her career at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation where she treated patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries as well as other neurological conditions. She was an active member of the quality assurance committee and enjoyed her role as a clinic instructor for future physical therapists. Patricia then joined Lennox Physical Therapy Associates where her interest in orthopedics developed.

Patricia joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy first as a staff therapist in the Somerset/North Brunswick office and advanced to become the Clinical Director in our Parlin/Sayreville clinic. Patricia’s desire to serve the community led to expanding her knowledge of orthopedic injuries. Whether these injuries resulted from sports, work or overuse, she applies her skills with patients of all ages.

Patricia is a certified orthopedic specialist through the APTA and has advanced her education with course work with Robin McKenzie, Brian Mulliagan, Paris, the Institute for Physical Art and osteopathic manual technique. She is a member of the Commission on Aging in Sayreville/Parlin as well has been a speaker at the local high school and neighboring town senior centers.

Her dedicated and compassionate treatment while restoring function with evidence-based care has made patients and their families return to her for care. Her extensive knowledge in manual techniques as well as exercise, has helped her progress patients to their fullest potential.

When treating patients or managing other therapists, Patricia implements Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model to determine the “right level of health care” for each individual.  This unique approach looks at the entire episode of care for the patient or athlete. This ranges from a relatively low level of function a patient might experience post injury or surgery all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Therapists that skillfully combine manual therapy with evolving functional exercise along the One2FourTM continuum strive to achieve the individual’s “meaningful goals” and “desired outcomes”.


Sayreville/Parlin, NJ

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Sayreville/Parlin, NJ - Patient Reviews

Lynne Ilgaz
My first experience with Physical Therapy ( torn miniscus)was that it was a waste of time. My second experience ( total hip replacement)totally changed my opinion.This happened at Twin Boro in Westfield.The staff is friendly and accommodating. My therapist Dr.Ryan Vrindtin was knowledgeable , explained the reasons and benefits of my therapy plan and gave me positive feedback and encouragement.I would definitely recommend Twin Boro and Dr.Ryan.
V Francia
Twinboro PT at Bayonne, NJ location is outstanding! My PT - Carol is always attentive, courteous, patient, personable and compassionate yet professional in providing care to me ensuring that improvements in my health condition are successful daily and weekly; she is amazing! Also, the rest of the staff from the front desk (Keira, Lucy, other PT staff - Roman, Annie (forgot the name of the 3rd PT) as well as the PT Aides - McKenzie, Darias, and Giselle and whomever else I possibly may have missed are all amazing and know what compassionate care is all about as evidenced by every client feeling happy and revived every time he/she starts and ends PT treatments - I always do! I’m also floored by the major improvements both Carol and the rest of the PT staff have helped me with my progression (much improved personable kinesthetics and pain level has dropped from an 8 to only a 2! Can’t thank you enough Carol and rest of the Twinboro Bayonne staff for going above and beyond! Corporate, please give them all incentives: bonuses, raises and/or free getaway vacations for their outstanding work! Vince 😉💥❤️
Devinder Singh
Nice and convenient location and staff is very helpful. My PT was Devon and she is amazing, always ready to help. She is always in high spirits and has an infectious laugh that definitely cheers you up. Ultimately your progress depends upon you, you need to be regular and you need to be vocal about how and what you feel and get your program adjusted.
Larry Williams
I would like to thank the staff at Twin Boro for helping me with my recovery they're one of best staff I have ever met down to front desk staff keep doing what y'all do
Carol Zampino
When I was looking for a physical therapy center close to home and came upon Twin Boro in Wyckoff, I was intrigued by all the glowing reviews that I read about it - most people do not take the time to write complimentary shoutouts! I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that all of those 5-star ratings and positive comments are well-deserved. Cathy worked with me and made me feel at ease immediately; she is extremely knowledgeable, competent, caring and keeps a watchful eye on what her clients are doing to make sure that they are using the equipment properly and performing their exercises correctly. The facility is immaculate, the equipment is plentiful and in good condition; Julie, the receptionist, and the assistants are very helpful and friendly. I would not hesitate to refer Twin Boro in Wyckoff to anyone in need of their services. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.
Kerrie Kiernan
Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Westwood, NJ is absolutely the best place for PT in NJ and the Hudson Valley. Franklin Roque has been instrumental in my recovery from a fractured knee. He was able to take me from complete immobility to better than I started. His knowledge and expertise are exceptional and he consistently works with his patients to ensure positive and consistent results. Assisted by Shah, and Margaret on the phones, Twin Boro has an incredible TEAM and I highly recommend them!
