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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Sayreville/Parlin with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy & certified hand therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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3276 Washington Road Parlin, NJ 08859-1676

Meet Your Director

Patricia Dunn PT

Patricia E Dunn graduated with honors from Russell Sage College with a degree in Physical Therapy and is licensed in New Jersey and New York.

Patricia started her career at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation where she treated patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries as well as other neurological conditions. She was an active member of the quality assurance committee and enjoyed her role as a clinic instructor for future physical therapists. Patricia then joined Lennox Physical Therapy Associates where her interest in orthopedics developed.

Patricia joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy first as a staff therapist in the Somerset/North Brunswick office and advanced to become the Clinical Director in our Parlin/Sayreville clinic. Patricia’s desire to serve the community led to expanding her knowledge of orthopedic injuries. Whether these injuries resulted from sports, work or overuse, she applies her skills with patients of all ages.

Patricia is a certified orthopedic specialist through the APTA and has advanced her education with course work with Robin McKenzie, Brian Mulliagan, Paris, the Institute for Physical Art and osteopathic manual technique. She is a member of the Commission on Aging in Sayreville/Parlin as well has been a speaker at the local high school and neighboring town senior centers.

Her dedicated and compassionate treatment while restoring function with evidence-based care has made patients and their families return to her for care. Her extensive knowledge in manual techniques as well as exercise, has helped her progress patients to their fullest potential.

When treating patients or managing other therapists, Patricia implements Twin Boro’s One2FourTM Care Model to determine the “right level of health care” for each individual.  This unique approach looks at the entire episode of care for the patient or athlete. This ranges from a relatively low level of function a patient might experience post injury or surgery all the way through to the peak performance required to return to their prior or preferred level of function. Therapists that skillfully combine manual therapy with evolving functional exercise along the One2FourTM continuum strive to achieve the individual’s “meaningful goals” and “desired outcomes”.


