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Twin Boro Physical Therapists’ provide workers’ compensation physical therapy services designed to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients with work place injuries.  Our Team of Physical Therapists are trained on a WORK REHABILITATION TREATMENT APPROACH with a return to work philosophy.

We provide a “Hands- On” treatment approach for all workers’ compensation physical therapy programs. This encompasses a comprehensive “Plan of Care” that focuses on “Functional Activities” designed to return the injured employee to work quickly and safely.  We are the Physical Therapy experts assisting you with the injury management of your Workers’ Compensation cases.

During the first visit, our highly trained therapists provide an extensive initial evaluations using outcome measurement tools, which enable us to focus on the level of function capabilities related to their job tasks and job duties.   We conduct a re-evaluation at every 6th visit on every patient, whereby, each therapist performs tests that measures strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration, and motor function related to their job capabilities.


Our dedicated Patient Care Coordinator will schedule all Initial Evaluation Appointments within 24 hours.  We contact the patient, referring Physician, and communicate appointment expectations to each patient after each Evaluation.  During the Initial Evaluation the treating therapist further discusses in detail the mechanism of injury, explains treatment process and anticipated Motor Functional Outcome. Our therapists’ identify the importance of patient participation and effort.  Additionally, we electronically notify the Adjuster, NCM or PT Coordinator of Compliance, and Utilization management by submitting customized reports. We strive to eliminate a fragmented w/c process by working with our partners for a seamless treatment plan approach and care efficiency.  You can expect superior communication by professionals.

Patient Engagement –  Building Trust

We all want the employee to be engaged in his/her treatment; this empowers both physical improvement and psycho/social confidence in the care received-which translates to saving time and money. Consistently providing quality care – having patients promoting Twin Boro Physical Therapy as their expert in treating workplace injuries. We provide a standard of communication/customized reporting to our care partners of TPA’s, Adjuster’s, NCM’s and Physician’s in the treatment process.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive, customized and outcome driven treatment. Our outstanding results to patients translate to cost savings to the employer.

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality care to each patient with our fully trained and highly skilled Team of Physical Therapists.  We are a trusted care partner to every patient, employer, physician, adjuster, and case manager to provide maximum results.

Workers’ Compensation Physical Therapy at Twin Boro:

Our comprehensive, customized, and outcome-driven treatments deliver outstanding results to patients and cost savings to employers. Our ability to produce phenomenal outcomes and workers compensation cost savings is directly correlated to our customized communication protocols.

Twin Boro Physical Therapy is privileged in assisting you with the injury management of your workers compensation physical therapy needs. Our dedicated Patient Care Coordinator, will handle specific information about our cases with a turn around time of 24 hours. You can expect superior patient care, and informative timely communication through our biweekly updates from the Initial evaluation up to the time of discharge.

Our comprehensive, customized, and outcome-driven workers’ compensation physical therapy treatments deliver outstanding results to patients and cost savings to the employers.

Our simple process…

  • Injured person is scheduled at the most convenient location within 24 hours.
  • Notification is given to case manager/adjuster and physician of appointment time, treating facility and treating clinician.
  • Communication with the case manager/adjuster regarding compliance and utilization management.

We achieve the best possible experience for the:

  • Patient
  • Employer
  • Physicians
  • Insurance provider

We strive to provide you and your patients with state-of –the-art rehabilitative care

Your challenge(s) is our solution.

The best way to avoid worker’s compensation claims is to ensure that employees have the physical capacity to perform their job, and they are not asked for greater physical ability than they can provide. Making sure that employees are adequately suited for the job at hand can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

What are Twin Boro’s prevention techniques?

  • Post-offer and pre-placement testing – these tests help establish a baseline of ability so that employers know what their workers are capable of and can tailor tasks accordingly to avoid workplace injuries.
  • Ergonomic work site analysis – is an assessment of specific work environments or job tasks for various risk factors so that the workplace can be customized to promote worker safety and performance.
  • Injury prevention education training – the rehabilitation experts at Twin Boro can provide a variety of courses and seminars on site to help educate employees about workplace safety, tailored to specific industries and job tasks.
  • Functional job analysis – is a way of evaluating occupational information to draw conclusions about the abilities of workers to perform tasks necessary for their specific position.
  • Job description analysis – this review of the requirements of a job and work performed allows Twin Boro’s clinicians to evaluate the physical requirements of a specific job to determine if a worker who experiences a diminished level of capacity is able to perform the job with, or without accommodations

Twin Boro Work Care operates with an outcome-based philosophy. Providing the highest quality of care while managing an injury claim to keep the cost to employers low is the key to obtaining a positive result.

Components of successful injury management:

  • Customized return-to-work programs– are treatment plans that are designed to suit the specific needs of workers in designated industries so that patients can get back on the job more efficiently.
  • Acute treatments – are physical and occupational therapy techniques to reduce inflammation, establish early mobilization, and institute an exercise routine.
  • Post-acute treatments – are physical and occupational therapy techniques to improve flexibility, strength, and conditioning.
  • Work conditioning programs – are designed to restore an employee’s physical capacity and function by focusing on endurance, range of motion, and motor control.
  • Work hardening programs – restore the physical, behavioral, and vocational function of injured employees using real and simulated work activities to improve productivity, safety, levels of physical tolerance, and ameliorate risky behaviors.

An FCE is an objective, comprehensive, performance-based assessment that determines an employee’s functional ability to perform essential duties in the workplace or activities of daily living and leisure. This evaluation assesses an individual’s physical ability relative to a specific injury or illness. An FCE is an important tool to determine functional levels for a safe return-to-work following an injury.

Components of an FCE:

  • Patient’s self-described level of pain and disability obtained by answering a few questions
  • Detailed medical history
  • Examination of musculoskeletal system
  • Material handling tests to evaluate ability to lift, carry, push, and pull
  • Movement tests to evaluate ability to walk, reach, climb, and level of dexterity
  • Positional tolerance tests to evaluate ability to stand and sit
  • Evaluation of aerobic capacity
  • Material, movement, or positional tests customized to the patient’s industry
  • Analysis of information including patients’ level of effort
  • Report that draws conclusions about the patient’s abilities based on the above evaluations

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"I went to the Westwood Office for therapy on my foot...I found everyone from office to therapists to be pleasant, attentive, knowledgeable, and the facility is run like a well-oiled machine! I especially want to thank Mark for my foot feeling better than it has in 7 years! I will definitely recommend Twin Boro Westwood to any one of my friends! Thanks again to all the staff!"

Kimberly M.

"The employees are a wonderful bunch of people to be around. They're friendly & give the place a hometown feel. All the therapists are really nice. RosaAnna is my PT girl. Her TLC of my muscle/injury issues has made my life much better."

Valerie I.

“After a major fracture and surgery of my right arm, the therapists at Twin Boro helped me return to normal activities with my right arm. Their patience and caring have been positive and encouraging to me!”


“The treatment and tips on how to get around on my prosthetic leg has made all aspects of daily life possible.”


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