Robert Kudlacik
I have been going here since 2013. It is one of the best Physical Therapy practices I have been to today. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very professional. The facility has all you need get back to working shape. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place to go. Annie Valenti is hands down one of the best therapists I have ever encountered. If it wasn’t for her I would not be able to function daily.
Fantastic staff and terrific personal and caring attention. Couldn't be better
Nita Varia
I have been going to Twin Boro, Dayton, South Brunswick, since 2009, when I had my left total knee surgery. The one I had was in Dayton, New Jersey in YMCA. Fortunately, I had Kristina as a therapist. Very professional, with Doctorate degree in the field. Also, very calm and polite and friendly. She was so great, and then as I really liked her, when I had my second TKR done, I also went to her. As a matter of fact, I made sure, she will take care of me. Since then, each time I had to go for therapy, I went to her. She is very good in her field. Since 2009 to current, I must have gone to her only 10-12 times. I would strongly recommend Kristina at TWINBORO, DAYTON NEW JERSEY. She definately fixes you. Thanks Kristina.
Barbara Clark
The best PT's in the business! My experience was with Frank for post-op rotator cuff repair was fantastic. Frank is very knowledgeable, smart and hands on. I actually switched from another PT facility and the difference with the care and attention and most importantly my recovery was game changer.They also have a great support staff.
Nita Varia
I have been going to Krystina Cierkowski, PT, DPT, since 2009, when they were at YMCA in Dayton. When I had my total knee replacement. She is very professional, and extremely good at her profession. Since 2009, I have been only going to her. She is so calm, friendly and very nice nature. Since 2009, I must have gone to her only, for each and every therapy. She is very quick and find the problem in no time. Recently, in 2024, I had many issues, such as back pain, dizzy spell and neck pain. She cured me, I am very pleased with her. I would definately, recommend her.
Charles Valan
The entire team at Twin Boro in Dayton are nothing short of amazing!!!! When you need healthcare of any type, you’re always looking for a place that cares. This is the 4th time I’ve found myself in a position of needing them and they are 4 for 4 helping me recovery from surgery and injury. The thing I admire the most is their ability to ask questions and allow you to fully express your challenges. They develop a full program for you that you not only can perform at their location with them, but that you can take home as well. They’re always evaluating you and adjusting accordingly. Not all rehab leads to smooth sailing and sometimes, the process of rehab brings out other issues. Not a problem for the folks at Twin Boro who always have alternative exercises to help. All I can say is thanks to all of them, my rehab recovery have always come ahead of the doctor’s schedule. If I’m ever in need in the future, they will always be the first place I turn. Highest of recommendations and thank you!!!!
Tia Jones
My PT journey led me to Krysia in Dayton, who is an amazing therapist. After my evaluation, she understood my injury and immediately created a program for rehabilitation. Her knowledge, a combination of exercise plans, and hands-on techniques all go without saying. I've noticed that Krysia is very conscious and respectful of her patients' time and manages her time extremely well. As my PT needs grew she approached each of my injuries with the same level of importance and was always focused on helping me achieve my goals. I'm beyond thankful to Krysia for providing me with exceptional care and for giving me my quality of life back. She is an invaluable member of the company, and Twin Boro is very lucky to have her!
adele lee
I have made so much progress with my PT going here. The nicest people you every want to meet. Just make your appointment and no worries, your in good hands.
Wesley Ignacio
Broke my arm this year and went there for therapy. Liz my therapist is the absolute best and she took good care of me. From cleaning out the scabs , messages, exercises and tips on how to minimize the scar.I am now done with therapy and my arm is in a much better state now. A few more months and I should be as good as new! Totally recommend Strulowitz and Gargiulo.
Michael Gu
Had herniated disc with constant nerve pain and burning, but after a few months of hard work and delightful people, my back feels almost back to normal, with an at home routine that keeps me feeling fit and comfortable. It feels great to live like normal again.
Susie Greene
If you want to get better, this is the place to go. Everyone is dedicated to excellent treatment and progress fo us.
Rutgersboy 22
Really professional and they know exactly what they’re doing and how to best rehabilitate you. I’d recommend Chris to anyone that’s needs someone who will listen to them and what they need help with, and guide them back to health within a reasonable time period.
