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Twin Boro Physical Therapy is proud to provide visitors and residents of Newark with access to the best evidence-based physical therapy & certified hand therapy care in New Jersey. Twin Boro Physical Therapy, voted best physical therapy practice by, is a New Jersey institution, with 42 years of experience helping patients live life to the fullest.

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266-272 Chestnut Street Newark, NJ 07105-6517

Meet Your Director

Ricardo Pacheco, PT, DPT

MY HOBBIES: Watching sports, going to concerts and shows, and spending time with family and friends

Ricardo Pacheco graduated from Kean University, receiving his B.S. in Biology with a minor in English and Health Education. He went on to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Clarkson University. During high school, he played soccer and became injured. Ricardo tore his meniscus, which required surgery and physical therapy. This exposure to the field pushed him to pursue his doctorate in PT.

Ricardo joined Twin Boro Physical Therapy in 2021 as the Clinical Director of our Newark clinic. He specializes in treating rotator cuff injuries, low back pain, neck pain, ankle sprains, ACL tears, meniscus tears, hip pathology, joint replacements, and post-surgical intervention. Ricardo has worked with D1 college athletes, MLB pitchers, and players in the MLS and NFL.

He completed several CE courses on cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal manipulation. Ricardo attended an M1 training to become certified in Graston Technique, an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization technique. He is also certified in Rock Tape, an evidenced-based approach to taping for pain, enhancing fluid dynamics, posture, nerve entrapment, and scars.

When treating patients, Ricardo implements Twin Boro’s One2Four™ Care Model to determine and analyze patients current functional level, past functional level, and establish the right plan of care to help them succeed. He marks patients progress during their plan of care and makes adjustments as needed to meet every patient goal.


