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Tennis Injury Prevention and Performance

The majority of tennis-related injuries are overuse injuries caused by the repetitive strain placed on the body by completing motions over and over. Because of this, improper swing mechanics play a large role on the development of tennis injuries.

Other ways to avoid injury include

  • Strengthening of the muscles of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand will help decrease the risk of upper extremity injuries.
  • Proper grip size, racket tension, and overall fit of racket to player.
  • Proper technique improves performance but also will lower the chance of injury.
  • A warm-up designed by a sports health professional should be included prior to practice or play.
  • A sports health professional like a sports physical therapist can design and implement a conditioning program to keep the athlete playing and not sitting out rehabilitating an injured body part.
  • Proper footwear should be worn to decrease the number of knee, ankle and foot injuries.