William Meneely
Cassia Bove
Amazing facility! Everything is always clean and easily accessible, perfect for patients learning to “do it on their own” once home. Amazing Staff! Each PT cares about each patient and it is obvious. Definitely consider Lincoln Park Twin Boro to get back into your daily activities:)
Joan Magrane
The professionals are Twin Boro are caring and development a personal relationship with Every patient. The facility is clean and organized. I enjoy every visit. This is truly the place to come if you need physical therapy.
Taylor Erekat
My time at Twin Boro was great. Not only were the staff kind, but they really assisted me into getting myself back on track. Jaceline happened to be who I was working with and really pushed me to show my true potential. Her conversations through the time I was doing my PT really kept me focused and it motivated me to do my best. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone struggling like I was.
Oumou Traore
Dr. True is the best !He knows exactly what to do with each patient , very nice and always good at what he does .He is super great at manual therapy massaging and is super patient!
Peter Turro
The highly knowledgeable, thorough and professional OT&PT staff at Twin Boro were able to effectively evaluate, diagnose and manage my treatment in a manner which has led to an understanding of affected areas, improved strength and range of motion in a short period of time. Thanks again and much appreciation to Laura Lee, Chris, Frank, Eric, Alex, all the assistants & great admins at the front desk for your professionalism, advice, assistance, results & senses of humor! 👍
Conrad Shoup
I recently returned to Dayton Twinboro Physical Therapy after having an operation for a torn triceps tendon. I had previously been treated there in 2018 by Krisha After bilateral knee replacement, and had a very positive experience, so I returned when I had my latest injury.This time, I worked with Devin, who is an outstanding professional. Devin is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate technical concepts in a way that a layman can understand. She took me from baby steps, to health, to real strength in my injured arm.Devin has a contagious upbeat attitude, and each session felt like a collaborative effort, helping me push through to the next milestone, even on days when progress felt challenging.The support staff are also great, they are always at the ready with whatever you need.For anyone in need of physical therapy, I highly recommend Devin at Dayton Twinboro.
Sydney Bragg
One of the best facilities I have ever been to. The therapist are very professional and caring about their patients and take time to hear your concerns. I truly would recommend this place to anyone who needs help and relief. Would definitely ten out of ten recommend Nicole and Jaceline.
Kevin Loughlin
I started PT with Cathy 3 months ago and I cannot say enough positive things about her and my overall experience. I have made great strides thanks to going through her exercise circuit 3 times a week and then speaking with her after to see what has been working. If I was experiencing any post therapy pain, Cathy consistently tweaked the routine to help me reach my goals. She is extremely knowledgeable , thoughtful and hard working. I am extremely grateful to have worked with her and thankful for the gains I was able make under her care.
Doreen Fletcher
My thanks to the Twinboro staff for their kindness and professionalism. I especially want to thank Erick Torres for his attentiveness and expertise in ensuring my physical therapy was successful. His encouragement and guidance was truly appreciated.
edward davi
Kristen Faigle has worked with me after my reverse shoulder replacement surgery. She has done an outstanding job. She is very knowledgeable and she has been patient and thorough with my exercises and stretches. At this point I am very close to having full use of my right arm and shoulder.The exercises that I have been given have greatly improved my condition, reduced the pain and my overall fitness has also improved.I would highly recommend this Twin Boro group to anyone who needs physical therapy.
Wendy Willemsen
The staff here are awesome. Robert did a great job with my frozen shoulder. Would definitely use them again if needed.
Shelli Rage Beauty
TwinBoro PT Holmdel is absolutely THE BESTplace to recover and heal. Front desk is superaccommodating and helpful (I really appreciate Jill and herkindness) The physical therapists are TOP notch as well asthe assistant pts. They listen to everything you have to sayabout your injury and suggest the best exercises andstrategies for you. The place is completely clean and alwayssanitized. Literally everyone is friendly and so kind. Physical therapist Joe is THE BEST. He has helped me achieve so much and is truthful and honest. Words can’t even describe how much Joe has helped me after 2 surgeries on my ankle within 4 months.I am grateful for his help and this whole awesome team and place.If your looking for a physical therapist for your recovery, Look no further! You won’t regret it!
Maurice Marino
Very helpful in my recovery. Loved the exercises that were given to help strengthen my core and reduce tightness in my back and hips. I worked with Devon and she and everyone there are very kind and provide a welcoming environment. Highly recommend for others looking to heal from injury.