Sayreville/Parlin - Patient Reviews

Claire Darroch
19:09 02 Feb 23
I would like to thank the entire staff at Twin Boro in Parlin for the excellent care I received. They have always presented themselves in a positive, professional and friendly manner. A special thanks to Jake who is the best. He never gave up on me. I highly recommend this facility to those who want the best care and consideration. Will miss them all.
SR Faithful
20:31 14 Jan 23
Had PT for my shoulder August through December. These folks are the mot caring, professional and sociable folks on the planet. The therapists and aides are the most helpful and really care about your getting better. The facility is cleaner than my home. Everything is sanitized on a regular basis. For a rehab place, the mood is light and upbeat. If I have to go back, I wouldn’t hesitate.Dave KrempeckiSouth River
Gail Mayers
20:37 07 Jan 23
My therapist was caring and very knowledgeable . Cody did an amazing job helping to reduce my pain. I have nothing but positive things to say. The entire staff was great.
Tara H
21:43 08 Dec 22
First time needing physical therapy and I give them a 10 out of 10. Brandy at the front desk was knowledgeable and kind & Cody my therapist also kind and knowledgeable , made the experience feel comfortable. I was extremely nervous upon arrival and left full of positivity! I would definitely recommend them to anyone
Eugene D Diaz
19:45 12 Oct 22
I came here after a knee surgery and was treated very well by the whole staff. Thanks Jake .
Vishaldeep Panesar
17:51 29 Sep 22
Very good place. Terry is very nice person. He helped my mother with her problem. He is caring. The therapists like to talk with us. They motivate us during my mothers hand therapy.
Paulette Binns
20:43 07 Sep 22
Twin Boro has an excellent team.They are friendly and awesome at what they do.
RealtorPeggy Yanuzzelli
13:28 24 Aug 22
Painful to say I was a frequent flyer here. But now all healed. Thank you
John Melillo
14:17 27 Apr 22
Everyone was professional, from the greeters/office employees such as Brandi, to the PTs Terry & Sandeep. They kept everything moving and made it enjoyable
Priscilla Hevalow-Harvey
14:47 25 Apr 22
I love this place. I had wrist tendinitis and a ganglion cyst. Terry measured my strength, listened to my concerns, and provided me with actionable feedback. He gave me advice on how to make changes in my life so that I can still do the things I love. This was the best physical therapy experience I have ever had! I highly recommend.
11:40 19 Apr 22
I have been going for therapy after wrist surgery and I could not be more pleased with the entire staff.My therapist is Terry, he is excellent. Personable and genuinely cares about all of his patients. In my opinion the entire staff works as one to create Good work environment. Well done Twin Boro.
Claire Darroch
16:05 19 Dec 21
From the front desk to the staff working the room to Pat the director I have never met a bunch of nicer people. All pleasant, knowledgeable and dedicated to making you feel better. I would definitely recommend any physical therapy that you need done be done here.
Nick Salvatore
01:51 07 Dec 21
I partially severed the tendon on my left hand middle knuckle and basically had to re-learn how to use my left hand. My occupational therapist Sandeep Suri built me a custom splint. The splint allowed me to partially move fingers with weights and rubber bands as support. She built it making sure tendon was not compromised, but also made it comfortable since I'd have to wear for 6 weeks. 3 days of therapy a week for 4 months, Sandeep and her intern Susan, took baby steps toward getting my hand back to form. I must say after a few weeks I thought it would never get better or back to form. She assured me with time and patience and exercise at home it would. Fast forward to 2 weeks after discharge from therapy, I'm back to work as an HVAC technician. Making a full fist with full extension, while lifting 100 lbs with repaired hand. She's patient, understanding and i couldn't have done it without her help. Thank you Sandeep !!
Akshat Goyal
00:03 02 Nov 21
I had come here for my hand and wrist therapy, Dr. Sandeep Suri was awesome, she worked wonders and really helped me eliminate my pain , her knowledge is unparalleled, she kept me moving thro' her exercise routines , her stretching and strengthening program was awesome throughout my recovery.I would like to thank Dr. Sandeep for her kind help , hard work , and dedication, I would also like to thank the wonderful staff of Twin Boro
Kevin Fay-Ciscool
20:01 20 Aug 21
Had a knee replacement. The care I have received at Twin Boro was nothing short of a miracle! The Fabulous front desk staff(Brandy, Tina and the others) who made scheduling a joy; to the Young and Spirited aides TJ, Cynthia, Rea, Jaylin, Mohamed and Jacob, whose constant attention and disposition filled every visit with the care one needs most. My therapist Jenny showed patience , professionalism and a caring heart to help me to walk again. I will never forget her or my time here. Have to give a shout out to Chris(therapist)who always made me feel like I was doing great !
Diana Passafiume
16:58 20 Aug 21
I have had extreme plantar fasciitis pain for going on 2 years and in just a couple months, my physical therapist Cody managed to help me. I was at the point in my life where it was painful to just stand for a few seconds. I now can do much more than just stand without feeling the pain I used to. The plans that the therapist develop for the patients really work with time and patience. The staff and the aides especially are very personable and wonderful. Everyone is a joy to be around and talk to. Coming to physical therapy has been a great experience for me and I wish I could give more than just 5 stars.