Patient Reviews

Carmen Fonseca
20:46 02 Jun 22
I had a work injury on my hand and Margaret Senn was my hand therapist. She is wonderful and patient and a good communicator. I would recommend her at Twin boro.
vera hicks
19:09 20 May 22
Very good with clients, nice and clean
Miguel Gonzalez
15:10 17 May 22
Therapy service is great from Margaret Senn and staff for my Hand Therapy. I recommend Twin Boro PT. They helped me a lot and told me what to do at home.
Ideir Mendonça Júnior
23:45 11 May 22
I had a work injury which required surgery. So then I needed Hand Therapy and started working with Margaret Senn and later with Jenny . I am happy with the results and so was my surgeon. I recommend Twin Boro if you have such problem.
Ferdinand Rivera
14:23 10 May 22
It’s has been a great experience with Margaret and her crew. My hand has come a long way since the first day. I’m grateful to has come to this place.
samira cedro
23:41 03 May 22
Tenho artrite, e me afeta muito os joelhos, 4 semanas aqui e me sinto muito melhor, eu recomendo! equipe atenciosa e excelentes profissionais.
Julio Sicha
13:25 28 Apr 22
Muy buena atención, recomendado.
22:04 19 Apr 22
Going here right now working with Eric, he knew exactly what was wrong right away and immediately had me on a great plan to fix my pelvis! I am so glad I ended up coming here and got the help I needed, would definitely recommend to anyone that is in pain and wants to feel normal again! My only regret is that I did not come sooner as the pain is almost all gone for me after being In pain for over a year.
Salena G.
21:59 22 Mar 22
Anyone knows that physical therapy after sir6is a painful ordeal. I had rotator cuff and bone spurs shaved in my shoulder. The staff made me feel comfortable, they listed to all of me concerns and gave great advice as to what to do beyond therapy to improve my functionality. Friendly and professional service allowed for a pleasant experience in spite of the pain.
Stella Imasemwendo
15:01 04 Mar 22
Margaret is a great worker, very nice to me and other clients that were assigned to her. I highly recommend her to anyone in need, as she is very caring and patient.
Maria Cordova
18:39 01 Mar 22
I came here for hand therapy and loved the experience. Margret is thorough, competent, and attentive of all her patients. She helped me a lot with both the physical and mental aspects of physical therapy. If I need further therapy, I’ll definitely be coming back to this facility for my needs.
s zzz Oh No Max Johnson
17:15 18 Feb 22
Ok so it's my second time around with Twin Boro, 2 years ago I was with them for 3 months..My left knee improved drastically , as i felt like surgery was unnecessary.Twin Boro did an outstanding job , 2 years later now in 2022 of Febryary a good surgeon fixed the 4 tares I had in my knee.Ah Hah, right backvto Twin Boro which is my only choice for having fun and getting 100 percent for my new surgically repaired knee....Today is my last day, regretfully.because these guys are also my friends, that's why I came back.No bones about it there care is 100 percent effective, try them for yourself.Pastor Max A Johnson.
Roman Perez
02:46 17 Feb 22
Son muy amables para atender alas personas y la doctora Margaret le doy 5 estrellas
Javan Acedaface
16:27 07 Feb 22
I was treated in the Newark office and Margaret was my therapist. Therapy went great and was a success
John Pena
15:31 07 Feb 22
I was seen at the Newark office and was treated by Margaret Senn who is a Certified Hand Therapist and was very thorough,caring,and knowledgeable in my case after I sustained a crushing traumatic injury to my hand. I am happy to say I am now back to work! 5 stars
Fannie Romero
02:54 03 Feb 22
La atención que recibí, de el terapeuta Erick fue de mucha ayuda en mi proceso de recuperación física, y estoy muy agradecida también con el personal que tienen ,ya que son muy atentos
lizbeth morocho
15:35 31 Jan 22
I am truly grateful of Margaret who is a hand therapist. She is well aware of what she is doing and knows how to help. All the exercises done were so helpful and such a great recovery method.
Brian Mills
21:15 20 Jan 22
I started out with neck/back issues and the guys here helped me relieve that pain. I got my strength back and now I'm ready to go. I'm a firefighter and I get to go back to doing what u love!! Thank you Erick and everyone else!!!
Joel Rivera
16:01 12 Jan 22
The whole stuff are excellent, very professional thank you Ricky you are great 👍 five stars for Twin Boro, Newark chestnut st
Victoria Huby
03:03 12 Jan 22
I'm very happy to have been treated on this place. I highly recommend Margaret, she is very professional. She is always aware of her patients. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about what they do. 5 start for them!
Nadira Easterling
15:29 22 Dec 21
Very kind and friendly environment. Erick is the best. Just one session with his hands of god getting to the core of my plantar fasciitis injury. Thumbs up keep up the great work.
Gustavo Giestal
01:04 19 Nov 21
Excellent work by Hand Therapist Margaret Senn! Loved the dedication on my treatment for my finger fracture and it was dealt with easily and comfortably. Definitely recommend you come here if your looking for therapy great service.
E. Aguilar
20:00 16 Nov 21
