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Proper instruction and supervision is a critical component to reducing lacrosse injuries for both boys and girls at all levels. Having the proper equipment and using it correctly can drastically cut down on the number of injuries in both practice and actual game settings.

Other ways to avoid injury include

  • Boys and girls lacrosse differs in the level of contact allowed and the equipment worn, therefore sports related injuries vary.
  • Girls’ equipment includes protective goggles and mouthpieces, while soft headgear and lightweight gloves are optional.
  • Boys’ equipment includes the mandatory use of helmets with full-face guards, shoulder pads, padded gloves, and mouthpieces. Elbow pads and protective genital cups are suggested.
  • Following the rules of the game that stress finesse and skill over unprotected hits in the boys’ game and allowing free style play in the girls’ game.
  • Consulting a sports health professional such as a sports physical therapist for the establishment and implementation of a conditioning program.
  • Institution of a warm-up program that can include exercises to decrease the incidence of non-contact injuries.
  • An emergency plan should be in place to care for sports related injuries.

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