Jaylene Lazo-Sanchez
Devon is so gentle, patient and knowledgeable . 10000% would recommend to anyone in need of a physical therapist.
Amal Awad
All the occupational therapists were amazing. But Terry was exceptional. He was patient, very attentive, focused, a sense of humor, and always had a positive attitude towards me and ALL his patients. Sometimes, it would get busy and I would feel concerned he was going to get overwhelmed. Not Terry….He would multi task and stay grounded. I had several questions about my terrible triad injury. He answered them by showing me more exercises I can do at home. When I realized my 60th session of therapy was over, he assured me I need to keep up with all my exercises and if I have any questions or concerns to reach out to him. I was discharged with a set of exercises and his reassurance that I will get better. ❤️‍🩹 I can’t ask for more than that.
Jazmyn Muniz
Joe is the best! 😭
caren castoro
I recently completed my post knee replacement therapy at Twin Boro in Red Bank and could not be happier. I have been to other PT facilities in the past and this one is by far the best. Important to me was working with the same therapist through my treatment and Joshua Kim exceeded my expectations. He showed professionalism, knowledge of my surgery, compassion and what I enjoyed most was a sense of humor. Even when he was not hands on with me he always had an eye on what I was doing and adjusted my technique if needed. A big thank you to all the assistants who kept me on track with the next set of exercises, they are an integral part of the process. Thank you all for providing such a high level of care!
Jayson J
Real good exercises!!
Michael Pellagatti
The staff so professional and great vibes love it here
Kiran More
Devon, my therapist is phenomenal. It is no exaggeration to state that "Twin Boro literally runs on Devon". I am a sportsperson who underwent right THR surgery owing to a drug-drug ( plaxovid a double antiviral drug + Carticosteriod) interaction at an early age of my life as an outcome of the covid19 sickness exactly a year ago. Devon assessed my healing condition each day and adjusted my exercise routine accordingly. Words are not enough to describe how Devon played an key role in getting me back in shape. Today, I can walk, hike, and run as a normal person. I can't thank Devon and her superb staff enough. Oh, I almost forgot to mention...Devon takes exceptional care of kids and as well treats everyone equally, attentively, and patiently. Twin Boro means Devon and vice versa. I strongly recommend Devon's Twinbro.
Gogos Packerbacker
Used Twin Boto after my 2nd hip replacement. Went to another PT for the first and Twin Boto provided much more personal attention as I recovered. The other place was very regimented vs. adding, modifying or removing exercises to fit my needs by Twin Boro. Therapists are highly knowledgeable and all of the staff are friendly. I highly recommend using them for your PT needs.
William “Dyztort” Mullally
2nd time Ive got injured and had to come back to best team
The staff at Twin Boro has been accommodating and very professional. In addition, they are very sanitary and friendly. Eric has been of great help in helping to heal my back.
David Cortes
My personal experience at Twin Boro was phenomenal. The environment was very nice and welcoming. My physical therapist, Laura, was especially kind and articulate. After about a month or so of appointments I was able to recover and achieve all the goals I sought out alongside Twin Boro. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for physical therapy.
phyllis caruana
We have experienced physical therapy from Kris Abarabar for many months at the Clark Twin Boro and now at Westfield. He is consistently professional, conscientious and supportive. During the past year, I have had a knee and shoulder replacement and my husband, Kenneth is dealing with movement difficulties associated with Parkinson’s. In all cases we have found him to be hands on, keeping close tabs on our treatment. The PT assistants and office staff are friendly and very helpful. Anthony Geronimo has been very supportive and helpful to Ken since he has been in Westfield for the past few months.Thank you Kris and all Twin Boro Support staff. You are the best!Phyllis Caruana
Michael C.
I like the PTs and the Vibe. Been through 2 surgery recoveries here and came out stronger.
Lee Blankstein
The therapist are fantastic here they get you back in working order.I enjoyed coming here to get back after my surgery. Devon and Krisha are great physical therapist
Lorenzo Edwards
Staff was warm, welcoming, and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this facility for anyone looking for great treatment to get back to the quality of life they are used to.
Lotte Newlin
This is my first time taking PT. I cannot say enough good things about the team at Twinboro Physical Therapy in Morristown. Andie is a true professional, and her team is friendly and cheerful. What a fabulous find!
Robyn Wapner
Kristen made such a difference with my shoulder! Very attentive and personalized treatment, highly recommend!