Best physical therapy office around and Margaret Senn was awesome! She worked with my schedule, was very informative and attentive, and has a great personality. Felt confident from my first evaluation that things would go smoothly and they did. Reina and Graziella were also very sweet and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for everything team!
Althea Sheppard
12:35 17 Oct 21
The therapist here are great. I had the opportunity to work with Ricky. I highly recommend this place. The aides are also great. Grace and Marco thank you for assisting me.
Sergio Weberling
14:57 13 Oct 21
Margie Lora Is the best Physical Therapy!
Yessica Cadillo
23:52 12 Oct 21
Muy profesionales buen trato complete mi tratamiento con exito lo recomiendo .
Viktor Steinik
20:36 04 Oct 21
I came to Twin Boro on Chestnut Street in Newark a few months ago and my physical therapist was Margie Lora.Margie is an excellent Doctor of Physical Therapy, an expert in all aspects of physical therapy and how the body works.I came to Margie with pain and stiffness in both shoulders and in just a few visits, she taught me the proper stretching and resistance exercises and now I have no pain or stiffness at all. It is evident that she has a genuine interest in and is passionate about helping and improving the quality of life for her patients.I think Margie is awesome and I would recommend her to anyone in need of physical therapy.
nestor Apellido
16:16 02 Oct 21
This place is safe and comfortable. The treatment that I receive is excellent. Margaret is the professional who help me to my successful recovery.I appreciate it!
Connie's Business Solutions LLC
16:24 30 Sep 21
My hand therapist Margaret is the best. Very attentive. Amazing with my recovery. She is great at what she does!!xoxo
Leonidas Almanzar
13:39 22 Sep 21
Dr Margie is the best!!!!
Jonathan Rojas
14:40 21 Sep 21
Great care
Edward Pacheco
14:56 20 Sep 21
Just finished 9 months of extensive therapy for a broken wrist/hand therapy, and shoulder injury at the Chestnut Street, Newark NJ location. I received and interacted with both the Occupational, and Physical therapy staffs.I will start by saying what a Great staff at Newark Chestnut St.I had the exclusive attention of Occupational hand therapist Margaret Senn. Margaret not only helped me dramatically improve my hand motion she also helped me with my shoulder recovery, she is so knowledgeable about the physical workings of the hand, she always answered all my questions, and each week I always noticed progress. you can't fake experience, and Margaret is a master who has immersive talent treating some horrific injuries, and Wow, I witnessed some doozies.Thank you so much Margaret for your care and treatment, and friendship you're very much appreciated.Also want to thank the Physical therapy staff that helped me with my shoulder, there I interacted with several therapists, and they were all greatI want to thank Joe ( he moved to a different location) and Peter, Thank you so much Margie and Ricardo, you guys were awesome and masters of your craft. Each had they're own special technique and I benefitted from working with all of them.I also want to thank all the assistants who helped me, Thank you Grazzi, and Sam, and Margaret's temp assistant Nicki ! you All helped me So much ! After nine months of visiting I'm going to miss everyone !I hope Twin Boro recognizes how valuable you all are,you guys are the best !!Thanks for everything.
Tonya Ervin
15:06 17 Sep 21
Here at Twin Boro Therapy in Newark on Chestnut st. They have some of the best therapist working I never leave unsatisfied they make you feel comfortable they talk with you about your pain and discomforts they tell all the things you need to help you at home.. I really don't have a favorite because it's hard to pick from they are all good. But I do want to give Dr.Margie. Lora and Dr. Eric Torres a big shout out there great.. And let me not forget Samantha tge assistant she really works hard.. I love this place I would recommend anyone to cone..
Abraham Crespo
17:37 23 Aug 21
Eric was a great help in my recovery process
laura damico
17:18 13 Aug 21
This is the most caring staff. Marge, Gracella and Sam are so patient and attentive. Highly recommended!!!!
Jimoh Bamidele
09:00 06 Aug 21
five star treatment,there staff are friendly and ready to help,this is a place you can always get result.they provide you with the best equipment.
michael girgis
00:10 06 Aug 21
Dr. Margie Lora and Peter Trapani have been excellent and have helped me improve my injury by a milestone. Highly recommended!
Pedro Henrique
11:34 14 Jul 21
The staff at Twin Boro, Newark are excellent. I really like the physiotherapist Eric Torres !! He has helped me a lot and is an excellent physiotherapist, knows the subject very well, helps and teaches other things and takes time to listen to your concerns. highly recommend this place.
Ranjani Padmanabhan
21:22 23 Jun 21
The staff and facilities at Twin Boro, Newark are great. Eric Torres is an excellent therapist. He takes time out to listen to your concerns and has great subject matter knowledge. Highly recommend this place!
13:38 17 Jun 21
Eric, Victor, Margie & Joe have helped me tremendously in strengthening my shoulder after surgery. They push me beyond my limits, due to them my surgeon says I'm healing faster then the normal recovery time.Thanks to the Twin Boro team in Newark NJ.Matt.
