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The majority of golf-related injuries are overuse injuries caused by the repetitive strain placed on the body by completing motions over and over. Because of this, improper swing mechanics plays a large role on the development of golf injuries.

Other ways to avoid injury include

  • Proper swing mechanics, to avoid putting additional stress on the joints of the back, shoulder, and elbow
  • Warming-up prior to participating in a round of golf (start with gentle putting and chipping to finally driving)
  • Strengthening and conditioning programs designed by a sports health professional to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury
  • Core exercises to strengthen the upper body and lower the risk of back and joint injuries
  • Stay hydrated to avoid heat related illness (consume water or sports drinks)
  • Proper equipment can help decrease the risk of blisters on the hands and fingers, avoid skin injuries like sunburn, and provide support for proper mechanics.
  • Selecting clubs with larger grips
  • Softer grips
  • Neutral grip
  • Irons with lessen vibration due to larger heads and “sweet spots”
  • Graphite clubs will also lessen the vibration
  • Correct club length with the end of the club extending slightly beyond the palm of the lead hand.
  • Have a golf pro help select equipment

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