Robert Marrazo
14:58 20 Aug 21
I have been a patient for many years due to injuries to my back, shoulder, neck, and foot. I have Patricia Dunn as my therapist on every occasion and she has put me back together every time that I had a flareup. The program that she has set up for me has always made me 100% better, which is almost hard to believe but I have to say how I feel, pat listens to every word that I say and plans out programs for my procedures. She has so much patience and make you feel comfortable when you are in pain. I must include the aides who assist me and all others. They absolutely have been trained correctly not only in the machines and procedures but they have very nice manners, they include TJ Hunt , Cynthia , Riya, Jaylen . And the office staff , Gina , Emily , Stacy .and Brandy are very pleasant and accommodating. Thank you Twinboro !
Elizabeth Gorka
14:21 20 Aug 21
Had to have therapy after ankle surgery and Pat is great. I had no idea what to expect or do. The exercises she gave me strengthen me up to be able to put full pressure on leg. Her staff is very patient and answers all my questions no matter how many times I ask. Very clean too.
Lacee Layton
01:13 20 Aug 21
Brought my dad here the other day & the front office staff & overall facility was very warm and welcoming. The therapists were very thorough & kind, along with the entire aide staff. Will definitely be recommending this rehabilitation to my friends and family!
Vincent Capone
21:07 18 Aug 21
I have had a lot of mishaps over the years. I thank God for the staff at twin Boro Sayreville. While many therapists have shifted around to other locations, they are still a part of my recovery story. Whether I am their patient or not they all watch to make sure I am doing it right. The aids are the worker bees and they are the greatest at uplifting your spirits . The office staff are the greatest at helping you fight, when needed, thru insurance companies paperwork. I have recommended to family and friends to go to Twinboro for healing.
Braedin Hunt
20:36 18 Aug 21
I am currently a college pitcher at VCU and had Tommy John surgery a little over 5 months ago. At Twin Boro, my therapist was Patricia Dunn and she did an amazing job helping me with my recovery. She would always take her time, constantly checked up on me, and assisted me with whatever I needed. Pat would always figure out ways to challenge me to become stronger than I previously was and never let me be content with where I was. It’s amazing when someone else believes in you to succeed and that’s how I felt whenever I walked into Twin Boro. 5 months post op and I feel stronger than ever. Thank you to everyone there for their kindness and hospitality!
Gail Spinner
13:39 18 Aug 21
Fabulous, helpful, friendly, caring staff!!!! Pat, my PT, has worked wonders with me!!!!! Through the years I’ve had various orthopedic problems, and Pat has always worked hard to help me reach my goal of no pain!!! She’s kind, understanding and extremely knowledgeable. Grateful to all that work there!!
Dawn Brophy
22:16 07 Oct 19
Twin Boro (Parlin) is a welcome change from the norm. All of the personnel are amazing. Everyone is pleasant and professional. They always have a smile on their face. Rarely wait for more than a couple minutes. I'd attribute the success of the facility to the more than competent front office, talented Physical Therapists and always helpful and attentive aides. Dean is a great therapist . He's competent and creative to ensure I'm receiving the best outcome possible I'd recommend Twin Boro to anyone .
Kevin Jones
20:36 10 Sep 19
Very personable staff all around. James is very committed to getting the best outcomes for his patients and was available via text to answer any questions that arose.
Elise Logan
02:01 26 Jul 19
I am getting great PT at Twin Boro :)Everyone is very very helpful and knowledgeable.From the minute you enter the door and go to the desk to all the assistants and physical therapists you feel welcome and in a place that will help you heal!I would absolutely recommend Twin Boro Parlin NJ :)
kathy demko
15:28 06 Jun 19
The entire staff at Twin Boro is wonderful! The office group, the Physical Therapists, and the assistants are awesome! Everyone is friendly, professional, helpful and knowledgeable. They make you feel like family! It is always a great environment, and run very well. I have had so much success over the years, with many different issues with my back, neck and hip. Patricia Dunn is so skilled and wonderful, as are the other therapists that I have seen there. I highly recommend Twin Boro!
Darryl Martincavage
00:45 11 Dec 18