15:55 10 Jun 21
The Staff Here Is Awesome, Professional, And Helpful From Flora,Aida, And Ashley From The From The Checkin/Front Desk To The Helpful Assistance Of Sam, Graceland, And Mary To Great Dr's Margie And Eric
Joshuaa Mantilla
13:32 04 Jun 21
I attended twin Boro Newark office for about 2 months for a hand injury and nothing but great service from the hand therapist Margaret Senn exceptional at her job
Holland Jackson
20:39 18 May 21
Dr. Margie is the most attentive and extremely knowledgeable physical therapist I have ever encountered I do recommend her as anyone's therapist for whatever your needs ..... Dr. Margie is the best
Alex John
21:17 07 May 21
Great place! I worked with Erick and it was a night and day difference by the end of my prescribed physical therapy. I had back pain for many months before being treated here. Now my pain is gone and I'm back to a regular weightlifting schedule. Definitely recommend.
Raul Mira
14:49 19 Apr 21
Great experience and service!!!!!
Florence Proctor
22:06 16 Apr 21
Dedicated, skillful and polite therapists. The entire staff work very well .Great team work ? I will easily recommend this place to anyone who need their kind of services
Patry basil sem por sento
00:22 27 Mar 21
Eu gostei muito da Fisioterapia do Dr. Erick, exelente profissional, ambiente muito limpo e agradavel!!
lucy Rosado-jimenez
21:09 22 Mar 21
I love everything about this place everyone was really friendly. Especially the therapist Ms Margaret she helped me there & she also gave me some good tips on what to do when I'm home. God bless her. I will recommend this place to everyone. Thanks to Twin Boro PT in Newark.
Dennis Boone
18:06 19 Mar 21
I have been going to Konrad for Physical Therapy now for over 5 years. I have also recommended him to at least six people. He is very thorough in his explanations and approach to correcting the diagnosis presented to him. I have followed him from Millburn, NJ to Newark because he is the only one in my experience that has completely corrected the issues I was dealing with. Both of the facilities were clean and well maintained. The office staff were very accommodating and pleasant to deal with.
Paula Caldas Lopes
11:26 09 Mar 21
After fracturing my ankle in a bicycle accident 5 months ago, I had surgery and was referred to PT. I knew of this place since it is near my doctor so I scheduled my first appointment. I had the best experience there. The facility is spacious with several different types of equipment. The staff is absolutely wonderful. I want to thank Erick, Joe, Graciella, Margie, Konrad and everyone else who I had the pleasure of seeing 3x a week. They were all very courteous, fun and knowledgeable. My ankle is as good as new thanks to them. I will miss my PT! Thank you everyone at Twin Boro Newark.
Jason Li
23:32 24 Feb 21
Came to the Newark branch due to a bad saw injury. When I came in I couldn’t even move my hand. However after having Margaret work on my finger and hand, I now have full functionality. Would definitely recommend Twins Boro and Margaret.
George Bogner
13:26 17 Feb 21
Best physical therapy office there is. Dr. Konrad was my physical therapist for a full Achilles rupture and a torn labrum. Both times he was able to rehabilitate me to one hundred percent mobility and strength in record time. Being a college athlete this was extremely crucial for my athletic career as well as my overall physical well being. I ten out ten recommend this office for anyone recovering from an injury new or old, they will get you back to being better and pain free in no time!
Mercy Guadad
21:40 11 Jan 21
Margaret is the best physical therapist. She has helped me regain a lot of motion in my hands. When doctors told me there was no hope, she reassured me and has truly been healing. I hope TwinBoro produces many more therapists like Margaret!Teddy G.
iman norwood
18:15 22 Dec 20
The best physical therapist you could have miss Margaret senn. If your looking for a Pt who’s gonna motivate you and help you achieve your milestones she’s the perfect therapist for you. Highly recommend miss Margaret and the staff is great well
Abner Paulino
23:25 07 Dec 20
I was looking for a hand therapist specialist and came accross Margaret Senn OT, CHT @Twin Boro. She is awesome, I would highly recommend her to anyone. She’s so gentle and caring. After only two weeks of hand therapy I noticed a great improvement by following all her recommendations and all the hard work she does! Extremely satisfied!!!
CJL project
16:49 18 Jun 20
Best place to go if you are in need of a good therapist, you will get out of there brand new. Therapist uses mask and sanitation is on point you won’t regret it, plus it’s one of the only place that the therapist will work on you not just a machine like other places.
Robert Bell
16:36 18 Jun 20
Ok People, Im on my Way Back to Work on Monday, Vacation is Over. Would like to give a Big Shout to Twin Boro Rehabilitation Center Awesome Job getting My Leg in Shape, from the Bloodclot to Bending best keep Secret. God Bless Konrad and Erick for taking me thru their Torture Methods lol.Good Job and thank you both. God is Good... Robert Bell Truly Grateful...
natalie vargas
20:14 21 May 20