Christina Moore
This place is an absolute gem physical therapy office. The staff is super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I loved their PT Tricia for my 2 month old baby’s pediatric therapy visits. I was relieved to find this office bc it was hard to find a Jersey City PT office for infants. Commute is easy driving from DTJC.
Stefanie Biagi
I went to Twin Boro for a torn ACL and never had so much fun rehabbing an injury. Lucas, Rina and Kayla are as knowledgeable as they are fun, and the entire staff is great. I have more range and strength than I did pre-injury. 15/10 I highly recommend
Charisse Dean
Dr Mike and team were amazing with helping me recover from an ankle injury. Everyone was very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable.
Hailey Rogers
After I broke my hand I needed physical therapy, and Twin Boro was able to add me to their client list the day after I gave my information, so I started my recovery as soon as possible. Devon worked with me to get my hand back to 100% in a short amount of time before I left for school and she did an amazing job! Wonderful atmosphere and therapists to be around.
Frank Lagani
I wish I could give 100 stars. Everyone from the girls at the front desk to all the therapist are a class act. Very friendly and knowledgeable. There is no other place Iike it.
Brian Croker
Incredibly helpful, great staff, high marks - 10 out of 10…
Nicole Shevlin
I’ve worked with Cathy for almost a year at Twinboro. Over the past few years I’ve gone to at least 4 other physical therapists, and can honestly say Cathy is the best! She’s detail oriented and thorough in her treatment. She really spends the time to work directly with her patients, understand what’s bothering them, and correct/improve all exercises. She’s invested in her patients’ improvement and recovery. I would highly, highly recommend Cathy and Twinboro!!
Swift 1
"Exceptional experience at Twin Boro Physical Therapy! The staff are highly skilled, attentive, and truly care about their patients' well-being. The therapist listen to your concerns and are great at working on making sure you recover to be 100%. I highly recommend Twin Boro to anyone seeking top-notch physical therapy services.
Natalie Johnsen
Kristen and the entire staff made my PT experience a very enjoyable one. Very professional and clean accommodations. Sorry my PT session came to an end.I will miss it and the staff.
Jonathan Purdy
The whole staff was awesome and friendly helping progressively through my injury.
Eric Oliver
Great experience here! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and my 6mo old bicep injury was significantly improved over 1mo of work.
Sue Levy
Continuing to get great care from the team at TB in South Plainfield. So appreciate everyones kindness, friendliness and concern. Many thanks to Alyssa, Jake, John and Cor for keeping me on my feet!!
Taryn Lennon
Really great care and service. The staff knows you and your story and makes a warm and welcoming environment while still making sure to push you to heal and improve.They are also flexible and accommodating which is clutch!
elena doroteo
Great experience, the team at South Plainfield is very welcoming and made recovery very easy.
Myah Bradford
This was such an experience, I have never felt more comfortable with the space and the staff in this environment. I walked in nervous at first and left happier than ever. Twinboro has helped me through the rough times with my injury, everybody reassured me that things will work out and it most definitely did. I am now a healed patient thanks to Twinboro. You will all be missed, I will make sure to come back & visit. Take care Everyone.
Wilhanitra Lee
Twin Boro is a Great Physical Therapy place that is so welcoming and encouraging. The staff is very attentive and as time passed, working in rehab, my knee and leg became more flexible, straight and got stronger. I am now able to work again without excruciating pain. Thanks for your help!
Tony Thomas
Everyone at Twin Boro Physical Therapy was pivotal in supporting my recovery from ACL surgery. They were always ready to react to how I was feeling each appointment. Matt Agudelo made sure to get me feeling right on days when my knee was hurting and pushed me to make progress on the days I was feeling good. He is truly an expert at his craft. He made the over 90 appointments I had enjoyable and got me back to where I was prior to surgery. I can't recommend Matt and Twin Boro highly enough!
Patty Pasterchick
Excellent place for physical therapy. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they have a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Certainly the place to go if physical therapy is needed.
Anton Ruighaver
Excellent physical therapy staff! I've worked with all 3 therapists (Luke, Kayla, and Rina) and would recommend them to anyone! Their support staff are also fantastic.
Trish Dieckmann
Twin Boro PT is awesome, Luke, Kayla and Rina are all amazing and treat their patients with kindness and respect and the assistants are great… especially Cliff!!!