I have been through physical therapy at Twin Boro three times in the last three years. Since I have been able to eliminate my pains and restore my heath each time, I will continue to seek their services in the future. Their treatment has been effective because they are very knowledgeable professionals. Everyone is friendly and they care about getting you well, and they demonstrate it with every visit. I like the communication with the staff that occurs on every visit and their feedback on exercises to ensure that I was properly performing them to achieve the desired benefits. Over the years my path to recovery has taken many twists and turns, and my Primary Therapist (Patricia Dunn) has adapted exercises and treatment to best deal with my pains. The support staff at the front desk are most efficient, and I appreciate the appointment reminders sent via texts/email the day before. The Physical Therapy Assistants are also very attentive to get you started with each visit, and keep you moving through your exercise routines, but you do go at your own speed. When you initially start your treatment, you are in pain, so there is conscious effort to determine what therapy and exercise can be performed without creating more pain. I like that I was never pushed to do stuff too painful but given gentler alternatives to try. Town Boro is a thriving operation because of the people there that fix what hurts you, and they are good at it.
Rachel B
16:23 10 Dec 18
I have been going to Twin Boro in Parlin for a persistent wrist injury. I can’t recommend this place enough! My therapist, Sean, has been super attentive and helpful throughout my recovery. The aides are fun, friendly, and always ready to help. Front desk staff are wonderful and the hours and scheduling have been very convenient.
Joe Vieira
04:15 23 Oct 18
Went to Twin Boro for bad back pain. 8 out of 10, hurt standing up and just putting socks on. The staff there are great, everyone is really nice. My physical therapist Sean was really great, after a few weeks the pain decreased significantly and when I was done with therapy it was almost gone. The place looks small but it's not and they don't over book, parking was never an issue. They take time with everyone and you never feel rushed. They're opened late so I didn't have to miss work. I can't say enough nice things about everyone there.
Diane Ali
16:16 07 Oct 18
I've been to Twin Boro PT in Parlin for my stiff neck and shoulder pain. Physical Therapist Samantha has been absolutely wonderful and very professional and thorough in her care of me. She is a wiz at messaging out the knots in my shoulders and helped greatly in getting me relief. I highly recommend Samantha and the Twin Boro staff!
Raafat Fahmy
03:24 05 Sep 18
Not your average PT. Best I've been to.Everyone from the receptionists to the physical therapists and assistants were top notch.The staff is always friendly and up to date on appointments, I enjoy the welcoming atmosphere. From the moment I walk in, I'm greeted by a pleasant receptionist.I’m 55 years old with a complicated case and severe pain in multiple areas due to age, lack of exercise, and life style. I've been a patient of Twin Boro Physical Therapy in Parlin for over 4 months.When I first came there I had a great pain in my left knee. I was seen by Patricia Dunn who worked with me to diagnose and develop a stretching, training, and strengthening program. She has even sent me e-mails to explain the exercises I need to do to ensure I do them correctly.Patricia was able to instantly figure out what caused my condition and started a course of action. She was smart, helpful, and understanding. She even extended her work to cover the knee, thigh, and lower back and considered all of them one unit.I would like to thank Patricia for all her hard work. Her skills have allowed me to normally walk again.I came back recently for a chronic pain in both tailbone and upper back, and again, I had a great experience with a different therapist; Samantha or Sam.I have been living with a huge pain for over a year in the coccyx. I was not able to sit comfortably even on my soft couch. I had to adjust my position every few minutes or set leaning forward all time to avoid the pressure on the tailbone. On the other hand I had muscle tightness in the upper back which causes pain and prevents me for standing at full extension.Sam is a miracle therapist. She is very knowledgeable with current treatments, she takes the time to listen to my concerns and addresses them. She also makes adjustments along the way based on my actual progress.I continue to get better every week through her instructions and her incredible massages. She is simply a talented therapist. I think her massage is the key for this phenomenon improvement. I’m not expert, but she uses an excellent technique. Even when muscular pain is at its worst, usually symptoms are alleviated after a visit.There was a time when I thought I would live with my pain all my life….but…today after 2 months of working with Sam I feel so great. I can’t tell how happy and optimistic I am after I got rid of 80% of this pain. It was like a miracle going from extreme pain to almost none.Sam is a credit to her profession and a great asset to Twin Boro. I cannot say enough about her.I also would like to thank Mike for the great job he did when Sam was in vacation. I think all therapists there are amazing.Finally I want to say that due to the good work and care here, I plan to work on another area of pain after finishing the current treatment and I will recommend this place to anyone who has a need for physical therapy.Thank you Twin Boro Physical Therapy.Raafat FahmySouth River, NJ
Marta Caudill
14:35 10 Jul 18
The Staff at Twin Boro were absolutely wonderful! My mother had severe back pain and problems with Sciatica. After the 1st visit she already felt 10xs better. Now, she is done with her therapy and feels like herself again. I can not thank Patricia Dunn and her staff for their amazing care towards my mom. I would highly recommend Twin Boro.
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