This place is amazing even during this Pandemic. They make sure they take all the proper precautions to stay safe. The whole staff was just amazing especially my PT Conrad.
Louis Carambot JR
21:19 14 May 20
This place really give you good therapy I’m very happy with this place they care for you I’ve been to other place and all they do is put heat on you but not this place they do everything to make you feel better I give this place 10 thumbs up Thank you Twin Boro
Aaron Shepherd
19:20 16 Jan 20
Margaret Senn has been my physical therapist for about 5/6 months and has provided me with excellent instruction. She was a pleasure to work with and someone i looked forward to seeing at the end of the day. I highly recommend this location.
Carlos Melo
13:50 22 Nov 19
Son muy buenos terapeutas muy atentos margaret the best therapy
Nicole Zappa
22:19 13 Sep 19
I injured my lower back at work last year, and went to Twin Boro in Newark for physical therapy for six months, and the entire staff was absolutely WONDERFUL. I felt like I had a small family that was rooting for me to heal by the end of my time there. I had Michelle as my therapist, and she is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. My doctor I was seeing for my injury was awful to me, and I relied on Michelle’s expertise to guide me through my injury, and through my doctor appointments. I had other issues and pain I was dealing with, and she tailored my back exercises to avoid injuring my elbow and wrist further. The facility is very clean, and well maintained, and I honestly looked forward to coming in to PT each time (which was 3 times a week). I 100% recommend coming here for your physical therapy needs!
joshua castellano
14:55 26 Aug 19
Small back story:Came here for therapy on my left index finger cause i cut it in half with a table saw at work. Due to the damage of my finger I was led to believe (by doctors) that I was either going to lose it or it wouldn't be the same again.. leaveing the hospital; I discovered afterwards at home that the pulp of my finger was cut off and gone. They managed to save half my finger but the tip had died and they cut it off. My finger was massively swollen and they had to repair the tendon and sensor nerves on both sides of my finger. Like I said I thought my finger was done for. I couldn't move it and the cut of the stitches where it was repaired hurt.Luckily for my I was sent to twin boro for therapy on my workers compensation benefit. Otherwise my finger would of never recovered. My head ortho therapist, Margaret, was amazing in assisting my recovery. She had been a wonderfull ear to listen , and because of her knowledge , she was able to help me gain the movement of my finger without putting me in more pain than I already was in. The results by the 3ed and 4th week had me in shock. Iw as mesmerized to see that I can actually move my finger. My experience here has simply been wonderful. The workers are all friendly and they are very punctual on appointments. If I could give a better rating over than 5 stars i would.To conclude: I would recommend anyone who needs ortho therapy to definently come here considering they have the funds to pay for it. In my situation I didnt have to fork over a single dime but considering other peoples situation might differ. And if you one day do find yourself at twin boro for therapy I highly recommend you have Margaret be your therapist
Sonia Simoes
18:51 30 Jul 19
Very helpful with my mothers orthopedic rehab.
Ana Medrano
15:32 02 Jul 19
Ms. Margaret is amazing! She nursed me back to health faster than I had anticipated. The aides (Steve, Ashley, Tatiana, Kenya) are super helpful & clearly Knowledgeable. Jenny, at the front desk is extremely helpful and accommodated ALL of my constant requests for schedule changes. I highly recommend this location for speedy recovery!
Louie Quinn
18:33 28 Jun 19
They are the best, especially Margaret . Great staff! I have it 3 times a week both PT & OT and always enjoy it. Very professional and friendly.
Vicente Mejia
00:48 28 Jun 19
excellent place to take your therapies, good atmosphere, good attentive and kind people, Konrad Roslonek was the one who took care of me is a nice person and believe me he will help you.
Rosalyn Ahmad
03:33 25 Jun 19
Wonderful experience at Twin Boro newark NJ with Margaret Senn.She is wonderful. There's still great people in this world. Caring for patience needs more than physical. Thank you so much Margaret for caring.
Tito Blaze
16:16 18 Jun 19
The Newark twin boro team is Phenomenal, I’ve been with them for over a year and I’ve never been disappointed at any appointment. The staff is genuine and respectful, I’m extremely impressed with the therapist Konrad Roslonek. He insured my recovery was speedy and pushed me trough limits I never thought I can overcome after my injury. I was also very impressed with the aid Ashley Amorim ,She takes her time to make sure you are doing your exercise correctly, She explain Everything with such detail and is on top of her patients she shows a lot of empathy. I would recommend this place to anyone with a Severe or minor injury great job Twin boro of Newark!
Luis D. Rivera-Correa
12:16 01 May 19