Donna Bovino
I’ve come in for 2 different issues and both experiences have been wonderful! Everyone is so kind, caring, compassionate and extremely professional!
Jack Wanamaker
First time going to PT has been here. The whole staff is friendly and supportive for patients.There are a range of age groups, from kids to Seniors. The staff is very in tune with the needs of the individual.My PT is Cathy, she has been wonderful. I am young, but have had some persistent issues that restricted my weightlifting progress. She has given me good direction, communicated my progress, and been a great support.Would highly recommend TwinBoro of Wyckoff
Michael Wargo
The staff Twin Boro are all wonderful. They are super nice and professional. I had Andie as my PT and she’s so sweet.I would highly recommend this place for your physical therapy needs. They all make you feel right at home.Oh, on their music playlists rock! 🤘🏼
Dan Amann
I attended Twin Boro for physical therapy due to severe sciatica pain. Nicole and staff went above and beyond getting me on track with exercises and treatment. I feel great now and was given the tools to maintain my current level and prevent future pain. I originally opted for Twin Boro for location convenience, but lucked out and got what I felt was the best place for my problem. Definitely recommend.
Laura Scarano
Love this facility. All the staff is very attentive and professional. All physical therapists are great. A big shout to Ryan who helped me with my Achilles tendinitis. Ryan always took the time to address all my concerns. I can't say enough about the entire staff from when you walk in the door and to the physical therapy floor. Staff is so kind and warm. The care you receive is excellent down to the therapists in training, shout out to Caitlin and Max.
Elyse Spatz Caplan
I never write Google reviews though the entire Twin Boro team at the Morristown location earned it and deserve to be publicly recognized – thank you for such professional, expert care, Noreen and Phil! If you are looking for a top-notch clinically competent, compassionate physical therapy facility, look no further than the Twin Boro Morristown location. It is key to find a PT facility that operates well as a caring and integrated team and this is what Noreen, Phil, Andie, Lesley and all the PT assistants did for the many months I was seen there. I came in with an acute shoulder problem that was complicated by past surgery I had and required a very personalized approach to my care. This is exactly what I received. Each visit the therapist evaluated how I was feeling in between appointments so that my exercise program could be tailored and adapted, as needed, at each appointment. The PT assistants were very attentive, too, and always made sure I had the equipment I needed and was following my program. Insurance issues were adeptly managed by Lesley who always advocated on my behalf, if needed. I was always greeted with a smile and the flexibility offered to me with scheduling my appointments helped to make this a pleasant experience. While I will miss the team and their encouragement and support, I feel reassured that if another PT issue arises, I know exactly where to go. Thank you, thank you – Noreen, Phil, Lesley, Andie and all the PTAs!
Michael Mandel
Having the need to use their services on multiple occasion, the staff is professional and kind. The scheduling was convenient and the therapy was effective. Katarina the lead PT is amazing and I highly recommend her.
I’ve been coming to twin Boro of butler for a few months now after surgery on my Achilles. The staff here are wonderful and it’s a nice social atmosphere. Luke, Reena, and Kayla make a great team and I’ve loved my experience here. My recovery could not have been coming along any better. You can expect to come here and laugh while putting the work in. Exceptional service and highly recommended!! And shoutout to Barbara and the aides!
Vicki Trudeau
The entire staff are just wonderful and professional! Highly reconnect coming here for any PT needs! They make it fun to feel better! Can’t thank you all enough thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
Kristi Levine
S&G Twin Boro in Jersey City is a true gem and especially, Dr. Tricia Anastasio, who has worked with my now 19 month old son for the past year. He has made tremendous progress despite his rare genetic condition and disability and so much of that is thanks to Dr. Tricia. We absolutely love her and she is an expert in her field. Best of all, she’s amazing with children (and adults) — her professionalism and friendly demeanor makes you feel instantly like family. My son LOVES her and lights up when he sees her. We would recommend this office to anyone looking for high quality and individualized care. 😊
Jude Valerius
I enjoyed going to Twin Boro for treatment. This was my first experience with physical therapy and thanks to Jaceline and the staff, the treatment was helpful and enjoyable. The facility was very clean and the ease and flexibility to schedule appointments was great. The staff was supportive and seemed to truly care for my well being and recovery. I highly recommend Twin Boro in West Orange.
RemyBoy Khaos
Great please to be, great people and lots of great energy. Thank you for my experience and support getting me back into shape. Ashley and the rest of the staff are amazing!
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