Konrad was my physical therapist. He brought my arms rotation back to life after surgery. Where I had no mobility when I started, now I have full range motion. He did a fabulous job giving me tips on exercises to do at home and guided through out when I was at the facility. He understands his clients and works with their schedules to help them improve their health and after any surgeries. He speaks many languages and will answer questions, so that you understand the process you will be going through. Gil is a really cool aid that helps at the facility. He works hard and is really attentive to the clients as well. So when you go there look for these two individuals. They also have other physical therapist that are knowledgeable in helping their clients recover at a good pace.
André Domingos
19:24 13 Mar 19
I had a great experience at Twin Boró physical therapy in Newark Nj . Conrad is the best physical therapists ever!!! He’ Extremely knowledgeable ,experienced ,professional and friendly. He’s staff was great was wellI had back surgery in 2016 he put me back on my feet 100%.Now I’m back for the second time I had surgery on my elbow I still recovering but I’m feel great Thank you Conrad and your staff!!!
Jim McCloughy
23:03 06 Mar 19
Best results of all places I been
vera araujo
01:32 02 Feb 19
I had surgery on my foot past November and was recommended PT. I am so glad I found this place. It was fast and easy to get an appointment and they follow the schedule to a T. So you get there and you walk in right away and start your therapy. Jenny is the office assistant and she always greeted me like I was an old friend.... always with a big smile. Michelle was the PT assigned to me and she is extraordinary and a fantastic professional. From the beginning she made sure to understand my concerns and what I needed to work on to get better. All the assistant staff is extremely helpful, professional and with a positive attitude. Overall a wonderful experience and I’m good as new. Big thanks to all of you.Vera Amaro💜
Josue Grandes
00:19 25 Jan 19
el mejor servicio que le dan a uno y un buen lugar de terapia!!
Bo Jo
15:54 12 Oct 18
The staff is great....wonderful environment to have my therapy at..Would referred to a friends and family..#TWINBOROISTHEBEST!!
Miss Hornerstown
17:12 17 Apr 18
Great staff. Very accommodating
Konadu Sarfo-Mensah
05:13 23 Feb 18
I had a great experience at Twinboro Physical Therapy in Newark. Conrad is like the best physical therapist ever! He’s extremely knowledgeable, experienced and professional. I came to Twinboro with a dislocated shoulder injury and by the time I left my shoulder was strengthened, flexible with a good range of motion. Gil and Ashley were great PT assistants and Jenny the receptionist was thorough and very friendly. The staff in general was great.Konadu Mensah
01:26 20 Feb 18
Great staff....wonderful therapists. The office is immaculate, and all equiptment is in great condition.
Nancy Rojas
02:23 31 Jan 18
The entire staff is professional and extremely competent. The therapists make you a partner in your recovery while guiding you back to normalization. They’re a congenially and caring group; I highly recommend them.
Nicole Philbert
00:00 21 Dec 17
Konrad and his staff is amazing very professional, pleasant and always ready to help. The facility is very clean I would recommend this location to all my friends and family.. Gill is always helpful and very friendly really a great STAFF at this location.
Thainara Ramos
12:45 13 Dec 17
Clean, attentive therapy facility with friendly staff. There’s parking and an elevator available as well as hand therapy. Also the therapist here seem to truly know what they’re doing.
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About Newark Physical Therapy

Incorporating the latest and most reliable scientific research and techniques into an effective evidence-based practice is the cornerstone of Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s success. Patients that come into our Newark office know that they are receiving the highest standard of care, because our physical therapists work one-on-one to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Twin Boro Physical Therapy provides treatment for the wide variety of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Knee and Shoulder Pain
  • Headaches
  • Balance
  • Orthopaedics
  • Sports Injuries
  • Joint Pain
  • Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Core Stabilization

Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s unique one on one approach provides patients with the dedicated care they need to achieve the best possible outcome. Addressing all parts of the recovery spectrum, the hard-working team at Twin Boro Physical Therapy’s Newark location has the knowledge and experience required to meet the variety of needs for patients experiencing the wide assortment of conditions and disorders that can affect the musculoskeletal system.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of sports-related injuries and has an extensive WorkCare program, so whether you need to return to work or play, Twin Boro has the expertise to get you where you want to be. Patients of all ages, from young athletes to weekend warriors and even the elderly will find that the physical therapists at Twin Boro can meet each patient’s individual needs.

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